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Paula Lucas

2 years ago

I had taken my Labrador puppy to two other dog training facilities and the quality of training/teaching did not compare to the quality of the Hounds Grounds. I was very satisfied with the quality of training and my pup thrived in their weekly classes. I learned a lot from the instructors for it's really up to the handler to get the dog to do what is wanted, and I found that their teaching was logical, simplistic, and effective. It worked so well for my pup! It was actually really fun to go to each class and the time flew by so quickly. I wholeheartedly recommend The Hounds Grounds for your dog's obedience training

Susan Brackett

2 years ago

I have never seen professionals so dedicated to their craft. If you are looking for obedience at the expense of your dog’s well being — this place is NOT for you. If you want to build a relationship with your pet that transcends obedience and results in communication, happiness and love - you’ve found it.

Tiffany Tulowitzki

2 years ago

We are so thankful to have found The Hounds Grounds and cannot recommend their training classes enough to any dog owner needing some assistance/direction with their training. We truly look forward to more classes with The Hounds Grounds!

Trevor Wainwright

2 years ago

We had a great experience with the trainers at Hounds Ground. After a rocky start and some health issues with our puppy (Saffi), they worked with us and invited us back to retake the class. With no health issues, Saffi came along really well. The outstanding results are attributed to the experience and patience the trainers showed. Thank you for the great work. Trevor, Sue and Saffi.

Lauren Mathy

2 years ago

The Hounds Grounds is absolutely amazing! My 8 months old Golden Retriever just finished the basic obedience class and it was so helpful for both him and me. I have learned the correct way to train Ollie and he has learned so much. We have seen so many little cha he’s in him since taking this class. He has become a better walker and responds so well to my commands now. He even will come when called- this alone is a lifesaver! The trainers were both so patient and knowledgeable. They taught me so much about how to correctly respond and communicate to Ollie what I need him to do and taught me how to continue the training at home. I am so thankful I found Hounds Grounds!!

Eva Lempert

2 years ago

The Hounds Grounds is absolutely AMAZING. My 10 month Goldendoodle puppy needed some training and we were looking for something more than just a pet store trainer. We just completed the Basic Obedience class and hands down, it was such a great decision! Christine and Melissa were amazing trainers — so patient and willing to work with each participant one-on-one even within a group setting. They provided us with so much information and great tips! The first class alone was so helpful, I knew the next 6 weeks following would be awesome. They made training Pippa so easy and I came out of the 7-week course feeling like I can be a better dog owner and strengthening our bond! Thank you, ladies, you are amazing. Keep doing what you're doing. ❤

Jenny Pham

2 years ago

I can’t express enough how much we LOVE The Hounds Grounds. We completed the Basic Obedience Class with instructors Christine and Melissa and they really helped us understand how to train our dog. They were thorough, patient, and had many great tips. Bailey is a lab and overly excited all the time. In fact, he almost got kicked out of the first class because he didn’t know how to calm himself down and became a distraction to the class. In the 6 weeks of training, he has learned to calm himself down, stay in sit/down position a long duration of time, go to “place”, recall, and do loose leash walking. The best part was that the class was held outdoors with many real life distractions surrounding them, i.e. people walking their dogs, kids scootering around, families having BBQ’s, squirrels, gophers, etc. We highly recommend The Hounds Grounds. They are so amazing!!!

Rachel Blake

2 years ago

The Hounds Grounds is the place to go for puppy socialization, dog training, Club Dogs, and so much more. Our Chocolate Labrador Shaq and I just completed the 6-weeks outdoor obedience class with Christine and Melissa and it was challenging and so rewarding. The trainers at The Hounds Grounds have years of experience and really take the time with you and your dog to get you in a good place with a well-behaved dog. I had also completed the obedience training a couple years ago with our 2-1/2 year old Black Labrador Kobe and he was a challenge as he was quite the puller on the leash. The trainers (Christine and Brandi) spent the extra one-on-one time with me that I needed to get a better handle on leash work with him. I bring up going through the training with both dogs because each dog is different and has their special training needs and I learned so much with the training that I did with each dog. The Hounds Grounds is the BEST!

Arshan Ferdowsian

2 years ago

You can trust the trainers of The Hounds Grounds. They know how to train dogs and how to teach you to be a better dog owner. We are very satisfied with them. Highly recommended.

Julie Cavanaugh

2 years ago

I adopted a 2 year old husky mix from a rescue and at first was hesitant about even going through formal training but IT MADE SUCH A DIFFERENCE. (Basic obedience course) My dog loved going to training & I felt like I became a much better owner in the process. (Also wanted to mention that all covid precautions were in place & I always felt very safe). Christine was so amazing and I highly recommend bringing your dogs here :)

Paul Keilbach

3 years ago

We love The Hounds Grounds. We drive out weekly from Los Angeles because they’re just the best. This should be your first call after bringing home a puppy!

Melissa Kellow

3 years ago

I’ve had dogs almost my whole life and have gone through many Basic Obedience classes with my pups, to include 2 courses through The Hounds Grounds. Their methods are like no other and actually work… So much so I took the Foundations in Dog Training course through The Hounds Grounds. This amazing course has provided me the tools I needed to start my path toward becoming a dog trainer. The course is jam packed with information; from body language, to proper exposure and socialization, then behaviors and obedience. Brandi does an amazing job explaining it all. Almost immediate hands on work with a pup where you can actually see the methods used and get to practice them in class. This is not a class where you can skate through…you don’t do the work … you don’t get the certificate… as it should be. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to know more for their own pups, walkers who want to be better for their pack, or wanting to get started in your trainer career. ~ Melissa Dog lover… Dog owner… Dog Trainer.

Lorin Correa

3 years ago

We couldn't be happier with The Hounds Grounds. Our GSDs started with Puppy Socialization when they were 3 months old. Now at 10 months they continue going to Club Dogs and have completed Basic Obedience. Thanks to all of the mental stimulation and socialization they are the happiest pups around. Christine and Brandi are incredibly knowledgable and have helped us tremendously as to how to navigate certain behaviors. Our family loves this place and you will too!!! Bonus- they take cute holiday photos ;-)

J Finemel

3 years ago

Our Labrador Kona and I just completed our 6 week obedience class and she found it fun, rewarding and challenging . It was great to see the impact it has made on our dog and applying to daily activities . I highly recommend it !

Gwendolyn Donley

3 years ago

I have been bringing my dog Freya for a few months now, and it’s the only daycare place she likes. I take her every Sunday to a traditional dog daycare near my house, and you can tell she wishes she could go to hounds grounds instead. She loves Brandi and Christine (the trainers) almost as much as me. The staff actually engages with the dogs ( instead of just mindlessly watching them like most daycare places) and gets them to do fulfilling activities like agility courses, lure games, and practicing obedience. The hound's grounds has helped build my pup's confidence up through their activities, and she always comes home a happy, tired girl. The best part is watching the videos on their Facebook page of the day’s activities and seeing how much fun she is having with all the other dogs!

Melissa K

4 years ago

I don’t have behavior issues with my girl…I don’t have a behavior issue because we go to Hounds Grounds!! I’ve been bringing my now, 11-month-old, girl here since she was about 5 months. We’ve completed basic obedience, agility and now working on our advanced obedience. I bring her to Club Dog which is AMAZING!! The controlled social interaction, obedience reinforcement and overall mental wellbeing Club Dog provides is unstoppable. Not your traditional (thankfully) doggy daycare. These furry kids learn the whole time they are there while they are having fun. I have called with situations/questions and the team gives me pointers that work! Everyone is knowledgeable and I have never doubted their techniques. I’m adding to my pack in a couple of weeks and he is going to be a Hounds Grounds Hound from the start.

Kristina Elder

4 years ago

This is a great dog training facility. They have a great offering of classes depending on your dog. They have helped my dog become better around other dogs and he gets to do agility while doing so. Love working with all the trainers there.

Victoria Alberty

5 years ago

They are very good training facility. And even their day care is productive

Stephanie Grimac

5 years ago

Brandi is an amazing trainer!! Her hands on experience as well as her sincere love and understanding of dogs shines through every class! I highly recommend the Hounds Grounds group classes for anyone who wants to have the dog they have always dreamed of.


5 years ago

I have been there twice with my rescue and the trainers are absolutely amazing. They are well versed, professional, and very patient. I highly recommend this facility.

love thylove

5 years ago

My experience with The Hounds Grounds was nothing less short of outstanding. The knowledge they have on the behavior of dogs is beyond anything I have found. I have had dogs my whole like (that a long time and many many dogs) and never have I experience this level of understanding a dog. I am forever indebted to them. If nothing els, just call - then you will understand you are not speaking with your average dog trainers.

Kristy Zois

5 years ago

The Hounds Grounds helped us understand our fearful lab. We were able to be trained so we could raise a happy, healthy dog that is no longer afraid of us or strangers. Thank you Hounds Grounds!

Jenny Brackett

5 years ago

The trainers at The Hounds Grounds are amazing! They have really taught me to understand my dog. Best of all they make training fun- before training my dog was a chore, now it's something we both look forward to doing together. We both love the group classes, it gives us a chance to practice skills out with others, meet other dog parents and my pup has a blast!

Debbie Hinkley

5 years ago

This is the best place to take your dogs for Any kind of training. The people here are so in tune with each individual dog & what their specific needs are. They are truly dedicated to making dogs & their owners happy. They train in a way that makes it enjoyable & fun for the dogs.

Christine Shultz

5 years ago

I am a person who struggled for years to find the right trainer for my own dogs, I wasted so much time and money on trainers who over promised and under delivered. Then I found the trainers at the The Hounds Grounds and they literally changed everything for me with my dogs from our very first consult. They give discounts on training for Active Military, Veterans, First Responders, and to people who adopt from shelters and rescues. They truly care and you will have the most personal and positive experience the moment you meet them. My dogs are doing amazing thanks to them and I never felt alone, it means so much when you know you have people in your corner who want you and your dogs to be super successful. 5 Stars isn't enough!!!!!!!!!

Austin Sewell

5 years ago

We had our behavior consult last night and I left motivated and empowered to get my pups challenging behaviors under control.

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