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Mary Hayden

a year ago

We were panicked when our new shelter puppy started lunging, growling, and barking viciously at people and dogs. We contacted Alexandra and began intensive training to overcome his fear-based aggression and severe separation anxiety. Using …

Kirty Patel

a year ago

Alexandra truly has a gift! In just two hours our 1.5 year old Golden Retriever Biscuit learned so much & loved Alexandra. We saw her positive reinforcement techniques to be very effective and we as owners learned so much also. It’s definitely a struggle to walk our 85 lb boy but with Alexandra’s help I’m very hopeful he will be a better walker in no time. Thank you so much for helping our little family, we truly appreciate it!

Jared Wood

2 years ago

If you want you dog to be treated poorly then consider this place, this is a comment from the owner about one of my friends dogs that they sent to them to have trained. It’s sad too see them say something like this on social media, imagine what they did to the pup in person when it tried asking for pets or attention, they probably swatted it away because of its “stupid grin” “Thanks for letting me vent????”

Filip Szymanski

2 years ago

Had a really great intro session with Alexandra at Dog Savvy, helping us with our 1 year old Boxer/Pit mix. Alexandra is incredibly knowledgeable and brought a lot to the table in terms of training methods for us to leverage. Highly recommend Dog Savvy for anyone looking for a dog trainer!

Ismael Mazzoni

2 years ago

We went to Alexandra with an impossible task, to train our 7 years old pug to stop barking, reduce anxiety and prepare her for a long 18 hours flight overseas -  we did the virtual Barking Be Gone. All of these needed to be adjusted in just one month during a pandemic! Alexandra took on the challenge and we started to meet twice a week via zoom. She was always very flexible and able to schedule the sessions around our schedule. She is very knowledgeable, reliable, and her technique truly works, she has great reinforcement to curb our dog's behaviors. The travel to Europe was a walk in the park, everything went smoothly and our dog behaved calmly and listened to the commands with no resistance.I would recommend virtual Barking Be Gone to anyone who needs to have their dog trained and changed of bad behaviors.

Susan Hwang

3 years ago

Alexandra helped us tremendously with training our new puppy. Our puppy Bruce was 8 weeks when we got him and he was constantly nipping/biting us and we didn't know what to do! I seriously thought we would have no furnitures or toes left. We called Alexandra based on the raving reviews we saw and she was able to fit us into her busy schedule right away after hearing our concerns. Fast forward, Bruce now gives us plenty of kisses and likes to bring his toys over to us to play together. We had Alexandra to come and help us with the basics of puppy training with the introductory session first and with the progress we made in just one session, we signed up and just completed the 3 training session package. What we really liked about Alexandra in her approach was: 1) she sends you a tailored summary/overview email going over the things from each session. She includes helpful videos and links as well. We realized that the puppy training is actually more for us to become better pawrents/trainer and these notes were very helpful to help us study what we can do to help Bruce succeed. 2) she has a plethora of knowledge in puppy training and is able to help you assess your dog's behavior/progress. We also like her school of thought on helping the dog choose the behaviors to be rewarded for rather than some of the harsher training methods that we didn't feel comfortable with. 3) she has so many helpful recommendation for products that our puppy loves! Before we got her help, we wasted money on a lot of toys and products that Bruce used only once. Since she used these products in our session, we were investing in products we knew Bruce was going to love! 4) she provides recommendation for play dates match and tips based on your dog. This was super helpful as early socialization has helped Bruce to learn to be a loving friend to everyone! 5) she is extremely great with communication via text and welcomes questions between sessions. We received additional helpful tips on areas that we had more challenges in training Bruce. We are so glad that we were able to have Alexander come and help us train Bruce! We strongly recommend her!

Monica Loomba

3 years ago

Wow if you're looking for a dog trainer for puppies, Alexandra is the best. Let me start by saying we get compliments daily about how well behaved our pup is, and we could not have done it with out her. We recently got a vizsla puppy and spent two weeks doing our best before we gave her a call. After the consultation I already felt like we were on the right path. Vizslas are notoriously smart and hyper active dogs so we needed some specialized tactics, you tube videos were not going to cut it. Alexandra each week tailored the lesson plan to where Hank was succeeding and where he needed help. Crate training, impulse control, separation anxiety, leash manners, house manners, recall, and it's your choice. All with positive reinforcement which is key puppies. She was very patient with Hank and with us and made sure we understood how to execute the training which was key. I feel like like training is just as much for us as it was for him. We were social distanced and wore masks and made learning during COVID stress free. She also helped us set up play dates with other puppies to socialize and have meet some great doggie friends in the process. Hank is now 6 months old and comes when he's called at the dog park... so that's saying something. Good luck everyone with the dog training it's so worth it in the end.

Justin Rosenthal

3 years ago

The two week honeymoon period ended with my cute loving puppy and he quickly turned into a revenues uncontrollable hyena, that's when I called Alexandra who in the first session turned him back into a dog before my eyes. In only a few sessions Bruce learned tons of impulse control and basic commands that spilled over into his overall behavior. She provides tons of additional resources outside of the training sessions and is always available by phone. I highly suggest working with her!

Georgina Mendoza

3 years ago

I was very excited to try out Dog Savvy, and went ahead and booked a consultation. I've been waiting for over an hour, and no one bothered to call, email or text to let me know that they weren't going to meet with me tonight. As a first impression, I'm very disappointed with the unprofessionalism and lack of courtesy to notify me of any cancellations or changes. Here's to hoping I can get a refund on my consultation fee!

Ali W

3 years ago

My puppers is so much calmer, confident and less anxious My dog couldn't let me leave my apartment for a second without crying and was glued to my calves. Now he doesnt freak out when I exit and he also likes spending alone time to chill. Love it!

Ali Guida

3 years ago

After Dog Savvy was recommend to me by a friend, I reached out to see if I could schedule a consult and later buy a package to help train the new puppy I was bringing home! That first week my dog and I met with Aly and she was great! With Aly's help, my dog quickly learned the basics, such as sit and stay, and had great impulse control. She also showed me helpful tricks to get my puppy used to his crate. By 16 weeks he had all of this and leash training down! Aly was also there to answer any questions I had, even outside of a session, which I was so appreciative of. She is great with puppies and my dog would get so excited to see her when we had our training session. I would highly recommend Aly for anyone looking for help training a new puppy!

Adam Assad

4 years ago

This is a scam artist that just wants creepy videos of your dog. She is unprofessional and a flake and rather turn business away because she can't find parking. There are a ton of better options in the city without the nonsense.

John-Henry Scherck

5 years ago

I recently adopted a dog from the shelter. Whenever I would try and leave my apartment, the dog would whine, then bark, and get generally upset. He had seperation anxiety that was quickly getting worse. After talking with the owner of a dog cafe in my neighborhood I learned about Dog Savvy LA. Lexi is the most qualified trainer in the greater LA area to work with dogs on seperation anxiety. She works with you to make being alone something they enjoy - she works to change the dog's mindset. The second she arrived she got down to business, quickly assessing my dogs triggers, and working to build a rapport with him based of positive reinforcement. I was struggling with my pup, but Dog Savvy LA gave me the building blocks I needed to make sure my dog could be happy on his own. I am a big fan of the training method, which is all based on rewarding and loving your dog.

Alessandra Rosser

5 years ago

Having dogs all my life, I have an innate love for dogs and all animals. When I decided to adopt Bowie, a 2 or 3 year old terrier mix, I knew that it would require a lot of love, time, and dedication, but I wasn’t totally prepared for just how many behavioral nuances my new pup would have. Bowie came with anxieties surrounding strangers and other dogs, as well as what I learned to refer to as “guarding behavior” when people enter the house. Lexi has helped to understand Bowie’s complex nature on a deeper level and to define and label his behavior in understandable and digestible language. Lexi’s method of training is understanding and undeniably positive. Going into training I was worried that it would be scolding or fear-based, but Lexi has shown me time and again that patience and positivity always wins when training or interacting with your dog. So far we have worked on behavior modification at large: creating calm states of mind inside and outside the home, learning games to stimulate and train, understanding leash training and reactivity, and combating his guarding behavior. Bowie has improved regarding seeing other dogs and people when we’re out. Bowie will always have an undefined past, but with Lexi’s help, I think we can create a happy and carefree world for Bowie where interacting with strangers and other dogs can be a fun activity. Thank you Lexi, for showing me this can be a reality for little Bowie!

Alex Weiss Morgan

5 years ago

Lexi is wonderful! We have a very stubborn dachshund (Albert), but we discovered with Lexi that our pup is extremely food motivated! Albert learned a ton of new tricks and we learned to use treats as a way to get Albert to not bark at other …

Ashley Jackson

5 years ago

Lexi is hands down a miracle worker! We were having issues with our 64lbs Lab/Pit mix because she's very strong and high spirited. Sometimes this took the shape of pulling us during our entire walk, other times she would run around like a wild animal in our apt and in the worst case scenarios she'd get super agressive towards other dogs. Lexi's simple and positive training methods flipped the way we thought about dealing with our dogs "short comings", instead she taught us to use them as opportunities to reward behavior. Her methods are so simple it's makes you question why you didn't think of it sooner! They work and are actually fun to use because the narrative with our dog is a positive one now. There are no more punishments, yelling out of frustration or fearful encounters with other dogs. Lexi's positive reinforcement techniques only allow space for our dog to be praised and rewarded. After our 1st session we saw such a dramatic shift in our dogs behavior we decided to sign up for another series of 5 sessions, which I would highly recommend. This enabled us to tackle isolated issues during each session, then combine all those individual techniques to create a new positive behavior. This whole experience has made her a better dog and us better parents. Our walks are now something to look forward to, she actually has started making "friends" with other dogs in the building and she feels more connected to us now. We joke with friends that Lexi provided training for our dog but in the process improved our relationship as a couple because we no longer have tension in the household! We couldn't recommend Dog Savvy with higher praise. Lexi is simply amazing at what she does!!!

Chris Pudlo

5 years ago

After searching for many dog trainers, I came across Lexi with Dog Savvy after watching one of her videos online. Our dog is 9 years old and she needed some help with not pulling on walks and aggression towards other dogs. From the first visit, we were so impressed with Lexi and noticed immediate positive shifts in our dog. We could tell Lexi had a "gift" with dogs. After our first session, we instantly bought a package with several more sessions. We are beyond satisfied and have been recommending her to friends who need animal training as well. Not only did the training help our dog but it helped us as people as well!

Cindy Kane

5 years ago

Dog Savvy has helped train my puppy in a kind and compassionate way. Lexi makes the training fun for Lulu and easy for me to replicate. I highly recommend working with her. She is passionate about what she’s doing and the dogs love her.

Dicky DeBiase

5 years ago

As a first time dog owner, and doing it on my own, I had zero confidence. Having adopted Max from a local shelter, I was unprepared for the attention and consideration that he was going to need: he displayed food aggression and guarded his resources (very well). Lexi does not make any grandiose promises. She understands and comforts you with the fact that dogs are canines. Lexi provides you with so many great and accessible tools, not one magical solve-all. The practicality she approaches each problem with is refreshing and comforting, and she assists you with identifying and labeling behavior. Max has shown his potential by working with Lexi. Each dog has their quirks, and Lexi leans into this instead of viewing dogs as good or bad. She teaches positivism and rewarding the display of wanted behavior rather than punishing the unwanted. She also makes teaching fun and humane, which it should always be! Entering one-on-one sessions thinking that it should be rooted in fear and concern was my number one problem. She’s also super accommodating and very understanding when it comes to scheduling.

Gina Park

5 years ago

I took an intro class called "Teach Your Dog The Basics", a 6 week program. It really helped my shelter dog get basic training and think on her own. This class doesn't just each commands but more on how to trust your pup to make their own choice. Lexi was a great instructor and patient with each owner and dog. When classes were cancelled due to unplanned circumstances, she was very accommodating to schedules and even made house calls. I would recommend this course and Dog Savvy!

ilootpaperie paperbandits

5 years ago

We highly recommend Lexi as a trainer. She has a very calm and patient demeanor and gave us many tools in training our rescue pup Sparky. He loved working with her. And we loved learning about the thought process behind her training techniques, and engaging Sparky in choice based activities to start to teach him to calm himself. We are planning to continue his training once we get through our trade show and look forward to further improving his separation anxiety.

Jason Harrow

5 years ago

We have used Alexandra for about a month, since we got our new puppy. She has trained our puppy in our home during both “traincations” and normal sessions, and she’s been fantastic. Our puppy is on a great path to be being well-behaved; she clearly has a strong foundation. And Alexandra is extremely friendly, trustworthy, professional, and reliable. A++!

jean daly

5 years ago

Alexandra has been conducting private puppy manners training with Rocket since she was three and a half months old. Rocketbisbnowb9 months and is able to walk well behaved through Griffith Park for a mile and half without incident. She holds her sit well and has good recall. Since rocket is a single minded dog, alexandra’s Training has really enabled us to find ways to overcome the single mindedness is a positive way. Rocket loves training and Alexandra has giving us tools and training which makes training and learning fun! Alexandra is an outstanding teacher and her training sessions have been a life saver and made Rockets puppy growth a positive and fun experience!!!! Thank you!!!!

Ross Dillion

5 years ago

We had Alexandra come to our place to help us with our rescued mini dachshund mix who would bark and cry for over an hour every time we left for work. She came on a weekend and worked with us for over two hours, helping us to understand the reasons why our dog was behaving this way and helping to train us on how to resolve the problem ourselves. She was extremely kind and patient with our dog, and her advice was not something we would have found online. Two weeks after following her advice and implementing the training she recommended our dog has already shown great improvement. Anyone who is looking to train their dog out of any bad habits should give Alexandra a call.

Rodney Newman

5 years ago

Alexandra is very thorough and thoughtful. She is wonderful to work with and her training tips are easily adopted into daily routine. She is careful to work specifically to what you and your dog need to work on. I highly recommend Alexandra.

Natalie Godinez

5 years ago

Alexandra is a wonderful trainer! Her approach is simple to understand and our dog Coco LOVES it. He gets to eat a bunch of yummy treats and doesn’t realize he’s learning a lot. Alexandra came to our home to assess Coco and even showed us some games to play with him before we signed up for training. I can tell she genuinely loves what she does and is so kind to the dogs she’s training. She’s also very patient with the humans!

Nancy HR

5 years ago

Lexie is patient and kind and effective! I can already see a change in my Bulldog after just a few lessons.

Monica Vandehei

5 years ago

Alexandra has helped our overly-nervous pup through bouts of going potty inside after getting scared and helping create positive associations with going outside on top of leash training, recall, fetch, and feeling more comfortable with roommates. We make leaps and bounds of progress each visit and learn just as much as our pup so you can continue the work on your own. Alexandra is so good with dogs and helps you understand your dog better.

Marianne Hynds

5 years ago

I highly recommend Lexi as a dog trainer. She helped our dog Lacey overcome her leash reactivity using 100 percent positive methods. She is incredibly knowledgeable and patient. She supported Lacey, my husband and I through the whole experience and helped make all our lives more enjoyable. Lacey now has tons of dog friends and stays much calmer in stressful situations.

Kate Fendon

5 years ago

I love Alexandra's methods. They are choice based which are much kinder and respectful to the animal. Her method works!

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