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Liz Huelfenhaus

3 years ago

TLDR: Helped my dog's allergies after years of trying to get in under control, and cleared up an ongoing infection. Went to this place in mid December for my dogs skin infection. I have a German Shepherd that's had an ongoing skin problem for the last 3 years. After seeing 3 different vets that diagnosed the problem as allergies, but were unable to get it under control with antiobiotics, I was really at my wits end. I was pretty skeptical about seeing a dermatologist because I had already spent almost $1,000 between my other visits with other vets. I tried holistic stuff like Manuka honey at home, which helped but it never got fully better. The team here explained a plan for getting things under control, and during our followup visit we discussed options for keeping the allergies under control so that another infection doesn't break out. The first 4 photos are before, and the last one is after the antibiotic/steroid treatment. It was a very expensive visit, about $500, BUT 100% worth it obviously. In fact, this one visit that actually worked was still cheaper than seeing 3 different vets that weren't specialists. They have different options available that have different price points so that you can do what works best for you and your pet. I also appreciated that the doctor went into detail about which options are most effective, and what potential long term side effects are. The team was also really great with handling my dog! He's 115 lbs and barked like crazy every time they entered the room, so maybe a LITTLE intimidating... But they all loved on him like the big baby he is. His infections look like they are gone and we are currently doing Apoquel to control itching so that the infection doesn't come back.

russell Parker

3 years ago

We've been trying to get Luther's allergies under control for a long time. We tried Apoquel, Cytopoint, antibiotics, steroids...and combinations of all of those to no avail. I'm so happy that we have a plan after his first visit to Dermatology for Animals. It's going to take time and will be a life long commitment, but I'm confident we are on the right track. Thanks so much!

Sarah Sexton

3 years ago

This is one of the best vet experiences I have ever had. My 5y/o german shepherd with awful allergies got a gnarly staph infection that went on & on for almost 3 months. But the doctor and his amazing crew took the best care of Ohtryx and finally got him back on track, allergies in check and staph infection gone. It was a real struggle, painful to watch, but I couldn't be more grateful to them for bringing back my goofy pal to his old self (even better!).

Debbie Voogd

4 years ago

A friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff. Very thorough evaluation, excellent treatment, with a great outcome for our dog.

Tatyana Kukhto

4 years ago

The best clinic, the best doctor, the best staff

Braden Busch

5 years ago

Dr. Simoes and her staff go above and beyond on each and every visit. They've provided solutions for treatment and relief for my cat's allergies which were so bad he was tearing his fur out. After a year of treatment he's improved drastically and has a better life. Thank you to DFA and the entire team. You all are so friendly, thorough, detailed, and take the time to provide excellent customer and cat service and that added touch!

janet mcbride

5 years ago

Outstanding and caring staff. The staff behaves like they work in the best place ever. It is abundantly clear they love their work and care about their patients. My dogs Jackie and Percy are doing great under their care.

Joe Trapasso

5 years ago

Great docs and super caring. The entire team goes out of their way to ensure your pet has the right care.

Michele Button

5 years ago

Tender, experienced care. My 13-year old Cattle Dog was getting extreme hot spots on her hind quarters, back, sides and between paws; with fur loss, bleeding and seeping. She was miserable - very itchy. Spent several months working with Derm for Animals team, trying different meds and topical treatments but we got it. Its been over six months now and she's still good. Not cheap but effective.

Simone Anderson

5 years ago

This place is great! If your pet needs a derm, I highly recommend coming here. They are so kind and friendly and very knowledgeable.


6 years ago

My dogs are so important to me and I place great value on finding good care when they need it. I'm really picky about vets and am glad to have Dr. Simoes caring for Sophie. Our normal vet is exceptionally kind and competent, but sometimes, like now, that means knowing she should refer us to specialists. Sophie, our greyhound mix, has a relatively rare disease that our vet has no direct experience with. Our vet had put a lot into solving this, including conferring at length with the pathologist and Dr. Simoes at Dermatology for Animals. Our regular vet came up with a tentative diagnosis and was willing to proceed to treat our girl, but felt we've been better off seeing Dr. Simoes, said she has both treated cases of this and dealt with the range of other possibilities... And was therefore able to make a more confident diagnosis than our vet. I called yesterday (Monday) for an initial appointment, worried and eager to get in quickly. We had an appointment this morning. The whole thing went smoothly. Both the tech and doctor were very warm and good with my dog - she's skittish and fears being left at the vet (thanks to a previous multi-day ER stay) but they both had such a quiet and gentle presence that she stayed pretty calm throughout the visit. Big points for both there. Likewise Sophie wasn't in full panic mode when they brought her back up at the end, following a short procedure. They did something right. We lucked out that this wasn't one of those very expensive illnesses even more so that her prognosis is really good, but I was still surprised that the total wasn't more considering they did a small procedure at the end. I do not believe most vets push the expensive options but I have seen it happen a couple times one the years. She could have easily told me we needed additional labwork, she knew I came expecting that to be the first step, but she was able to come to a firmer diagnosis with what we had - again, the benefit of seeing a specialist. She recommended the least expensive procedure of a few, while explaining we also could forgo that and wait and see how medication alone worked. She was good at walking me through the evidence and her conclusions. She laid out a range of treatment options with the pros and cons of each, ended up taking a middle of the road approach and feel good I got solid, thoughtful advice. I saw one negative review from someone who didn't see anyone at dermatology for animals, rather they were upset that the phone wasn't answered when they called. I know when I called over the weekend I got an answering machine that clearly stated the times they are open (they also have an office in Campbell or someplace, machine said what days off the week each location is open). I had no problem getting an appointment quite soon and the staff were great at communicating and providing info. They were proficient and friendly. The tech (didn't catch her name) was great, she was there the whole time taking notes and soothing Sophie. They had a copy of my chart and Dr. Simoes was clearly familiar with not only the current symptoms but also asked about a range of past issues, including small stuff. Only small downside was parking. As far as I saw it's all metered street parking. Had no problem finding a spot in spite of minor roadwork, but can't say how it usually is.

K Mac

6 years ago

Would like to try them, but they never pick up. I'm just as busy as you, Dr's. Get a receptionist. I'm not gonna play phone tag. I believe this happened about 6 mos ago when I tried to use them. They need to go to a customer service training/conference and learn how to run a business properly. (p.s. The only review for the Oakland location with actual writing to describe this business sounds fake). Anyway, took my business to another dermatologist.

Dan Simoes

7 years ago

Though it sounds like something out of a Jim Carrey movie, a Pet Dermatologist is a real thing. This is not the kind of place you bring your pet to for a routine checkup, but rather a specialist clinic that diagnoses and treats skin …

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