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Samantha Haugh

2 years ago

Expensive and worth every penny!! My dog came back amazing, Ashton is an amazing trainer. She really cared about my dog and made sure we had all the tools we needed to keep training my dog who is now amazing! I can’t say enough about the professionalism of the entire staff.

Surfer John

2 years ago

Great place great people that are highly trained to help.

Steve Stegman

2 years ago

Great training solid program for training animals

Monika Lemm

2 years ago

I knew we needed help as I could get our pup only so far with YouTube videos but was hard to decide on trainer as there are so many in the area. And then by chance we were at a get together and I was absolutely amazed by how well a year old pup was behaving with so many new people and distractions. Of course I inquired from the owners right away and two days later I was making the call to Sit Means Sit. The in home consultation was scheduled and we met Brayden who took us over the programs they offer and showcased one of his pups training. We signed up on the spot for the private lessons and the only thing I regret is that I didn’t know about them sooner. I was very against e-collars because of the selective info I read on line but after trying it on myself at various levels and talking to Bryden about it I realized it is a actually a great tool (yes I tried it on myself at various levels) it doesn’t hurt her just gets her attention. Our pup was a completely different pup just after one session - she was responsive and actually happier. Believe she was frustrated before because of the unclear communication but now she is living up to her potential. Walks are calmer and expectation are clear, off leash manners drastically improved and play in the park is enjoyable instead of losing our voices yelling after her. Can’t begin to tell you how highly I recommend these guys - if you are motivated to do the work and be a part of the training, sign up for the private lessons. If you don’t have the time, sign up for their board and train. You won’t regret investing in your and your pups happiness.

Chad Hogan

2 years ago

This is THE place to get your difficult to train dog trained quickly, and humanely in top mental condition. I'm only two lessons in and my big, unruly and distracted doberman is now focused, calmer and is now fun and safer for kids and other small dogs to be around. Bravo!! Do yourself and your dog a favor and get training!

Judy Loughlin

2 years ago

Great trainers. They train you as well as the dog. This is the 3rd dog we have used them to train.

Lady Jane Kennedy

2 years ago

Junk food !!!!!! Coffee I great !!!!

sarah Van Brocklin

2 years ago

Love them. Our dog was bananas and he is a completely different dog now. We are still working on things but so much better! After months and other trainers/facilities, we have found the one.

Patricia P

2 years ago

Our frenchie is push button perfect now. Sit means sit got him to the point that he behaves like an angel now and does everything we ask. He knows sit, stay, down, leave it , up, stop and heels off.leash. true miracle workers! 10/10 would recommend!

Dalton Douty

2 years ago

Bryden had our puppy beagle Benny for a few weeks—we could not be happier. Beagles are stubborn and Benny came back a new pup. We wanted Benny to get better walking and with overall commands. We’re still in the training process and Benny can’t wait to see Bryden again. We would definitely encourage everyone looking into training to visit Sit Means Sit. Staff is friendly and we could not be happier with their process. Thank you ! Thank you !


3 years ago

We took are Charlie to Sit Means Sit and Jon was our trainer and he has performed beyond what we expected. Our Charlie came back a changed dog and so well behaved. I would highly recommend Sit Means Sit. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH WORDS TO SAY THANK YOU

Art Decuna

3 years ago

Great trainers and customer service!

Angie Dahman

3 years ago

We decided to put our Shepard Husky in the two week board and train. She was already a good dog but while out on walks she would get very excited (in the wrong way) with some dogs as they passed. We can now walk her off leash and do not have any issues when passing any other dog. Her recall when there are distractions is spot on-yes you have to keep working with them but it does work. Someone had said something about a shock collar. I personally tried it on different settings on my hand it it was vibration not a shock. Our pup is usually on the lowest setting which is more of a tickle to get her attention. The staff has been super friendly and we have even taken her back for weekly group classes which she is doing so well in. If you want a very well behaved dog I highly recommend Sit Means Sit OC.

Kaitlyn Xa

3 years ago

I love love love this place! I had a bad experience with a private trainer and still wanted to get my German shepherd husky mix some training! I was looking specifically for off leash training because with how big my boy is getting he would rip my arm off whenever we went on a walk with all his pulling. Sit Means Sit was amazing when I contacted them. I came in for a fee consultation where they discussed with me the different programs that they had and a couple weeks later I signed up with them! Each session has been a different trainer and I had never had a problem with any of them! Each one gave me more information than the last one. I absolutely love this place and despite it costing me an arm to pay for the training, it was worth it. My boy is so much better with his walking.

Leslie Slevin

3 years ago

Awesome staff of friendly, professional, and skilled trainers. They really know their stuff. My dogs were hard core cases, and they are much better now. The only drawbacks are that it takes a long time to get an appointment, and they don't require masks in their facility. I do have mixed feelings about the E collar, but it is effective.

Lupe Briseno

3 years ago

Sit Means Sit in Huntington Beach is the greatest training facility ever! We were very frustrated with our puppy, he had numerous behavioral problems, probably every behavioral problem in the book. We were extremely close to finding him another home, one with a yard thought that would help him, but it was breaking our heart and we couldn't do it. Instead, we looked online for a training facility and found Sit Means Sit, and from the consultation with Ashton, SMS gave us so much hope. In just a few months of training, we have a new and improved puppy, he is still his hyper-playful-self, but with manners. The training transformation has been night and day, just incredible - We are now enjoying every moment with Reno. Ashton, Chris, Kyle, Michael, Cindy and all the trainers and staff there are AMAZING!!! They’re all so helpful and the communication with the SMS is great too, always willing to answer any of our questions. Thank you SMS Team! Highly, HIGHLY recommend Sit Means Sit.

Madena Mora

3 years ago

My dog is still in the training process...but he has improved so much already. I am excited to have a loving family dog that listens. Thank you!


3 years ago

They "train" your dog using a shock collar! The people are nice, but too uneducated to understand that they're doing damage. They have all the fancy ways to say that their method isn't harmful, but since meeting with them, I have encountered previous customers of theirs (mainly through other trainers who are trying to"fix" these "sit means sit" trained dogs), who have each told me their dog has far more issues after being shock collar trained by "sit means sit" than before they started. During my initial meeting with the "sit means sit" trainer I got to try out their collar on the lowest setting, and I'm glad I did! The only thing that would have done for my dog would have been to make him more anxious. I have since asked my vet, and 2 actual trainers about the effects of such a training, and they are horrified for the animals that have to endure this. Please keep looking! I would highly recommend trying to find the person who can understand what's going on with your dog instead of scaring him into false obedience. You and your dog deserve better!

Steve Schecter

3 years ago

I made a phone call to inquire about their services on Sunday 9/27/20. Received a reply and wrote back I would call tomorrow, Monday morning. Called Monday morning and left message because they do not open till 11:00 am according to message on the phone, called again around 5:00 pm that day and left a message. As of today, Wednesday, I still have not received a reply. If their dog training is comparable to their customer service, I will go somewhere else.

Theresa Kammermeier

3 years ago

Jaeger is reading really well to the training, and all the trainers are great

Anne Molchan

4 years ago

The trainers are experienced. I always felt like I was bothering them when I had questions. They were not so good at returning calls. When I signed up I was led to believe there were group classes in several locations. One of which was close to where I lived. The group classes are held in only two locations neither very convenient. Wasn’t worth the money to me.

Celia Harrington

4 years ago

It took me about 2 hours of going through Google until i found Sit Means Sit Orange County. I have been taking boxing session and training session Professionally. thank you coach.

katie noel

4 years ago

Everyone here is so devoted to what they do. They all love dogs so much and work very hard. It is incredible to see aggressive dogs, out of control dogs, and extremely stubborn dogs go through training and come out amazing. The folks at sit means sit will go to extra lengths to make it so you and your dog are perfectly happy.


4 years ago

We just had our 7 month old Bernedoodle Lola trained by Sit Means Sit and couldn't be happier with the results. It was getting to the point where we were dreading taking her for walks because of leash pulling and her constant jumping up on people we would meet along the way. That is all in the past! She now heels, sits, comes on command, stays, places, and no longer jumps on people! We take her everywhere with us now and enjoy our time with her! Thanks to her trainer Chris and all the staff at SMS!

Michael Castellini

4 years ago

Highly recommend this program to everyone! We have 2 dogs in a their program, one being 2 years old, and the other being a puppy. They worked really well teaching us and and our dogs who have completely different personalities and motivations. I’ve always wanted a dog that I could walk with off leash and I’ve never been more confident than after starting training with Sit Means Sit.

V. Facey

4 years ago

Visited to choose boarding/training. All posted licenses had expired and no animals were seen.

Alice Haug

5 years ago

Most incredible team ever ! We thought there was no hope for our Boxer rescue Sarge who just could not get along with other dogs. We can hardly wait what the next group classes will bring. Sarge has made a complete turn around and is such a joy to take out now on outings.

Lori Berube

5 years ago

If you are looking for a dog trainer look no farther then Sit Means Sit. I came to this facility with a 5 year old pitty that I had rescued from an abusive & unfit environment & without fully understanding what he had gone thru & the issues he had. I was not going to give up on him & that was where Sit Means Sit came into play. Tripp spent 2 weeks at their facility learning that not all people were bad & was in an enviroment where he could learn to trust and at the same time be loved. This last year has been a learning experience for us both & I can happily say that Tripp is doing so much better due to our commitment & to the commitment this organization made to Tripp. Thank you to Clay, Cindy & Whitney for making this all possible & for literally saving Tripp's life. I will forever be grateful for all that you have done & continue to do for Tripp & for every dog that walks thru your doors.

Ryan Hesse

5 years ago

Helping me train my lab. The people here are awesome and they do amazing things with my pup. Every time I leave I feel like I have a new dog.

Carrie Schilperoort

6 years ago

After spending money on another trainer that was moving very slowly with training our dog, we luckily came across Sit Means Sit. They have been lifesavers! We have come so far so fast! Highly recommend

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