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Cinde Silverman

a year ago

We are very pleased with Oso. We have had many serious health issues with our pets in the past year. You have been there for us 100%. We are very satisfied. It shows how much you care about the animals.

Chloe Recolaso

a year ago

I made an appointment for my puppy for vaccinations at 4:30pm which they had me confirm the day before. I get a call the day of at 12pm asking if I can bring him in now because the doctors want to leave early for the day. I’m at work and can’t leave before 3pm, which I inform them of to which they said that it was fine and my appointment time would be kept. I get a text at 2:40pm saying that due to a personal emergency, if I come now they can get everything done if not, I would have to reschedule. I had already arranged my work for the appointment which I had scheduled 2 weeks prior because it was time sensitive to both the type of vaccine my dog needed but also as a requirement for my dog’s daycare so I couldn’t just reschedule. I tell them that not only can I not reschedule but I would need to leave early from work and even then it would take me 45min to get there. They said that it was okay and they would wait for me to get there. I get there, the lady in the front, who is quite kind and the reason why I’m not rating them 1 star, just weighs my dog and then takes him to the back and comes out and just hands my dog back to me. I don’t even see the vet. And I just get a quick “he might be tired and sore” and I pay. I felt as though they didn’t think my time was as important as theirs. If they want to take early days, I would suggest not allowing for appointments past 3:30pm.

McKenzie Daigle

a year ago

This is the most affordable vet I've found in California for travel health certificate inspections. I fly from out of state to California every year with my pup to spend a few weeks with family. I will use Oso Pet Care Center for travel certificates for as long as I keep making the trip down. The atmosphere is bright, airy and clean.

Tom Karas

a year ago

Dr Han from Yucaipa. Greatest vet ever. The inland empire lost a legend, and the OC gained an Angel.

Robert Lander

a year ago

Take very good care of our two rescued puppies .... Staff is pretty much friendly...

Lana Sachs

a year ago

Great veterinarians. Really nice and helpful! Definitely recommend.

Coco Randolph

a year ago

Dr. Han is knowledgeable, caring and also thoughtful. I really appreciate the kind care my cat gets here from the whole team.

Brent Kittle

a year ago

This has been my favorite vet clnic for years. I travel from San diego to bring my lab.

Barbara B

a year ago

Oso PCC was able to accommodate my urgent request immediately and efficiently. The staff was wonderful, and the facility public spaces were clean and spacious. I am so appreciative. Dr. Park's professionalism was outstanding.

Annalisa Rosney

a year ago

I brought my two cats today for the first time and the staff was great. We'll definitely be coming back. The vet was very knowledgeable and they were very transparent about what they would be doing and cost. Would definitely recommend! The facility is very clean and nicely maintained and the staff was excellent and friendly

Angel Calaguas

a year ago

Staff is friendly and kind, easy process to book appointments, portal to view profile very efficient and easy to use :) went in to have my doggo examined and cleared to fly with our family to Texas. Dr. Park was extremely helpful and informative. Thank you OSO Pet Care!

Cristina DeCristofaro

a year ago

Oso was the perfect place for us to take our new-to-us pup Moose! Moose had been in a few homes before our and has a nervous and shy demeanor. Dr. Han and the Staff were all so sweet to him and made sure he was happy comfortable the entire time! The entire staff was very helpful in answering all of our questions and were committed to educating us on all the best options for Moose. To top it off all the pricing was very reasonable. We are very happy with our experience!

Katherine Naudé

a year ago

We had such a great experience. My mom and my sister in law have both taken their puppies to Oso to get the laparoscopic spay procedure. Our puppy Chloe was back to her normal energetic, happy self the next morning. The doctors and staff were so loving towards her and went above and beyond! Thank you!

Leah Stephens

a year ago

I was very pleased with my first visit to Oso Pet Care Center! I was concerned about my dog's condition and Oso Pet Center was able to see and diagnose my dog immediately which put my family and I at ease! Thank you so much for accommodating us and for everyone treating our dog as if she was your own!

MiA Song

a year ago

State of the art facility. The staff and Dr. Han were truly kind and caring. Thank you! I definitely recommend this business for all your pets' needs.

Nicole Howard

a year ago

Dr. Hann and the entire staff was so kind and wonderful! This was out first visit and it was an emergency and they took such great care of my sweet Chloe! They are so thorough and made us feel so welcome!! For sure considering them to be our family vet moving forward! ❤️❤️

Chimp 6

a year ago

They have been taking loving care of our cats for over 5 years! Excellent facility, friendly staff and incredibly caring doctors!

Hannah Taylor

a year ago

Oso Pet Care really cares about your pets. They are quick to schedule, extremely friendly, well-informed, and follow up. They do not encourage you to do more procedures than necessary, and help you weigh all options for treatment. Definitely recommend!

Jason Feldhaus

a year ago

Please be careful to check prices of medications before you buy from Oso Pet Care Center. Vitamin B12 injection costs $133.08 at this vet vs $5.49 at Petsmart.

Sarah Lindenthal

a year ago

Oso Pet Care is the best vet clinic I've ever taken my dogs to! They're great about communicating and you can really tell that they care for what's best for your pet! They're also very organized and make it really easy to set up appointments. I would 10/10 recommend anyone to go here for their pets!

Caitlin Clark

2 years ago

Clean, timely, friendly. Thorough in answering questions and making sure our animals are taken care of. Affordable! We transitioned there from another local veterinary group, and couldn’t be happier with our decision.

Elena Gamez

2 years ago

Dr. Park is compassionate, professional, thorough, understanding and reassuring. She also did follow-up call to ask how my pet was doing post visit. (She's the only reason why I am giving Oso Pet Care Center two stars instead of one.) My disappointments with Oso Pet Care Center began on July 24th, 2021 when I took my dog for what appeared to be an eye infection. I had made most of my pet's appointment and emergency visits (except vaccines) with Dr. Park because I could tell she was knowledgeable, understanding and caring from the moment I met her. Yet, on that particular day we were seeing by somebody else, a technician I believe. She was rude, dismissive and condescending. She ignored my questions and when asked again, she said, "like I said before he has an autoimmune." I'd like to believe I'd have remembered if I was informed of when my pet would need one drop instead of two, one steroids vs. two, etc. To top it off, she still didn't answer my question of when would I know to decrease medication. I asked the front desk if there was a reason why we didn't see Dr. Park to which replied if there was someone in particular we'd like to see. I responded, yes, Dr. Park. She then said, to request her when I make my appointments. Inside of my head I'm screaming: HELLO!!! Obviously that doesn't work, lol) Anyhow, I left it alone because I thought "human error," no biggie. Fast-forward to August 12th, 2021, I get there to my 2:30pm appointment, mind you, we wanted an early appointment but when we were informed Dr. Park only had a 2:30pm appointment we took it. Once we get there, SURPRISE, Dr. Park has left for the day (and there's nothing in the notes that you requested Dr. Park). To which I responded, "I did request Dr. Park when I called to make the appointment. I even shared that the only time available for Dr. Park was at 2:30pm. The front desk lady then proceeded to give me the whole spiel (again! not once, three times) and kept saying, "There is nothing on the notes" and to "make sure you request Dr. Park when you make the appointment ... By then, I already knew and was annoyed so I told her I know and that if she'd let me speak, she would know. She said, "Ma'am, I'm only doing my job and following protocol." Well obviously, I'm not the one who's not following protocol Yvonne! So disappointing! I should have known better when they called to say my pet was missing vaccines and I was like no, they did that last time when we were there. Then the lady on the phone said that his record didn't say that but she'd look up the notes. Then she said, yes, he did receive vaccines but there was one that was too early so he's missing Bordetella. We went from VACCINES to VACCINE, even so, I still kept going back because I felt they were good. Three time the charm? No, it took FOUR times, lol. My personal opinion based on my experiences, I think they are overrated now. Yes, granted they are much better than others around the area but that shouldn't be the standard.

Richard Rabay

2 years ago

Amazing people and great service The kind attitude and helpfulness

Michelle D.

2 years ago

I was awakened one night to the most horrible gurgling sounds coming from my 4lb. Chihuahua next to me. It sounded like blowing air through a straw into a soda. I was certain she was dying. Nothing even led up to it, or that I had heard before. I sleep pretty sound. < br /> I was referred to OSO PET CARE by a friend. < br />I had never met a vet like Dr. Sang Han, so gentle with my little < br />Chihuahua she never even trembled. He spent 30 minutes with her and I, probing , X-Rays, blood work... he explained everything in detail as he worked, even when I knew he had others waiting. Clearly, he understood how much I loved and needed her. She's my little service dog and alerts me before I even know myself that my heart is being erratic and I need to just sit until it settles down again. < br />There was an infection in her jawbone and a couple loose teeth that inflamed and enlarged her heart by another 1/4.. Laying on her side pushed natural lung moisture into her esophagus causing that terrifying gurgling. It took 2 weeks to get her into surgery. < br />FINALLY, the day came. Dr. Han called me 3 TIMES while still in surgery, just to keep me posted. He also texted me X-Rays, during the procedure so I could see exactly what he was doing and to reassure me. It was a huge success! < br />Secret had plenty of grumblings at me for awhile giving her the nasty antibiotics and pain meds. but she is sweet, it didn't last long. She knows it was for her and no more pain. < br />Not only Dr. Han, but his entire staff were loving, professional and diligent with follow up. I understand his wife, also a vet in his office is equally skilled, loving and devoted to taking special care of our pets. Even if I move to another county, I would still make the drive. < br /> < br /> < br /> The extreme care and detail explaining what he was doing and why. His natural calming nature for my pet and, for me also..

Lily R

2 years ago

I am very happy to have found Oso Pet Care for my 18 year old cat. She has problems with her spine and her kidneys and Dr Lee did tests and explained the results thoroughly to me. I feel in good hands with my kitty.

Jamie Holmes

2 years ago

We started coming here during COVID so all appointments were curbside. We were finally able to go in on our last visit and was pleased to see how clean and attentive everyone was! Dr Kim spent a lot of time with us answering all of our questions! I also love that I can text them questions and they will respond the same day! The facility is clean and the staff is very friendly!


2 years ago

Had to make the heartbreaking decision to put one of my geriatric dogs down here. It was our first visit as I just moved back to the area. The vet and staff didn't seem sympathetic and the entire process felt cold and hurried. We felt rushed making a decision and felt rushed saying goodbye. Price was also about double what I was expecting to pay.

Sanaz Salari

2 years ago

Wonderful and professional team, Caring and responsive, Highly recommended

Megan Haley

2 years ago

I am so happy! Thank you so much to everyone at oso pet care center for being honest, kind, and amazing at what they do. The experience from.start to finish was amazing. My dog wasn’t scared, I wasn’t worried, the doctor herself even called and followed up Several times. Thank you so much I am recommending to everyone I know :) can’t wait to see you guys soon so you can. Meet my other dog :) I think we found our dream veterinary care.!

Kori Fairfield

2 years ago

Amazing veterinarians and staff. The quality of care and service here is unmatched.

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