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Crystal Rensel

a year ago

Dr. Earl and the entire staff at Lido Animal Hospital is simply amazing! They’re caring, patient and compassionate! I brought in my sick elderly Pom Sebastian in hopes they could save him. He was very ill with a blockage and at his old age surgery would have probably not been a good option. Dr. Earl never gave up on him and before I could make the difficult decision to have him go to sleep, he suggested we try one more thing to save him! It worked!! I’m so thankful for what the staff all did to save our little Sebastian! Thank you guys!

patrick huggins

2 years ago

Always an easy time at Dr. Earl's.

Ryan Ruge

2 years ago

Dr. Earl and his entire staff are just incredible. We wouldn’t go to anyone else to receive care for our kitties.This is a team that is not only brilliantly skilled at what they do, but they care so much about their patients in every way. You can feel the love and empathy from every member of the staff. We count ourselves very lucky to have Dr. Earl as our Vet. It gives us a huge peace of mind to know that our fur babies are always in the best of hands.

Sergio Storf

2 years ago

Very friendly and helpful. Spent time answering all of our questions and made our little girl feel comfortable.

Mike Sullivan

2 years ago

Undoubtedly one of the best animal hospitals in Orange County. Dr. Earl and his team are incredibly genuine and I am thankful to have found them to care for my pup!

Yesenia Martinez (Yesi)

2 years ago

TL;DR owner/worker with curly hair is prejudice and scared of brown skin. Didn't go in, but planning on NEVER bringing my pets here. As a Mexican American woman I went to the peir today to show my support for Black Lives Matter. I found parking in front of Lido and got off to pay the meter. The woman inside the shop was staring at us since we parked. She immediately opened the door and asked us "are you guys looking for something?" in a very accusatory tone. Something about my brown skin threatened this woman so much she had to ask us what we were doing there, parking, in public parking.

Christine J. Acebo

2 years ago

Dr. Earl has been my fur babies Doctor since 2013. Dan, Erin, Susie, Joe, and the rest of Dr. Earl's crew are amazing. I think that it's so sweet how, when people arrive with their fur babies, Dr. Earl will get down on the floor with a majority of the dogs/cats to make them feel more comfortable, at ease, and loved. Everyone is very professional, super friendly, thorough, expedient, knowledgeable, honest, forthcoming, reliable, compassionate, and every time I visit all I've seen are huge smiles on everyone's faces. I moved back to Huntington Beach in 2015 and still drive to Newport Beach just to see Dr. Earl as my Veterinarian. I have come to know and appreciate Dan, Susie, and Erin over these past 7 years and continue to recommend Dr. Earl and his awesome crew to everyone I know. Thank you all for making my babies and I feel super special all of these years.

Alia Kahn

2 years ago

Dr. Earl and his team of professionals provided Ruby with tender loving care yesterday and she and I are grateful to be in the Lidovet Family

Patrick Leeke

3 years ago

I've had first hand experience with Dr. Earl and his team for several years now. I was originally introduced by close friends who have used him, and I feel like it's the best decision I've made for our pets to date. Dr. Earl and his team really, and truly go above and beyond to take care of our pets, and you can see it from the moment we first walked through the door. There's a reason they're often busy, and it's simply because they show the same care and love to our animals as we do, which is why I will not trust anyone else to care for our pet's medical needs. I was apprehensive when I first went in, as I've had bad experiences with other veterinarians, up charging us and not giving us much time during the appointment, throwing incorrect diagnoses on our past pets, and overall causing more stress than good when we had left. This is not my experience with Lido Animal Hospital. I still remember our first appointment years ago, Dr. Earl came out to the waiting room and got down on the floor with our dog until our little guy was comfortable enough to go back to the exam room with him- Dr. Earl really does care about our dogs being comfortable and happy. His team must be mentioned - he has clearly hand selected a team of warm, hard working, and kind staff who are always attentive, caring, and willing to go the extra mile for their patients. If you're on the fence about finding a vet for your dog consider this: The entire staff shows genuine care and love for your pets as if they are your own, and at the end of the day, they know what they are doing, without breaking the bank. Sometimes I wish my own doctor was as thorough and funny as Dr. Earl and his team! I'm forever grateful for Dr. Earl and his team, and cannot recommend them enough to anyone looking for a vet for their fur children.

Alexandra Sanchez

3 years ago

Dr Earl and his team are so sweet and take the time with every pet that comes in to their facility. I appreciate the time and sincere care.

Alexis Smith

3 years ago

Reasonable, pragmatic, caring and understanding. They work with all your dogs special needs and make hard situations easier.

Brian Golder

3 years ago

Pets aren't the only ones who dread going to the vet. It is just as painful for the owner/parent. Dr. Earl and his amazing staff however understand that and genuinely love you both. I should have written this review years ago but it was my recent visit that inspired and reminded me that everyone who loves and treats their pet, in my case a dog, as family, should choose Lido. The backstory: I had a best friend named Jackson. Best and smartest little guy I've ever had. He was well known and loved around town, as much for his proclivity to offer his tummy immediately for rubbing upon meeting you, as for his lack of a leash. He just didn't need it. I swear this guy could understand English perfectly, even if he couldn't speak it. As most people reading this can likely attest to, he was THAT dog. The one that comforted you when you were at your worst, lonely, depressed, upset, whatever the negative situation. The one that made you smile ear to ear every single time they looked at you with the tail a waggin'. I mean, Jackson was so awesome that he was awarded an Airborne pin by a veteran (Chuck, I'm so sorry I don't recall the regiment) when he lost his ballance, fell out of a 2nd story window onto an awning, and rolled out of it like a pro (completely uninjured), despite my leaping effort to catch him. I'm reminiscing and getting distracted. The point is, when he developed Epilepsy, my heart was broken. Lido's team did anything and everything they could and gave me/us almost 3 more years than we should reasonably expected. And when the terrible day came, they cried the same tears I did. I honestly don't know how they do what they do. They open their hearts to everyone, knowing that which is inevitable, and at a far greater frequency than just humans, but with just as much empathy. So, the reason for this review: 7 years later, I now have Marlee (new puppers), and figure I could use some advice on a few things. I stroll in to the office and am greeted, BY NAME, by every single person that was there the last time I was in the building, again, 7 years ago. I love my job, but these people LOVE what they do, and who they do it for, because they genuinely care. They set the standard for the care, service, and understanding one should hope for when choosing who to trust with the health of your pet. It is both a blessing and unfortunate that I get to visit so infrequently. Oftentimes it is the people that do the most for you that get the least acknowledgment and gratitude. I hope this review will at least do a small part in showing my appreciation and encourage you to choose them when inevitably necessary.

Catherine Pleasant

3 years ago

A visit to Lido Animal Hospital is always a great experience. The entire staff goes out of their way to make my cats and me feel comfortable. Dr. Earl obviously loves animals, as do everyone who works there. They try very hard to keep costs down, while providing the best medical care.

D Anderson

3 years ago

The best place to take your fur baby.They are kind and know what they are doing. They explain everything and have so much compassion.I highly recommend them.

Don Gustafson

3 years ago

They have very talented people that show a true love for your pet. They make you feel you are in the best place you could be to take care of your family member

Mike Huck

3 years ago

There is no better animal hospital in So Cal. The staff take the most amazing care of your pet and treat everyone as family.

Ralph Sims

3 years ago

Caring staff and superb, knowledgeable Doctor.

Elizabeth Decker

3 years ago

Friendly efficient and fast service

Mary Ann Celinder

4 years ago

I was a bit unhappy with our old vet and decided to try the new one my son found for his dog. I like the way the doctor relates to the pets. He was very tuned into them, even noticed in the exam the dog's knee must have had an injury in the past (over ten years ago.) I'm impressed, this is my new vet.

Blu John Dream Whinnery

4 years ago

The best care and Love for any of ur animal Love ones..

Jessica P

4 years ago

I used to think it was tough to bring in my Big Furry Baby to the Vet, Changing to Lido Animal Hospital - Made vet visits easy. Daniel, Erin and Dr Earl - always exceed expectations. Whether the visit is routine or Hannah is injured or sick - It's easy. Daniel knows how to comfort and examine Hannah for every situation. I'm stupefied how he earned her 140lb trust - after all we've been through. It's magical. Dr. Earl always gives you the data - is right - and lets you decide - he doesn't just throw antibiotics at you. He also discusses cost and realistic expectations. Honest and open discussions for ACCURATE diagnoses. Erin is so sweet, fast, gets you in and out, helps with insurance, communication (in case you miss instructions). I'm always more stressed than my dog. If you have any other Veterinarian - you should seriously consider changing to LIdo Animal Hospital. They have every aspect of your experience and furry family care coverage - covered beyond your expectations.

Kristin Awadallah

4 years ago

Words can't explain how thankful I am to have been recommended the Lido Animal Hospital by a friend. Dr. Earl and his veterinary staff are one of a kind... my dog seriously gets so excited to go see them! Thank you for everything all of you have done for Rocco and I over the past several years. I couldn't imagine taking my fur baby anywhere else, and will continue to recommend the Lido Animal Hospital to everyone I can. Thank you Dr. Earl and staff! - Kristin and Rocco

Katherine Ballard

4 years ago

I've been taking our pets here for 5+ years and love the entire staff. They are ethical, honest, and genuinely do their very best to make you and your pets welcome while providing the best care possible. The staff has been there for years as well, and Dr. Earl has a way with animals that I've not seen before. We had a senior dog with several issues and his care was well managed, and the normal things like vaccinations in our healthier, younger pets are a breeze. Going to the vet doesn't seem like a chore. I highly recommend them.

Elle Woody Woodbury

5 years ago

I was so impressed. This was our 1st visit here. My cat had previous respiratory problems brought on by his previous vet. When I told Dr Earl what happened he immediately knew what the problem was, and that they have given him feline herpes! And better yet, the treatment perscribed helped him immensely on day 1. Also, they dont wear white coats, which turns out scares your animals (the only time they see the vet he or she is wearing the white coat). But what I liked the best is he examined my cat while he was sitting in my lap. He never had to go up on the table. Great experience, considering it's still the vet.

Erika Fiore

5 years ago

We love Dr. Earl and the entire staff at Lido Animal Hospital. They are extremely friendly, helpful and prompt with appointments. Dr. Earl is super knowledgeable and we fully trust his judgment when it comes to making decisions about our puppy's care. They go above and beyond to answer all your questions. Our little guy even got into a box of raisins and they helped us figure out what to do to make sure he had the best, most prompt care. 5 stars for sure!

Frank Dwyer

6 years ago

Dr. Earl is a compassionate advocate for all animals and a wonderful Doctor.

Lynette Long

6 years ago

Love Dr. Earl and his wonderful staff. They treat you and your animal companion(s) like family compared to most vets who treat you like an assembly line item. Prices are very reasonable too! My companion loves Dr. Earl, as do we! :)

Patrick Moore

8 years ago

I cannot express how thankful we are to have Lido Animal Clinic for our pets. They helped to keep the great quality of life going for our 15 year old Golden right up to the end. Our young puppy loves to visit them, too. The staff is caring and friendly. Dr. Earl had come down to our business to give our older dog her shots. She LOVED going to see Dr. Earl and his staff. His staff is genuinely invested in your pet (many tears were shed when it was finally time for our golden). Our animals will always be under the care of Dr. Earl, Laura, Erin, Dan, Nick, and Suzanne! Thank you all!!

Tanya Foss

8 years ago

Dr. Earl and his wonder team is very dear to my heart. I've know him and his staff for over ten years. He and his team have taken care of my beloved Great Dane babies since they have been eight weeks old. He's been there for them in good times and bad times. He's even made house calls when I couldn't get Aragon or Arowyn to him. He's always been there for them, even when it was their time to cross the rainbow bridge. Everyone in Dr. Earl's office goes above and beyond to make sure your pet receives the best treatment possible. I felt part of the Lido Animal Hospital family. I observed that whether you were a first timer or a long timer, Dr. Earl and his staff gave the same loving attention, care, and needed treatment to each dog, cat, rat, bunny, or exotic animal that reached out to him. Prior to finding Dr. Earl I had taken my beloved Jessie to a repetable vet. Jessie (our Rottweilier) had a tumor in her mouth. The doctor removed it and sent us on our way. He never told us that the tumor was cancerous. That vet never followed up. Hence a year and a half later when our Jessie was loosing weight for no apparent reason I took her back to this vet. The vet had decided to take sometime off (suto retirement) and this is when I met Dr. Earl. When reading Jessie's chart he explained that the cancer had returned. We told him we were never told the tumor was cancerous. We were outraged that the previous vet (who is now practicing again) never told us or recommended follow-up checkups. Dr. Earl handled the situation with such grace, empathy, and professionalism. He guided us through the steps of what was going to happen. He was also upfront with us and explained that when life wasn't any fun for Jessie anymore, then that would be the time to let her go. Unfortunately that time came sooner rather than later, but Dr. Earl was there to make sure her passing went smoothly and comfortably for her, as well as for us. Since then, we've used Dr. Earl exculsively for the treatment and wellbeing of our four legged babies. Each animal is different. Some are blessed with good health, some are more delicate, and some are just born with medical issues. Dr. Earl is an expert in his field, but when something comes up outside of his field of expertice he knows the best of the best doctors to send your precious pet too, so that they receive the best medical treatment possible. In short, the only person I'd trust for my four legged babies is Dr. Earl.

Robyn Smith

8 years ago

I love Lido Animal Hospital, the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Earl is a great vet and my dog loves going to see him.

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