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Mel C

2 years ago

Firstly, the location we were told to do the initial assessment at was not here, but in Gardena. Not sure if they’re farming out training, or it’s another location. But since I haven’t been to this location that looks like a dreamscape based on the pictures, the Gardena location is prison in comparison. We get there, we’re a little early and of course don’t mind waiting outside. There was a car with their trunk open with a dog in a crate that would not stop barking the entire 15 min we sat waiting (we were really early). Not sure what that was about, or why no one cared. We go inside, do an initial assessment. It starts off well enough. I understand why she’s doing it, I know my dogs are too attached to us, and it’s obvious. My issue was when she brought out a dog that was, in her words, dog aggressive. I get they’re trying to train that pup out of it, and it’s part of that dog’s training to distract him with play. But her assessment of our dogs was that they were too interested in him, which was not good. Nope, never mind that you decided to play with him with a toy that piques both of my dogs’ specific interested of fetch and tug (a ball attached to a rope) and they wanted to play with you too because they’re crazy play monsters. She put the other dog in a crate with the room with us the remainder of the time, no mention that once you’d stopped playing, there was no interest in the dog. She said one helpful thing which was we should walk the dogs separately more often. That’s on me because I did that early on and got lazy with it, but it was the kick I needed to do better. All the other stuff she said was horrendous. I generally know my dogs’ issues. I went in with very specific problems I needed help with. Finer eye and direction on how to help my dog with dog socialization - she tolerates dogs, but good or bad play (in my estimation), something will tick her off and she’ll tell them to back off. He’s just a shy guy, particularly when it comes to new people. In general they walk okay, but they could be a lot better, help there would be nice too. She didn’t hear any of that. All she wanted to do was board and train our dogs, because that’s all they were doing. That’s a huge red flag. Because I understand boarding and training dogs with serious issues. But I think any decent trainer will tell you it’s not necessary for every dog. There was much wrong with the last 10 minutes of her trying to sell us boarding and training I don’t even know how to convey how insulting it was. We’ve never found the need to crate train our dogs after they stopped being puppies. They’re not destructive, they have found other places to be safe and comfortable, etc. No, no matter what your current living situation or lifestyle, they will insist on crate training your dog. Then they go through a program that’s at least 3 weeks long (so not addressing the dog’s specific issues, but a program) and they’ll sleep in 4x6 kennels with wire fencing and concrete floors with anxious dogs surround them. Yes I am aware my dogs are spoiled. But this is hugely a wrong direction - dogs with homes don’t deserve that. It sounds like they’re creating another, if not more, problem(s) in that environment. No thanks. I hope their other trainers are better. Or just go elsewhere really. Nothing regarding Covid should prevent a trainer to work with you/your dog personally outside (safely with masks on, obviously). Oh and dog parks are bad because dogs become dogs there (?!?!?). So you know, bad on you for bringing your dog to a dog park ????

Bryan Hood

2 years ago

The Driven Dog will gladly take your money for the initial assessment. Karin immediately recommended a 6-week program ($3,500) after seeing our dog for less than 60 minutes. We obliged. We were told we could drop our dog off after a specific date, this is not true. After learning this I simply asked for a refund and kindly said they weren’t the trainers for us. Karin blew my phone up and tried to back-track. She promptly stated that the $400 was non-refundable. I would gladly pay twice that to not have her train my dog. You can see in her previous responses that she can’t control her temper and demeanor, which is why we chose to not let her anywhere near our dog.

Alysa Ferr

3 years ago

Rude staff Period. The comments of the owner to bad reviews shows how unprofessional this business establishment is.

Christine P

3 years ago

I called to receive information in regards of the service. Karin text me back stating that they could do $50 consultation at their facility in Gardena. I asked for a phone call first since I had questions before I decided to head over there. Then she told me need to pay $125 for a phone consult prior to speaking to anyone. How am I supposed to know if this service will be a good fit for me and my dog if I can't ask basic questions? How am I suppose to feel safe going in if I have no idea what measures they take to keep their clients safe from Covid? Terrible service, don't waste your time. As you can see by their response below, they will take no feedback. Never encountered such an unprofessional company. Good luck to anyone who has to deal with Karin! And by the way, for anyone wondering, the "polite reply" she is referring to is the third posted image. I guess lying is better than admitting that some work on the customer service front is needed.

Delrick Vasquez

3 years ago

Staff was rude and very unprofessional . Would not recommend. What is more disappointing is that instead of trying to fix a problem, they try to discredit a review. Proves my point about the service.

Dina H

3 years ago

Do you have a dog that pulls AND wants to go after every critter that walks on four legs? Call Karin! You have to go to her facility in Gardena for your evaluation and she’ll explain to you what works for your dog. I decided to go with the board and train package with her and her team. I’ve learned a lot and am grateful that I can manage my 70+ Shepherd mix. The training WE BOTH received and continue to receive is worth the investment!

Emma Fishel

3 years ago

The Driven Dog is an excellent training facility. We went through many trainers prior to using the Drive Dog. We had both our German shepherd and Golden trained with the Driven Dog. Not only were the dogs trained but we were too so we would be able to properly maintain our pets. The staff is always available to this day if we need advice on any new issues that occur. We have also boarded our dogs and had a refreshment course for them which helped tremendously. I would highly recommend the Driven Dog. It may be a little costly but it is worth the money.

Jacquelyn Marie

3 years ago

The Driven Dog is a top notch training facility and worth every penny. I have witnessed Karin working with many dogs (of all breeds) that others have given up on and deemed untrainable. Her insightfulness and understanding of dog behavior is spot on. She is really good at evaluating and analysis of why a dog's does something, and then creating a training program for both the dog and their owner to solve the problem. For dogs without behavioral issues and just need obedience training look no further.

Jennifer Hogue

3 years ago

I have known Karin for some time now and she has by far been absolutely amazing when it comes to helping me with nitro. If it weren’t for her (and her husband) my dog and I would well have probably killed each other. Her whole staff and facility are top notch and Karin’s experience and mind set on training truly is a dime a dozen. 10/10 recommend and I recommend them to everyone in the LA area.

Myrna Ferniza

3 years ago

Karin, thank you for providing excellent service for not only Bandit but also for Bailey! I contacted Karin in the summer of 2018 after rescuing a Siberian Husky. I had no idea just what I was getting into and just how much work (trouble) huskies are. Karin was honest from the get go and let me know huskies are game changers. Without proper structure and exercise they will destroy the house. I hired Karin on the spot and she took Bandit into her care. Karin made it a point to tell me it was going to take some time and ended up keeping Bandit for almost 7 weeks but wow, when I got him back Bandit was a different dog. We maintained his training and although Bandit still has his goofiness he is a really well trained husky. Fast forward to 2020. I contact Karin AGAIN. This time because we reduced a female Germans Shepard and we absolutely needed Karin’s help. Bailey (we gave her this name because she was a stray) suffered from a lot of anxiety and was afraid of everything. Karin took in Bailey (even during COVID) and her and her staff really took their time to help Bailey out with all her issues. Not only that but one week before Bailey’s “release” day we dropped of Bandit a week before to do a refresher and also to have Bailey and Bandit do some trialing together. 6 months later and Bandit and Bailey are doing awesome and are definitely a bonded pair. What I appreciate about Karin and A Driven Dog is their directness and bluntness. I appreciate her telling me how difficult huskies are and to be prepared and study the breed. She didn’t sales pitch me just to get me business. She was honest and gave me worst case scenarios which is why she has my business and I recommended her to all who ask me.

Adam Ovando

3 years ago

I haven’t had a puppy for over 10 years and I decided to get a rescue pandemic puppy. I knew I needed assistance to help me improve the quality of life for my puppy. Karin has been a valuable resource for us both.

O Free

3 years ago

David and his team are kind and gentle handlers. My German Shepherd pup was a fine tuned machine when she came back from puppy boot camp. After getting to know David and the team, they seem more like family.

jason diaz

3 years ago

We took our 3 year old American staffy for a 6 week board and train. The staff at the driven dog are amazing! Karen is so quick to reply to any email or message we send and is also so friendly! My wife and I have interacted with most of the trainers and they are all very professional and kind. One thing I loved was how they teach us as owners how to interact with our dogs as much as they teach the dogs. It’s been 3 months that our dogs been back and he’s doing amazing! We attend the group classes as often as we can as well and we see improvement there as well! Our dog isn’t very people friendly but he loves the heck out of all the trainers there so he must of had an amazing time!

Ronald Ragland

4 years ago

David is the best. Thoroughly enjoy working with David.......he is a talented trainer who helped me get the best out of my active, animated GSD. I consider him a friend, and would not hesitate to call on him for anything related to training/communicating with my Dog.

Caroline Rowland

4 years ago

A really good experience all round!

Charlene Talbot

4 years ago

We have used Karin for in home training and board and train. We had a new German Shepherd rescue, and Karin helped us understand her behavior and how to work with her. She takes the time to try to figure the dog out. From day one our dog knew Karin was in charge.

Claudia Sandoval

4 years ago

We highly recommend Karin and The Driven Dog. All of the trainers are wonderful. We signed up our Labrador Retriever (Bruno) and our German Shepherd (Cooper) for 6 weeks of board and train. We are beyond amazed at the results of both our dogs. Karin is very patient, informative, and knowledgeable. Our dogs’ attitudes and body language have completely changed. Our dog walks with Bruno and Cooper are now worry free (NO PULLING!!), and best of all they are no longer aggressive and anxious around other dogs (NO BARKING LIKE CRAZY!). We love that Karin is always available for any questions or concerns we may have even after the training. Plus, they offer awesome Board and Train Supplemental Classes (at no additional cost!!), so the pups and we don’t regress. We are forever grateful for the dog training help we’ve received from The Driven Dog. We would definitely and highly recommend Karin and the rest of the trainers.


4 years ago

My Dillon goes to the daycare while I’m working and loves the staff! I trust them with my big boy????

Yanely Gonzalez

4 years ago

Services are awesome!! Ever since I’ve been taking my dog to training, I’ve seen a great improvement. I highly recommend this place to anyone! The trainers are great with answering any questions, concerns and they give you a great understanding of their services. :)

Sean Rivera

4 years ago

The staff is great and the service is A+

Sami Black

4 years ago

I found Karin in early 2016 via the AKC website within a list of official Canine Good Citizen trainers/ evaluators. I don't know what made me pick her out of the many, but I am seriously happy I did! …

Elsa Tung

4 years ago

This 5-star review of The Driven Dog is LONG overdue! My husband and I found Karin on the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) website and started working with her a few months after we adopted our then-4-year-old rescue …

Pamela Rodriguez

4 years ago

Karin has been a heaven sent for our dog’s Quality of life. He suffered with terrible separation anxiety, and lacked any ounce of confidence. After training with her and her team, we learned so much about how dogs think, and how to stand up and be a voice for our people-shy pup. He loves his crate, he loves to learn, train and get rewards for doing so. He trusts us, and is a much more confident and secure dog. We can’t thank Karin enough for her continued support and guidance even after he came home.


4 years ago

Highly professional and dedicated team.

Michael Kelley

4 years ago

Karin and her staff trained our 2 dogs, an older black lab and a golden retriever puppy to stay in a designated place when visitors arrive, sleep in a crate, and to walk easily on a leash.

francesca nicole

4 years ago

The Driven Dog family, led by Karin Chan Wright, has given our family not only guidance and continued support, but also the know-how to implement long-lasting training techniques/plans. Our board and train experience and Sunday classes have allowed us to be more in tune with our dog, resulting in an even stronger bond within the family. The consistency comes from being able to have a great relationship with her team and access to their knowledge even after the board and train ends. Karin understands people's needs and most importantly how to give your furbaby fair treatment and the ability to succeed. I recommend the Driven Dog on all levels-for all services, a great training experience, and down to earth fun times.

Gaby Rodriguez

4 years ago

Karin is great! She is super honest with how she can help train your dog which is the best part of The Driven Dog. My son has autism and she was training our golden retriever to be his service dog and he truly did learn so many things. I would recommend Karin to anyone who needs any type of training for their dog.

Ite Offringa

4 years ago

Karin Chan provides down to earth no-nonsense training that will improve your quality of life by teaching you and your dog to live together more harmoniously. Her board and train made it possible for us to keep our intense Belgian Malinois/Dutchie at our home with less stress for all of us, and through her bi-weekly free group training sessions we keep on top of things. The "on place" command has spread to one of our other dogs (see pic). 4 paws up for Karin and her team!!

jack garbarino

4 years ago

Karen is a true Dog Guru and if it wasn't for her I would be probably be dealing with a serious law suit from my aggressive Italian Mastiff. At this point she will be the first person I call to train my next puppy . …

Julia Cobb

4 years ago

Karin and her team are awesome. My dog did their board & train program and came back with so much more confidence and obedience. Karin doesn't just train your dog to listen to commands, she trains you to be able to read the signs they are giving you and to understand their behavior so you can be a more effective handler. Additionally, the bi-weekly meet-ups are such a great opportunity to practice being around other animals and people in a controlled setting, and it's nice to meet people who have been through the same program. I highly recommend the Driven Dog to anyone who wants a good doggo.

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