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Christian S

2 years ago

Today was the second time Dr Marchi came to our home to help send our little kitten Echo off to heaven. He is a very caring and compassionate man and he was patient and let us have all the time we needed to say goodbye. Thank you Dr Marchi.

Lisa Garibaldi

2 years ago

He is very compassionate. The only time you'll ever need him is on a terrible day, but him and his nurse are the people you need when you're going thru such a terrible loss.

Sergi Quin

2 years ago

I would like to thank Dr Marchi and his assistant Amber for making this very painful experience easier to cope with. From the beginning of our conversation to when they took my Shady away they were the most kind, respectful, empathetic Duo one could ask for in his transition. Thank you again for your services ( R.I.P Shady 8/10/21 9:35pm)

SC Roberts

2 years ago

Definitely recommend Dr Marchi. Having to say goodbye to my 17 rescue dog was probably the most difficult decision I've ever had to make. Dr Marchi was amazingly patient, compassionate and understanding. He clearly explained each step beforehand and allowed me plenty of time to visit with her, then waited for my signal to proceed. She's missed everyday, but I know she's pain free and happier now. Thank you Dr Marchi!


2 years ago

It's always a hard decision to make when it comes to losing your furry family member. Dr. Marchi and his associate, Amber, were both so attentive, compassionate, and helped make this difficult situation a lot more bearable. They talked us through every step of the process and gave us as much time as we needed to say goodbye. We felt relieved that we weren't being rushed and were able to spend some final moments with our boy. This is never something that you want to have to do, but when it is their time I can't recommend Dr. Marchi enough to gently send them off.

Judith Fritcher

2 years ago

Doctor Marchi makes the time we let our pets go very peaceful. He let me hold my dog Cookie in my lap through the process. She was relaxed and died very peacefully. He let me have time to show love to my dog each step of it. No rush, very caring. Thank you!

Maria Narez

2 years ago

They have an awesome team Dr. Marchi and Amber. This was my first pet death experience. Amber had explained it to me over the phone and again walked me through every step, made me feel comfortable. They even had me bring out her companion and explained to me that it would make it easier for her companion who is a maltipoo to grieve her and watch her be taken away peacefully in her basket with a beautiful blanket. They really come through for you. Thank You for helping me out Dr Marchi!!

Keith Smith

2 years ago

Putting one's loved one down is a hard enough decision but causing your loved one additional stress is not nessasary any more. Having Dr. Marchi Come to my home to put my cat down was hard but having my cat in his natural environment with loved ones made all the difference in the world. Thank you Dr. Marchi and Amber for being responsive and caring.


2 years ago

Took amazing care of my dog. Gave me sound advice with zero judgment and assured me (I still disagree) that I had waited the perfect amount of time before deciding to end her suffering. She was as much of a spaz as ever even though she was clearly in pain and too lethargic to move around without a carry-along harness, but Dr. Marchi's assistant (spouse) was efficient as possible and it was all over painlessly and quickly, as we preferred. I'm still so sorry she ate so many of your guys' biscuits but if she appreciates anything in life, those were it. I also learned my old vet, Dr. Handley, who was great as well as a vet with Banfield, now works with them! So I trust their judgment on recent new staff additions. Seriously, thank you guys. And the print was beautiful too!

Stacy Sweeting

2 years ago

The best possible option for these tough circumstances...

Sister Benedicta

2 years ago

Dr Marchi: professional, generous and compassionate - I cannot recommend too highly.

gary kuhlman

2 years ago

Dr Nguyen was absolutely incredible at making this difficult process as easy as it could be. Caring, professional, knowledgeable. Thank you Dr Nguyen and Dr Marchi (as well as Alyssa on the phone) for everything from my family and myself.

Michael Caridad

3 years ago

We had to put down our family dog gordo, and dr marchi was very respectful to our time to say goodbye. He allowed us to run on our own time, it did not at all feel rushed and he was very communicative about the process. The whole thing was …

Kathy Shspiro

3 years ago

When it was time to have my 14 year old GSD euthanized I decided to have it done at home. Making the decision to euthanize was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Dr. Marchi, was the vet I chose. Having never met him, I was somewhat apprehensive. I shouldn't have been. He made the whole process as easy as it could be. Every detail of the process was patiently explained. He is a very kind man. He made one of the worst moments of my life a very peaceful, beautiful experience. My dog was treated with kindness and respect. I couldn't have ask for anything more. I highly recommend him to anyone having to deal with their own pet when the time comes.

Janna O

3 years ago

Dr. Marchi is very professional and very compassionate. He and his staff were always super quick to respond and the pricing is very fair. I am so thankful for being able to say goodbye to my dog Tucker and to send him onto his next journey from a place where he was comfortable, peaceful and surrounded by those who loved him. Thank your again Dr. Marchi.

Dorjon Lubyck

3 years ago

Dr. Marchi's assistant promptly arrived to escort my beloved Sweet Pea on her final journey. The experience of seeing how much care and compassion brought a tear to my eye and lightened the burden of my grief. I am forever grateful for the professional services provided at very reasonable prices. I believe that all creatures are endowed with a soul provided by their Creator and deserve the same love and respect that we humans are entitled. Dr. Marchi and staff are doing God's Work with honors.

Steve Busch

4 years ago

It was a really hard day, it was made easier by the compassion and bedside manner of Dr. Marchi. He has a difficult job, and he does it well. Mazzy died peacefully.

Robert Joseph Fanning

4 years ago

Made a very upsetting situation as easy as it could have been. It brought huge peace of mind to have our cat put down at home rather than the stress of bringing him back to the vet while very unwell, as well as a degree of privacy for us. …

Rachel Apodaca

4 years ago

A google search led me to Dr. Marchi. I'm so glad I found him. He was wonderful and extremely compassionate. He let us say goodbye as long as we needed to and walked us through the entire process before anything began. He explained everything he did before he did it. I can't say enough good things about him. Wonderful person. Wonderful vet. Thank you Dr. Marchi.

Philip Morawa

4 years ago

In the middle of the night, our eleven year old Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) recently took a very bad turn to the worse and the need to have him euthanized was evident. …

Liza Feliciano

4 years ago

We are grateful for the kind and patient manner exhibited by Dr. Marchi. From the first phone inquiry to aftercare he made a stressful and sad situation bearable. It has been a rough couple of weeks without our beloved chihuahua. We miss her very much, but are comforted in knowing she passed peacefully in loving arms in her favorite spot.

Kat M

4 years ago

It has been almost a year to the day that Dr. Marchi came to our home to help us say goodbye to our beloved 16 yr old kitty Chai. I will never stop being grateful for the kind and compassionate service he provided. Such a wonderful person. I highly recommend his service. It made it so much easier for us.

Judy Mason

4 years ago

One word to describe Dr. Marchi....compassionate. And that is the one thing I needed most when it was up to me to choose between life or death for my cat. Dr. Marchi made an absolutely horrible situation, bearable. No regrets. I highly recommend him if you ever have to deal with saying goodbye to your pet. Thank you Dr. Marchi.

Gigi Gee

4 years ago

I have used Dr Marchi 2 times for my fur babies! Very compassionate and he has lots of patience. Let us say our goodbyes with out rushing to do it and get out. He waited for my daughter and her family to come to say their goodbyes. After that he let us bring our other fur babies one at a time to say good bye. I would was him again, if needed. I would recommend him to everyone. A+ service!!

G Marie

4 years ago

Dr Marchi and Amber were so caring and gentle. I highly recommend them if you are faced with the decision to send your animal on their way to the Rainbow bridge. Georgia

Douglas JD

4 years ago

Dr Marchi was kind, empathetic, and compassionate, with a refined process to make everything as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. It was also a better way to say goodbye compared to being in a vets office, both for me and my dog, in the comfort of our own home. Highly recommended.

Anne Dixon

4 years ago

Dr. Marchi and Amber provided immense comfort to us when we hesitantly needed to say goodbye to our beloved 12 year old lab. They were beyond professional, compassionate, explanatory, patient, non-pushy, and flexible with whatever we needed to do to get through the situation. We were so grateful to have them help us and our buddy during our time of need. We called and they were at our doorstep within an hour.

Alexis Ann

4 years ago

Thank you so much for your kind words, patience, and care. You made a very sad situation manageable and it was nice to feel like our best friend was in loving hands. The paw print was a perfect memory, thank you for taking the time to do that.

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