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Falcon Fanatic

2 years ago

First of all - I really like the store. They have lots of birds to look at and handle, and so many affordable essentials. But I do have to say, running such a store is stressful since all the birds are in one room, loose. The birds have been handled improperly over time by customers who don’t really know what they’re doing, and as a result they are phobic and aggressive. Kids grab them and adults force them to step up so they think they have to “intercept” the hand before it can harm them. The staff in a rush I could see simply grabbing birds that escaped their tanks or stands instead of carefully coaxing them on, as they could. And, when inexperienced people picked up birds, the birds started “playing” with them and didn’t want to leave them… so the staff had to loudly order the bird to step down in order for them to get off, almost yelling. Honestly I think the store and birds would be much improved if the staff informed the customers on how to handle a parrot humanely and promote good behavior. You never force a bird to step up or down, you simply offer your hand at a safe distance. If the bird is interested in spending time with you, it should reach out with its foot, and then you can allow it to step on. Most of the birds shouldn’t be allowed on the shoulders as they’re hard to get off… What they could do is supply treats that the birds love, so the customers can coax the birds back onto the perches with the treats! Never force a bird to do anything. Ask and if they say no you leave them alone! And maybe… get some better thanks for the babies… then they’ll have less escapes and then they won’t be grabbed so then they won’t be so human and hand phobic and then they’ll be bought more and then everyone profits!! Birds in small stores, neglected and left in cages, are more easily tamed. I understand that it’s exhausting to work with parrots all day, and I’m sorry it is that way. Truly. Thank you so much for reading my very opinionated comment!!

M Duke

2 years ago

I love this place. Everyone was very helpful.

Gerardo Garcia

2 years ago

Good place to buy you birds good customer services.

Iris “Iris” Garden Yorkies

2 years ago

This place is like no other,the birds are so social,the owner and staff Cathy are so kind.

Robert Potts

2 years ago

Great store! I've been to too many pet stores with birds for sale to count. Walking into this store is a one of a kind experience. All birds are hatched & raised by the owner, she keeps an orderly display of a wide variety of hookbills ranging from parakeets to cocktails to cockatoos, Amazon's ring necks, African Grey's to macaws, she does grooming, boarding & is hands-on with all aspects of her business. I highly recommend paying her a visit whatever your Avion needs. 1-10 ....a strong 9.9 only because a perfect 10 is never possible!

Yano Vinole

2 years ago

Lots of birds not really tame

Richard Galaviz

2 years ago

Good place close to home, some of the best looking parrot's. Friendly and informative workers.

Laura Ackel

2 years ago

Lori the owner sold me a sick bird. She is know to Sell sick birds. She said, it had bird in feather test. The place where she had the test done .The paper work did Mach up to Violet, I bought a other ring neck which I can’t bring in to My home. So I pretty much had to give my other ring neck away, very sad,y heart is broken Laura Please be careful

Rudy Larez

2 years ago

Very happy with my new bird- the entire staff made it a breeze Thankyou birds n paradise!

Su Amigo El Ilegal

2 years ago

Great place to shop for food, toys, cages, accessories and yet beautiful exotic bird animals

connie waltz

2 years ago

Love having access to hand fed birds.

patricia diaz

2 years ago

Good variety of birds, toys, equipment & food. You'll find lots of bird necessities here. Staff is friendly & helpful.

Amby dillo

2 years ago

Got my parrotlet from here , he’s pretty ????

sofia Rzyan

2 years ago

i got a ringneck from here, he is the nicest bird, hes a little scared since i got him yesterday but he has still never bit me, he comes out of the cage right away, and he is so nice, they raised him so well and with love, if you want a ringneck get one from hereee

Roadtrip Man

2 years ago

It was such a pleasant experience.


2 years ago

I called about our Cockatiel's beak being too long. She told me to bring her in and she did a beak, nail trim on the spot. She was very nice and professional and appreciate the service she provided. Sorry I'm referring her as she, but I didn't get her name. I believe her to be the owner.

April Flores

2 years ago

Lots of parrots! The bird that stole my heart was Dori. She is a beautiful hyacinth who is very loving and friendly. She made my day!


2 years ago

Great place for bird needs. The staff is awesome and helpfully.

Anthony Meza

2 years ago

owner is crazy and has an attitude problem a true Karen

Abe Mendoza

2 years ago

What a wonderful experience! The birds were beautiful and gentle to hold. Highly recommend a visit!

Charly Mendez

2 years ago

It was our, my wifey & I, first time stopping by at Birds N Paradise and we were thoroughly impressed. Lots of beautiful exotic parrots ???? and all the necessary items for the parrots including on-site nursery. Because of all the parrots to admire and pet, I didn't have a chance to speak with any employee and/or owner of the local. But I did see a lady speaking with other customers, answering all their questions. Lord willing, we will definitely be returning in the near future and make a decision on which to purchase.

Haven Moon

2 years ago

Yes not a place I will go in to agin I was there1 time and someone was yelling at a customer which was not very nice

Jennie Britton

2 years ago

Looooved this Pet Store! The owner and workers were very nice. The store itself was an amazing interactive experience from the moment you step in the door. I loved that you could pretty much hold or pet almost all of the birds there. I love that they raise all their babies as hand fed. It really makes a difference in their behavior and personality. I highly recommend a trip to this bird shop if you are considering or looking for a bird to add to your family. They also have a huge selection of cages displayed from small to huge. Toys and feed as well. ❤????

Krystal White

2 years ago

I'm not usually a pet person. I don't dislike animals so much as not trust them. Im especially not fond of birds so I was a lil skeptical when my cousin asked me to go with him. Staff: 10/10...helpful, knowledgeable, accommodating, and you can feel the love they have for these birds The birds themselves...amazing and therapeutic. I have never had such a relaxing experience. Definitely going back and even have my eye on a tiny bird...

Laura Prieto

2 years ago

Lots of good memories and good selection of birds. Not the cleanest store in the world but understandable when there are birds around. Bought my Montys set up there and will always go back.

Laurene Figueroa

2 years ago

I love this bird store, the staff are always so helpful, they can tell you everything you need to know about the birds. I don't live close but it is so worth the drive. My kids love going to there and looking and getting to hold the birds. Thank you to the staff and owners you guys are always so welcoming and willing to answer every questions we ask

Brad peterson

2 years ago

Always have what I need always a great price you guys rock thanks for being here for all of our needs


2 years ago

Great selection, very friendly staff.

Christina Lynch

2 years ago

This store is very therapeutic. Associates help with any questions we had.

MANDY Riverside

2 years ago

Loved the service everyone was nice an patient With me with all my questions as a 1st time buyer of a cheek conore beautiful little baby I'm so happy with my bird an will come back soon to get another.birdy thank you to the ladies who helped ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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