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Robert Lemarcheur

a year ago

The nicest , most caring people there.

Debra Hoover

a year ago

We recently moved to Monarch Bay Terrace and I just love the staff, more importantly, the doctor and the kindness, quality of care extended to our dog. Because of covid precautions, pet owners are not allowed inside and I completely trust the staff and doctor. She’s thorough before and during visit and, in this day and age, even gives follow up calls to make sure that there are no additional questions or concerns. The group totally rocks!!!

James Baker

a year ago

Nice, clean, professional hospital with an awesome medical team

Deb Ferber

2 years ago

I had an emergency and they squeazed me in. Very Profesional team ???? highly recomended. The vet is a true animal lover. This should be your Vet of choice in Orange County

Alen Kevorkian

2 years ago

Came in for neutering, as well as a baby tooth removal, and micro ship, allot going on, but while he is under it is best to get it all done, rather to keep putting him under. He is doing very well after the procedure, and we were told what to expect, as well as to bring him in for a check up... Very happy with the professionalism.


2 years ago

I had to wait a lot while they had my dog but they were very caring and though rough. They really do care. I saw lots of dogs and cat owners taking their pets in for help. I found our that my puppy has Cushings. That broke my heart. But I found out early enough to be able to treat my pup. These people and the doctor really do care for your animal. I believe you will be happy w them. I am. They saved my puppy and me.

Chris Fisher

2 years ago

Good service and have had great response from both of my Great Dane's treatments.

Larry Stern

2 years ago

Dr. Christina Haney truly loves pets. And it shows. A small boutique practice. Great service and good prices.

Jason Morrow

2 years ago

Hi, Do you enjoy being talked at? Are you looking to have your pet butchered? Or how about appointments, ever just want them changed without you knowing? This is the place for you! Also the receptionist customer service skills is war crime.

wendy peterson

2 years ago

Something very wrong was happening to my dog.When I couldn't get him in to my regular vet, I rushed him to Alicia Vet who is close by. $600 later, was sent home with a bogus "nothing is wrong, dogs get use to pain". I frantically took him to VOC in Irvine. Discovered his right eye blood vessel detached making him somewhat blind. This is a dog that runs up and down stairs suddenly blind. Why didn't Dr Haney discover this since I depended her to give an exam and should've discovered this?! Get out of practice, Dr Haney!

Nicolas Day

2 years ago

I can't believe this lady is still in business. My vet was booked solid on a holiday Friday and I found this vet who was close and had availability. She took advantage of the fact that I already had a vet for my sick cat and totally manipulated me into tests and consultations my cat didn't need and she knew it. She will pull you in a little room and give you the wrong information to get you to agree to some extra opinions which should have been a sign she didn't have confidence in her own assessment or was a con artist. This was the worst kind of vet because she knew my cat was dying and she used his sickness to squeeze money from me only to tell me on the phone she had to pay her bills also. Really?

Nick Rubalcava (Killrcobra)

2 years ago

Please don’t make the same mistake I did, I left my trust in this place with my best friend. If you have a small dog please go somewhere else, it doesn’t matter if they have all the data they need (from poop and blood) they also took my dog from me.

dubcbritt xo

2 years ago

Good luck trying to get anyone to answer the phone over there! I just had my cat spayed here 2 weeks ago and now that her incision is healing and the glue is gone i can see some stitches, and i need to know whether they are dissolvable or they need to be taken out. Everytime i try to call no one ever answers the phone its always press 1,2,or 3 or 0 for operator and i press 0 and its the same recorded loop over and over again

Ge In

3 years ago

$600 for x-rays! Called around $200 is normal. Not going back.

juliana kocher

3 years ago

Took my cat Turbo to get neutered and had a great experience! The staff is so kind especially franke who went above and beyond to let me know my cat was in good hands. Highly recommend taking your fur babies here.

Rose Mendoza

4 years ago

Dr. Haney and her staff have been really professional and caring toward our pets. The office is clean with the state of the art technology available to diagnose and treat is patients.

Ann Haight

4 years ago

We can’t say enough good things about Dr. Haney and her wonderful staff at Alicia Pacific. From the moment we moved here a few years ago and became clients, we’ve always received outstanding care for our aging Lab. The staff always greeted us and cared for our boy as though we were family. Throughout his recent journey with many health issues, my husband and I were so grateful for the kindness, compassion, and most importantly, excellent care our dog received. Dr. Haney was open and honest with us about his condition and always went the extra mile for us to be sure he was receiving the best care possible. She was with us every step of the way when we knew he could fight no longer. We highly recommend this wonderful practice.

C. B.

4 years ago

I am so grateful to know Dr. Haney and to put my dear cat "Cappuccino" in her expert professional care. She is smart, honest, forthright, and caring, and such a lovely person to deal with. We've been taking Cappuccino to Dr. Haney for about four years, and are truly appreciative of the care he receives. The facility is sparkling clean and staff are really nice, and most importantly, I can truly trust Dr. Haney. I trust her excellent veterinary knowledge, and her outstanding experience, and her character. I know our darling fur baby is in the best hands with Dr. Haney. I count it as a blessing to have her on our team. I would give her a 10-star rating if the program would let me, because she is absolutely superlative.

Cate Coffelt

4 years ago

I wasn't going to write a review, but after meeting someone this morning who also had a very negative experience with this vet, then I felt compelled to share. First of all, I give one star, but I will let you know that the front office staff was very nice. The rest of my experience was awful. A tiny history of my dog first. She's been sick and on and off medications to address various infections due to her allergies since April. I was working with a vet in the LA area before I moved here a few weeks ago. She's only a year old, so this is concerning. I had a full panel allergy test done since NONE of the medications worked on her. I had this test done 2 weeks prior to moving to this area and we learned my dog has several food and environmental allergies. This was the first vet I found that was closest to me, so I made an appointment since I felt my dog was sick again. BIG mistake! I was greeted by a friendly guy at the front desk and then brought to a very bright and loud room. The room echoes a lot. The vet walked in and we started talking about my steps in the past months and weeks in trying to help my dog get healthy. I mentioned that she is not the same happy pup since she's had several invasive procedures already. I also mentioned that I had her allergy tested and was starting to cook her food to address her food allergies. This vet immediately dismissed the test results and told me that these allergy tests are not accurate. This upset me since these tests are several hundred dollars. I asked if that is the case, why do vets suggest them to their patients? Then she proceeded to tell me to put her on a hydrolyized? diet, which has grains in it (even though my dog can't eat rice, oat, green pea, etc.). She explained that this food is broken down to where the dogs don't even know that they are eating what they are allergic too. Sorry, but I told her I am not going to pay $45 for a little 7lb bag of food that my dog won't eat or that has ingredients she's sensitive too, so I felt more comfortable cooking her meals. I mentioned that I am allergic to the planet and understand them VERY well. She was totally dismissive of this comment. I also showed the vet a new rash and several bumps that showed up on my dogs belly, private areas and hind legs. You can also see where my dog had and was still continuing to lick her fur off. I also told her that my dog does nothing but lick her private areas (which were VERY raw) and was worried about another infection. She said that the licking was not anything to worry about, that it looked like what she was doing was normal. REALLY? Her fur is gone and she's very, very pink with a rash and little bumps. Then at one point she tells me, "I want to help you have a better relationship with your dog". Seriously? What does that even mean? Every vet in my past has always recognized the measures I go to with my pets. This was SOOOOOOO insulting and rude! I am in her office trying to get help for my dog. She told me to try and put her on Benadryl or Claritin. Claritin is loratadine, which was one of the medications I told this vet that my dog did NOT respond too. So much for listening! The only thing she shared that made sense was giving medicated baths to my dog, so I bought some "soothing" shampoo. I left there feeling very odd, dismissed, unheard and totally like I was a hypochondriac regarding my dog. Fast forward to the next week and my dog is VERY sick. Her red bumps and rash have spread, she was vomiting every time she ate and had soft runny stools. I found a different vet in the area that had to give her heavy duty injectable antibiotics, eye salve for eye infection, an anti-bacterial/yeast shampoo and a diet that follows removing those items my dog is allergic to. SEVERAL hundred dollars, feeling very dismissed with my concerns and a very sick dog was the result I experienced from visiting this vet. I would recommend that this vet start LISTENING to her patients humans and maybe thoroughly examine the pet before flapping her mouth and offering harmful advice.

Claudia weldon

4 years ago

I love Dr. Christina Haney and her crew. Best veterinarian ever! My dog loves going there and gets the best personal care on all levels. If Matthew is there for a bath and they notice anything I need to know, I get a call personally from Dr. Haney. Proactive care is the best you can hope for. I recommend all pet owners to try this place out!


4 years ago

Dr Haney was absolutely wonderful with my female ragdoll cat Flopsy for many years, even making house calls so Flopsy would have less stress. Dr. Haney and staff were kind, caring, very intelligent and thoughtful in their approach, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who loves their pets!:)

james quigley

4 years ago

Very friendly, knowledgeable staff and expert care, my dogs and I love this place.

Jarred Coulter

4 years ago

Dr. Haney treated my Lahsa Apso for an immune disease with care, compassion and affordability. Fillmore is doing great thanks to Dr. Haney and the staff at Alicia Pacific Veterinary Clinic!

Trisha Jones

4 years ago

Went to alicia pac vet in an urgent situation with one of my cats. The vet was so kind and compassionate to what we were feeling and going through. It was an incredibly painful choice, but I felt like he went in the most peaceful environment he could be in. Thank you!

Stefanie Kalland (Thompson)

4 years ago

Dr. Haney has been great taking care of my whole zoo! We have 3 dogs and a cat and getting in to see her is always easy. I especially like that she always personally calls to check on them if they had not been feeling well.

Norm Klevens

4 years ago

Greeted at arrival, zero wait at the appointment time and needs were met when Willow was examined.

Ron Kingsbury

5 years ago

We are very pleased with the level of professionalism and warmth that we’ve experienced at Alicia Pacific Vetinary. Dr. Haney and her team are knowledgeable And so kind. We’re committed to bringing our little Izzy here As this has been the best experience we’ve had in Orange County!

Jean Voska

5 years ago

They handle our very large strong dog wonderfully and staff all seem to be animal lovers, great office

Greg Forrest

5 years ago

Dr. Haney knows her Vet stuff and she has great interpersonal skills. She has done a great job with my dog Sallie. On two occasions where Sallie had potentially serious problems, she offered to, without me having to ask, she recommended to me well known and respected specialists who worked exclusively in the area of Sallie's problem to get a second opinion and both times, their results were the same as Dr. Haney's. I would also like to say that the people on Dr. Haney's support staff are not only competent, but also, really nice to both Sallie and to me. When Sallie is having health problems I get really upset and I appreciate the support that Dr. Haney and her whole support staff provide. I would and do recommend Dr. Haney to my friends. Sallie is still alive today and Dr. Haney has been a major asset in keeping Sallie alive. P.S. In case you had not already guessed, I love Sallie as much as life itself and I have no idea how, when the time finally comes, that I will be able to go on without her.

Ashley Adamowicz

5 years ago

I'm very thankful for the staff and veterinarians at Alicia Pacific Veterinary Center. They've helped me with my manx cat and are always patient with him as well as my questions. The email reminders are very helpful since I'm a student and work full time. Couldn't think of a better place to take my pet.

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