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Rachel Perrault

2 years ago

A huge selection of Reptiles and supplies, everything you will need for your reptile

Jessie James

2 years ago

Great place to get my snakes dinner ????

Michael Arpon

2 years ago

love this place. I go here for all my Bearded Dragon needs

Thomas Hodges

2 years ago

Good place they took a reptile back when my boy didnt want to take care of it anymore . Love the place

Sierra Pruner

2 years ago

Been a customer for three years now. Things were fine all the way up till about a year ago when she started selling me sick and dying mice, they'd be dead by the time I got home. (Yes I know about heat deaths, that's why I brought my own carrier for the mice everytime i bought some.) But I'm fed up now since I've gone back three times this week and have bought five mice already, every single one of them died within 24 hours of having it. Just yesterday I went to get two more and they seemed fine and everything, went through the night fine and went to school and came back, those two were dead. But the other two were completely fine, just the two brand new ones I came back for died already. It's just a noticeable pattern of her giving us dying or sick mice.

Heath Perrault

2 years ago

Always helpful and very knowledgable.

Florence Amor

2 years ago

I got my little Red Tegu from the Reptile Den at the reptile expo. She is an amazing animal. She has a great temperament and a healthy appetite. We are still getting to know each other but I know we will have that lifelong bond once she trusts me completely. Thank you Reptile Den for my newest family member!

matthew steffen

2 years ago

Great store with huge selection and amazing service. The owner is friendly and incredibly helpful and is always concerned and knowledgeable to help you with all your husbandry needs.

Rachel The Tattooed Momma

2 years ago

Literally the cheapest priced crickets and mice in town ???? Favorite place to get our lizard some crickets. The owner has been there for years and has always been nice to me. She'll answer all the thousands of kid questions my kids' ask too ????.

Shado Sachs

2 years ago

They are very nice people

Laura Prieto

2 years ago

Interesting assortment of reptiles. Nice uromastyx and salamanders. Things you dont always see. But absolutely filthy store. Can tell bedding and cage walls arent scrubbed often. Dusty shelves and supplies. Was disappointed.

Lawrence Daniels

2 years ago

Great pet shop lot of exotic pets great service!????keep serving the community.

Sandra O'Dell

2 years ago

A very HUGE assortment of lizards from Monitors to Beardies. I was impressed by the owners Uromastix Collection. Babies to adults there a many HEALTH & ACTIVE pets to choose from.

Andrew Grijalva

2 years ago

Highly recommend for any new or experience reptile owner I go there to get pinkies for my snake and the owner is really nice and simple.

Tiff T

2 years ago

We love Viki and all her reptiles! Amazing customer service ????

Joseph Barr

2 years ago

Good service for a small business they surely out perform Pet Smart & Petco

Hopey Ventura

2 years ago

Great owner.She has everything I need for my Jackson and is very helpful when I need some advice on my girl. She even took in my chameleons babies, since I didn't know my Jackson was pregnant and was not ready to be a breeder and would have no idea how to care for 13 new born chameleons.I was lucky she took them and I go visit them often to see the status and it's been over a week and there still all healthy. 10/10


2 years ago

The place is dirty it smells like no one has ever cleaned any part of it. The reptiles are overpriced and do not look healthy. Please go to any other Reptile Store.

Jacob Hoskinds

2 years ago

I love the Reptile Den!!! Vicky is very knowledgeable can you take care of any needs you have.

MikeandSilver Rosales

2 years ago

Got me a beautiful Juvenile tortoise from this place

Robert Gonzalez

2 years ago

Live crickets and Meal worms. Best price around. Owner is very nice hard working Lady. We bought our Chameleon from this location also

sevran vanderswagg

2 years ago

I thought I knew everything about reptiles. Guess what, I don't. This place has filled in the gaps of my reptile knowlege. Do I know everything after visiting The Reptile Den? Probably, but definitely way more than I did not going to The Reptile Den. VISIT THE REPTILE DEN!

Tracy Kiggen

2 years ago

Not the cheapest in town as so audaciously stated on their street sign. Also, it’s not the cleanest store in town either. But if you’re looking for an expert on reptiles then this is the place to go. The owner is very knowledgable and helpful, and she’ll even tell you the gender of your snake for no charge.

Daniel Martinez

2 years ago

What a great find was in the area being from San Diego. I got to say this was an awesome reptile store, bought some goodies for my chameleon.


3 years ago

Do not go here. These reptiles are sick and mistreated. They use sand, their food is rotten, water full of mold and there are way too many adults housed together. The enclosures are DISGUSTING and clearly hadn’t been cleaned for months. Some had clear marks of fighting. Saw at least 4 reptiles with mouth rot. This place should be shut down, it’s truly cruel. The majority of these animals look near death. Please choose somewhere else if you value your pets life.

Sam Orozco

3 years ago

Vicky is a true professional. Her love for what she does is abundantly clear, thank you for you service. We love our water dragon ????

Paul Luna

3 years ago

Helpful owner, well taken care of animals

Sidney V

3 years ago

I rather give 0 stars but unfortunately I can't. I called and asked what kinds of frogs they have and she named them all very quick and when i asked her to repeat a couple she refused to and was giving me attitude the whole conversation. She was very annoyed that the conversation was taking long but it only lasted 40 seconds. I wanted to research each frog to see which one i wanted before I came in (so that i didnt have to stay for long bc of COVID-19) but she was very rude on the phone and wouldn't cooperate with me. Im not sure what kind of business this is but I already know that if I came in to the store I would be disrespected and not listened to just like I was on the phone. Its not that hard to be nice, I was being very polite and that Cranky Old Hag that works there took advantage of that. I doubt her store is poppin right now. Somebody needs to check that employee that was working Wednesday June 10th at 3:40pm.

Luci Ritchie

3 years ago

Amazing staff, the lady there is so nice and theres everything I need to give my reptiles a good home. Definitely recommend it.10/10

leroy martinez

3 years ago

Love this place for new additions to the family and also just for their up keep.

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