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Ben Yarkani

2 years ago

Nice place to take your pets.

Dianne Portnoy

2 years ago

Very caring, called and they said that they'd see my dog who was in terrible pain. Gave her medication will be going back For another appointment. Will be changing to this vet. Had been going to standiford vet for over thirty years, but since they opened the new facility seems like they don't care about the animals it's all about money and they have a flippant attitude towards caring about my pet.

Saya Snow

2 years ago

They use to be great a few years back but now that the New maneger is there she has no idea what she's doing and now the doctors don't care really about your pets healthcare. They never answer the phones they have you wait for hours just to pick up your pets meds. It's just ridiculous now. I would recommend you find a very happy like vet. Don't come here.


2 years ago

If I could underrate this place I absolutely would. I would not recommend this vet to anyone for the sake, and safety of your animals; my animals are so much more than just a pet they are my friends, my family, and like my children. In my opinion this place needs to be shutdown, and the vets license revoked, and never be able to work, or practice anywhere including the staff as well they all work together. I am a hobby breeder of champion English Bulldog bloodlines. My dogs are well taken care of, and when I choose to breed my females I watch them closely, and they get their numbers ran almost daily. My first breeding with one of my females I was not around this hospital, or area for insemination, or cesarean. Her first litter went exceptionally well, and she had 8 babies. Her second litter was not inseminated at this facility, but I started bringing her for monitoring, and checkups which were seemingly normal. My female was also noticeably bigger than her first litter. I made an appointment for her cesarean, and I had showed up for my appointment at 8:30am, and was not given my dog, or babies until after 7pm. I waited in my vehicle the entire time outside the facility because they said that I couldn’t go inside, or watch them perform her cesarean, and I even asked them if they could do a video chat of some sort like zoom, or google duo, but was declined to this as well. I would call frequently to get updated about the situation, but was just given a general response that they were busy. When my babies were finally brought out to me they presented me with 4 babies, and I had asked if that was all there was, and was told that she only had 4 babies, and these babies were the same size as her first litter. Honestly I didn’t know what to think, or do, but I knew it was rather odd, and I had suspicions that there was something else going on because I know that she’d been pregnant with more than just 4, but my fault for not doing a sono, or X-ray sooner. I recently just bred her again, and she ended up having 9 babies. Like I said before I go off her numbers every time, and I’ve bred at the same numbers every time. I’m pretty sure that any fellow breeder would probably find this rather odd for turnouts of 8, 4, and 9, and to be rather unbelievable in the breeding world. I honestly believe that they kept some of my babies, and I was charged, and paid for the entire thing. I paid in more ways than than money. I lost a lot bringing my animals here.

brooke capistrano

2 years ago

I've been trying to get a hold of the office since yesterday evening to set up an appointment for my dog. No one answered the phones yesterday and today....its nearly 10 AM, and still no one is answering the phones. After all the horrible reviews I will no longer take my pets here.

juan mendoza

2 years ago

American pet hospital is currently watching over my baby boy milo after he went through an unexpected surgery. Though his health could go either way at this point, they have been soo kind and thoughtful, allowing us to visit daily when we can just to hang out with him. They always pick him up with such love when we are leaving and talk to him softly. I know they are doing everything to make him as comfortable as possible and it means the world to me that they are really animal people at heart.

Steve Lopez

2 years ago

Poor customer service never answered the phone when called

Caylie Pleece

2 years ago

Overall I had a good experience. I took my puppy here for her ears to be cropped based off reviews & referrals. My puppy went in perfectly fine & came out perfectly fine. She behaved normal & as if nothing happened after the procedure. Only thing which is more so my fault being that this was my first crop, I asked for a long crop but that’s not what I received. There not bad just there not long & have a wide bell…so before you go maybe bring a picture of what you want & maybe dimensions of how long too.

Joseph Lara

2 years ago

This place is trash. They don't care about you or your pets. I had 3 puppies die because this place misdiagnosed my pup. Good luck even seeing a vet here. I spent thousands of dollars and couldn't even talk to the Dr.... This place isn't accredited by the BBB. I'm filing a complaint With the veterinary medical board. Anyone that's experienced Malpractice or loss should do the same!

Vestala Wood

2 years ago

Buyer Beware!!! They will charge you for a Dr visit even if you didn't ask for it. Do not let them do this!! Had an appointment at 12 which I was running late for, which they said they can still see my dog. It's been 2 hours now and my dog was barely seen. This is all for an allergy shot, two hours for a shot. I'm new to town and would recommend avoiding this place.

Carly Garcia

2 years ago

I had a great experience my dog is recovered and I cannot believe how much better he isAfter surgery for a soft palate surgeryI want to thank the staff and doctor everybody there they were very nice to us ????

meng love

2 years ago

Worst service ever. No wonder the reviews rate was low. I experience myself. My appointment is at 1pm and it been 4pm and my dog haven't work on. Worst service ever!!!!

Ramon Magdaleno

2 years ago

Wasn't impressed withWasn't impressed with air

Leonela Mota

2 years ago

So rude. I called and they aren’t even opened till 9. Apparently doctors step out at 8 & I asked if I could take in my dog to be treated and they did not thing for me. So unhelpful and so rude. Never will I take my pet here again.

Chris Isola

2 years ago

They misdiagnosed my dads dog yesterday, their older doctor told my dad it was an ear infection, it wasnt, the dog was bitten by another animal and had dead skin from the bite, the dead skin was covering about 20% of the dog, and the vet told my dad to just put down the dog, it was too much work to save the dog. Its skin. Its superficial. For some people, their animals mean everything to them. Please take your dog to someone else like we did. We took the dog to empire pet hospital where they said the dog can have laser surgery . The dog was given the care it needed at empire pet hospital . Dont waste time and money taking your animal somewhere where your animal may be misdiagnosed, and your told to just put down the animal. Please.

Jasmine Gajs

2 years ago

This vet used to be my favorite after giving them many chances to change their service I’m never going back. They treat dogs so disgusting. They don’t know how to make your pets feel comfortable. The receptionist are absolutely worthless. They mix up your damn paper work. I will never recommend this place ever again. A side from that they screw up your ear cropping after consistently repeating yourself about the style. This place needs to be shut down.

Brooks Williams

2 years ago

Go use this for your pets. Had someone try to use their phone number for a scam. I live in southwest Missouri and called them to tell them someone tried to scam me with their phone number. Give these people business to help them help your pets.

Jasmine Ramirez

2 years ago

I’ve been coming here for my Dobermans for a few years now. The ear cropping is amazing. Vaccinations are timely and affordable. The quality is 100% recommended. Had my puppies ears cropped here this weekend and at first the assistants did a bad job with the paper work. There was a mix up but doctor was great. He does an amazing job and got everything situated with our case. He made sure to give us a discount as well. They are a little backed up due to covid so it’s easy to get mixed up. They are very affordable and convenient as well as flexible. I will continue to come to American Pet Hospital! It honestly is a great hospital.

Maria Dimas

2 years ago

Took a puppy here and the vet gave me a diagnosis that was completely wrong he had an issue with his heart I took him to a vet for a second opinion and they told me exactly what he had and recommended I take him to Davis so I did. Overall vets here don’t know what they are doing I will never come back

Sandra Sandra

2 years ago

I have taken my dog ​​to this place and it has been there for two days, I hope she is better. but I've read other people's reviews and it really scares me.

Stephanie Rogers

2 years ago

They do not wear masks and when asked why not responded with " no one can understand me when I talk with one on.

Vanessa colin

3 years ago

This place is HORRIBLE. I took my Pomeranian here when she was very sick because her original vet place was closed and they left her a horrible bruise on her arm. Once I took her back to my vet for a checkup and seen the bruise she had they were terrified!

David Roadcap

3 years ago


Darrin Davis

3 years ago

They will make you regret choosing them. If you care for your pet then stay far away from this place!


3 years ago

I’ve been taking my pets to American Pet Hospital for over 20 years and have had a great experience with Dr. Sandhu specifically. He has been flexible with meeting my pet’s needs, has provided resources, and great service. The staff have always been caring and kind. My one complaint, the wait time, which was voiced, was responded to in a professional and invested way.

Carlos Fallorina

3 years ago

They killed my dog but nice people

Adan Venegas

3 years ago

$315 for dogs that weigh under 20 pounds to clip ears lol!

Whisper Gray

3 years ago

They have been very reliable, and have been there for my animals when I needed some specialist type care. They helped me with a surgery on an eye when another Vet was unable to care for my dog. They have done OFAs for me. I've used this office for flight precheck, and puppy health certificates. This is a great place to get your pets spayed or neutered, vaccines, or to set a broken leg. But also a great place to go when you need advanced care.

David Sartor

3 years ago

Terrible, inconsiderate people. Really deserve 0 stars.

Brianne Reece

3 years ago

never had any problems and always had great care!

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