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Johanna Kimura

2 years ago

I usually go to Banfield in San Carlos but wasn’t able to get a spot so took my 15 year old Chihuahua to the Mountain View location. The staff at Mountain View was very kind and gentle with my geriatric pup and even asked about the best way she liked to be handled. Pro tips: During Covid they’re only doing drop off appointments, but the staff was very flexible with pickup times. This particular location is also moving early 2022 to a building outside of a Petsmart.


2 years ago

They try, but always changing help. Most vets are young and not experienced. The vets don't really last long.

Paula Stundtner

2 years ago

They've been great with Jack! Tomorrow he goes for his comprehensive physical.. fingers crossed up as well ????

Miguel zamudio lopez

2 years ago

They charge aloat money for dog visit they should help the community


2 years ago

Front desk ladies are totally awesome!!!

James L

2 years ago

Excellent job done by Dr. Levy, couple days after oral surgery she did follow up by calling me to see if I have any questions and make sure my dog is doing well.

Angela Hawkins

2 years ago

Great PetSmart. The staff at both PetSmart and Banfield are super nice and really make coming here a pleasure.

Alika Spencer-Koknar

2 years ago

First time coming, everyone was friendly and super helpful. They took very good care of my deaf dalmatian.

A.C. Ross

2 years ago

Had to put the neighbor's dog down. They were wonderful

Bryan luna

2 years ago

Bilingual help offered in spanish is second to none. Thank you for the help

Julia Scott

2 years ago

They were amazing and so caring. We had to put my 13 year old dog down. I had already been crying for a few hours, but they were so gentle with her, and with our feelings. We knew going in that it was going to be our final goodbye. They walked through everything step by step, made sure we knew what would happen and answered our questions. They gave us much time as we needed with her after and did not rush us out. When we get a new dog, in time, we will definitely be going back here.

Paola Mendoza

2 years ago

I used to take my dog to Sunnyvale Banfield and I always had good experiences there. The Mountain View location is an absolute nightmare. They are always unorganized, overbooked, and understaffed. They do not communicate well with pet owners at all. I took my dog in for tooth pain and was told she would have to wait at least 4 hours because all the vets were in surgery. If they do not have vets available to see my dog, they should not make an appointment at all. They never told me I would have to leave my dog for more than 4 hours. On top of that, I was told I would be called to reschedule my dog since she was high priority due to her tooth pain. I never got a call back. For good reason, I am never returning to this Banfield, or any Banfield for that matter. I will be cancelling my pet's wellness plan and going to an independent small clinic. I feel bad for the staff that work here, they are seriously overworked. Whoever is managing this location needs to re-evaluate their treatment of their patients AND staff.

Michael Woods

3 years ago

I go to the pet store for kitty food and sand for the kitty we adopted there. Good selection of items.

Marija Zaric

3 years ago

You know, I started to be more critical and to not be so generous with those stars. My old self would have given 5 stars to this Banfield, simply because they solved my problem professionally and they were able to admit my doggie Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving. But, on the other hand they seemed t be “too busy” and not paying attention to detail. Which is fine, since it was day before big holiday. Also, much better service compared to few other Banfields I know.

Mandy Li

3 years ago

Last week when I called to take my dog in for an emergency appointment - her foot was swollen and she couldn't stand on it - the associate at the front said that they were busy and would ask the doctor if my dog's condition was severe enough to be seen. She asked me to send a picture of the paw and never responded. I've been paying for a wellness plan...for what? I ended up taking my dog to a different vet that could see her right away. The fact that the staff completely dismissed me and didn't even try to help is infuriating. I am cancelling my plan and NEVER taking any of my pets to Banfield again. Save yourself some time and disappointment and look somewhere else.

Debbie Kennedy

3 years ago

They're friendly & take excellent care of my cats!

Ava Johnson

3 years ago

Rude receptionist dalia didn’t valid my coupon nor refund never coming back thanks

Mike Miller

3 years ago

The best vet in my experience

Patty Laarveld

3 years ago

Convenient drop off and pick up options. They're great with my 3 dogs.

Ritesh Bhatia

3 years ago

TL; DR version: 1. Banfield will take full annual payment for a pet's optimum wellness plan, and refuse service for a full year to the pet if the owner changes. It's not fair and very greedy to charge full money and not provide the service. 2. They will emotionally blackmail people to spend the most money under the guise that it's the best service for their pet. Banfield is a money minting machine which does not care about the pet. If someone pays the entire annual preventative care for their pets and if the ownership is transferred, the paid service becomes null and void.Why is the pet being prevented from receiving a service that has been fully paid for is beyond me. Their business conduct policies are downright unfair, greedy and lack integrity. Last time I left my cat at a Banfield hospital, she was left in her crate all day. No one fed her or gave her water or took her out to use a litter. She was returned back to me hungry, stressed and covered in her own feces. I would never recommend Banfield to anyone. I have visited Banfield hospitals enough times at multiple locations now and have reached a conclusion that their main goal is to extract as much money as they can from a pet owner, play on their emotions for their pet to milk as much money out of you as they can and charge outrageous prices for tests and medicines.

Shelly Mazik

3 years ago

Love the staff they are all great ????

t t

3 years ago

Consistent veterinary care with caring employees.

Tiger Lily (Woo)

3 years ago

Can't be put my finger on it but just doesn't seem first rate. My pet is important to me and I will always seek the best care even if affordability is challenging.

Yvonne G

3 years ago

They go above and beyond for my doggie. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else.

Saul Scher

4 years ago

I brought my kitten into banfield on 8/7/19 and they told me that my kitten has mites and that I needed to put LIME SULFUR DIP on her every week up to 6-8 weeks but they didn’t give me the bottle and told me to go on amazon and buy “LIME SULFUR FOR PUPPYS AND KITTEN” which I did and I administered it to my kitten to then find out she was having a reaction to it so I rushed her to Adobe where she passed away I made sure to read everything banfield gave me and the bottle they told me to buy was a High concentrated bottle for VETS even though it says it’s for puppy’s and kittens. I didn’t know I had to dilute the dip when it clearly states it’s for puppy’s and kittens they should have given me a bottle to buy from them and better instructions then just 2-3% what the heck does that mean and they were supposed to give me a e-collar because clearly this dip does say to make sure pet doesn’t ingest it which gave me a huge red flag on their part. If you give the pet parent the paper work of what happened that day and give them medication then don’t put it on the BACK OF A 30 PAGE PACKET!!!!

Jon Aguirre

4 years ago

Spent over 2 hours there because they did not do the pertinent travel documentation that I went to do. Then tried to overcharge for the time spent, even if it was me who had to tell them where to find the up to date documentation from the goverment site (that they were supposed to have done by the time I arrived there). They pretty much doubled the amount of the invoice without any previous notice or any agreement on my side, and when I refused to pay for that 'mug' they sent me to collections. Not the way to go, Banfield. You lower my credit score, I lower your rating. Nobody needs these wars. I'll find a better place.

Shivanna Baksh-Fitzpatrick

5 years ago

Dr. Hsieh and Mari were awesome. They were very thorough with my little guy! I felt like all my concerns were addressed without feeling rushed! Kudos to the team!

Michelle Rios

5 years ago

I love Banfield for my cat.

Haim Albalak

5 years ago

Be careful with their insurance, You can't cancel the insurance even if your pet past away.

Samantha Sneed

6 years ago

The staff is incredibly friendly. Great experience.

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