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Daniel Yu

2 years ago

I'm so happy with the grooming at Broadway Grooming Clinic. They do a wonderful job and treat my dog Sampson with so much kindness and warmth. Sampson is the dog in the pictures that come up when you google the clinic. I have nothing but good things to say about them.

Bo Barfield

2 years ago

While the Broadway Grooming School owner is a skilled dog groomer, he will cut your dog however he happens to think that breed looks best and completely ignore what you say about how you want your dog to look, even if you repeat your grooming instructions multiple times. In my case, not only do I like my cocker spaniel with longer hair (which I understand is subjective, he thinks they look better with short hair which he told me multiple times when I protested) I had a very practical reason for asking multiple times he not cut my dog's hair too short: I was going somewhere cold for two weeks where my dog would be outside a decent amount of time. Now not only do I have a haircut I think looks much worse than when I took him in (again subjective, but it's my dog and he should listen to how I want him cut with medium length hair), my poor dog is shivering when I take him out due to having a short summer cut because the Broadway Grooming School owner happens to think that cocker spaniels look better with short hair and that matters more than my multiple requests to leave his hair at least medium length or longer. Mostly, I think he was busy for the holidays so just quickly shaved my dog with a summer cut in December because that was fastest for him. He is a skilled dog groomer, but expect him to completely ignore whatever you say about how you want your dog to be cut and for him to instead do what he thinks is best, which may or may not be actually how you want your dog to look. I do not recommend him at all. Below are before and after photos. He just super short buzzed cut my buddy in mid December when going to a cold climate for the Holidays.

C Thomas

2 years ago

Our dog had a great experience, and so did we. Our pup is 10 months old. When I called to book the appointment I got an earful about how important it is to take it slow with puppies (I agree). When we got there it was clear that Alfonso cares a lot about the lifelong impact that puppy grooming can have. He was kind and took it easy with Lemon, who emerged looking great. I don’t think that Alfonso would push a dog that wasn’t ready for a full groom, he is clear with owners that he prioritizes the comfort of the dog. Excellent and responsible groomer!

Cindy Jeong

2 years ago

I contacted Broadway Grooming Clinic & School for my two cats. Alfonso called me right back after missing my call. He listened to my concern about my cats -- I normally do not take them in for grooming but wanted to make sure I wasn't neglecting their needs. I told him about a symptom that one of my cats are experiencing and he knew what kind of cat I had just by the symptom! He's very knowledgeable and experienced, and more importantly, he is honest! After listening to my concerns, he advised me on what I need to do (really more about the food I was giving them) and put me at ease. He spent a good 20 minutes just giving me a consultation. Once his schedule opens up, I might just need to take them in for a nail clipping just to say thank you in person. You can truly tell that he cares for his clients (fur client and non-fur clients), rather than that extra buck. Great person, quality service -- I highly recommend!

Alana Curtis Paige

2 years ago

Booked an appointment here for my Goldendoodle’s 1st birthday. My doodle has thick curly hair as many doodles do. But upon a quick look at my dog the owner said he couldn’t groom my doodle because her hair was too thick and said that he would have to cut my pup’s hair very short and that I might not like it. I comb and brush my dog every other day so to me it sounds like b.s. and that he was either too lazy or incapable of properly grooming a doodle. Other groomers haven’t had problems grooming my pup. Me and pup left without his services. Not sure if this is the place to bring a poodle/doodle, especially not on their birthday.

Arthur Resnikoff

2 years ago

Broadway Pet Grooming and Alfonso is the best. He is honest and does a terrific job. He knows animals and always does a terrific job. We have two Portuguese Water Dogs, one wavy and one curly. The latter's hair is like a poodle or doodle. Alfonso knows when he can groom the dog and not have to cut much or when Jake needs to be shaved like a sheep because his hair is getting matted. He will always do the right thing. when we once took him in and he said he had to shave him, we talked about it, and convinced as to what Jake needed. He won't say or do something because that's what the client wants to here, but will always do what's best for our pups. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Karen Eckman-Rippy

2 years ago

I have been taking my long haired dogs to Alfonso for grooming for many years and he's the best! He's groomed 2 Newfoundlands, 2 Australian Shepherd crosses, 3 Golden Retrievers and 2 Cocker Spaniels over a 30 year time span for me. He has a real repport with the dogs and cats entrusted to his care and I can't conceive of going to another groomer. Now that he's teaching students, his shop is only getting better. You won't be sorry if you go to Broadway Grooming Clinic and School for your pets grooming needs

Crystal Connelly

2 years ago

I attended the pet Grooming School that Alfonso created to help the grooming community. I had some experience but lacked confidence in my ability’s- Alfonso showed me I had talent and I can groom . If your starting out and love animals this is a great stepping stone to use simple tools to get started. City dogs often need a shorter trim and I was shown how to use a tools to safely do this using a skip tooth 7. I know have my own business and I’m happy and so are my pups. Thank you Alfonso.

Keith Parramore

2 years ago

Alfonso is the best! We’ve been taking our cat here for 4 years and have never been disappointed with the service! Always affordable and prompt!

Paul Andre

2 years ago

Friendliest service every. Buddha has new barber for sure! Thank you for his awesome cut.

Crista Miller

2 years ago

My dog always comes out happy, clean, and cute.

Selena Armas

2 years ago

I’ve been taking my pup Sophie to Alfonso for over 7 years. He was recommended by her veterinarian. I was pleased to finally find someone that she and I were both comfortable with. He’s extremely accommodating and flexible with appointments. The shop is easily accessible and pricing is fair and reasonable. I feel comfortable leaving her with him for the fact that I know he treats her just as well as I do myself. Just about every time I bring her in there’s another client complimenting how much they appreciate his work and service. Since he began the school the students I’ve met are also knowledgeable and very kind. I’d recommend his grooming school to anyone looking for a personal groomer for their fur baby.

Chuck Chiemelu

3 years ago

Took my dogs for the first time and the cost is not worth mediocre cuts. Wanted to do a thorough check for mats for one and still found some at home. Some of the staff are not that attentive. Overall, barely ok, not worth a repeat.


3 years ago

Alfonso has been grooming my Portuguese Water Dog for over 13 yrs now. She always looks great after her appointments. Alfonso is a skilled, knowledgeable, dedicated professional who is also very kind and trustworthy. I am extremely selective about who I entrust my dog to and Alfonso meets that high bar. Highly recommended for grooming and schooling.

Haddad & Sherwin Law Firm

3 years ago

We've had dogs for over twenty years, and Alfonso is by far the best groomer we have ever had. He calms down our skittish dog, and makes our very hairy collie look fantastic. I've seen him with grooming school students too -- they seem to really like and respect him. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

karen markopoulos

3 years ago

Alfonso and his team (students) at the Broadway Pet Grooming School were very professional, timely and accommodating to the needs of my pet. I was happy they followed covid protocols, and I felt my pet and I were well taken care off. I will definitely be a repeat customer with my pet’s grooming needs. Thank you for taking us in during these upside down times as my pet still needed the care he was given. Highly recommend!

Kayla S

3 years ago

I have been taking my Maltese-poodle Lyla to Alfonso for many years and always appreciate his attention to detail- not just with grooming but with the whole health of your pet. Very knowledgeable of animal behavior.... This is a must for a groomer! He is actually the only person that Lyla allows to groom her. (ps- did you know he grooms cats as well?)

Staci Stutsman

4 years ago

Alfonso runs a great school and business here. We've taken our dog to him for 2 years and he's always so kind. He's well connected with other vets around the country and makes sure he knows the very best way to treat your pet. He is a wonderful teacher who shows his students the correct way to handle and care for animals. His students are often there when we're getting our dog's nails trimmed and he gives them excellent instruction while demonstrating how to care for our dog. Our chihuahua has black nails and Alfonso is always extra careful to make sure our dog is calm and not afraid of the process, and he teaches his students the way to do this, too.

Doug Franks

4 years ago

Always a great grooming for our boys.

David Max Juarez

4 years ago

excellent services consistently satisfying very pet friendly.

Cyrus Manjooran

4 years ago

Alfonso and his staff were courteous and treated our dog very well! He answered all of our questions and even gave some great advice. We will be going to him from now on!

Jacob Raterman

5 years ago

The staff is very professional, skilled, friendly, caring, and reasonably priced. They had no trouble at all dealing with my fussy, high-maintenance cat. Now I bring him back every three months for routine care, and I haven't been disappointed yet. Highly recommend.

Daniel Brian

5 years ago

Alfonso is a one in a million guy. I brought my new rescue in for grooming (2 months at a dog rescue meant she really needed a bath), and he sat with us for about half an hour, explained all sorts of helpful things about having a dog, and then told us 1) she didn’t need to be groomed by him, just washed at home, and 2) she was still too scared to get groomed and needed to settle in first before anyone except me would be able to bathe her. Who does that!?! I mean, he could have just taken my money, but instead he did what was best for my dog. That is amazing. And THEN, as if that’s not enough to warrant a 5 star review, he invited me to bring hermione to meet one of his dogs the next day at a dog park, to help her with socialization. And his dog was amazing with her too, so the dog should get five stars as well. Seriously, Alfonso is the best.

Annette Nguyen

5 years ago

Alfonso is amazing! We've been coming to the grooming clinic for 8 years. He really cares about animals and understands each pet is unique and has different needs. We always feel well taken care of when we come in for a visit.

Sr. Mary Nolan

6 years ago

Mr. Rezende has a true gift with animals and is very professional. When my cat was found to have an open would beneath her heavy fur, he referred me quickly to a pet emergency service that took excellent care of her. I bring my cat …

Jeffrey MG

6 years ago

Alfonzo was a very nice man, however the cut on one of my dogs was horrible. Her head was cut crooked and her body, which was to be clipped short has tufts of hair that were missed. I am hoping it grows out soon so I can get it fixed as I am embarrassed to have her on her current condition.

Aaron Bach

6 years ago

Great place run by thoughtful professionals who care about your pet. Highly recommended.

Ken Ashworth

7 years ago

I believe all disciplines have their masters, and in my opinion, Alfanzo (Broadway Grooming Clinic's owner) is a master with mammalian pets. …

Rae Harris

7 years ago

Brought my cat here for years up until she passed and he was so great with her!. Moved back to Oakland and started bringing my pup and he is great with him as well. Alfonso takes great care and goes a great job!

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