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Madison Donahue

2 years ago

Unfortunately, I had a terrible experience here. Everything was so nice until I talked with the vet. The employees were very nice and helpful not only to me, but others that came in. I didn’t mind waiting either, as there were other animals …

Will Gutierrez

2 years ago

Gonna keep it short and sweet save your pets and your time ,take them elswhere this place is horrible wait time is long meds are overpriced doctor seems clueless .

Watch Me Watch Stuff

2 years ago

Someone should tell them that pet owners can hear them through the door joking and laughing that patients don’t have enough money to save their pet’s life. Besides the fact this place charges 2-3 times more money than other vets. This place is truly awful. They in no way care about pets, they only care about your bank account. The staff is unbelievably rude. They insisted on doing tests my main vet just did a week before. Then told me I was wasting their time (when my pet was the only patient there) because I was looking over the price estimate and refusing redundant tests. That I should just tell them how much money I have so they don’t have to waste time printing another estimate “that I am just going to refuse”. (They had only printed the two page original estimate) Then immediately left the room and loudly laughed and joked about my financial status. The nurse got very rude when I pointed out that half of the multiple thousand dollar estimate was listed as vague “injections” and “miscellaneous”. She said if I didn’t agree to the whole estimate they wouldn’t do anything. When I pointed out that a CT scan of an irrelevant body part on my pet was included she just said that it’s a package deal and non-negotiable. When I was resolute and said I didn’t want their frivolous tests because my main vet had already done them, and that I only wanted one therapeutic measure to be taken the nurse seemed really annoyed. The male doctor was nice enough. But the short heavy female nurse/receptionist was beyond rude. I only caught a glimpse of the other tall heavy female employee. But I did hear her through the wall coach the other on how to try and get the most money out of me. Then laugh and joke when she heard I didn’t have thousands of dollars the waste. TLDR These vet office is run by heartless vultures, they do NOT care about pets. They only want to emotionally manipulate and price gauge you.

Karen Guevara

2 years ago

Great service compassionate staff, and always willing to help.

Estephanie Hernandez

2 years ago

First time going to this place and let me just say it was absolutely WORTH IT!!! Doctor and Staff were soooo professional and caring !! they treated my puppy ( Laydi ) with so much love . They were so gentle with her & also took her in fast! They kept me updated at all times . They also answered ALL my questions very nicely . Angelina was the person who i spoke with and she was very kind . thank you so much for your help

Crystal Billups

2 years ago

No help at all because I don't have $ up front ..my cat will probably die because none of the ER will see him without pay so I'm upset..

Ana G

2 years ago

We call all over to get some help, this was the only place they take care our little dog, very kind when we call

Carrie Cogburn

2 years ago

Charged over $1400 for a few stitches then want another $80 to remove them what a rip off

Sabrina R

2 years ago

Yesterday on October 30, 2021 I loss my boy tiny the staff there was very helpful and kind the price for my cremation was good and I did pay extra for my dog paws I mean yes owning an animal is not cheap every1 prices may seem different but after all for my first time experience there I got the help I need there and now I’m just Waitin on my tiny ashes to be home with me. I miss him so much already he was 12 years old small Chihuahua he had a beautiful good attitude and very lovable that melts your heart out and mines is hurting so much I loss my good boy he also had a companion and his best friend will miss him so much she is my last now and also is 9 years old never Forgotten tiny❤️

Scribbles CY

2 years ago

Hard working and dedicated staff. They are compassionate and kind. I had to take my dog in and there was a bit of a wait which is to be expected. They bump emergency cases to the front of the line which sounds not great but if my pet were having an emergency I would appreciate that. They are doing their best regardless of covid causing staffing shortages. My dog was supposed to stay overnight but they called me after her surgery and said I could bring her home. I was so grateful to the staff. They were also very honest about pricing and options. They really are an asset to the community.

Hope Stockton

2 years ago

Amazing vet. I took my dog there earlier today for an emergency. The staff was so kind and helpful

Xanny Myers

2 years ago

Took a 2 day old, rescued kitten in for a checkup due to lethargy. It was extremely rowdy when we got her but then declined fast the next day. I’ve read all about Fading Kitten Syndrome/Failure To Thrive, I know its common but it didn’t feel like that to me. Her breathing sounded weird so possibly pnemonia. I asked them to please check. I don’t think they even listened to her lungs. They labeled her failure to thrive. We got fluids and tube feeding, which who knows if that was done right. She was so much worse when she got back vs before. Died within hours.

Jade Delphi

2 years ago

Brought my 12-year-old border collie mix here who had been getting progressively sicker for the last week and it was clear to me she was needing emergency care or she didn't appear she would make it through the night. We came in at about 6:30 pm, and the front reception area took her into the back immediately and they were very nice. The doctors on duty were compassionate and caring and I could tell they didn't like telling me her prognosis, which was not good as it appeared to be bone cancer, and she was clearly in a lot of pain and going downhill with the temperature at 104 and a very high heart rate. Because she had no or little chance of a recovery they recommended humane euthanasia, which I agreed to. They let me stay in the room with her while they gave her the shots and I was able to say goodbye to my sweet friend that has been with me for 12 years. Staff overall was very kind and the only reason I removed one star was the price was over $1,200, which seemed odd considering I'd had x-rays and tests at another veterinary clinic just the day before, and I brought all the paperwork with me from the previous examination, so I couldn't understand why I was being charged for essentially the very same tests again that weren't necessary. It is frustrating how so many veterinary clinics in Fresno seem to price gauge and upsell the clients, especially in a town with such a poor economy with many, many poor people. $1,200 seems high for an outcome of a dead animal. But it is what it is.

Rachel Hibler

2 years ago

Don’t waste your time. We sat there for hours with no communication or explanation. There was no urgency or concern for my cat. They certainly got their money up front though. My cat was never seen because his need apparently wasn’t as immediate as others. But the kicker is we were the only ones waiting to see a doctor for the first two hours.

Todd Brown

2 years ago

Dr. Eby and Sarai, I want to thank you for saving my baby’s life tonight. Sarai I was a nervous wreck walking into your center Tonight. You showed me nothing but love, I can’t thank you enough. We need more people in this world like you too, thank so much!

Teresa Tulp

2 years ago

My dog Mac was in acute pain, lethargic, could not open his eyes and was shaking. I took him to the 24/7 PetVets in the middle of the night (Thursday morning). He was seen by Dr Barns. She treated Mac with an antibiotic injection and ointment. He seemed to be recovering on Friday. By Friday night his symptoms were back and actually worse. I returned to 24/7 PetVets early Saturday morning. He saw Dr Palikarov. His actions and advice, I believe, are why a week later Mac is recovering and his vision is improving. His advice was to have Mac seen immediately by specialist and the meds prescribed were confirmed by ophthamologist. The services provided were what Mac needed. The technicians were gentle and caring with Mac. I would take him there again should Mac need emergency services.

Raquel Hotz

2 years ago

I have gone to Emergency Pet Vets Many times throughout the years and have spent thousands of dollars there to care for my sick pets. I’ve actually gone and paid money to Go Fund Me Accounts for hurt animals at the hospital. I do not know what happened to this place. I have never ever been treated more poorly in all my life. I was quoted one amount went in I had to pay a different amount was overcharged. The office manager got mad at me when I questioned the bill, then they came out and threw my cat on the counter and told me to get out without giving me any of his prescription or medicine. I was told they would give me some food to hold him up until tomorrow but because I question the bill, told me just to get out! I had to beg to get his prescription and some food to hold them over until the next day after being forced to pay over $3000 to get my cat back . The front office associate is the rudest person I’ve ever met. Do not go there! Do not support them! All you are is $$$ to them!They take advantage of you at your most vulnerable moment when you’re in despair over a sick pet. They are Monsters!!!

Mayra “MDXDY” Miguel

2 years ago

I took my dog on a Friday morning. We arrived at about 10am and weren’t admitted until 2pm. Then, we waited inside a waiting room for another 1.5 hour. It was a long waiting time. The doctor finally came to see my pet until the receptionist reminded (?) them we were there still waiting. During my time there, 2 others walked out and asked for the $75 examination fee refund. I thought my dog would be seen more quickly since it’s an emergency center. Prices are higher than your regular vet. One of the receptionists is much more knowledgeable than the other, which I found out later when she was explaining this to someone else and referring them to a non-emergency veterinarian. After my pet was examined and all, I left until about 6pm.

Joseph Freeman

2 years ago

All around terrible customer service, except for the receptionist. Waited for 3 hours. 2 of which were spent in the exam room, after they took my cat back. Could only hear the staff talk and laugh about whatever. They did not examine him, did not tell us what was going on. We had to go ask what was taking forever, when we learned it would be 4 hour wait due to a "critical." I asked them for my cat back and left. If I could give 0 stars, I would. This place needs better management or something.

Jon Kapetan

2 years ago

I have taken all 3 of my pups to 24/7 Pet Vets. And each of them received the absolute best care. It is busy at times. It's an EMERGENCY facility. But the staff works tirelessly and professionally. The doctors are amazing. One of my pups had acute pancreatitis. 24/7 Pet Vets kept him over night and kept me updated. It was touch and go, but due to their expertise and care he pulled through. They SAVED his life. That same little fella developed a tumor on his spine. They referred me to an oncologist in LA. Again they SAVED his life. Can't say enough about 24/7 Pet Vets!

Laura Rakes

2 years ago

My husband and I just moved to California when our pup had her first litter. It did NOT go to plan and our girl Velveteen ended up hemorrhaging into her abdomen through her ruptured uterus. When I left her for overnight care and surgery, she was lethargic and not acting like the Velvet I knew. Since her care, she has fully recovered and is being a wonderful mama to her pups. The doctors, techs, and receptionists were all so wonderful. It was such a whirlwind of emotion and fear for our girl’s life, but they took the time to explain things and give us updates. Without the skilled staff, Velvet wouldn’t be with us today. The names I remember are Dr. Kennedy, Dr. Polly, Dr. Shaw, John with finances, and Jessica at reception, but everyone I interacted with were so helpful and gave my girl the best care possible. Thank you can never be enough.


2 years ago

Awful experience they take way to long to help with emergencies that a really time sensitive and some of the staff is very rude take your pet to any different emergency vet. The waits not the thing that sucks the most it feels like you pets a money sign to them and they dont really care if you pet comfortable or not

Adrian Gomez Jr

2 years ago

This place is an absolute joke. All the reviews you read about their inadequate customer service are true. I was referred to this place because the vet ER I take my kiddos to was at capacity. I was already aware of 24/7’s reviews but gave them a call anyway as I had no other choice. I was put on hold for 20 minutes and it only lasted 20 minutes because I hung up. What’s even more embarrassing about this place is that their “on hold” messaging on the phone talks about how “when there’s a pet emergency, every minute matters.” Pathetic that they utilize that sort of messaging. I can only imagine what the rest of the experience is for this inadequate, joke of a vet ER. Do yourselves a favor, don’t waste your time or continue to give this awful place your business. Try the vet ER off of Herndon and Palm. They’re awesome unlike this place.

Beth Woolman

2 years ago

No one wants to be in a situation where you need to go to Pet ER in the middle of the night. But if you find yourself in this situation this is the place you want to go!! I have been a handful of times over the years and I wish they could be our family vet permanently. Everyone is so nice, efficient, courteous, knowledgeable, and cares very much for our pets wellbeing. Now you probably will have to wait, but it is well worth it. They have saved our pets lives! I cannot thank them enough!

Candi Girl

2 years ago

Worst place ever to take ur pet. Took my dog there he was having trouble breathing we got there filed out the paper work and the left us outside in the heat and my dog ended up dying

A Foreman

2 years ago

I recently went to 24/7 Pet Vets to help my mother with her sick 7 year old German shepard. From beginning to end despite the wait time which we understood due to it being an emergency hospital the staff and Doctors were amazing. From Samantha who was gentle with my mothers dog and let her know everything she was doing to her pet while still being able to answer my mothers questions was amazing, even with the long wait Samantha came back with water bottles for my mother and I and checked on us and kept us updated with what was going on, my mother was stressing less after every time she came to check on us. To the lovely lady doctor on staff thank you for all the work you do! My mothers dog has had a complete turn around and is back to his normal goofy self. Thank you 24/7 staff keep up the hard work!! - A

Lisa Lucas

2 years ago

I dont recommend this place to anyone.. One of the front desk ladies is really rude. The other lady with all the tattoos is the only one who was nice and showed compassion. I paid 145 at this place for the visit and a Parvo test waited 3.5 hours and was told the test was negative but they still wanted me to wait a couple more hours for who knows what this was on 5/24/2021. On 5/25/2021 I took my dog to a different vet and paid 105 for the visit and fluids and meds. I paid way less and got better quality service and actual answer from a different Vet

Lulu Tinoco

2 years ago

The wait time is too long unacceptable.

Sabra Chute

3 years ago

Negligent doctors. Worst vet experience I have ever had. I will never go back here. Terrible communication from the vets. They were not even going to tell me that the couldn’t find the drain that I told them dislodged into my dog. They were going to send me on my merry way. Then after another surgery at my primary vet, two more rounds of antibiotics and a culture and another surgery the drain was found. This place has the audacity to say that well your primary vet stated that the drain was hard to find and we feel that we did our due diligence by looking for it with FORCEPS (my dog is almost 80 pounds) that it wasn’t their fault that they couldn’t find it. Worst place ever. Worst experience ever. Do not go here! In response to the owners comment: You failed to mention in your “synopsis” of what happened that I was not told to bring my dog back to you, I was told to make an appointment with my primary vet. The whole reason the drain removal was attempted at home by an RN was because I had already spent upwards of 3,000 to fix my dog. Not to mention the fact that you x rayed the WRONG SIDE of my dog when looking for the drain and it was not read by a radiologist until I asked to see the results. Which by the way, the owner would not send to me after multiple requests.

valentin gomez

3 years ago

Please don’t come here if your pet is having an emergency. They’ll place you on hold for 30 minutes and leave you waiting all night to be seen.

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