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Samantha Delatorre

2 years ago

If you care about your beloved fur baby then you will NOT take them to this place. PLEASE I would hate to see someone lose their best friend to this careless environment that claims to be a vet hospital. I understand if you are desperate and are in dire need of assistance but your pet will leave this place worse than they entered (or worse not get to leave with you at all as was my friend’s awful experience). Please, find a different facility. There are unqualified people working here that have failed to be removed by the medical board, and are not certified to be handling pets in any way.

Kristy Evans

2 years ago

PSA DO NOT BRING YOUR PET HERE. I lost my 9 month old cat yesterday because of this place over a SIMPLE neuter. They lost him BEFORE any procedure even took place. How do you lose a healthy, active & happy young cat before even STARTING a procedure. My biggest regret in life to this day is bringing my cat here. My family is devastated and beyond upset.

Devon Hutchinson

2 years ago

I can tell Dr Sue cares a lot about our pets. She spent an hour talking with us at our initial visit, explaining everything about our cat’s disease. Highly recommend her and her caring, attentive staff!

meagan manion

3 years ago

Great staff - I was really nervous about the surgery and the vet came out in advance to calm my nerves. Excellent staff and Dr! Our puppy is healing perfectly!

Kelly F

3 years ago

Don't go here if you care about your time, money, or your pet. I came here with my newly rescued cat for my first appointment. I needed to get him updated on vaccines and treat him for an upper respiratory infection he acquired from the shelter. My appointment started 45 minutes late. I felt very rushed and like nobody had time for me. I was shuffled between 3 different people, given deceiving information about pricing (was told I would get a discount so agreed to get shots & buy stuff and then was not given said discount), and they tried to sell me everything under the sun. Also high level of unprofessionalism as two employees clearly had drama going on between them and made frustrated remarks in front of me. One pro: the people working at the reception desk were kind.

Joseph Camarena

3 years ago

I had an identical experience to Ann Johnson. UPDATE 8/21/20: South Bay Vet in Chula Vista confirmed with us that our kitten was actually never spayed! They found both of her ovaries, and even gave us her ovaries in a container as proof! Please don't go to this vet. Safe yourself the trouble and heartache. Original review: We are also VERY UNHAPPY with the Village Veterinarian Hospital in La Jolla. Please use another Vet for your animal(s)!!! After adopting, we were given a receipt for a complimentary “spaying” of our kitten. We scheduled our kitten to get spayed here only because of the connection to cat rescue facility close by and the free spaying. Although the spaying was free, we payed an additional $90 for pain medication and an e-collar afterwards. After bringing our kitten in, they estimated she'd be done by end of day. Later that day we called and they said she was almost ready, and they'd call us when she could get picked up. We ended up calling later and they had told us that she never underwent surgery! They had to keep her overnight, meaning she went an entire 24 hours without eating, and possibly drinking water, I'm not sure. It's been several months since the procedure, and we've come to find that our kitten is now in her estrus (heat) cycle, with ovarian remnant syndrome (confirmed by a hormone stimulation test by Thrive on Friar's Road). We called the Village today, and the receptionist said, smugly, that ovarian remnant syndrome happens in cats that were spayed too early (which makes no sense because kittens can get spayed as early as 8 weeks). Two other vets suggested that we contact the Village to re-do the surgery, and that they should offer a reduced or even free surgery because of the circumstance. Well, the Village said that it's highly unlikely that they'd offer a reduced price, "because it wasn't our fault." At best, they would talk to the doctor to see if they would be willing to reduce surgery cost. Well, we're going to opt out of the surgery at the Village, as we can't trust them to do the job right the first time. That makes me think they wouldn't do it right the next time. BAD experience at this place; please choose another (even if you have a free card for surgery).

Ann Johnson

3 years ago

We were VERY UNHAPPY with the Village Veterinarian Hospital in La Jolla. Please use another Vet for your animal(s)!!! After adopting, we were given a receipt for a complimentary “spaying” of our kitten when she reached approximately 4 months old. We would not have used this Vet Office otherwise, as it was quite a distance from our home. Therefore, we scheduled our kitten to get spayed here only because of the connection to cat rescue facility close by and the free spaying. Well, the cost was not free and we payed an additional $200 for IVs/fluid; standard pain medication and an e-collar afterwards. We were instructed to bring kitten in at 10am (our kitten had not eaten since the night before); doctor doesn’t even arrive tell 11am to begin surgeries. I called a few times to check on our kitty hoping we could pick up by 3. The last time I called to find out how she was doing at 4 they informed me she had done well and would be ready for pick up at 5:30pm. Of course, I was disappointed that she was not ready for pick up now. When I got there at 5:25pm for pick up, they told me she was still in surgery. So basically, they had lied to me before and hadn’t even started surgery. I could not believe my kitten had been there all day and wasn’t even started in surgery till probably close to 5pm! They brought her out in carrier a few minutes after 6pm and handed me carrier. The girl gave me NO printed discharge instructions and only a couple of sentences of verbal instructions (best not to let cat run around for 2 weeks; might be a little nauseous for a few hours). OMG, I asked where her E-collar was that I purchased for her to wear home? She said “Oh, we didn’t put on cuz of her behavior” Wouldn’t you think they would put on BEFORE anesthesia wore off! She finally went back to get an e-collar for us to take home. I also asked her If my kitty had “sutures” as I thought that we might have to schedule to come back to have them removed. The girl told me they were dissolvable sutures. So I said ok. Well, we get home and after examining our kitten, we find they are regular big SUTURES and indeed will need to come out. BAD experience at this place; please choose another!

Alex N

4 years ago

Worst experience I have ever unprofessional and clearly money hungry. This was my first time here and will definitely be my last.

Tianyun Hua

4 years ago

My cat had severe suture reaction which lasted for a month from the internal suture used here after her spay surgery. Doctor wouldn’t admit that the infection was caused by the internal suture and she wouldn’t solve this leftover problem from the surgery unless we pay her. As soon as we found another vet and he took out the leftover suture, my cat healed in 3 days.

Marsha Sable

4 years ago

Thank you for trying to save my precious little girl Maizy. You have it your best and I am very appreciative

Joey R

4 years ago

Dr. Sue is a very caring and loving to her animals she cares for. She has saved many dogs that should of never survived, a true professional.

Erik Nunn

4 years ago

The Village Veterinary Hospital was so helpful with my two cats. They made room for us on super short notice and gave us a wealth of information. They were able to provide recommendations for things that I didn't even expect and the results have been fantastic. I would definitely recommend any family or friends to go to them because they are the best of the best. Thank you to all of the staff!

Nicholas Shantz

5 years ago

I’ve been taking my dogs here for several years. Dr. Sue is amazing. She really takes the time and care for your animals. I feel very confident in her decision making. The staff here is always really friendly.

Manny Garcia

5 years ago

My girlfriend and I recently brought our cat here to get fixed and Dr Morizi was AMAZING. They fit us in same day last minute after so many other places turned us down and we were so grateful to find Village Vet Hospital. The care was top notch and Dr Morizi really takes the time to get to know you and let you know you're in good hands.

Andrea Owens

5 years ago

The vet was very kind to my furry babies, and I loved the care she provided. Thank you, Village Veterinary Hospital!

Katherine Lacy-Barber

6 years ago

Sue Morizi and her staff are quite literally life savers. She has taken care of our dogs, their puppies, and saved the life of another pup in our care. She is the most talented and technically proficient veterinarian I have ever met in my lifelong experience as a pet owner.

Mario Muniz

6 years ago

I've never been disappointed and my dog has always received the best care. Very caring staff.

Kim Oliver

7 years ago

Peg Cuppy did an amazing job grooming our dogs. She's a true pro and the hospital is very nice (state of the art, extremely clean, and orderly). I highly recommend this veterinary hospital! Thank you Peg!!

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