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a year ago

I have been really happy with Larchmont Village Vet. The doctor is friendly, knowledgeable, and always takes the time to answer my questions. The doctor also has a great staff there that's been really helpful whenever I need anything from them.

ann eden

a year ago

Thy are amazing I wish I known tham back when lady waz alive. May be they could've save her she was. 17 . 9 years go but there good with my new. baby lady's adopted sister with gentle loving care ❤ ty village vet ????

Brandon Graham

a year ago

I brought my dog here as a new patient about a month ago and was blown away with the thorough exam performed by Dr. Haddy. She spent 30 minutes on the phone going over all of her findings, and I could tell Dr. Hardy really cares for her patients. Last week I brought my dog back for some booster shots and she went right into the building voluntarily. That really showed me how well they cared for her since she walked right in on her 2nd visit. After a previous poor experience with one of the corporate vets, I'm so happy I found Larchmont Village Vet.

Eric Cunningham

a year ago

They just care. When your pet is sick, you feel helpless and just want it to feel better. Taking our puppy to LVV was just what we needed as new dog owners. From the drop-off, to the diagnosis calls to the pick-up, they just let you know they actually care about EVERYTHING that's going on with your pet. It's not an assembly line for them, they really think everything through. The whole LVV team is great but wanted to give a special shout-out to Dr. Haddy for being so diligent about our puppy's health (both for what we brought her in for, and general pet health needs). She checked in and was thinking about our Frida's treatment even when she was back home with us. Thanks LVV

Joy Wolfe

a year ago

Took my precious fur baby into the Vet for the first time since the pandemic and The Larchmont team couldn't have been nicer. The Vet was very thorough and spent a half hour on the phone answering all my questions! They were very clear about what my cat actually needed at this time so the price wasn't too insane for an overdue check up! Thanks again, LVV :)

Pier Giorgio

a year ago

I've got turned away today when my puppy had an emergency. I only asked to take a look at him but they refused it. Horrible experience.

Bob Palaikis

2 years ago

Was able to walk my dog nicely through there. All wonderful shops and the area is so cozy and quaint. It's like not being in Los Angeles for a bit. Love the area.

Rich Chacon

2 years ago

This vet has been fantastic. They seem to genuinely care and are professional and competent. Most importantly, they are straightforward, matter of fact and reasonable which can be a difficult thing to find in our experiences with other vets.

Lucia Davis

2 years ago

LOVE this place! So happy to have our baby in their care

Alec Soer

2 years ago

From the second I dropped off my cat I knew this was a top notch place. For safety and convenience they have you drop off your pet and then you can run errands and not just sit around waiting. The nurse that took my cat made sure to answer all my questions and make sure I was comfortable with everything and made me feel very special. Then doctor Haddy gave me a call and had me walk her through all of our issues and immediately went to work devising a plan to help him. She specifically made sure to reduce the number of tests she needed to do to save me money and reduce the stress on my pet. When it comes to treatment they are so amazing at telling you what everything costs and letting you pick and choose what services you can afford before they do anything so you will never find hidden fees or charges. I can easily say I would always recommend this vet to family, friends and anyone else.

Deirdre Doherty

2 years ago

Brought my dog in cause he was having seizures. Waited outside for 30 min before being taken in. Took 5 days to get blood and imaging work back after being told it would take 24-48 hours. He had a UTI. Waited over 45 min to pick up medicine even thought I called ahead. Took him back for second test - Was Told 24-48 hours for results. No call 5 days later I had to call to get results because “his doctor was off” so no one could call me? The on duty vet told me maybe or maybe not the urinary crystals are bad and maybe or maybe not he needs a new diet. In short. Long waits. No follow up. Lack of understanding how to fix a potential problem and need to go somewhere else now to make sure my dog still isn’t in pain.

Polina Shtol

2 years ago

I probably got lucky to find this place for my new pup. Haven't seen the doctor due to Covid but she seems so nice on the phone and she definitely care for the pets a lot. She offered me to do a test that wasn't necessary and thanks to her I found out about small problem we've got.

Sabrina Maron

2 years ago

Love Dr. Fishman and her crew! She's always thorough and so kind. Everyone there is kind! Our Bernedoodle loves to get groomed regularly there, too, which is a great sign. I think it's either the amazing staff or the treat bar! ;)

Nick Paley

2 years ago

Dr. Fishman is the best! Thoughtful, kind, thorough and considerate. My dog has been dealing with some ongoing health issues. Every time I bring her to Dr. Fishman it's so clear the doctor's sole interest is my dog's wellbeing. She's not trying to cover her bases or make extra money on rx sales or unnecessary tests. She simply cares, and expresses it in a way that's genuine. I highly recommend Larchmont Village Vet!

Karley Sciortino

2 years ago

I’ve never had a better vet experience in my life. Dr. Fishman is so thoughtful, loving and attentive. We have been dealing with some health issues with our puppy, and she’s gone above and beyond to check in with us regularly over the phone, and to reach out to specialists for us to make appointments. She is really gentle with our dog, who’s shy, and she always handles appointments while sitting on the floor with our dog. Even when the office is busy we never feel rushed. She’s truly spectacular. I can’t recommend this vet more!

Kaila Babnik

2 years ago

I’m not one who posts ever, and if I do I prefer it to be positive feedback, but when my dogs health is on the line, I can’t help but worn fellow dog lovers and owners. I went in on Christmas Eve to have a skin spot checked on for my sweet pup, and at that time they also found an second internal tumor on my dog... they raised concern and said I needed to begin tests immediately, so that day I had her blood work done, and would be back to get more lab tests done after I checked with my Vet back home since I am relatively new to LA. This is heartbreaking news to hear on Christmas, but want the best for my dog so I agreed to the treatment plan. About 3 weeks later I went back to the office for more a “fine needle aspiration” so they can inspect the cells of the tumors. I didn’t hear from them for 2 weeks, finally after having to call them, they let me know the test results were non conclusive and advised my dog needed to have surgery. (Financially, around Christmas when we discussed the treatment plan I has asked to have only one tumor removed, but given this process has extended over months and my hometown vet agreed, we decided it was best to do both at once.) When I received the quote for surgery, I asked for a secondary quote to include the removal of both tumors because at this point I just needed to get it done and do what is best for my best friend. It had been 6 weeks and I still haven’t received a response and her tumors are worse. I emailed them on 2/1, 2/7 and 2/20. We have called 3/10, 3/24, 3/25 and apparently the receptionist only made note that we called 3/24 according to Dr. Fishman (since I finally spoke with her today) Now over 2 months and $700 later, the $400 blood tests need to be redone in order to have surgery, and I am also informed they CANT DO THE SURGERY. I am sensitive to the global crisis going on currently, so I understand that I need to go to an emergency hospital, but the fact that I had to follow up with them continually for weeks and ultimately asked to wait on hold until I could speak to the Doctor to get this kind of update is shocking. Idk if this is the owners money making scheme or just a complete lack of organization, but don’t waste your time here if your care for your dogs long term health.

A. Barlow

2 years ago

Let me start by saying Great customer service all around. Each time I've called, their energy has been great, (very energetic.) Receptionist was very accommodating with getting me an appointment for my new puppy . The Staff I've encountered during my visit were upbeat,patient and informative. The doctor that cared for my puppy helped alot with my questions, gave me great recommendations for caring for him. Basically helped ease alot of my worries as a new puppy mommy. I'm happy to have came across this veterinarian. Looking forward to our future visits.

Celia Grace

3 years ago

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.


3 years ago

Everyone who works here has been sent down from heaven above. So so so nice and welcoming and genuinely eager to help in whatever way they can. I’ve brought in my dog twice, once for a health certificate for Mexico and the second after she got in a fight and had a bite wound on her neck. Both times Dr Fishman was super attentive. Concha went in with a huge abscess on her neck and two puncture wounds and now, 10 days later and on antibiotics she is better than ever. Dr Fishman drained and disinfected the wound, gave her a throughout exam and prescribed and handed me the medication all under $170. Other vets had given me $500 + estimate without even seeing Concha and were unpleasant about it. (There were other services which they recommended such as having an analysis done but I decided not to and they didn’t push me or make me feel bad for choosing not to- unlike many other vets I have been to that try to ring you dry the moment you walk in). Larchmont vet has built a wonderful clientele (including myself) because they don’t rip you off and they are kind, accommodating and educated professionals. I won’t be looking ever for another vet while I live LA. I have found the one! Thank you so much to you all and to the girls at the front desk.. you are all magical!!!

xmetrix xmetrix

3 years ago

Jessica fishman, and all the staff are extremely professional and seem to really care about the animals rather than making a quick buck. Will most certainly be coming back whenever my dog has issues

Bryan G

3 years ago

Dr Fisher seemed very competent, and was very nice to us. Will go back

Xila Reyna

3 years ago

Dr. Fishman literally saved my 1lb puppies life. Friday evening I took my puppy to the Ambassador Vet clinic to get her examined and her first round of shots.The doctor just glanced at her and sent us on our way. Later that evening I could tell something was wrong. So I brought my puppy back to the Ambassador Vet clinic first thing the next morning (Saturday). We received the same poor treatment from the doctor, who just merely glanced at my pup, and sent us home with some medicine. I had many concerns about her lethargic state and was told it was normal. So I left that clinic with my pup feeling really uneasy inside. I knew that something was a bit off with her. So I decided to consult with another Vet Clinic which just so happened to be Larchmont Village Vet. I brought my puppy in, and immediately the front desk could spot out that something was wrong due to the coloring of her face. They took my puppy in the back to evaluate her. Dr. Fishman came out to sit with me and was so informative and helpful. She transferred my puppy over to the MASH ER clinic so that my puppy could get the critical care that she needed. Words can't even express how grateful I am to find this clinic. Thank you so much Dr. Fishman & Amanda!


3 years ago

My experience from this place is very good. the place is very welcoming . Doctor Fishman was very professional and she treated my puppy very nice. I got all the answers for my questions Thanks again!

Nicolette J-Pownall

3 years ago

I've lived in LA for over 10 years and been to countless vets between Larchmont and the West Side, Dr. Fishman and her team are BY FAR THE BEST EXPERIENCE I've ever had in receiving care for one of my cats. The team is kind, attentive, welcoming, super patient with sharing information, and were phenomenal in hand holding my kitty and I through her cystotomy. Dr Fishman personally took care of all the post op questions, follow-up checkins and treatments. I just adore them all. Thank you again for such amazing quality of care toward Logan and I. We are so grateful you are just a few blocks away!

Maz Tech

3 years ago

Copying from my Yelp Review : Dr. Fishman was Amazing. Truly. My dog has terrible separation anxiety so I take him to a dog sitter everyday I'm at work. This time when I came to pick him up my dog sitter had told me there was blood in his stool and even showed me a picture. I was definitely worried and immediately took him to a 24-hour emergency vet( I won't name it by name but just know there's not very many 24-hour vets in the area if you can figure out which one). Unfortunately my experience at that that was terrible and I'm going to be writing a separate review on that oh, I don't want to go into too many details here because I know how Yelp works and they will remove my review. So anyway getting pretty much no results and spending a bunch of money at the other vet the following morning I took out my boy and noticed his stool was bright orange and I was even more concerned now. I decided to go to Larchmont Village vet based on all of their reviews being good and I'm happy that I did! Within a few minutes of being there I was put in a room even though they apologized that there would be a wait it was nothing compared to the other night. They also even gave my boy water and a towel! A technician came checked all his vitals and then Dr Fishman came in. I explained the situation and they they gave me a bunch of options. I did an x-ray a GI test a blood test and a whole lot of tests, the x-rays were shown to me right away and it was shown to me that there might have been something ingested. I got prescribed some medication and recommended I feed my boy chicken and rice for a few days. I did so yesterday and then again this morning and immediately this morning as soon as they opened Dr Fishman called me, to check on his status, and to tell me she's already gotten the results and there was fortunately no parasites and his internal organs were okay. she recommended I keep him on the diet for a few days watch him and update her. the thing is the other place I went to didn't give me any of these options sent me home charge me a lot for nothing, the one thing they said they would do is do a stool sample test. I still have not gotten those results back while I already have doctor Fishman's results. I don't mind paying even if it's a lot if it means my boy is going to be better and I have results okay. But what I'm paying and I get nothing basically not even in really an exam that's a real problem. Just by talking to Dr Fishman I can already tell she genuinely cared and listened to my problems whereas the other veterinarian I spoke to the night before seem to just be rushing me and trying to get me out and that made a very big difference in my impression. I know this review is mostly just comparing this Clinic to the other one I went to this is truly a very good vet and I would recommend anybody to go here if you want someone who truly cares for your pet and not just out to grab cash.

Karla L

3 years ago

Amazing staff!! They helped me get a USDA approved health certificate to travel to Italy with my dog. Very thorough, detailed and friendly professionals. Also a very cute and clean space. Best vet so far!

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