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Kennedy Wohlfeiler

a year ago

They helped me and my grandma and we fell in love with the puppy we got! They all were very kind and responsive! Rene helped me and my grandma get our little Annabelle. Very kind and they were very sweet.

Melissa Boyd

a year ago

They were great. Why only 3 stars? They are super expensive.

Therese Castillo

2 years ago

Great place with great people

Yolanda Boone

2 years ago

I greatly loved my new pet. It was a Golden Retriever! I bought it in this shop, and I thanked them with all of my heart, for they provide me with such a lovely pet. I would name her Isabella. Also, I love to visit their shop because it was stylish, new, and clean. I promise to visit your shop when I need some help with my Golden Retriever. Thank you!

Wendy Martinez

2 years ago

DO NOT GO THERE ! i had went and the lady was yelling at us just saying no when we tried asking questions. we tried to leave and then she told us wait and we were waiting and then she pulled a gun out on us

Shannon OKelly

2 years ago

We had a very nice experience with Puppyland. People there were very friendly and provided a lot of information on the breed we chose.

River Waters

2 years ago

I definitely recommend this place!!

Leslie Sarti

2 years ago

She did a great job on my golden doodle, I always have the problem that others shave his hair way too short or cut the nails too small, these ladies did in amazing job and priced so reasonably

Ledvia Aguilar

2 years ago

I took my two dogs here they were nice just don't just ask them what you want say hi how are you cause they may be on a bad mood or tried so i suggest you to say how are you and when you end the call say have a good day and my dog was smelling really good they make sure your dog does not cry and they are really nice and also their is another one right next to it if you want to go their i like how they leave my dogs here are pictures and the red on his paw and eyes are normal.

Gerson Garcia

2 years ago

I literally just called to ask if they had Paul pies. The lady was rude and hung up on me.

fredy mejia

2 years ago

Love the service. Not expensive.

Estrella Diaz

2 years ago

I was on the phone with a lady and she didn’t even let me speak and straight up said “ No” and she was very rude and hung up

Diana Fisher

2 years ago

Best grooming! I take my 4 Shih tzus for grooming and they always do a wonderful job. The lady is very caring and attentive. I highly recommend Puppyland ????????

Denis Bynum

3 years ago

I did not like how she cut my Yorkie had to keep telling her certain things to cut on my dog!!!

Fabiola Contreras

3 years ago

Love this place, highly recommend. I've been taking my dogs for over two years now, they do an amazing job. Prices are very reasonable.

Gregory Wiener

3 years ago

Our dog always gets a fresh cut and bath here

Jennifer Foster

3 years ago

Fantastic pet store and super close to our house! Love that. Peter is super cool, very knowledgeable, and carries great brands. Plus, his wife has a fantastic pet walking/daycare business called Pampered Pals, who I also HIGHLY recommend. They're handling all of our dog walking. Go there.


3 years ago

All I did was give them a call and ask about what they had in the store and the person on the phone didn’t even let me speak. She just answered rudely and didn’t care to let me finish and hung up the phone . I was actually in my way there and she made me turn right back around. I only gave one star because it doesn’t let me select 0. Never been hung up on the phone before by a store associate. So glad I didn’t actually make it to the store. Would of been a waste of time.


3 years ago

I took my dog here. At 12:00 AM they told us to get her back till 2:00 PM we came early like around 1:30 PM and she was finished, then I got in the car I start noticing she’s BLEEDING from parts of let skin and her nails were messed up so bad! My dog was really scared she was shacking this was so heart breaking I started crying! Like omg like idek what my dog went throw! Don’t BRING YOUR DO HERE!!!!

Naya Hodson

3 years ago

All I did was give them a call and ask about what they had in the store and the person told me that they had a lovely pets in store . She was really nice and friendly.

Robert Blankenship

3 years ago

Competitive retail prices; the shop tailors to your needs and inquiries as well. Easy and friendly convos with the employees without awkwardness.

Sandy Bradley

3 years ago

Had such a pleasant experience with this awesome pet shop ! :D Highly recommended !!!

We Watch U

3 years ago

Aewsome place to take care of your pets


4 years ago

Brought my Maltese here for her first time and she came out looking beautiful.... We’ll be back in 2months....

Daniel Rivera

4 years ago

I took my Maltese pomeranian here and told them to cut a little bit of hair and I even showed them a picture and when I went to pick him up he was bold and bleeding from one of his legs, and all they said was sorry, sorry, sorry.....

Unice Kim

4 years ago

This place is AMAZING!! I brought my dog here for 1 year. There is great customer service and highly experienced staff. The owner feels like family and is lovely. My dog loves it there plus the price is good. I highly recommend for your dog.

koo kooo

4 years ago

They love my gizmo so much they always treat me and my dog with respect

Gaby Lara

4 years ago

I took my dog for almost an entire year. The first time I took her, they bathe her, cut her nails, groom her and everything. However, my dog started getting like anxiety attack every time I took her after the 5th time. So I decide to leave and come back just to see how they were treating her. And to be honest I was devasted by how they were treating her. She pulled her chin hairs really hard, they screamed at her and they kept pretending to hit her. Plus, the lady upfront always changed the price on me. At first she told me $45.. But little by little she started to add more and more. With random excuses and she no loger gave the same exact service as the first time. All they finished doing at the last couple of times is just cutting her hair. And thats it. Im not here to scare anyone. Because maybe my situation is way different then anyone else. But if you tend to drop off your dog then leave. I suggest you sort of make a surprise stop. I am sorry but I am no longer taking my dog here. But all I am saying is that Im not saying they are entirely terrible. I just think they can come up with different ways on how to treat a dog when it comes to grooming and the dog is not helping. There are strategies.

Steven Anderson

5 years ago

Me and my sister bought our Maltese over here in February and she was the best groomed dog I have ever seen. She came with her shot records and she was already potty trained at 8 weeks and the staff was friendly and helpful I highly recommend this store to anyone

Mrs Ca

5 years ago

I took my shoot through into this place it looked like a shity when he got dropped off no fleas very clean smell good look at this like a regular house dog I take my dog to puppy land and I drop them off I pay for the service when I pick him up but when I pick him up he has red spots all over him he's bleeding under his neck like they cut them are the Clipperswhere hot and just did not care. My dog now looks like a hairless mole rat poodle and he has major fleas and he gave my two big dog fleas all from puppy land the very worst place I have ever took in a dog to get a flea bath and a summer cut and my dog came back with a cut that I'm still taking care of now I hear it is 3 weeks later and my dog still not healed and he has all these red marks like they were trying to Edge him up or something so you know that this place is just the worst I wouldn't refer anybody to go drop there shitzu their Yorkie poodle any type of dog do not take it to puppy land your dog will not get any water and when I got my dog he was so thirsty he drunk like two bottles of water that I ported a cup all because he was up there for 4 hours with no water I hate this place in one never go to it pics coming soon

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