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Matthew Huntley

a year ago

This office has a lot of heart, kindness and compassion. I would highly recommend this one.

Lord Marcel

2 years ago

Outrageous prices.. they wanted $350 for indoor kitten shots alone.. require 4 visits..

Marie Stevens

2 years ago

Not reliable, not responsive. Calling and being told "we'll take a message and have the Dr. call you" go unresponded. Poor quality of care, will not recommend this location nor will I take another pet here.

Chris Sohovich

2 years ago

This review is for "Dr." Snyder. The staff is very friendly. I've been taking my dog here for about 18 months. We noticed a couple lumps on her back and took her in. Our dog is a boxer. "Dr." Snyder's learned course of conduct was to squeeze the bumps and see if anything came out. One she got something out of, the other she did not. She says, let's just keep an eye on them. Fast forward to the next annual check up and both lumps are still there and our dog has developed a new one. Same exact treatment, but the new one had stuff in it too. I, the non veterinarian, suggest maybe we should remove or test the lumps that have not gone away. "Dr." Snyder agrees and says she is concerned about two of the lumps and we should get them removed. We pay $1300 to have the lumps removed and are told we'll have the results in two business days. This was on 2/4. Fast forward 10 days and I have to call the office to ask what my dogs results are. They didn't call me, I had to call them. Completely unprofessional and completely unacceptable. One lump turned out to be a mast cell tumor, which boxers are prone to. As I have learned since this horrible experience, the absolute last thing you want to do to a MST is agitate it so it degranulates and spreads. Well, "Dr." Snyder has now attempted to squeeze it two times and removed it without getting proper margins. She wants us to come back in because it apparently didn't occur to her that a breed notorious for MSTs would have a MST and she could just squeeze it and manipulate it and it would magically go away. Nor did it occur to "Dr." Snyder that it may be a MST before she removed it so we weren't told to start our dog on benadryl or prednisone until 10 days after it was removed! This is like tell someone to wear their seat belt AFTER they crash. "Dr." Snyder was so concerned with our dog that she waited 10 days after agitating the tumor to tell us to put our dog on benadryl and prednisone. If I hadn't called I wonder how long it would have been? The level of incompetence by "Dr." Snyder is astounding. Run far far away from this vet. Don't bother writing in response to my review to call your hospital manager. You know who I am, you call me. I won't hold my breath for two business days, I already know how that turns out at your hospital.

Peggy Cohen

2 years ago

I have been going to VCA North Park for over a decade now and recommend this facility most highly! The staff and veterinarians are outstanding in every way! My dogs have received the best care possible at this animal hospital, both preventative and in response to illness. Dr. Feng, my primary veterinarian, is exceptionally knowledgeable, thoughtful, and compassionate. She has accurately diagnosed illnesses, provided comprehensive treatment, and responded to every question and concern I have ever had. A little over a year ago, my little maltese developed SARDS. Dr. Feng suspected this but referred me to a specialist to confirm. She was correctly accurate, as she has been in all diagnoses with my dogs in her care. Dr. Feng and the entire staff helped me to care for my 10-yr.-old dog who suddenly went blind for the past year. They were loving, supportive, and thoughtful at all times. A week ago I had to say good-bye to my beloved Bentley. I am still grieving but want to acknowledge how incredibly kind and supportive Dr. Feng and the staff were and have been through this difficult time. Even behind the COVID masks, their love and dedication to their clients and animals was evident in their eyes and gestures. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Feng and all of the staff at VCA North Park.

John Stuart

2 years ago

Went in today and they wanted to charge over $500 for an eye exam on my 19lb dog because they would need to give him a sedation pill. He's nervous around strangers so normally I would be there to assist and keep him calm, but due to Covid they won't allow that. I refused service after they quoted the markup (other vets will do this for under $200), but they kept $75 of that anyways, I guess just for me wasting their time. They are gouging people without actually performing service. This was my first and last visit to this clinic.

Damian Rivas

2 years ago

The staff was extremely friendly and I could tell that Dr. Snyder truly cares about her customers' fur babies. She answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns kindly and professionally during a worrisome experience with my dog. I think I will switch to this vet for all of my pup's healthcare.

stacey yim

3 years ago

This vet is the absolute worst. They take advantage of the love you have for your pets. Dr. Snyder is a fraud. She does not know how to diagnose or treat any animals. All she recommends is every test in the “vet for dummies” book and try’s to figure it out from there. Take your pet somewhere else!


3 years ago

My dog lilo has been going here for going on 2 years now the staff is friendly and super helpful with information highly recommened

Debbie Sigman

3 years ago

We take Angel, our dog to this veterinary office every year. They are knowledgeable and helpful . We love the great care and service they render to us and our dog.

Justin Carrera

3 years ago

Very nice and friendly staff! Definitely a plus that they are very close to us but the service we received was beyond wonderful and we will make sure to bring our Lily and Lenny back for future check ups! ????

Katherine Brady

3 years ago

I went here to get a regular yearly checkup for my cat, Pixie. She was 1.5 years old and a tabby. Beautiful kitty. I noticed her losing weight as well and I thought it was diarrhea causing it so I mentioned that. Dr. Schnyder suggested I get blood work to check anything else that she may have. She got the blood work back and said she had high protein levels in her blood. She immediately said she had stomatitis. She wanted her teeth out ASAP! Which was a way to get rid of most of the effects of stomatitis. I volunteer at a cat rescue place and checked all kitties teeth. If that were the case then all of the kitties at the rescue facility would have stomatitis. I took her to another vet and I told her what Dr. Snyder said. She was shocked that Dr. Snyder would even mention that she had stomatitis. My kitty got an ultrasound at the other vet, and they found tumors in her abdomen and kidneys. This vet actually checked her temperature, her stomach area and her teeth. She did have a fever and she did have swelling in her stomach area even before the ultrasound was done. The vet gave me medication for helping her feel better but there was only so much she could do. She only had days to live. CAN YOU IMAGINE someone asking you to get your teeth removed while you are suffering from tumors in your stomach?!!! She could have lived longer had it not been for Dr. Snyder's misdiagnoses! I will not be going back there again!

Sherry Leal

3 years ago

We love coming to VCA Irvine North Park Animal Hospital. They are very gentle with our dog. Our dog as a thyroid problem and has allergies and they have been working closely with us to provide the best care possible. We have been going here for years now and plan to continue for as long as we have animals :D

Uncle Al Schwartz

3 years ago

Our 15-year old rescue cat Circe is still catching rats and jumping a 5-foot wall. It requires a profoundly good veterinarian to keep them going like that. Our younger cat is not top cat yet!

Valerie Cook

3 years ago

I've been taking my dogs and cats to IVS in Northwood for nearly 15 years now and couldn't be happier. We go for medical issues and grooming/boarding. The staff knows me and the critters and they treat us all well. The dogs are my babies and the staff respect that and care for them like the family members they are. The dogs are comfortable there and the grooming is always great. I never worry when I board them there either. I wouldn't go anywhere else for healthcare for my guys. And if you don't believe me, just ask Wallie. He absolutely loves going to see his friends at Irvine Vet!

Cheryl Kreul

4 years ago

We love these guys!!! The groomer Dana is the BEST!! The crew that assist her in bathing them are so good. They come home so stress free and happy...Our last groomer would return our dogs nicked up and some bare spots...Our dogs would cry when we drove up to the building. We are just elated to have them...

Xinping Wu

4 years ago

I took my newly adopted dog to this hospital. The adoption agency suggested this vet hospital because it provides a free service for newly adopted pets. I took my pet there but did not get too many info on the general health of my pet. …

Colleen Mullen

4 years ago

Every one is caring and kind and always treats each animal with wonderful care

Rebecca Sorci

4 years ago

I’ve been taking my dog here for the past six years and have been very happy with this office. Not only are they accredited, but the staff is always friendly and the facility is clean. They truly care about my dog’s well being and I never feel pressured to move forward with various treatment options. I appreciate the consistent post-visit care calls to ensure that my dog is doing well after her visits. I will keep coming here and recommend this office for any pet owners in the area!

Scan Mp

4 years ago

Over the past 30 years as the ‘parent’ to several cocker spaniels, the constant home for their Heath has always been Ed and Pam’s IVS. First at their main center and for the past many years in Northpark. Rather than post a lengthy review, I just wanted so say that if only every business operated as they do. It’s all about their staff. They love what they do and aren’t just cheerful but experts. Greatful to them. Thank you!!! Even the grooming is surperb. This is my only complaint. All I do is say VET and the dogs jump in the car, rush to go to them and when boarding they don’t want to leave. Not pleased, not at IVS, but with my kids. They have no loyalty!

Barb Loder

5 years ago

Accolades:The staff is terrific-all of them: the vets, the front desk folks, and the Vet tech Rachel. The vet I see most often is Dr. Snyder who I believe is the director. Professional to the max.Friendly supportive knowledgeable. They give you written notes for meds instructions etc. My 22-year-old kitty Maddie is Getting the best care he has ever Had. This has become more important for him As he is such an old kitty. I love him so much and feel good about the care he gets here. Lots of individual attention, And that goes for during boarding too.

Kate Anderson

5 years ago

Very friendly staff, timely appointments and the people there clearly care about animals.

Liz Duran-Smetana

6 years ago

An incredibly attentive and gracious staff. Dr. Snyder is one of the best Vets I've ever known. The groomer has personally taken care of three of my last Westies. Dana really cares about the breed and is extremely skilled and efficient. A well run hospital which is attentive to all their clients and pets.

Rich Allen

6 years ago

Outstanding staff who always display professional, caring attention to my Golden Retriever, Regi. I am so fortunate to be able to have the staff supporting me in Regi,s quality of life.

Jolene Reinig

6 years ago

Wonderful caring people - won't go anywhere else.

Joe Dickson

6 years ago

I have taken my Dog to a lot of Vets. This is the best so far. Tell them to do independent research and forget the chart with past problems that are already resolved.

Beth P

7 years ago

We've been taking our babies to IVS for over 11 years now. They have taken care of three dogs through routine care and emergencies. At all times Sharon and her crew have made us feel like family. All of the vets have been caring and taken whatever time is needed to help us through crises through the years, even over the phone when we were out of town. When we lost one of our babies, everyone in the office cried with us. They supported us through that period and then helped us find our newest baby from a rescue recommended by one of the vets. He is now being groomed at IVS and looks awesome and happy when he leaves there. We have taken dogs and cats to several vet offices over the years; we are happy to have found IVS.


7 years ago

The Customer Service is very good! The Front Desk Girls are very nice and smily every single time with us and my dog MATEO! I highly recomend for Boarding, I guess the Groomer service can definetely Improve, but she (the groomer) was a sweetheart calling back to improve her job next time! Thank you so much, We are loyal to you!

Bonnie Smith

8 years ago

I have been taking my two dogs to this office for 6+ years. I feel like they are part of the family! Sharon and Dr.Snyder are the most honest, helpful, compassionate people I have ever known. I am always treated with respect ( no matter how anxious I am) and they do everything possible for my pets as well as me. No problem is treated lightly and I always feel heard. I know they put my dogs first and understand how much they mean to me! During a surgery one of my dogs had Dr. Snyder kept in touch with me the whole time and Sharon was so supportive that I was able to stay calm knowing he was in good hands. I couldn't take my "boys" to anyone else, they are simply THE BEST!!!

Julie Metzger

8 years ago

All of the vets here are top level. It's pricey but they are detailed and friendly.

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