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Dave Keys

2 years ago

I tried out this local groomer because they were less expensive than the mobile groomer I've been using. They're nice people but I can't recommend them because of two main problems. 1. They kept my dog for 5 hours even though I had an appointment. She was stressed out because of the wait or the hurried job (she was last of the day). She drools when she's stressed and she was drooling. She never does that with the mobile groomer. 2. Quality of the cut was poor. Ears and tail were simply cut straight across with no sense of shape or style. Hard to describe but she never comes out looking like the proverbial bowl cut with our other groomer. Also, and this was the bad part, she had several places where the fur was just hacked off even though I said "not too short." part of the area between the eyes was so short that it made her face look like a gouged hollowed out spot was cut out by the right eye. Very off balance looking... Another spot behind one ear was an obvious slip of the cutting tool because it left an abraision on her skin turning it red like a shallow cut, although it didn't bleed. These are the signs to me that her cut was very hurried and careless mistakes were made.

Evelyn Pearson

2 years ago

I think they did a wonderful job. Sasha has seperation anxiety but she did wonderful with them

Jesus Delacruz

2 years ago

My dog was smelling and looking good. Only thing is front desk gentleman was trying to charge 60 for some reason and someone in the back was like it's 30 not 60. But overall great experience coming back for another bath

Greg Lane

2 years ago

New owner and staff has a lot of experience, my cockerpoo looks great. I'm vary pleased!

Jazmine Christie

2 years ago

i take my 3 pomeranian dogs here, have been for a while, they always do a good job, and prices are reasonable, anywhere else they charge you way more. they do keep ur dogs for a while which is expected they are very busy making an appt helps.

Pam Duhamel

2 years ago

Great staff always friendly . I have never been disappointed by grooming and Ms.Sophie loves going here.

Fran Urias

2 years ago

They were very good with my dog for being the first time there I will go out of my way and take him there again

C and E Reyna

2 years ago

We were going to this guy for about a year, they tell you one price then at pick up it’s another, which was fine, but then the last time we went there, after waiting all day, I called, the lady said our dog was almost ready, so we left to go pick her up and they weren’t done, so we waited outside for about an hour, she calls and says your dog is ready, we walked to the door and I see him not giving my daughter our dog and waving his hands around, my daughter comes to the car and says they only take cash and he won’t give me the dog. Well who carries cash when for a year you been paying with atm? So my husband was out and about and he was by the bank so he stopped and got cash, while they basically held our dog hostage, (no trust in customers that we would bring the money back), so we decided not to go there anymore. My husband went and got the money and picked up the dog. The excuse was, “we’ve been only taking cash for 6 months, everybody knows we are only taking cash, we are saving money not paying for internet.” In3 calls and 3 trips that day only on the pick up did they mention no atm payments. Seems shady to me, no record the of “the under the table cash flow “ So we quit going there. Bottom line, I would never recommend this place to anyone. Seems like other people feel the same way by the reviews I have just read are also having some of the same issues we did.

Cormick Trimble

2 years ago

I think it's the best place in mennife to get ur pet groomed

Miracle Express

2 years ago

Good people fast and they got beautifull dog hair cuts and styel so I recommend this place and I like the prices too

Ramzi Koro

2 years ago

Love this place nice they know how to treat a dog it my dog place from now on

Fernando G

2 years ago

Use to do other service like trim nails etc. now all they have is full haircut

Chris Ruggles

2 years ago

Prices have skyrocketed over the last year or so. They dont tell you a price before they start. My cost started at $80 and rose over time. My last visit was $140 for a shave and bath. Then, the lady who answers or calls on the phone is extremly rude, all the time. Not just an isolated occurrence. We had to find a new groomer. PS. The actual service was fine. Just expensive and didnt want to deal with the lady anymore.

Alfredo Echevarria

2 years ago

Do not provide any service and where not willing to work with me

James Schossow

2 years ago

The cut and wash was fine. What triggered me was the staff. The girl that took my pet in was awesome. When I went to go pick up my pet a guy told me I needed a mask, mind you they have a gate blocking the entrance and I was standing outside the whole time... why do I need a mask if I'm not in your facility??? The guy kept insisting and pushing. Also, who seemed to be the owner was in the back of the shop without a mask lol. I pointed it out to him and he didn't have anything to say. This is not a Karen moment trust me, I'm just big on principle and justification. Plus the guy that told me I needed a mask was smoking outside the door when I pulled up... with no mask on lol. I understand if I'm going inside your building I'll put a mask on, but not if I'm waiting for my pet outside.

Terry Ann Arneson

2 years ago

Very unprofessional, the young lady at check in so very RUDE. Dale (owner) has to deal with the public which he is friendly, but not knowledgeable of what his employees are doing when he is not at the Business. ??? Why CASH ONLY ??? This establishment does not except, ATM, Debit, Credit Card or only appears to be a Shady Form of Payment for a Business like Bow Wow Bath House! #justsaying

Jameela Jones

3 years ago

Groomer did a fantastic job with my three dogs! I will be returning. Price was fair. Owners were friendly. I definitely recommend.

Vitalina Yurakova

3 years ago

Worst place ever! They left my poor dog dehydrated for almost 7 hours! Plus, when you comeу to get your dog, the price will be twice higher that they have in a price list. HORRIBLE customer service.

Teresa Chadwick

3 years ago

Normally I take my fur baby to Petco but because of the covid19 lockdown they are not grooming. Bow Wow is right around the corner from me and I was surprised to find them open for grooming. Called them and they said it was first come right now and opened at 9 am. I got there at 8:45 and was third in line. By the time I left there was a long line. They called me 1 hour and 15 minutes later saying he was ready to pick up. They were fast, friendly and he looked beautiful. So happy with their service ❤️. Thanks for being open and doing such a wonderful job on my Lil Buddy.

Sylvia Clough

3 years ago

I have used bow wow for 5 yrs for Maltipoo this time my poo had one of his paw was injured his PAW was CUT/CliP be on his NERVE I was crying for my companion pup I can't image what happen I will NEVER return him to that horrible place....I am so SAD for our PETS, I want to warn future clients

Roberta Osuna

3 years ago

They did a great job Grooming my Bennie.

Robert Felix

3 years ago

We take our Pomeranian Charlie Buttons here every month and they do a wonderful job cutting and shampooing. And they treat him so well!

Brenda Longo

3 years ago

Very friendly great with dog.

Cinthia Castro

3 years ago

I Called to make an appointment and I was told it was on a first come first serve basis. I was told a price over the phone and when I called to check on my puppy they gave me a different price almost double what they had said. When I dropped off my puppy they don’t check if the dogs have any shots at least they didn’t check mine. There was also a person in front of me with a 3 month old puppy. They asked if his puppy had the rabies shot he said yes and took the puppy. Puppies don’t get rabies shot until 5 months. They should know that since they work with dogs. So they just didn’t care about shots. They also asked me what I wanted done to my dog and they did nothing of what I asked for. They also only wanted cash they didn’t give me any of that information when I first called. Not everyone carries cash with them.

Mary Spann

3 years ago

My friend June recommended this dog salon and they gave excellent service and didn’t even need an appointment. I drove from Moreno Valley and will be bringing my dogs here from now on. The staff are so friendly and the place is very clean. If I could give them 10 stars I would. Thank you for taking care of my Miss Roxie and will see you every 6 weeks. ❤️????

LaSondra Mila

3 years ago

I have been taking my dog here for several months and 2 weeks ago I received a text message from them stating they had been trying to get ahold of me regarding the grooming and that my dog, Molly, was very matted that is why it was so expensive ($60). They said they called me several times and was disconnected. They also said I came by the next day to complain. After the back and forth texts I finally asked if they had the right Molly. They said they had made a mistake and I was not the correct customer. I felt very harrassed and responded to them 3 times for an apology and never received one. They are not professional. They harrassed me and never responded to me. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET THERE!

M. Branim

3 years ago

Great place to take your dog for grooming. Very nice people and a great value.

Kristy Kauffman

3 years ago

Taylor did an excellent job on Grooming our German sheperd Ace his coat felt so soft and smelled terrific ???????????? Yay! He got Royal treatment today at Bow Wow bath house!❤

Miguel Sarasa

3 years ago

My in laws have noticed upon the return of their beloved dog exhibiting neck related pain after visiting this groomer. When touching him he obviously is in pain, something he only showed after coming home.

Monica Trimble

3 years ago

I love how clean the pets our it's the best shampoos and conditioners the pets comes out so bright

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