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Kim Proietto

2 years ago

Dr. Cohen is awesome! She explained everything. I would recommend.

Adam Aune

2 years ago

BEWARE!! This place will find a way to rip you off. I brought my cat in for a basic test because she was throwing up, and Dr Cohen seemed nice and caring. He said they would do a few more tests and my cat would be ready by the afternoon. They call me later and tell me they need to keep her longer, which concerned me. I asked nicely if they could call me ASAP and they did at 2 in the morning! The next day I did not get her back until 8 PM, which is odd because they close earlier than that. I overall got an uncomfortable vibe due to the fact that I could not just get my cat back when I wanted her and nothing was really wrong with her ultimately. Now normally, this wouldnt be a big deal, BUT they charged my $2300 bucks without my authorization! I signed nothing saying I would pay that much and had to practically beg them for an invoice over the phone, where they apparently did every test on my cat known to man... why? DONT GO HERE, the other reviews speak for themselves.

Oliver F.

2 years ago

Very nice people that love animals.

Susan Greene

2 years ago

I am incredibly dissatisfied with the services at this Veterinary Hospital. Do not take your pet here. I brought my Lab puppy here specifically for arthroscopic surgery for elbow dysplasia. I wanted a particular surgeon who works out of this hospital. While the surgeon was fantastic, Dr Cohen (the owner) is a sweetheart with a knowledgeable and kind demeanor, and I do believe my puppy got great care with the surgery going very well - there are many problems within this Veterinary Practice that lead me to my negative review. I'm very pleased with the results 3 months post op, however, I waited days for a simple call back or received none at all. I have pet insurance, and for three months now I have asked again and again, and sent written letters requesting documentation of invoices and medical records, yet have received nothing at all. Normally, this is simply done by the reception staff, but they all defer to Debra Cohen with excuses ranging from: (1) "The Dr needs to finish his notes," (2) "I will tell Ms Cohen," and (3) "We are 'old school' here," (meaning they can't send an email attachment). Excuses at every turn, and while Debra Cohen comes across as very sincere and helpful - she is not. This was a very costly surgery and treatment and its impeding my ability to get reimbursed by both the insurance and the breeder. Its absolutely unacceptable and profoundly unprofessional for a business to be so obstructive. And, apparently, I am not the only one to experience these problems or a subset thereof. There are other quality hospitals with veterinary specialists to go to that could have done my puppies surgery without out all this added BS and the added financial strain. I absolutely regret coming here. Just stop, and find another Veterinary Hospital.

Julie Douglas

2 years ago

The best place to get OFA Hip and Elbow Xtays done in Southern California. They always do a beautiful job.

Gina Mallicoat

2 years ago

I would never recommend going here. They ran my credit card for charges that were not authorized and would not give me an invoice for the charges. They lied to me several times. Do not go here. They seem all nice on the phone but do not follow through and charge people for services without telling you the price or sending you an invoice or receipt. I drove from San Diego to Newport Beach one day and asked for a receipt and they told me they couldn’t print one out or email it to me because they don’t have an email and do things the old school way. After contacting them 12 times twice in person they still wouldn’t give me an invoice for the charges which exceeded $6900. My vet fees were being reimbursed to me which I explained to them which was why I needed the invoice. They put the $6900 on my credit card without my authorization. They put these charges on my credit card during the holidays without my authorization .

Zeina Elsahili

2 years ago

Love Dr. Cohen and the staff is all great! They take great care of our “kid” :)

Zulima Tristancho

3 years ago

Dr. Cohen is the best in the business. I do not trust my dogs' lives in anyone else's hands other than his. Not only is it important for me as a dog mom for a vet to be so skilled and professional, but also to be kind and loving towards the animals. Dr. Cohen embodies all of that and more. Unlike other vets and even human doctors who come into a room and start rushing you from the moment they step in order to get rid of you quickly, Dr. Cohen is so attentive and relaxed. He sits back in his chair and takes notes on every single detail you give him. He asks so many important questions about the pet's behavior and habits. He does a thorough exam and will tell you if there are tests the pet doesn't need, so you know it's not for the money. He takes his time and makes you feel at peace. The atmosphere there is so pleasant. I can't explain it. I have referred several people there and everyone has always come back to me saying how they wish they had known about him before. He's just the BEST!

Steve Novosad

3 years ago

Love this place. So friendly to our Daisy. Dr. Cohen is so patient. Daisy loves him!!

Dave Smith

3 years ago

A bit on the pricey side, but Dr. Cohen is great, and he and his staff are very caring!

Wendy Brookhyser

4 years ago

I went to get my dog's OFA hip certification x-rays.Staff is friendly and office is well organized. I appreciate that they are skilled and experienced enough that there was no need to put my dog under for the X-ray

Bob West

4 years ago

Good as always, but a little slow this time.

Britta Nielson

4 years ago

Dr. Debra Cohen is truly a specialist in X-rays!.... My small Kennel is located in Utah, & I will GLADLY drive 7-9 hours each way, all depending on the LA traffic, to have her take the OFA X-rays for my fur-babies! Proper positioning is CRUCIAL for getting good OFA scores, & with Debra Cohen as my vet, I no longer have to worry about poor positioning..... She's SIMPLY OUTSTANDING!!! The girls in the front office are also super sweet! I will recommend Newport Beach Veterinary Hospital to ANYONE!! ????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Chris Staller

4 years ago

Dr. Cohen is one the best vets in the area, specializing in internal medicine. He takes the time to meet with you, review any diagnosis and most importantly, he listens to you. They are also famous for the quality of their Xrays. This is particularly important if you are looking to get an OFA diagnosis for the purposes of breeding or any other diagnosis. We can not recommend Newport Beach Veterinary Hospital enough.

Jody Kyle

4 years ago

Knowledgeable staff, excellent care for animals, well equipped to perform many specialized services, up to date with latest technology and treatment options

Stephanie Thorp

4 years ago

We love everyone there. I’m not sure why there have been bad reviews of the front desk staff. They have always been polite, respectful and helpful. On top of the great staff at the front desk, Debra and Dr. Cohen have taken such good care of our lab since we brought him home. They love our fur babies like their own!

Vicki Morris

4 years ago

We have been bringing our two dogs to this EXCEPTIONAL practice for a span of 21 years. From our very FIRST appointment, we felt that the Cohens and their loving, devoted Staff were an extension of our "family." We have COMPLETELY trusted both Dr. Cohen and Debra Cohen with our dogs' diagnoses, treatment, medications, and ALL aspects of their health. Not only are they kind, sensitive, other-oriented professionals, but they are also dog-parents, themselves, who TRULY understand the emotions which patients have as related to their beloved pets. The Cohens' compassion has no limits, as they have guided us, as well as so MANY others through pets' health journeys. The cleanliness of the facility, as well as the thorough efficiency of EACH employee speaks volumes about how WELL our cherished pets are treated, once they are in the care of the Cohens. No better Veterinary diagnosticians can be found! A+++ VICKI MORRIS Newport Beach

Marissa Shaw

5 years ago

Such a kind and authentic staff! Excellent experience

Madelaine Baker

5 years ago

5 Stars for Dr Cohen and 0 stars for the front desk / admin of this place. You consistently spend 5-10 minutes on hold when you call on the phone (no matter how small your question might be). The wait time in this place is at least 30 minutes, even with a scheduled appointment and that is, if you are lucky and they "didn't forget about your appointment". I love Dr. Cohen and think he is a great Dr., but I simply don't have the time and energy to deal with the terrible admin of this place. It's 2018 and the front desk "does not have an email address". After two years of enduring these waits, I have now switched Dr's and this office doesn't even have the courtesy to send my files to the new vet. I have called at least 2x. It is poor courtesy and extremely poor customer service.

Kim Jacobson

5 years ago

Always a wonderful experience - they give their hearts and souls to your pet.

Chelsie Turner

5 years ago

Unbelievably RUDE and unprofessional. I was told after receiving care from the vet that I would receive a call back to schedule an appointment to talk about certain diet restrictions my dog would be placed on after noticing that she had kidney stones. I was told she would have to be placed on a special diet for the rest of her life that I could only buy at their office or online. Whatever, nothing weird there right? Well after finishing out antibiotic medication, I still hadn’t received any call back, my boyfriend had to call their office and was told based on a urine culture that the antibiotic was fine and to finish it out. Two days after the medication was finished I get a call at one o’clock in the morning( no joke, 12:48 AM) for the vet to tell me that my dog no longer needs to be on a special diet, etc etc. pretty much non emergency stuff that definitely could’ve been handled during normal business hours. At this point I had decided they were unprofessional for not calling us back, we had to call them, and that I was getting nonemergency related phone call at random hours, so I scheduled an appointment for a new vet and told them to call and request any information from this vets office. So that brings us to today, I finally receive a phone call from them saying that I had an appointment at 10 am and that they had received a call from (other vets name) and that I needed to courtesy call back and cancel the appointment. Well I definitely did NOT have an appointment since they never called me back. Clearly they had received the request from the other office and didn’t bother to fax over information vital to getting my dog better, rather decided they would call and lie to me about some BS appointment. So my boyfriend calls to have them fax over our dogs paperwork to the new vet and tells them they were unprofessional and the woman goes on about how the vet works through all hours of the night and that their clients don’t care. She hung up on him after he said we don’t want to be their clients. So we had the other vets office call to request the paper work (after I was nice and ready to go there in person and start screaming) which the paper work was FINALLY forwarded but was not all inclusive because they are bitter and rude and clearly only care about getting your money rather than how your pet fares. They even had the audacity to be rude to the other vets office. I will NEVER go near this crappy little office again and you should not bring your pet here if you are expecting professional work. If you’re wondering why this post is the same as it is on Yelp, I am ensuring that everyone and every source knows what to expect at this office.

Brian Kutsunai

5 years ago

Dr. Cohen, Dr. Oghigian, and staff are simply excellent. There can be a wait but the caring expertise is more than worth it.

Alex Clark

6 years ago

We are Scottish and very hard to please, but from the moment we met Dr Cohen and Deb, plus all the staff we were totally at ease with the care and attention afforded us and our Flynn. Dr Cohen is our superman, we have travelled all over and he is the exception to the normall, always explaining in great detail his findings and thoughts on our Flynn's treatments. We trust him explicitly he is an amazing human being and we do admire him greatly. Thank you all at Newport Veterinary Hospital, you are our heroes.

Corina Annette Gonzalez

6 years ago

Debbie is amazing and very knowledgable on radiographs. Staff is friendly. Safe environment for the animals. :)

Robyn Ferro

6 years ago

Doc Cohen and staff are the best. Kind, considerate and my dog loves them.

Melissa Logan

7 years ago

My cat needed a quick anal expression to relive his symptoms (takes 5 min) and my vet was closed. They would take him because we are not an "existing" client. Seriously?!?

Rosy Katz

7 years ago

There isn't enough room for me to elaborate. He's the best.

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