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Jason Lashchuk

2 years ago

They cut my cats whiskers. Would not recommend this place.

Natalie Varnay

3 years ago

Dr. John is not our primary vet since we live in northern CA, but we spend a lot of time in La Jolla and have gone to him about 5 times. I wish we lived here so he could be the full time vet to our Morkie and small fluffy rescue, Scarf. He is compassionate with our dogs, effectively communicates treatment options to us, and has reasonable prices. He readily offers specialist referrals as needed. Leslie, the groomer, is also excellent at making our furry family members look beautiful and healthy.


3 years ago

Dr. John Morizi is a very caring and knowledgeable vet. A few weeks after we moved to San Diego from the east coast, our 1 year old pup was stung or bitten by a venomous insect. She had a severe anaphylaxis and we rushed her to the Pet Health Center. We called ahead, and Dr. Morizi and his team were ready to immediately take our pup inside to treat her. Without Dr. Morizi and his team, our 1 year old dog would have died from anaphylactic shock. I highly recommend this vet!

Alaine Sanderson

4 years ago

Dr Moritzi was able to see Bentley my retriever for a hot spot. He explained what it was & checked him overall. He fixed Bentley up & he’s doing really well. I’m so happy my retriever is in good shape. Thank you

Olivia Winkler

4 years ago

Dr. Morizi seemed very experienced and thorough in diagnosing my dog's issues. He explained why and what he was going to do for my dog and was sensitive about the cost to me in treating my dog. He is available most times by telephone, and follow ups, and that is comforting. I have full confidence on Dr. Morizi as a veterinarian, and wish I had found him sooner.

Linda Henn

4 years ago

Superb service, readily diagnosed the problem and treated our dog. We found the veterinarian to be extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

Justin Ross

4 years ago

Previous to finding Pet Health Center of La Jolla, we hopped around from veterinary office to veterinary office, never fully satisfied. We were vagabonds by circumstance. Our pup was getting older, and we were starting to have to consider the possibility that we might just be those obsessive dog owners with unrealistic expectations. After working with Dr. Morizi, Megan, Yvonne, and the rest of the team, it was clear our patience had paid off. He's knowledgeable and thorough, easy to schedule with, and has never tried to sell me anything. We've seen Dr. Morizi a lot over the past four years with our Boxer now approaching 13 years old, and we couldn't ask for a better partner in managing his health. I'm convinced Dr. Morizi and his staff are the absolute best. His is the standard by which I judge my own healthcare professionals.

Jackie Palmer

4 years ago

I love the staff at Pet Health Center of La Jolla. It's a private practice with only one veterinarian, and I like knowing Dr. John is always going to be the one who sees my pup. He takes good care of my 12 year old boxer who is a frequent patient of his. Dr. John performed surgery on his torn ACL and after only a couple of months Manny was running around again.

Devin Laine-Toner

4 years ago

The guy who runs this place, if you can even call him a vet, is the rudest, condescending pos I’ve ever met, that will jump to conclusion on whatever will make him the most money. And rule out every other possibility, based on his ridiculously dumb ideology. He demanded that multiple x-rays needed to be taken on my dog (to the tune of $500 because his prices are OUTRAGEOUS), When the x-rays came back inconclusive. Just buy joint supplements for your pets online instead of dealing with this poor excuse for a man. Because the joint supplements are what turned my dogs health and well being around. But of course he’s not going to recommend something that will actually permanently fix your pets well being and health for an extremely cheap price of $25 for 90 supplements, because he just wants to see you come back again and again spending thousands with no conclusion to your pets health. Just do your research online. There is tons of different 5 in 1 multivitamins in this day and age to turn your pets health around for the better, for good. I personally use Zesty Paws 5 in 1 multivitamins that turns your pets skin & coat, hip & joint, digestion, heart, and immune system health around for the better, FOR GOOD. Every person in the neighborhood that I’ve talked to about my experience here asked me why I went to him in the first place, because they all already knew he was an “idiot” and had no idea what he was talking about and his best interest is not your pet. You can tell just by the way he treats them. His best interest is your bank account. Stay FAR AWAY from this business if you care about your pet and don’t want to go through what I’ve gone through by taking my beloved sharpei, ilo, to this monster. If you MUST go to a vet, there are so many better options. Pretty much anywhere else honestly. Try governor animal clinic. They will actually care for your pet and do what’s best for them. They replied to this post saying the entire vet bill wasn’t even near $500. Which is funny because each x-ray was at least $250 and the entire bill came out to around $700 actually. If they’re going to completely lie about what they charged, what else are they lying about? I just read the other review from 2 days ago saying someone brought in their cat perfectly healthy and within 24 hours it was fighting for its life, with the vet saying it needed to be put down since it wouldn’t make it. Then $6000 in vet bills later and 1 month of recovery it survived... looks like more stories are surfacing about this fraudulent scary place. Sounds like a wonderful business! Keep trying your best to kill animals guys so that you can charge people thousands of dollars!

Alpha Beta

4 years ago

Vaccine almost killed our cat. kitty was perfectly healthy before we took him in for checkup. Vet insisted we vaccinate. Within 24 hours the cat was fighting for his life at the vet hospital. The hospital told us he would likely not survive. cost us $6,000 of hospital bills and took over 1 month to recover.

Annette Rawers

4 years ago

The Pet Health Center is friendly and accommodating.

Greg H

4 years ago

Kind personable staff, free new client check up, cheap heartworm test, quick referral for meds, lots of treats and a bone to keep my dog comfortable

Dana Hicks sr

4 years ago

Great place to work and bring your furry kids. Hope to see you soon.

Ashley Estepa Harmon

4 years ago

Dr. John and his staff are amazing! They are caring and helps out in every way possible! We have been bringing all our pets there and refer all our friends and family to him. He gives us the best options and his honest opinion in the best care for your pet.

Mike Kappes

5 years ago

Very warm and comforting staff. Professional attention at reasonable costs. Will continue to take my Vizsla and Rhodesian Ridgeback there for care.

Zach Nussbaum

5 years ago

Best vet in town!! They have been taking care of my dogs for years. Always eager to help and able to solve any issues or concerns. Friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend the Pet Health Center of La Jolla

Wendy Wang

5 years ago

Dr. John Morizi is a knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, friendly & trustworthy vet with many years of experience. He is very gentle & caring with my dogs as are his vet techs & groomer. His office manager is efficient & organized. Bonus that she replies promptly whenever I have questions & she notifies me when my dogs' vaccines & dental/annual exams are due. This clinic is very clean. Digital X-Ray equipment & a state of the art operating room are on site too. --Wendy Wang

Wendy Oliver

5 years ago

Every visit has been a good experience. Kind, helpful, reassuring and efficient. I’m so grateful to have Pet Health Center so close to home. Thank you!

Sharon Summers

5 years ago

Dr. Jon is the best and has a . Great staff Thank you all so much for all you do to help heal our fur babies. Love & Peace to All

Robin Werner

5 years ago

I recommend Pet Health Center for all your pet needs. Dr. John Morizi is a consummate professional and is extremely knowledgeable. He takes a straight-forward approach to addressing your pet's health needs without making things unnecessarily complicated or costly. He and his staff are a pleasure to work with!

Natasha Sankovitch

5 years ago

I’ve been taking my cats to Dr. John for years. He and his wonderful staff are terrific with my cats. Knowledgeable and kind, Dr. John always explains exactly what he’s doing and why. I trust all of them with my cats. Also, fair prices, good hours, and good parking.

Nancy Beck

5 years ago

I cannot begin to explain how amazing our experience was! I have been having a challenging few months with my Wheaton Terrier's health ... She had a horrible ear infection that didn't completely resolve and also led to a yeast infection. I kept taking her to our regular vet, that is closest to where we live. In addition, she had a skin issue and was smelly and constantly itching. I addressed this with our vet and they didn't think there was a problem. After months of this, I decided to go back to Dr. John Morizi who had performed Ellie's spay (we only used the other vet because it was more convenient to where we live). We arrived early by mistake. The vet tech was so nice to us, she sat down and asked about what was happening with Ellie. She cuddled her and gave her treats. Then Dr. Morizi took over and discussed with us at length the ear issue and also the itching. He was so thorough and knowledgeable. Within that appointment, we solved the ear problem, which is now healed and the skin issue!! I am so happy! Clearly, my girl Ellie is back to her normal high energy, lovable self - Thanks to Dr. Morizi and his staff. He is now Ellie's regular vet and I will not make the mistake of choosing convenience over working with an amazing vet!!! I highly recommend Dr. Morizi and his staff!!

Megan Shelton

5 years ago

Very thorough and experienced took 10 min to diagnose the cause of my dogs incontinence and inability to walk after several appts with another vet. Doesn't overcharge and is very sweet and loving to my furbabies!

Marsha Sable

5 years ago

Always well taken care of when my pets have issues. Staff is friendly and responsive to my needs

London Chong

5 years ago

Dogs have been patients for years. Excellent doctor, team and facility. Extremely caring and tried to comfort my nervous dog. Wpuld recommend to any and everyone.

Justin Haley

5 years ago

Helpful with new dog and provided additional information for 24/7 vet operations

John Rissone

5 years ago

Only been there one time so far, but they made special appointment time accommodations, were very friendly and knowledgeable, and priced very reasonably. No wait.

Gale Baccaglini

5 years ago

Dr. John Morizi clearly loves dogs and took wonderful care of our small terrier, Lulu. She had a very sensitive paw problem, and he calmed her down, and she gave him kisses after he examined her paw. I am delighted with his knowledge and experience.

David Fisher

5 years ago

Been coming to Dr. John for 20 years and have always appreciated his easy, caring way with my K9s. Recommendations are always carefully explained and I always feel like me and my pups have been well served. Staff are all excellent to. Very friendly place to do business. Thank you all!

Darcey Anderson

5 years ago

Dr. John and his staff are wonderful! Great service, and exceptional knowledge.

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