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Antony Dethloff

2 years ago

Kaitlyn is the most amazing trainer ever! Her guidance and suggestions are spot with our Mali. The facility is beautiful as well. We look forward to all our sessions with IQ!

Jah Victoria

2 years ago

We spent a lot of time researching professional trainers and knew we hit gold when we met IQ K9. Our goal was to raise a dog we could travel anywhere with, have adventures, and be confident with her behavior in public. We enrolled our …

Joseph Pichette

2 years ago

Sent Donatello for the two week training and he returned very responsive to his commands. What we didn't expect was how much he enjoys the training. When I wake up in the morning he actively tries to pull me outside for training and gets extremely excited when I pull out his equipment. We've returned several times for the follow up trainings and they've given us great advice to continue and advance his training as well as made us more comfortable with his commands and equipment. We sent Donnie back for a week of boarding while on vacation and he had a great time, so much fun that you could tell he was a little bored with us the next day! The staff at IQ K9 are great at responding to messages and super flexible with scheduling changes. I'm glad we made the right choice by going with IQ K9 with such an important decision.

Lorrie Chelfini

2 years ago

THANKS SO MUCH, Lianne, Brett and the team of trainers @ IQ K9 We totally appreciate you and what you have done for Ta'ku...and our family! We adopted Ta'ku as a wee bear cub @ just a month old. She lost her mama and was separated from her siblings at 2 weeks old. We nurtured her and her gut health to give her the best start we knew how. However with an aged dog at home and this little one once she became of substantial size it was clear she had some resource guarding issues (she bit twice trying to guard her prized bone) and she had a lot of fear of the world, ie diving under parked cars as she was walked, she would cower when there were loud noises or dogs barking at her. She didn't walk well at all on a leash. etc We are Jeepers and like to go out with groups and have her along but she really didn't like the people much or other dogs. She does love the Jeep rides. We started leaving her home because she was unpredictable. I chose to dig in and "save" our relationship, I just love her so much. (Truth be told her humans had failed her.) I didn't make a short-term commitment. So I made an appt with IQ K9 training... On consultation day Brett explained to us why she was acting as she was and what we could start doing that day to help her, and ourselves. It took a few months before there was an opening but we sent her off to BootCamp for 3 weeks of training. I have to say it was the best decision I made for her. It was tough for us all, we missed her so much. She now handles herself with confidence... she obeys, walks like a dream, she has become such a love bug in a positive sense. She loves learning tricks and playing. She now interacts with other dogs in play "properly" and engages well with our "old man" our 14lb 10 yr old dog. She recalls wonderfully. She is amazingly behaved in a mall/people setting. She clearly loves to work. Now she is able to join us when we go out most of the time. She is great with strangers and people coming into the home. I am so very thankful..... the trainers will tell you she is a different dog... she did us proud and she is so very happy now. If you are considering this training company don't hesitate, and keep in mind they usually have a wait before you can get in with your best friend. Thanks IQ K9 Training !!!!!

Stephanie Zobitz

2 years ago

This is the most amazing group of individuals we have EVER been acquainted with in any capacity!!! We originally came to Lianne, Bret and their team in June (couple months ago) when we realized we had issues with our Airedale pup that needed immediate attention in order for me to feel confident in his behavior as I planned to return to work. A friend recommended IQK9 as she had incredible results with her dog. Doing my due diligence, I interviewed 5+ dog training companies in the Bonsall, Vista, and Fallbrook area. Our pup was 7 months old at the time and in need of a higher level of training than the puppy socialization/training we had done. We were deeply concerned about finding the right group that would appreciate his high energy and sweet spirit yet help us to create the rules necessary for a smooth running home. From our first contact with IQK9 we KNEW it was the perfect group for us! Lianne reached out to us almost immediately and scheduled a zoom call with Bret. After the introductions, Bret's primary concerns were to know what we had going on with our pup. He wanted to know what we were experiencing and what we were truly in need of. Every company I spoke with told me what they could do for our pup but NEVER asked what it was we were experiencing! The discussion regarding what we were experiencing put us immediately at ease. At the end of our zoom, Bret felt a board and train period of 2 weeks would be perfect for our pup, Indy. I attempted to push for 3 weeks as I was concerned that anyone could get him under control within 2 weeks. Bret insisted 2 weeks would be perfect. We took our pup up to meet everyone about 1 week before his board and train. We wanted to make certain Indy felt comfortable around everyone. So many of our friends have experienced training programs with people they personally did not feel comfortable with. We absolutely adored everyone the minute we met them! We were so thrilled that our pup seemed happy and comfortable when he met them! I want to mention the communication we have had with Lianne and everyone at IQK9. EVERY TIME we have reached out with questions, desire for updates, changes, etc, we have received communication back from Lianne within minutes!!! I can never express my gratitude enough for such dedication! They were fantastic about providing us with all of the necessary information to make Indy's stay a successful one. Once we dropped him off, we had updates and pictures every few days. The warmth and consideration of the team helped ease our concerns being away from our pup. When we picked Indy up we were completely astounded at his behavioral changes. We were given lessons to train us to help him maintain his new behaviors and their follow-up and concern that his changes remain has been exceptional! When you schedule your first zoom call with IQK9 you will become familiar with their training and future follow-up. It can be a bit overwhelming to remember everything so IQK9 provides you with succinct and important directions but most importantly, they are ALWAYS available to help and continue to guide. We are now 2 months post initial training.... Once you have completed a program with IQK9 you are given the privilege of boarding your pup with them. Indy has now been boarded 3x when we have been gone for work. One of the IQK9 team meets you when you drop off to board and they watch and do a quiet assessment of skills they see may need refreshing. They take whatever time is needed to help you see what tweaks may be needed in the training and then work with to help you make those changes. While our pup is with them he is having fun and continuing to have his training refreshed. We are absolutely passionate about IQK9 because they are a group that has shown our family such tremendous dedication, heart, and unwavering support in helping our pup to become a valued and wonderful member of our family! Lianne, Bret, Stanislava and Kaitlyn, we adore you all and are more grateful then we could ever express! IQK9 - BEST COMPANY EVER!!!


2 years ago

My GSD received puppy training here about 2 and a half years ago, and everyone there is amazing. I still have him board there whenever I am out of town, because they are the only ones I trust. 10/10 for Bret & Lianne and their entire team!!

Joanna Mellecker

2 years ago

I can’t say enough about the training my two dogs received. The experience was professional yet caring. It’s obvious they have a love for dogs, they got to know both my dogs individually and trained them accordingly. We have completed the follow up trainings, which were easy to coordinate and look forward to boarding our dogs in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you, my dogs are so much better, couldn’t ask for anything more than we received. Highly recommend!!!

Freddy Lopez

3 years ago

Bretts consultation was very in depth and was awesome at explaining what my dog Broly would be trained on! He listened very well and was very polite! Lianne was awesome at sending updates of Brolys progress and the trainer Kaitlin(not sure how to spell sorry!) was amazing at explaining and demonstrating commands! Highly recommend at least the 2 week program. The follow up lessons for a whole year is worth it alone! Thank you from me and Broly :) He is a changed dog!

michael gibbs

3 years ago

Excellent board and train for your dog

Karen Moore

3 years ago

We are so happy with the training that Shadow and Gracie received from Lianne her team. We brought home 2 rescue puppies at the same time not knowing their exact breed. We thought we were so brave until we lost control. They each spent 1 week with Lianne and now we have our lives back. Thank you so much!

K McDaniels

3 years ago

GREAT trainers! We NOW have a lovable and well behaved boxer, and we aren’t human chew toys anymore. She is safer on the property (because she now comes when we call and leaves things alone when we say “off”) and doesn’t drag us all over the place when on the leash. great job IQK9!!

Heather K

3 years ago

I've had 3 of my pups trained with Leanne and IQ. My most recent addition a little Pomeranian puppy has blossomed into the most amazing companion ever. IQ will work wonders on dogs of all ages and stages. I've had the best experience with them and trust my beloved pups will be given the highest quality care and attention. I love their responsiveness and followup. They genuinely care. And the new 13 acre Fallbrook training facility is a dogs dream!

Dawn Shirvanian

3 years ago

Can't thank the trainers and staff at IQ K9 Training enough! They are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and clear experts in their field. They took great care of our 1 yr old, adopted puppy during his 2 week board in training camp. They were up clear about their methods and provided training and support, not only for my husband and I, but for our 2 kids as well. We now enjoy the peace of mind of our dog off leash, increased attention to commands and obedience, enjoyable jobs (without the leash pulling), and overall well-mannered dog than prior to working with them. Brent and Lianne continue to provide ongoing support via email and in-home visits as needed. We researched and interviewed with 3 other places and are so happy we went with IQ K9. Highly recommend them!!

Dan Goulette

3 years ago

We sent our 7 month old poodle puppy to IQ K9 for the 2 week boarding program with the hopes of ironing out a variety of issues, including barking, poor command response, and problems with leash walking. From the very first consult with IQ K9, we were impressed with their professionalism, and understanding of dog training modalities. Our little girl gained a lot of confidence and new skills during her time at IQ K9, and the reinforcement lessons have given us the tools to continue her training at home. The training has improved our bond tremendously, and the result is a happy puppy and even happier parents. We would absolutely recommend IQ K9 for any pup struggling with behavioral issues, or owners looking for a little extra guidance.

Carol Sanders

3 years ago

Brett and Dani are amazing. Very knowledgeable and love dogs!

Corryn Stasek

4 years ago

Currently going through private lessons and our boxer has transformed right before our eyes. With every lesson, and each day we work with him, he gets better and better. My house is less stressful and our boy is living a better life. So glad we chose to move forward with the training with Brett.


5 years ago

My wife said best money spent ..She is so happy with the outcome and the changes in our puppy.Our bundle of joy is a 6 month old male 65 lbs and there was no walking him with out two leashes two collars funny but true ,now with the one week course our bundle heels stays in place for 30 minuets now and longer. Our bundle of joy is happer ,,,I am happier ,,,but my wife is in love with IQ K9 and is ready to take Joy out in the world.We truly look forward to week number two of training... I can not say enough about this I to say thanks for the great night of the sleep and a dog that is truly a bundle of joy

Brianne Durham, LVT, VTS(ECC)

6 years ago

Professional, honest, helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly people. Lianne and Bret go above and beyond to make sure things are done as they should be! Amazing results! I cannot express into words the wonderful experience I have had with them. I am board certified in veterinary emergency medicine and recommend their services to any of my clients in need. Their pet resort is top of the line and they treat my dogs as if they were their own. Thank you for everything you guys have done. They don’t treat me like “just another client”. They treat me like a friend!

Brian Wang

6 years ago

I would highly recommend their boarding school program. We have a very large energetic Doberman who we got trained with Lianne and Bret when he was a puppy. Now at 90+ lbs he’s the perfect mannered furry family member. Both Lianne and Bret are very experienced with dog behaviour, and they saw the potential in our high drive puppy. We were at our wits end, and were contemplating on giving up, but IQK9 really helped us achieve something we almost thought was impossible.

Robin Wilson

7 years ago

Very happy with training our puppy received from IQ K9. Our puppy is now huge - 9 months later and without this training, we would literally be miserable.

John Costley

8 years ago

We took our 6 year old Golden/Lab mix to IQK9 Training to try and correct an issue with our dog on the "Come" command. He is great on most of his commands and very well behaved except when he is either off leash in an uncontained area or when a guest leaves the door open and he smells freedom and is out the door…coming back on his own time not our time or the "Come" command. Lianne was amazing with him and within 4 lessons and the aid of a training device that they recommend he is doing fantastic and running back to us immediately on the "Come" command. We never thought that we would be able to have him off leash and/or to not be worried whenever we had company and him getting out…But thanks to IQK9 Training and Lianne the Jiff boy is doing fantastic!

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