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Beck Wehrle

2 years ago

They provided excellent care when my foolish cat ate a big hunk of rubber. They were the only folks around with an available ultrasound technician who wasn't already booked weeks out. We got lucky and they certainly saved my cat's life. They were really communicative throughout the diagnosis, surgery, and recovery process, and kept our regular vet in the loop.

amy maywald

2 years ago

I choose this hospital for my puppy bc of the good review on google that mentioned how amazing Dr. Kim was …unfortunately, Dr. Kim was not here when my puppy was arrived! I realized that Dr. Kim is not here week day ( 6pm-8am) M-F. Dr. Kim is not here at the weekend! This hospital is very unorganized and disaster when Dr. Kim is not here. The staffs don’t mind to yell, fight and rude to the customers! I had the horrible experience with Cindy ( who was the employee here)! She was rude, lie to my face about lot of things…???? I was stressed enough when my puppy was in half coma bc of Dr. Caliolio and Dr. Aramburu carelessness, Cindy gave me more stressed by being rude, yelled at me for bothering her too much… Cindy refused to contact to the doctor for advice when my puppy was in the half coma situation! This made me feel that the doctors are disappeared after taking my money????! I also had the bad experiences with Dr. Caliolio and Dr. Aramburu here! They were the horrible doctors who were either not the good doctors or irresponsible doctors who didn’t care about my puppy! I have to admit that there are a couple good employee here are kind and sweet but rare! You have to be very lucky to meet them. This hospital is operated very weird and unorganized! it has over 20 different employees that come and go everyday with different shifts! So these people don’t connected with each other and they won’t keep track what is going on with with your pet! make sure that you ask for the employee’s name who serves you. Otherwise you have to repeat the whole story what is going on with your pet again with the new person who is going to help you! I can’t give this hospital the 5 stars review bc of my bad experience with this hospital! I feel horrible to write the true story about this hospital because it will affect Dr. Kim’s business. Dr. Kim is the owner of this hospital! But I want to help the others for being rip off here! I want Dr. Kim knows that this hospital business model needs to be fixed! This hospital is operated very bad, unorganized, disaster when Dr. Kim is not here! I think that only Dr. Kim cares about this hospital, other doctors only care about the paycheck unfortunately ☹️! I would bring my puppy here if he is Sick in the future at weekday only when Dr. Kim is here. I wouldn’t trust other doctors and employee when Dr. Kim is not here ????! I had a horrible experience with Dr. Caliolio ! He asked me to pay him over $2500 upfront before he treated my puppy. So my puppy’s can be hospitalized just 2 night weekend! He promised that my puppy would be sent home Monday morning with the medication! But Dr. Caliolio left my puppy to Dr. Aramburu on Sunday. Dr. Aramburu was an irresponsible doctor who left before I arrived to pick up my puppy on Monday morning! My puppy was dismissed by untrained employee and sent home half coma with no medication and no direction how to care for him at home! This hospital hurt my puppy through incompetence and carelessness! My puppy got worse after the treatment! This hospital stopped treatment while my puppy still needed veterinary attention! Dr. Caliolio and Dr. Aramburu should be liable for negligence my puppy! The price here is not cheap ( it will be depend on the doctor who is going to charge you!) Dr. Caliolio price is too expensive for his horrible skills that is compared to Dr. Kim’s price, who charged me much cheaper ( half price). Plus Dr. Kim who is intelligent, kind and has the excellent skills! Dr. Kim is the best doctor here. Without Dr. Kim, I think that this hospital is going to collapse! Dr. Kim saved my puppy’s life after Dr. Caliolio and Dr. Aramburu almost killed my Milo ????! I am wondering if Milo was lucky to be seen by Dr. Kim on the first day, I would have been charged for $804.00 instead of 3,313.20 So I think that I shouldn’t be charged for $2,509.20 because Dr. Caliolio and Dr. Aramburu almost killed my puppy ☹️!

Kelly Coffey

2 years ago

Our pup had been throwing up all day, and after calling our vet, they recommended we take her to emergency. I found this location online and visited them based on the reviews. I’m really glad I did! We dealt with Stephanie and Dr. Jung. Stephanie was so kind to our dog, while patient and helpful with us. They both kept us updated every step of the way, explaining what they were doing and why. Luckily we were able to leave as outpatient, and I think the costs were reasonable considering an emergency service. I’m very thankful we found this place in the case we ever need to use an emergency again.

Danielle Slutzky

2 years ago

I would like to share a heartfelt thank you to Greg, the veterinary technician, as well as the veterinarians and staff who were on duty during Huckleberry’s stay at Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital. Greg, doctors and staff were such caring and considerate medical care providers during a very difficult time for our family. They tried so very hard to care for Huckleberry the best that they could and we are so grateful to them. I would recommend this hospital to anyone needing emergency animal care and I especially recommend Greg, he is the kind of person you want on you and your animal’s team at a difficult time. Thank you all for your efforts on behalf of Huckleberry and our family.

Mikayla Wasiri

2 years ago

I brought my little puppy here late at night and they were able to immediately take her in, run a diagnostic, and get her back to us within the hour. Highly recommend. We went to two other places that either did not have room or had a 4 hr wait. This place is the best and I’m so happy we actually ended up at central Orange County emergency

Ryan Mudry

2 years ago

So! Friendly! And bandaged up real nice????????

Sarah Kraemer

2 years ago

This review is coming from a Frenchie owner that has had more ER experiences than I’d like to remember (stupid IVDD), and this is LITERALLY the best experience I’ve ever had in 13 years of being a pet parent. I was referred here when the ER I usually go to had a 6-8hr wait. Well…I have found a new emergency vet! Every staff person who assisted me was extremely kind and made me feel comfortable in a stressful situation (my dog scratched her cornea). As for the actual vet, I am blown away. He actually called me to see how I was doing cause he figured I was worried (since it’s still curbside with COVID). He had the kindest, most caring tone of voice - I knew my baby was in good hands. The wait wasn’t bad, at all - I know this aspect is unpredictable due to the nature of an ER, but there were several clients there and all the staff was working with a sense of urgency, while still being caring. Also, the price was incredibly reasonable - I’d do anything for my baby, but anyone that has had to take a pet to the ER knows that the cost can be insane sometimes. I am actually thankful that the other place was too busy and had to refer me here - things definitely happen for a reason!!! I would give more stars if I could!!!!

cosetta richie

2 years ago

The entire staff were wonderful and gave us quick and compassionate care for our cat. We will definitely come here again with our next pet.

Mackenzie King

2 years ago

We had a terrible experience here. I hate to say this, maybe they had a bad night, maybe they were busy, but it has to be said. My 16 year old dog was sick and sat in a kennel for 7 odd hours on and off waiting for treatment. Our vet tech, Amanda, messed up the invoices 3 different times and almost charged us 500 dollars extra. She ended up coming to the car with three different invoices and we had to tell her what services we actually had. I waited an additional two hours for the first invoice to be brought out to begin with after speaking with the doctor, because someone forgot. They couldn’t give my dog ANY treatment until I signed the invoice, so my dog sat in discomfort for two extra hours because of someone’s careless mistake. I sat in the parking lot the whole 7 hours and couldn’t go to the bathroom there, they said to go to the gas station. All of the invoices were inaccurate, the vet tech came out several times and called us trying to correct them, originally apologized. Then when we came back, we asked about it and she responded with “I’m not trying to be facetious but...” after she messed up. I hate to say any of this but this was such a train wreck of an experience I had to comment. It was unreal. 1100 dollars and 7 hours later they can’t tell me what’s going on with my dog. Doctor was actually good and detailed. I can’t say anything bad about him, he was very thorough. Said we needed an appetite stimulant and medicine for stomach pain. Vet tech said we were getting antibiotics without explaining why, then forgot them twice. Each time she would forget something we would wait another 30 mins to an hour. This was a train wreck of an establishment and experience for my family and my sweet dog who I don’t want to suffer. Choose this place as a last resort.

Christian Jaggli

2 years ago

COCE treated our 18 yr old cat and saved her life on the 4th of July when other emergency hospitals were at capacity. Doctors called me directly and explained the her situation. I feel they have very reasonable rates compared to my regular vet on the same services. They suggested a lot of extra testing and items, but we were able to choose the course of treatment. We will definitely use COCE Animal Hospital in the future and recommend them to our friends with animals.

Brooke Pannell

2 years ago

Dr. Kim is fantastic- he's done two TPLO surgeries on my dog and he's been taken care of well while here. However, the front office staff can be incredibly disorganized and forgetful. Look at your bill carefully to spot errors, and ensure the meds you get are the correct type and dosage.

Harold Jagger

2 years ago

We couldn't be more happy with the service that we received this evening from all the staff at Central Orange county emergency hospital. Stephanie a member of the staff was very respectful and very helpful with getting our dog Andy checked in and comfortable while they worked on her. I highly recommend this establishment and their staff for the professionalism and grace with dealing with our dog. Thank you sincerely,


2 years ago

My dog was diagnosed with kennel cough by her primary vet and the medication given to her wasn't helping at all, she was starting to struggle with breathing and was extremely lethargic so we decided to take her to this hospital in the evening. Thankfully, we did not have to wait hours before our dog could be seen since it wasn't that busy. The nurses and Dr. Kim were all extremely patient, kind, and communicated clearly. We were so happy with our experience, we wish this hospital weren't an emergency hospital so that we could take our dog here as her primary vet! The difference in our dog's health after a day of the new medication was drastic, we are so thankful to have brought our dog here

Donna Theeck

2 years ago

Our precious Tara broke her back leg chasing squirrels. She is a black lab mix. La Mirada Vet sent us here. They tried other Vets. No one would take her. We must thank them. Tara got excellent care. She is home recuperating. Barked at the mailman. Good sigh. We can’t thank them enough. Dr. Kim was really kind. Explaining everything in detail to us. It was a long drive from La Mirada, but well worth it. Thank you.????‍????????

Ali McClimond

2 years ago

My boyfriend and I had to take our hamster here late at night to put it down, and they were wonderful with taking care of her. But what we were charged for was not explained well at all. We were charged over $50 for a “vet consultation” and didn’t know until after when reviewing the itemized bill. It took calling 3 times to finally get an answer as to what the charge was actually for, which ended up making sense, but the amount of effort it took to get an answer was crazy.

Kyle Genter

2 years ago

Really loved it the staff r really nice and took care of my dog

Jessica Reyes

2 years ago

I can’t thank this place enough for being open on a Sunday to perform an emergency ???? surgery on my dog Hulk! Thank you for keeping your doors open and thank you for saving my Hulky! Amazing vets willing to work with you.

Richard Maher

2 years ago

Took my dog who was experiencing digestive distress and was presented with an estimate in the excess of $2,000. Along side this estimate, I was also given an option for just medication that was around $500. When I objected, I was told I can pick an choose which meds I would like, each around $50. I went there to get treatment for my dog, instead, I was presented with cornucopia of options that ranged in price from $50 to over $2,000. Very unprofessional.

Sergio Ramirez

2 years ago

Awesome staff great customer service and communication thank you all for taking care of the kitten twins Special thanks to tracy of ocspca for funding and coordinating the treatment

Dr. Danielle BeVier, D.C.

2 years ago

Wow! This honestly was the best place. We brought our shihpoo in and they treated and got her back on her way with the best and most attentive care possible. Dr C and Britney were wonderful. Thanks again for getting our dog back to normal. Highly recommend. Thanks again!

Rene Shalaby

2 years ago

They’re good if you’re in need of a Vet @ 3am and your Vet is unavailable..

nathan codding

2 years ago

Dr was extremely knowledgeable and staff were very nice. Covid19 hoop jumping however was interesting. Then again it's the times we live in

Nader Hsen

2 years ago

Only hospital that could take a look at my cat without needing to wait 4+ hours in the middle of the night

Kimberly Flores

2 years ago

This past weekend we took in our Great Dane into this emergency vet for bloat. They really did everything in their power. They were professional and I loved the fact that they called in a surgeon for the emergency surgery and the vet doctor would be the one to come and update about every 10-15 min. Unfortunately, our Drako crossed the rainbow bridge but I can genuinely say this office did everything in there Power to try to keep him with us! He was their priority throughout and I’m very grateful that they sent my claims to insurance because it would have been very difficult to have to write and explain how he passed. So we want to thank the office manager and her team for giving the best medical care they could provide.

Joanne Piccolo

3 years ago

Took my ailing cat to Central OC Clinic because she was having a severe asthma attack. I couldn't be more pleased with the service I received from the technicians and the doctor. I highly recommend this emergency facility. My cat is much better and home again.

Ethan Sundilson

3 years ago

My 11 year old beagle Tilly couldn't move. so we knew there was an emergency at hand. We arrived at 10pm a couple weeks ago, after an hour wait they told us she had a large mass on her spleen. Only way to tell if it was cancerous was to remove it and send it to the lab. If we did nothing her spleen would burst, if its cancer she would have a few months to live. The odds were against her. Dr. Kim performed the surgery removed the mass and spleen. We confirmed with our vet that Dr. Kim did a great job. The biopsy amazingly showed no cancer and Tilly is making a full recovery. We are so thankful to Dr. Kim and the rest of the great staff for saving our dog.

Mindy Lu

3 years ago

I'm so relieved that my little girl went to this place in a time of crisis. She came back healthy and revived. Dr. Kim gave the best care to her. The staff was also reasonably clear about their procedures and prices. There was clear communication all the way. They really care about their four legged patients.

NamesPolicy SubmitAppeal

3 years ago

Expensive as is any emergency vet, but the people were kind and did an excellent job. My dog is feeling all better thanks to everyone here!

Miriam Rodriguez

3 years ago

Great vet experience! And most importantly took care of my baby luna ! Forever grateful ????

Nathalie Yves Gaulthier

3 years ago

We've driven and all the way from Palm Springs to bring our animals here. They have been wonderful and successful in treating our animals every time

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