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George Glanville

2 years ago

Adopted my Rosie and very happy .

david lindberg

2 years ago

No kill shelter, clean and pretty well staffed. They have nice dogs and cats. This is a good place to volunteer and help your community. They always can use more help.

Davin Bowerman

2 years ago

The staff and volunteers love animals and understand why they are in our lives. They work to connect wonderful pets with loving homes.

J Wood

2 years ago

Wow! Bigger, cleaner, well organized. A wonderful place for all things pet????. My new dog ???? got a chip and a discount at the spay neuter clinic. Almost ready for license. Yay! Thanks so much. Happy to support you! A great organization, please support them!!❣️

Michael Flores

2 years ago

Would be no stars if possible. There sign says they are open until 5 Tuesday thru Saturday but when my wife and I drove from McKinleyville and arrived at 4 pm we where told that they closed at 4. While standing next to the sign that stated the hours. When I pointed to the sign they just said the sign was in need of updating. Needless to say we will be going to a place that had their act together in the future.

Mary Aldama

2 years ago

So helpful and they really care about the's so refreshing to see the effort put into finding these animals good homes.

George Alaniz

2 years ago

Best place in Humboldt! Our two babies were rescued from there.

Magpie 89

2 years ago

Amazing staff, atmosphere, facility, mission, and teamwork! Plus cute animals!

Rebecca Read

3 years ago

They go above and beyond. It as simple as that.

Jams C

3 years ago

I will never adopt from a shelter thanks to this place. Shelters like this one sadly make puppy mills stay in business..They overcomplicate the adoption process and seem very biased on who is allowed which dog. The employee I spoke with seemed annoyed for having to call me back after an inquiry on the status of a puppy and advised they are basically back logged about 250 applications. Well if there are that many applications shouldn’t the shelter be empty unless they have more than that number of pets currently, which ins’t that the goal? have empty shelters?? It doesn’t appear so which leads me to think it’s a monetary motive above the quality of life for the animals.. The employee I spoke to advised me that “you may express interest in a specific dog during your consultation” but there are no guarantees you will get that dog, claiming that they try to place the right dogs with the right people (it seems like they are just really biased of who gets what dog). I understand making sure a dog is the right fit for the owner but this place is way overkill on the adoption process. Sequoia Humane Society how about you let the potential adopter decide if the pet they pick out is a good match or not. I highly recommend everyone to go through to adopt a new family member. You won’t have to jump through hoops like you would with this shelter only to be disappointed that you can’t get the dog you really wanted because someone else doesn’t think you qualify. Animal shelters everywhere need to re-assess their adoption process with a more humbled outlook.

Kenneth Adelsperger

3 years ago

This place doesn't have any kind of different dogs to choose for, because everyone takes the good dogs and there's nothing that excited no more.

Laura Avila

3 years ago

I adopted a 9 mo old male Papillon/Kelpie mix and a Calico kitten.

Linda Edwards

3 years ago

Sorry to say they were understaffed and curt when trying to get help on rehoming of my pups. When the personnel found the time to put my Smokey on the website for private adoption it was short and brief. Compared to others it was just plain Sad. Update Smokey finally found his forever home ????.

Rana Snider

3 years ago

Went to meet a cat to possibly adopt. They gave us a private room and brought her in. It's really nice to get some one on one time before deciding if we thought she would be a good match with us. She was and I'm happy to say I will be picking her up Tuesday ????. The staff were all super nice. I would like to add , and this is big reason I wanted to adopt from Sequoia Humane Society is they are a No Kill Shelter. Will share pics after I bring my sweet girl home

Gary Thurston

3 years ago


Jacob Mitchell

4 years ago

Friendly staff members whom have knowledge and skill required to perform the job but most of all they all have Big hearts for the animals here

Faith Saunders

4 years ago

All the dogs are on waiting lists to be adopted. Their website says nothing about their animals are all already spoken for. It's a shame we almost made a waisted trip since they don't inform people not to bother coming. But we wound up going to a animal control shelter and wound up adopting and saving two dogs from being put down.

Elizabeth Mccullough

4 years ago

Way too expensive! $200 for a dog. Ridiculous!

Mary Lallier

4 years ago

Great friendly people and the animals all seem to be happy and well taken care of

Matthew Woods

4 years ago

Any place that tries to preserve the life of an animal has to get at least a couple Stars, but when my family and I tried to save two cats from this place they basically slapped us with a bunch of rules, piss poor attitude, and a nonchalant...didn't care attitude whether we save them or not. The lady behind the counter at that time was extremely rude and seemed like she took her personal life to work with her and took it out on other people. Most of the staff here is friendly though and our trying to donate their time to help. If you go here be prepared for the unexpected parts of helping. We ended up saving approximately $300 by saving a little kitten, for free, from underneath a bush whose mom got ran over by a car. No matter how you go about it saving/preserving the life of another living organism is a precious act. PLEASE don't let this post deter you from going there and seeing if you can help another creature out!!!!!

Mickey Mouse

4 years ago

Great experience with the staff. Well maintained facilities.


4 years ago

Cute loving cats and kittens!


4 years ago

We have adopted from Sequoia a few times over the years. Their caring and service of and to the animals is genuine, protective, professional and personal. You bring a well cared for orphan home when you choose your new family member, and you feel that all during the process. The staff is knowledgeable and most interested in placing their charges with the appropriate adopters. Thanks SHS we are greatful... Violette & Ava & their humans????

Rebecca Greta

4 years ago

This place takes really great care of their animals and also has a strict adoption policy to make sure animals go to their forever homes.

Ruby Reed

4 years ago

Too late for the top guy, but I thankfully got the little one down below. I can't say enough nice things about the staff, cleanliness and well taken care of animals

Live Oak Life Design and Education

4 years ago

Good folks. Well kept animals.

Teresa Raphael

4 years ago

I adopted through a private adoption advertised on their website after visiting with several dogs at their facility. Very satisfied with dog and process.

Terry Hall

4 years ago

We have a new addition from Sequoia we love our little Toby. Help support them. They do such a great service. Thanks

W_ 0rd

4 years ago

Kids like to go visit and pet the adoptees. I feel sorry for the animals once we have to leave.

Choco Lot

4 years ago

I spent 40 years waiting for my best friend. On May 1st of 2012, somehow the planets aligned and the fine folks at Sequoia Humane introduced me to my rescue-er and best friend. This dog was then called Treasure, just turned 2 and had already been given up to the Humane Society twice. I later learned he was called a ‘problem pup’ and was the only dog that ever climbed out of their kennel. It wasn’t only waiting 40 years and the astrological alignment of planets that brought us together. It was the experience, knowledge, expertise and skill of the staff at Sequoia Humane. They knew this dog was insecure and suffered from separation anxiety. He is a beautiful animal and a lot of the wrong people would have been easily tempted to take him home where he would have failed again. When I contacted the Sequoia Humane Society about him, I explained that I am an adult single man who wants a dog as a 24 / 7 companion. And further, that there would be no other animals in our home. I was encouraged to meet “Treasure”. I still remember driving 3 hours to Eureka and meeting a dog that was pretty reserved, until he knew he was leaving. It has been 7 fantastic years. Treasure has been renamed Einstein and is the best friend I have ever had. Einstein is with me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. AKC “good Citizen”, extraordinarily well behaved. Flies with me. Loves other dogs. When I see a review from someone who was not offered the animal of their dreams, I really hope people will realize the extraordinary importance of matching the right animal with the right people. A bad match - even with good intentions - is just cruel. The process can’t be easy or perfect but I can not thank the fine staff at Sequoia Humane for my best friend, Einstein. They nailed this match 100% .

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