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Caroline Codd

2 years ago

We just moved here from NYC and were having a hard time finding a vet. Everyone was so friendly! We know this is a stressful time for vet offices right now but the bedside manner made such a difference and we know we made the right decision by coming here. The vet answered all my questions and they even had a little welcome sign for our pup when we came in!

Jamie Mahoney

2 years ago

heads up, maria doesn’t know how to handle people or animals. do not let her handle your animal. they muzzle dogs without telling the owner and hand them back to you like it’s fine that your dog is panting and losing their mind. i don’t plan on returning without assurance that they won’t muzzle her again. my dog is incredibly gentle and nervous, and they full on traumatized the poor girl during a routine ear cleaning that she’s had done a half dozen times before.

Steve Ward

2 years ago

Best Veterinarian in LA! Dr. Choi and her staff are very professional and very nice!!!

Albert Hernandez

2 years ago

This this second vet ever my pups get excited to see. They get excited and start jumping around in the car. Plus the staff, tech, and doctor are great. Excellent sense of humor all around, definitely give advise to keep my pups happy. I always remember when Dr. asked my pup to shake to get a treat, she called him stubborn cuz he wouldn't do it. My pup huffed and looked at me like is she serious I don't do tricks. LOL

Pan Liu

2 years ago

We've been coming here since my first dog. The staff and vets were friendly and trustworthy. I don't know if their ownership has changed or something. The service here has become miserable. First thing is their app appointment system- no matter how many times they confirm with you on the app or via text, you still need to call them cos apparently the appointments made on the their app don't count. The front desk woman seems having a tough life right now. The way she talked to you makes you think you are talking to the queen and you are honored to get a chance to speak to her. Our "appointment" was at 9:15am and we were there at 9:20am. She first told us our appointment didn't count, then blamed on our 5mins tardy.???????? -(me explained the appointment I made for my dogs) Tough Life Woman: We don't do surgery without examinations. -(speechless, cos you can just utter the confirmed surgery appointment into examination appointments) -Tough life Woman: What time is your appointment today? -me: one is at 9:15 and another one is at 3:00pm -TLW: but it is 9:30 now (actually 9:27) -me: yes we got here at 9:20 since then I was on the phone with you guys and waiting outside of the vet -TLW: but your appointment is at 9:15 What kind of family and education brought up this kind of creature? Didn't apologize for the misfuntioning of your appointment system and blamed me for didn't know to make appointment for examination but surgery and 5 mins tardy. Good for you!

Rory Sayce

2 years ago

I honestly wish I could give 0 stars for this place. They are the worst! Only out for money & the head vet there is overcharging & under delivered every time I went. She will give you the worst case scenario for every diagnosis & scare you into spending thousands on something minimal you could help remedy yourselves. I’m baffled this place has decent reviews & hope this helps a pet parent find the right choice that actually cares for your animal & not the money they’re siphoning from your wallet. I’ve looked other places that are less than half the cost & much more attentive & engaged in your pets healing process. Do not support this money driven business!!!

Matthew Park

2 years ago

Scheduled an appointment for 4:15, arrived and called them at 4:10. Did not let us in till 4:50, and did not speak with the vet till 5:30. Some fair warning of wait time would have made things at least more prepared. Also the vet needs to chill out a little, not every actual question we have is a critic to their qualifications as they have strongly defended over simple questions and their opinion.

Ligia A.

2 years ago

This review is overdue! I love Angel City Animal Hospital! I used to take my dog and cat to another great clinic, but since I moved closer to Angel City Animal Hospital I wanted to give it a try. Dr. Pora Choi is so knowledgeable, experienced, patient, and kind. She always explains everything clearly and truly cares about the pets. The technicians and receptionists are all very kind and gentle with the pets and make sure they feel comfortable. During the pandemic, I was very impressed on how organized they were. Thank you, Angel City! Luigi and Josephine can't wait to be back there for their next visit!


2 years ago

Front desk was extremely rude; I did make an appointment for first time client but I decided to cancel for several reason: 1. My appointment time and date was change w/out notified me 2. Front desk very disrespectful and no welcome new client 3. Front desk did not care to cancel an urgent appointment - As an advice I recommended to choose another clinic I went to wayfarer veterinary hospital the customer service was much better and they did took good care of my dog… excellent service

Jordyn Rose

2 years ago

Most amazing hospital in LA. Dr Choi is outstanding

Juana Jazmin Martinez

2 years ago

The services our Rafa received were outstanding! The staff was kind, respectful and professional. We appreciate the patience they had with our Chico. Thank you so much!

Luigi M

2 years ago

Have been coming here for 3 years, since my German Shepherd was a puppy. Dr. Choi is great but very, very costly. I feel that I get charged for services that are not performed and the staff communication is awful especially the front counter. I ask questions and receive quick answers that do not provide information I'm looking for especially for the person handling the emails. It seems that this person just wants to get rid of the email and have you come in (and be shocked at the costs). I've contacted other vets and their experience shows on the phone, unlike the robots I talk to here. I am now going to a new vet and would recommend that you avoid this place as well. Plus with Co-vid, you have to wait in your car and call them to pickup your pet from the car. You wait outside until they contact you. How retarded is that? You have lost another long time customer!

Oren Hertz

2 years ago

Dr. Choi is professional and very compassionate. She took really good care of our Bella up until her final breath.

Robyn Janz-Selly

2 years ago

This clinic ALWAYS goes above and beyond for your fur babies. I will always be grateful for them and their services. Thank you so much!

Victoria Rowe

2 years ago

Dr. Choi always cares so much about our dog she’s very loving and compassionate and extremely professional!

Alan Hernandez

2 years ago

Everyone was really friendly and helpful on our first visit. Hopefully on our next pet visit it's the same.

Justin Going

2 years ago

I have never left a negative review on anything ever and it pains my soul to have to Karen here; But I need to share this experience. TL;DR dont take your pet to this chop shop. My cat had a canine fall out right before I moved to Los Angeles. I took her to my vet before leaving and she told me that she had a resorption lesion that would require an xray and probably needed at least one tooth extraction. I didnt have the time or money to do the appointment given the upcoming move. Fast forward; I moved and got a recommendation for a vet from people here. I set up an appointment detailing why I want to get her checked out. Drop her off and they tell me they had trouble examining her teeth but it looks like her back tooth needs to be extracted. Great but what about the canine that fell out? Oh well have to do an exam cleaning and xray anyway so well see it. Ok did she have her blood taken? I dont see it on the invoice and I know blood is supposed to be taken prior to anesthesia. No shell be ok were going to when shes under for her teeth cleaning because shes feisty. She is feisty but no one else has had a problem in 12 years. And the blood work seems odd but I really want her to get care because I think shes in pain. Jump to the day of I remind them again about the tooth because I was concerned it had been forgotten given the initial appointment. I receive a bill for about half of what I was quoted. I ask what was done? She was supposed to have her xray for AT LEAST her possible resorption lesion? The lady tells me she doesnt know. If I have questions I can call back and talk to a tech or if I wanted to the vet makes time at the end of the day to talk to patients. I call immediately and ask about the appointment. Why was her xray cancelled? Oh the tooth we were concerned about looked fine after a cleaning. All her teeth did as a matter of fact so we didnt need to extract that back tooth. I say not the back tooth I specifically have concerns about her missing tooth. The tech knew nothing about this and went on to tell me they wouldnt even do that kind of surgery at this clinic. I would have to be referred somewhere for that. Did I want a referral? NO I WOULD WANT THIS INFORMATION RIGHT UP FRONT IF THIS WAS THE CASE! But yes give me the referral I guess? The conversation goes with the doc as it did with the tech. She tells me the back tooth didnt need to be removed so she took off the xray to save me some money. I tell her thats not what I am talking about and explain the situation FOR THE FOURTH TIME. She seems surprised but curtly tells me no her teeth are fine. She has no concerns. I explain what my previous vet said needs to happen. Nope no concerns. Teeth look great. Given all the red flags I make an appointment with a different vet. I got to be in the room this time. Im not saying this to knock the previous vet its a pandemic; I say this because I personally watched him open my cats mouth with only minor complaints and show me the red gum line protrusions that happen with tooth resorption on not only the lost tooth but TWO OTHERS. One of them was even the tooth this clinic was confused about. Thanks for the hard lesson of doing more due diligence when interacting with vets instead of deferring to professional opinion. No thanks for taking a bunch of money from us to clean my cats teeth ignore me at every turn and prolong her pain. Shame on everyone involved in this process. I WISH google wouldnt restrict my review based on language so I could tell you exactly how I really feel instead of resorting to this old timey preacher styled disparagement. I am happily going to make an account on every possible review site I can to make sure the maximum amount of people hear this story. Its unacceptable to be this cavalier with peoples animals. I understand youre running a business and want to turn and burn but I feel like more diagnostic care would have been rendered at a jiffy lube. Myself my girlfriend and my friend no longer go here.

Lulu Li

2 years ago

They're mediocre with routine check ups but if you need anything outside of that, go somewhere else. It feels like the staff cared very little about our cats and the vet cared even less. We tell them about the issues at hand and it was in one ear out the other. I honestly don't understand how this place has such high ratings but after our last experience there, congrats to them for getting my very first one star review.

Trina Belton

2 years ago

This vet is not pushy to spend money and tells you how it is. They are friendly and reliable.

Emma Schlader

2 years ago

Very friendly staff and Dr. Choi was lovely and very helpful when our pup couldn’t stop itching.


2 years ago

Seem to really care about my pet


2 years ago

As it was my adopted 5 year old Chihuahua Mix time for an annual check up I was a little apprehensive as he is my first dog pet and due to Covid-19 protocols I had to wait outside Angel City though the staff were efficient and brought my "Campeon" back out in a clam state after his check-up and services. Pricing was within my limited budget which was a relief. Thank you Angel City Animal Hospital.


2 years ago

Doctor has great passion and care for the animals and Knows what she's doing. Friendly staffs and very strict rules for the COVID 19. Experience for yourself.. you will know...

Julia McAlee

2 years ago

This is the best vet, I’ve been going for maybe 3 years or so. I can tell they love animals and I trust them with my cat who I love so much! I like everyone who works there, they are fair, kind, and professional. Highly recommended.

Erin Cook

2 years ago

My My experience was perfect. I was in absolute bind - emergency health issues and travel for myself, moving cross country permanently and suddenly, and the staff here was so kind and flexible to get Mae and I in immediately so we could get the paperwork we needed to fly. We’ve now made it home safe and sound, and although we won’t be returning to the clinic now that we’re in Iowa, I would recommend the kind folks here to absolutely anybody who asks because even prior to this situation my cat’s care was careful, thoughtful, and professional. Thank you genuinely.

Anny Amos

2 years ago

Just a heads up so you don’t waste your time calling them. If this is your first visit or exam with them, I was told the wait is 2 weeks. Wow !


2 years ago

My dog has been going to this hospital for about a year. It is the SECOND time that he's come back home with a cut harness. I didn't notice it at first since my dad took him in for me today because I was busy working. Apparently when they brought him out, they brought him using one of their harnesses. The first time this happened, I let it slide, but not this time. The manager George had the AUDACITY to say my dog chewed it. There is no way my dog could have chewed it based on the location and how straight the line is. I would have more respect for them if they actually admitted to it, but instead they have chosen to blame my dog. Why not mention it to my dad when he picked him up? I have included a picture. It's a clear straight cut, not a gnawed job. Avoid this place if you can, they are obviously unethical and unthruthful! If I could give this place zero stars, I would. How dare they think I'm a fool!

Thomas Ramos

3 years ago

Everyone is really nice and professional, they were outstandingly kind and actually listened to my concerns. I would highly recommend this vet

cc kat

3 years ago

great service and amazing Vet!

Deborah Albin

3 years ago

Kind knowledgeable doctors and staff.

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