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Lixing Fu

a year ago

We had our dog Echo there for a laparoscopic spay. The staff were super nice and professional. They also did good job on preoperation exam. Good vibe in the hospital too. Highly recommend!

Doug Donzelli

a year ago

We have had excellent service and professional care here for GSD.

Rick Clay

2 years ago

I have always had great results from peninsula pet hospital now they're making the extra effort with the covid-19 protocols

Shaleen Chandra

2 years ago

Expensive but worth it for your fur baby I guess

Kris De Lisle

2 years ago

Today they were very efficient in handing the animal exchange , minimizing contact, and discussing options. In the past, they were extremely compassionate.

Vadim Konings

2 years ago

Very friendly & helpful staff!

Steve Michelucci

2 years ago

I was referred by a friend to this clinic. I found out later that her experience was before these new owners. My 7 month German Short hair Pointer got cut by barbwire so I brought her in to receive evaluation and stitches. I brought her in at 8:30 am and we were seen by Dr. Ulla. They kept her and I went to work. At 9:20 I received a call from the attending vet, Dr. Harish that he was completed and I could pick her up. I was nearly at work by then and asked if I could pick her up at 3:30 PM. He said yes. Now here is what happened when I arrived there. I was told the Dr. Harish wanted to talk to me about something regarding my dog, and I was asked to wait. After waiting for nearly 20 minutes I asked the receptionist to bring my dog out while I waited. After 5 mins she brought Stella out and she had a large fluid filled bump on her shoulder. I asked what it was, because she didn't have that when I brought her in, and the receptionist said that's what Dr. Harish wanted to talk with me about. A minute later Dr. Harish came out and told me that the large bump on Stellas shoulder was there when he first seen her. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. This so called professional was lying through his teeth! If my dog had a 3" bump on her shoulder it would have been the first thing I pointed out to Dr. Ulla, but she didn't have any bump! He stood there and lied to cover up something, someone, and we both knew it. I paid my bill and left for home. I called Dr. Harish on my ride home and told him I knew he was lying. He admitted that the bump wasn't there when I brought Stella in, but said it was coincidental that the bump appeared while under his care! I will never take Stella or any other pet to this place and I recommend that you also look for another vet if you care for your pet. Trust and honor do not reside in this place!


2 years ago

Great place for my dog's mani-pedi! She won't let me touch her nails. They took her in the back and they were done in 4 minutes.

Lisa Adas

2 years ago

Amazing! This is the only place to go on the peninsula. The knowledge base each of the employees have from the front desk to every Dr. especially Dr. Harish just Outstanding care. ❤

Lauren Jones

2 years ago

They are kind, personable, and give great advice/recommendations!

kimberly squire

2 years ago

We have been so impressed by the care given to all of pets over the years and especially during this last fiasco with one of dogs. We are away on a very much needed vacation and the staff has been super helpful communication with us and our family in regards to updates while being sensitive to costs.

JT Neville

2 years ago

Great local vet. All the doctors have been great and they always give me all the options to wait a bit and see to get the test. Still open during Covid. We take all our pets here for the last few years.

Jaz Singh

2 years ago

Peninsula pet has always been a great vetinary. We've been bringing our dogs here for years and really appreciate the services they provide. Also, they have a big parking lot on a quiet side street, which makes it easy to access and get your pets. Highly recommended.

Alan Cremers

2 years ago

Absolutely wonderful care. Dr. Harish and his staff are fantastic!!

Brittany Price

3 years ago

I don’t know why this place has such high reviews. I should have written this review months ago but I have still been mourning my cat. DO NOT COME HERE IF YOU HAVE A SERIOUSLY ILL PET. They do not know anything! I took my cat in about 5 times in a two month span. They ran a blood test then told me they didn’t test for everything and I paid for another more extensive test. They also did an X-ray upon my request bc I thought something was wrong with his breathing. After 2 or 3 rounds of antibiotics they prescribed steroids for no reason at all. Blue got worse after that. I took him to another vet in foster city called Animal Cove and the vet there looked at his blood tests that peninsula had done and immediately diagnosed him with FIP and said to take him off the steroids immediately. FIP is an incurable disease but it can lay dormant and cats can live with it. It was too late for Blue and I wish I would have seen Animal Cove sooner, maybe the steroids were what pushed him over the edge. He was only 5 years old. Another thing that irritates my soul about these people is that they all show no empathy!! I brought in my bengal kitten and everyone is all oh so cute! But my cat Blue no one seemed to care about. The woman at the front counter with the fake color contacts in her eyes is also a total c. The two main vets who don’t know anything are also the owners, great. This place is over priced and the people are just awful. Just because they are in Menlo Park does not make them great. I wonder how many sick animals they have murdered and don’t care about.

Christopher Schulz

3 years ago

EXCELENT!! I love this hospital!! All the doctors are superb. From the easiest of ear infections & skin issues to the more in depth surgical procedures my pets have had. I travel from the East Bay to see these doctors & I always will. A real gem of a facility. The staff is super friendly & knowledgeable as well. As for the negative reveiws I beg to differ. I recommend ALL of my boarding & grooming clients to Penisula Pet Hospital & I'm quite positive that you should too!! I trust this hospital completely!!!

Emily Carson

3 years ago

I really love the staff at this hospital. Dr Harish is awesome, everyone is so accommodating and knowledgeable, and I feel that my dog is 100% in the best hands- which I’ve never felt before with a vet office! They really care about the pets and truly take the best care of them without trying to oversell services or overcharge. They are experienced and do what needs to be done to get your pet to their healthiest state. They go above and beyond- even trimmed my dog’s nails while she was under anesthesia for a dental cleaning. Can’t find good people like this anymore. Thank you!!

Jennifer Tapalaga Benner

3 years ago

Great leadership and amazing service


3 years ago

My friend had a terrible scare with them mixing the lab results. Don’t trust it!

Shannon Barg

3 years ago

Not a great experience here. The veterinarian practically rolled her eyes at me when I brought up delaying spaying my golden retriever based on a large study at UC Davis. She dismissed my question/concern saying "Unless something has changed in the last 7 years...". The scientific findings were published more than 5 years ago, and even if it were more recent, I expect professionals to keep their knowledge up to date and consider my questions with respect. To top it all off, I recently was reviewing the medical record and found that the vet had entered snarky and petty comments about me and part of the written record! Super-unprofessional.

Tony Della Morte

3 years ago

Personal caring people, facilities are high quality, communicate very well

Matthew Snyder

4 years ago

Great local , small vet's office with a small town family feel And good prices compared to other vet's office in the area

Amy Burnett

4 years ago

Went in just before closing time and they were very helpful dislodging something stuck in my dogs mouth.

Bel Cat

4 years ago

I brought my cat here for labs because he was acting off. I was told he had a dangerously low WBC count, possibly had lymphoma, and needed to be hospitalized immediately for a blood transfusion. He also needed an urgent ultrasound. When I said those weren't options for me, I was given two medications. I got them and administered them. The cat had a bad reaction immediately. We went back and the vet re-ran one portion of the blood work related to the WBC and did an x-ray. The labs now appeared to say he was fine. The vet sent the second sample off to be sure and nearly a week later it turns out he's fine. Some sort of lab or human error. By this time, I gave him a dose of Pepcid AC and Cerenia on my own and he was acting normal. The vet had offered to refund the labs and the medication but suddenly decided not to honor that (only the medication) and said the owners backed her decision. I asked about the discrepancy in the labs and could not got a clear reason for this. I got no apology for all the stress they caused me and my cat which could have been even worse if I took him for the ultrasound or the transfusions and no offer to redo the complete blood panel which should have been offered since she couldn't explain why this happened.. She even said it could have been a sample mix-up. The vet made it sound like she was being generous and understanding by not charging me for the x-ray and blood re-check which we wouldn't even be needing if she hadn't given me medication for a condition he didn't have in the first place. The whole thing was mismanaged and instead of trying to just apologize and make it right, the vet dug in her heels and tried to spin the situation to make herself and the practice look like they had gone out of their way to do a bunch of over and above things for me for free. I also noticed once I got the lab copies and the vet referenced it in her email, that a urinalysis was done which was not even discussed with me prior. I wouldn’t have objected but why not tell me or ask me first? There is something very disjointed-seeming here. Ridiculous experience overall.

Michele Morrison

4 years ago

Nice Veterinary service, just limited hours.

David Diez

5 years ago

Great on laprascopic spay. However, Peninsula Pet Hospital uses Fetch ID for pet microchipping and failed to inform us that this requires an annual $20 fee (so that's an extra ~$300 for lifetime of our dog). We only found this out when we went to register the ID online. I don't know why PPH chooses this scam microchip company when there are other pet microchip services with lifetime registration for under $20. They should know better or at least be up front with their customers.

Kenneth Poveda Mata

5 years ago

We love this place, the front office staff is patient and very kind even though they are always super busy. Dr. Harish is fantastic, always putting us at ease, his expert advice has helped our Lhasa Apso on multiple occasions, I am sure that Princess is very grateful for all they do for her!!

Harish Emmadi

5 years ago

Staff here are friendly, accommodative, knowledgeable. Clean and well maintained. It's good to have a pet waste bin somewhere near reception. ????

Stefania Burk

6 years ago

We recently adopted a 1-year-old dog and have gone here a few times for shots, parasites, ticks, etc.! They have always been so kind, helpful, and welcomed us when we just walked in without an appointment. Fees are reasonable. Our pup had a gross tick lodged in his ear, we just walked in and $10 later he was tick free! A job I would not have enjoyed or done well!

Karim Younes

6 years ago

The veterinarian (Dr Ulla) who has been following our dog seems competent, and she's been friendly and helpful. The staff is sometimes busy and unresponsive, but that's just the way things are on this area. Overall a well run pet care facility, a bit on the expensive side, but reliable.

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Narayanaswamy Harish, DVM, California, Menlo Park

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