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Bruce Stevens

2 years ago

I wish they would open Napa River.

Nicole Jones

2 years ago

For some reason, the staff here is incompetent and not able to remove someone else’s pet from my account so I continually get emails and texts regarding someone else’s pet and all the details of their appointments and billing summaries! I hope Maui and the owner find a better pet hospital to care for them.

Terra Borges

2 years ago

Only if I ask to talk to Dr.Carol can I get decent service. The front fest help never is helpful

elizabeth hamamoto

2 years ago

Charged Credit Card again without asking or checking with me This is simply not ok. However, I do love the response from the Vet and the they just need to work on their front desk staffing issues

K.C. Farrell

2 years ago

Great vet! They took great care of my pup

Angela C

2 years ago

Friendly and professional staff. Reasonable fees and they are always able to get us right in.

Julie Morris

2 years ago

Friendly staff . Got appointment for routine vaccination quickly. I just don’t understand why we aren’t able to come in with our pets after all this time . Other vet offices are allowing clients inside with their animals . Why not Napa West ?? Our animals are nervous enough about a visit to the vet without all the car stuff . Masks are still worn inside so not sure why Napa west seems like the only vet not allowing clients to be with their pets . Why ?

Makena Brown

2 years ago

They were unable to find out what was wrong with my dog but that can happen sometimes. What was difficult is that they won’t let you in with your pet everything is curbside still. When your worried about your pet and they won’t let you in it can be very stressful. Along with the fact that they told me they would call at 5 with results and I didn’t get an update until 5:32. Again just causing extra stress and concern when you aren’t hearing anything back in an urgent situation. Overall they did everything they could and took good care of my boy! I just would just keep your concerned and worried customers in the loop a little bit more. It was fantastic that they do take emergency patients as well! Like I said overall a positive experience!

melissa mack

2 years ago

Fair and reasonable. Sometimes vets feel like used car salespeople trying to upsell you when you are at your most vulnerable. Not Napa West. I am pleased to report that they were fair in every respect. My senior orange tabby cat got the treatment he needed, and I did not feel price gouged. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by the fair pricing and quick/competent treatment. Thank you! We found our new vet.

Cathey DeJager

2 years ago

Very professional, the have contact phone numbers to let them know you are waiting , I was in and out within an hour, dr. Calls and let you know the results are. Receptionist lets you know what your balance is.

Christopher Dunagan

2 years ago

I've tried to give the benefit of the doubt to Napa River West, but my honest experience is that they're treating your credit card as much as your pet. Still locked down, limiting access to the doctor to answer questions for reasons that are not clear- but plenty of access to get your payments. Owning a pet is just expensive but I've never had this level of expense for just normal and expected treatments.

David Harris

2 years ago

Great service, quick and affordable

Linda Feutz

2 years ago

I would really prefer to be with my pet when he is examined. It is stressful enough for the pet to visit the vet, so I think it is time for pet parents to be present.

stacie patrick

2 years ago

We were able to get a same day appointment. Doctor was quick in response to our puppies ailments.

Caryn Green

2 years ago

Very organized and responsive and you can tell they love their patients.

Lisa Cifolelli

2 years ago

This should have no stars! Horrible communication, you can never get a hold of anyone! I had emailed them to schedule an appointment for my cat and 8 days later In finally get a response in the form of a text appointment notification. Seriously?? The day before at 5 mins before their 24 cancellation window , I get a text message saying that I have an appointment! I had to cancel as, I had a urgent family matter and they charged me! I requested my animals pet records and they are refusing to give them to me because they want me to pay my debt. Super rude, unprofessional!! I'm so happy I'm switching vets!! They can all go kick rocks!

Denise Piñon

2 years ago

Communication needs to improve. I submitted stool samples for my dogs and I was apparently not reached to tell me the results. When I came in for a visit for their vaccine f/u, I was not told of the results and I forgot to ask. At the end of the visit, they had me waiting for more than 10 minutes in my car, they had my credit card and thought why are they taking so long for a payment. When I knocked on their door (after calling twice and no answer), to ask what the delay was, they said because they are getting ready the medications for the dogs..I asked, what are you talking about and then the nurse came out after they realized they hadn't communicated the results to me, and explained what was happening. I was a little frustrated because in my mind, they had me waiting with a 5 y/o and two dogs on a very hot day without knowing why. The nurse was passive aggressive and said, well "just roll up your windows and put the AC on". Instead she could of tried, "we are sorry, it seems we did not communicate to you the results of the dogs stool sample and today did not clearly explain that we needed to medicate them and get the medication ready." Kindness can go a long way. I felt I was treated like a child and blamed me for the fact that they had not reached me prior to the visit to relay the information and then did not document that and udpdated me during the visit. I am likely going to change vets. Very poor customer services.

Grey Skold

2 years ago

Great customer service. Wonderful staff. Solid vet. Zero complaints and my puppy likes them!

sylvia falcon

2 years ago

Caring group of staff and Doctor! Always make time for individuals in spite of being very busy.

Terry Martin

2 years ago

We were so happy to have Dr Carrol and his staff take care of our 17 week old Vizsla, Marley. They were quick but thorough. Friendly and professional. Thank you so much. Terry & Pat Martin


2 years ago

Had an emergency visit and it was handeled quickly & efficiently. Very pleased with napa pest hospital west.

Gail Vandeburgt

2 years ago

Professional, caring and prompt service at fair price!

Judi Blue Eyes

2 years ago

My name is Judi Rock. I was able to get all of my dogs, all four of them, in to get their vaccinations. My main objective was to be able to get them boarded so we could go on vacation. Because of complications with the shots we could not board them at the place we had previously chosen! However, Robert (moved the moon!) and was able to board all four while we went to Disneyland. Dr. Carol, Michelle, Robert and another gal, helped us tremendously!

Ivan Castillo

2 years ago

It sucks has been three days in a row calling for an appointment and they never pick up the phone.

William Suellau

2 years ago

Took in my dog as an urgent care case. He was sick and listless and not eating. They fixed him right up.

Matt Pendergast

2 years ago

Unfortunately living in a COVID world we can’t get the one on one service we are use to. Napa West I think is doing a wonderful job on treating and communicating as best can be done. The response and follow up to us was very good considering the circumstances. I recommend Napa West Pet Hospital

Nicole Rinauro

2 years ago

Took my Persian cat (who is a patient here) in for a bath and nail trim at 9 am. Was told she would be done midday and I added that I would like her to be nice and dry when I picked her up. At 3:50p I still had not received a call so I called. I was told she would be ready in 30 minutes. When I got there to pick her up, I called as per the instructions. On hold then told nobody was available to take my call - call back later. I called again. Same thing. I texted and got a response that I had to call. I said I did and couldn’t get through. The perky text responderreplied that she would help me and called. The charges were $40+ higher than normal and she said it was the day use fee. I told her I had never been charged that. She reviewed my last visit and proudly announced that I had paid $92. I told her it was because my cat also received a vaccine that day; she agreed. I asked her to go back farther and she refused stating that she has to charge me the day use fee. First of all, I’ve never been charged this. Second of all, she was there all day, stressed out because of the clinics incompetence. Her appointment was at 9 am and she wasn’t done until 4:30? Also, she was still wet, still had mats in her hair, and someone had obviously clipped or shaved the hair around her feet and ankles! To provide context my cat started receiving baths at one week old, she likes them, and is well behaved getting a bath. Persians should be bathed once a month. Also I asked that a manager call me but I’m sure that my request was not forwarded. No word yet and it’s been two workdays. Not only that but this operation feels like a black box. No connection with vets. We have to trust that our animals are receiving proper care - we can’t witness it. Vet techs running around in chains. Parking lot madness. Not enough staff to answer the phones. Substandard work. Nobody recapping how she did or anything. No feedback. There is absolutely no reason to continue operating like this. There are other ways to work within the guidelines I want a call back from a responsible party.

Stephanie Ramirez

2 years ago

I love when they call me and ask if this is “my dogs name- mom” staff is super friendly and responsive!

Trisha Tortolani

2 years ago

I appreciate the kindness and understanding the entire staff has for animals, even the more “difficult” pets. I’m grateful they make room in the schedule for urgent care and the thoughtfulness of the doctors in devising the best plan to meet the need of each individual pet.

Tawni Sandy

2 years ago

They charge double the amount for an international health certificate for travel than EVERY other place in the area. They charge $300. Pretty outrageous and unfortunate really.

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