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Vittore Cavalli

2 years ago

Absolutely the best. Go with the understanding that these people are there for the dogs! And, not you. If they believe you or your family are not in the best interest of the dog, they'll tell you so. This is as it should be.


2 years ago

All you negative nellies out there, give her a break. Margaret may appear to be rough around the edges....but Ms Margaret has fire that permeates passion for the love of her rescue and whom her dogs are adopted out to. If you should be so lucky to be allowed time with one of her rescue dogs, be appreciative. She tireless gives 100% to the unwanted dogs. I wanted one specific dog and she told me no and had her reasons that I wanted to ignore, she steered me towards another, who ended up being the absolute best fit for our family.

bri ram

2 years ago

Beyond rude when I called asking questions about adopting. People like this make it hard to even want to adopt a dog instead of shopping for one.People be aware of what you’re getting into when speaking to the person running this establishment.

Secondhand Snake

2 years ago

Adopters beware. The woman who runs the phone is your typical southern California B*I*T*C*H.. guess if you run a shelter that houses female dogs you become one yourself. Seriously though, she is rude and demeaning when speaking to you and is quite an awful personality. ????

YeetBerry Crunch

2 years ago

The spokesperson who answered the phone was extremely rude to my wife and I. I mean extremely rude, she instantly had an attitude and was un responsive to our questions and statements. She already had her mind made up and there is no talking to her.

Aesthetic Outlets

2 years ago

Hello everyone. I have seen some reviews and lets start. One person said that at first the dog was sweet and then aggressive. When you adopt dogs they are really timid and shy as they are meeting you for the first time. My dog was timid shy at first ,we came home a total different personality. That is not the shelters fault. The spokesperson, Margaret, I believe is protective over the dogs but she means well and is amazing person for helping dogs and she might seem rude but she really just wants to make sure ever dog is in good hands,and protected.I think we should be thanking her instead of leaving horrible reviews.Many dogs are abused and treated horribly each year and none of the dogs deserve it.She makes it so that these dogs will have a safe home

Annie Trembley

3 years ago

The woman who is the spokesperson for this group is rude. She screams and yells. We brought home a dog from this rescue who at first seemed very sweet, however she became very aggressive Towards our guests and when we mentioned it to her she just told us that we obviously had no idea how to treat a dog. We have adopted 5 greyhounds through GAC and had to return one as he was just not a good match for the household. The people at GAC we thoughtful and helpful throughout the process. With Margaret we feel like we may have to get a restraining order to stop the harressment and bulling. I would advise nobody to do business with this woman. The volunteers are nice but this leaves a very bitter taste in our mouths.

Connar Jonas

3 years ago

This lady who runs this place is extremely rude, doesn’t listen to a thing you try to say, and judges you before you can even get a sentence out of your mouth. What’s the point of rescuing dogs if your just going to hoard them all for yourself and not allow anyone to adopt who doesn’t acres of land like her? She’s ridiculous and waste of time to talk to, so if anyone’s interested in Dalmatians you should probably look elsewhere.

kimberly heien

3 years ago

We have rescued two Dalmatians over the years from this rescue. I wanted to say how dedicated the entire rescue staff and volunteers are to the well being of every dog they rescue. One of the rescue pups, who was recently adopted, escaped from his newly adopted home last week. The rescue workers and volunteers worked tirelessly over the last week to find the lost dog, placing flyers, posting on social media, placing food stations, and searching for days in the canyon. After two long days searching through the canyon, they found the dog alive and well hiding in the bush in the canyon. So happy to see him wagging his tail today getting all the pets he deserved!

Terry Corwin

3 years ago

Margaret at the rescue is a very dedicated and conscientious foster parent and cares very deeply for the pups she is trying to find the right homes for. She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in her vetting process. If you are lucky enough to get one of her dogs, you are indeed very lucky! The world should be thankful for people like Margaret who do this work!!!

Tony Berru

3 years ago

I just don't get it that the people leaving these comments can be so mean and trash talk the people at Dalmatian Rescue of Southern California. Sometimes pups don't work out in real life situations outside the kennel. There's safety for a dog in the kennel and there's a responsibility that Margaret and the crew take seriously when they place sometimes insecure animals with new homes. My wife and I adopted a challenging girl 8 years ago, and yes, she needed a patient home. We chose to endure some pretty tough days/months but we weren't gonna give up on her. She wasn't there for US at first and we realized we were supposed to be there for HER. That is what adoption IS friends. While we were looking for another Perdita, we ended up with the tough kid from Angels with Dirty Faces. Eight years later and my car buddy now gone (6-23-2020), I feel like I got much more than I bargained for with my efforts. I am still friends with the crew in Newport Beach, and I will always appreciate that they look at what's best for the pups that have already had a hard life. So if you are looking for an "All dogs go to heaven" sweet and perfect cartoon experience animal, let me tell you .... People don't DUMP those pups at shelters to be killed. You gotta be willing to be patient and find the good kid inside. We did and I was the beneficiary in the long run. Cut these guys some slack! They're working for both the dogs AND the new parents.

Goliath Carpenter

6 years ago

Called this clinic for information in regards to dal puppy's featured on their website. The handler called back promptly but right off the gate informed me she was declining applications after applications. Indicating that our conversation was over before the first two seconds. She stated my home was unsuitable based on facts that one, I need to work, live in Lake Forest and only looking to adopt one dog. This of course this was all decided within seconds of our conversation! I had informed her I lived in Upstate NY and was born and raised on a farm prior to moving to California. She lowered her guard a little, but her mind was already made up and nothing I could have said or shown was going to alter it. I'm not a stranger to animals needing a home (I only took in strays prior to moving here). I have a Siamese cat that came to us 5 years ago! I have raised everything from chicken to cows and fully understand the requirements and time in owning a puppy (as it's not my first time). I was honestly taken back and felt somewhat attacked based on living in Orange County and living in Lake Forest. I understand the need for hard screening and I'm not discrediting her on this. I'm am however angry for being profiled and discriminated on basic facts without knowing who I am or how a puppy would fit with my lifestyle! That being said, let me shine a little light. I am a 32 year old active male. I run 5 miles 2xs a week. Walk 5 miles everyday and weekends are spent hiking that generally ends at the beach. I enjoy going on weekend getaways to places like Big Bear. Mostly this has me involved with major outdoor activities. I am looking for a puppy/dog to enjoy these activities with. This puppy/dog will only be house/yard bound from 8:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Thursday! My partner comes home for lunch from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. Puppy/dog will have constant access to the backyard through a doggie door that leads to a fenced in brick walled backyard with grass. So if my situation and home is not suitable, than most-likely yours won't be either... unless you're elderly or a stay home mom with several dogs. Super disappointed in this clinic for not evaluating me through unbiased eyes. I tried to look for their application on their website... unable to locate it on Adpotadal website.

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