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Alfredo Lopez-Bruce

2 years ago

Unable to do what I needed to do. Look into my cats files to check information.

Moana Munyer

2 years ago

Serrano Animal and Bird hospital were amazing with my chicken!!! They took her in as an emergency and helped reassure me and talked me through her problems. I bring my other chickens here along with my guinea pigs. They are not close to me at all but def worth the drive.

casey falls

2 years ago

I had to put down my little parakeet after he went through weeks of major health issues. RIP OREO ???? That being said, I've never had such great care at a veterinarians office. These ladies absolutely kill it with kindness, courtesy, compassion and expertise. All while this place is extremely busy! The receptionists on multiple occasions were like octopuses handling so many tasks at once and efficiently. The docs were very informative and kind. Even though I lost one of my babies, I still will bring my other birds ONLY HERE. I felt like I knew everything they were doing and walked me though proper procedures, diets, medicines and lifestyles for my little Oreo and my other birds. Thank you ladies again and I will be bringing Sylvester and Daisy in soon for a basic checkup!

Allyson Stevens

2 years ago

I took my Ragdoll cat here on recommendation from people in the community. I had high hopes based on the raving reviews, but sadly it wasn’t all I hoped it to be. 1. The prices here are a little ridiculous. I understand you are paying for the expertise, but a neuter was over $600 and each office visit alone is $75 even if they don’t do anything. That is 3x what it is at a normal vet. 2. You have to stay in your car while they examine your pet. I felt like this really limited my ability to ask the vet questions (which I am paying a lot for). Every other vet that I know of is now allowing you to come in. 3. The people working the reception can come off as cold and rude, and don’t seem to know what they are doing. Someone had forgotten to put some of my personal paperwork back in my cats carrier before they returned him to me. I called to ask if I could pick it up and Amber answered. She told me they didn’t have it and didn’t seem to check very hard. I figured maybe it fell out in the car, I checked my car and it wasn’t there. I called back and got a different person who immediately said they had the paperwork and I could come pick it up. When I called to schedule my next appointment, Amber answered. I had some questions and concerns since it was a surgery and she had to put me on hold several times to find someone to ask. She even originally tried to book my appointment for a Friday, and only after placing me on hold to ask someone a different question did she come back and say oops we don’t schedule surgeries on Fridays. You would think someone working the reception scheduling appointments all day would know that? After deciding to go to another vet, I called to cancel my appointment and request that my cat’s bloodwork be sent to me. Amber answered and turned cold when I told her I wanted to cancel, but said she would get the bloodwork sent over. I waited over a week and never received it. I called again and suddenly it was emailed to me within a few minutes. Amber overall came off as rude and unknowledgeable for a premium vet clinic. For as much money as you pay, I would expect to have knowledgeable staff who are kind and friendly. Overall I trust the feline vet here, but the amount of money combined with bad service is why I won’t be coming back. I wouldn’t recommended this place unless you have so much money you don’t know what to do with it (and don’t mind waiting weeks for an appointment).

NoAnna Brown

2 years ago

Staff are kind and knowledgeable, especially when dealing with exotics.

Jennifer Trask-Irving

2 years ago

They don’t care about animals, they ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY! This place was recommended to me from Orange County Guinea Pig Rescue, I believe in error. They are NOT guinea pig experts. The vet herself said she’s only had a few guinea pig patients. They knew nothing about our beloved pure breed Peruvian long haired silky pig’s problems, charged $180 to tell us “we don’t know”, charged more for food to syringe hand feed it, and antibiotics that didn’t work, and then tried to charge over $600 plus in additional testing after these interventions did nothing. When I asked for a cheaper vet referral as my husband had lost his job and I have cancer, they didn’t offer one referral. The initially nice office staff turned cold when we called multiple times to try to follow up and couldn’t pay for all the testing and they refused to help without another $180 visit. Our pig is dead, they don’t care about animals, THEY CARE ABOUT MONEY!

C Williams

2 years ago

My rabbit was not eating or going to the bathroom when I woke and was clearly not herself and very uncomfortable. Of the 8 pet hospitals in Orange County I called, Serrano was the ONLY one that would see her for an emergency visit (including the pet hospital I had previously gone to for well visits who told me they could not see her for a few days!!!). Both doctors were reassuring and answered my questions. She was well taken care of there and able to come home the next day. I highly recommend Serrano.

Holly Hand

2 years ago

Was a Great Experience everyone was so nice from the first phone call. Thank U

Lawnmowers On

2 years ago

The staff at Serrano Animal hospital are amazing. They take such great care of my animals and wouldn't trust anyone else with them. They make you feel at ease and are very reassuring.

Scott Chance

2 years ago

Great people that know so much about all kinds of animals. Thank you guys and gals so much

Chris Jackson

2 years ago

Scott and Kristi are wonderful, caring and compassionate. Thank you for your dedication. Scruf, Wrotten and Derp said to say hello and hope they don't need to come back for a very long time.


2 years ago

They truly care for the well being of your loved pet, knowing it is part of the family.

Pigeon Moth

2 years ago

We went here the other day as an emergency intake, paid $800 worth of blood work and X-rays and were told that the doctor had no idea what was wrong with my dog. They sent us home with nausea medicine (which my pup refused to take as she refused all food). The next day we ended up at the emergency vet, we had the exact same work the other vet did sent over to them and they immediately diagnosed her with Autoimmune hemolytic anemia and jaundice. From the exact same work this place had already done. We paid $3,000 for overnight at the emergency room and it was looking very bad. We went to another vet place today and they did a lot more for a lot less. Currently they believe she can be treated at home, but there’s a chance she will get worse. The vet tech’s are extremely nice though and I really appreciate it. Absolutely nothing against the staff it’s just the one doctor who I am frustrated with. It’s also expensive compared to other places, and seems less organized but they could just be busier.

Sharon Willett

2 years ago

Super helpful front staff that helped me in an emergency last month. They will become my new vet now!

J.D. Abbey

2 years ago

Going on my dog's second year here. Covid put a wrench in Vet visits, but they have a solid procedure in place that while seemingly stressing the time available to their Vet Asst.s, they seem to be handling it quite well. The vets I've interacted with have been knowledgeable and helpful, the prescription process was simple and scheduling worked out for me, so I have no reason to dip below a five star here. Keep it up.

Tracy Schroka

2 years ago

The vet we saw here was extremely knowledgeable and took his time with us. We love it here !

d e

2 years ago

Serano animal and bird hospital took such good care of our pet bunny is Izzy . Definitely look forward to a getaway soon where I have peace of mind and that they will take a good care of our pet. Thank you

Dallas Ellis

2 years ago

Dr. Weldy is the best!!! Wouldn't trust my furry family members with anyone else!

kaitlin morang

2 years ago

They took in my baby last minute. Very friendly and caring staff.


2 years ago

Their vets and staff always have great bedside manners and treat our hamsters the best they can. They’re experienced and knowledgeable with hamsters and are my preferred exotic vets in CA.

Danielle V

2 years ago

I showed up at this vet as an emergency. The vet came out with in 5 min and said our bird looks bad and needs fluids and feeding tube to start off with. An hour n half later the front desk comes out with papers asking if i want fluids and other stuff..... NOT RECOMMENDED FOR A TRUE EMERGENCY.... Also charging me 145 for emergency service... Yet nothing was done. I asked for my bird back and am at another vet now.

Totti Hay

3 years ago

Dr. Weldi (I’m not sure the spelling is correct) was amazing with us. He saw our bunny Totti, and the procedure went amazingly well. He took the time to talk to us and listened to my concerns. He was able to complete the procedure using sedation instead of general anesthesia. I’m very thankful to him and all the medical personnel who works at Serrano.

Mike Middlebrook

3 years ago

Very nice staff, quick and responsive to my pets needs.

Sophie Jelbert

3 years ago

The staff is super sweet and they took great care of my bird.

Craig Wayne

3 years ago

I have used the services of veterinarians for over 50 years and I can tell you that Dr. Kristi Krause is the best that I have encountered. I see her for everything from reptiles to wild cats.

Diane Leemon

3 years ago

Experienced, wonderful staff. They treat your pets like they are their own. Love Dr. Weldy- he is the best.

eric anderson

3 years ago

They took good care of our desert tortoise of 12 years after it was hit, not run over, by a car. A landscaper worker left the gate open. They tended to the shell damage and we followed all instructions with follow ups and all is going well. They care about the outcomes of these events. Dusty is doing well.

jb Daley

3 years ago

Called with a problem with my cat and they were so uncaring after years and $$$$$ spent there couldn't get me in for days. Called Alicia Pet Care and they fit me right in and were very attentive and agreed he needed to be seen right away.

Yvonne Rahim

3 years ago

The staff is very kind and caring. When I travel , I board my rabbit there and know that she is in good hands.

Karen Shinozaki-Dol

3 years ago

I was very pleased with the drop-off service. Serrano Animal Hospital services all kind of animals - I have brought a toad and now a tree frog and they helped from a non eating state to eating state. The Vets are very knowledgable and kind. I would highly recommend them!

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