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Mara Bernal

2 years ago

Staff super cool ! They take care of my kittie super good , thank you !

Angela Stacy

2 years ago

Great place to get low cost shots , drive up and they do them and you are all set ????

Tina Wright, Realtor

2 years ago

Very nice people, great setup. The stitches were done so nice that you can hardly see it. They took great care of our animals.

Rem Henshaw

2 years ago

Not sure if I've written a review here but every time I bring my pets for care (ie. Shots, neutering, etc.) I always get the very best care and detailed instructions for everything (breakdown of prices, meds, emergency procedures, etc.) Thank you so much for all that you do!!!!

Laura Elliott

2 years ago

Took my two cats here to get spayed. Great experience and cheap compared to the vets. Brought my cat here to get her a free check up after her spaying.

Isabella Holloway

2 years ago

The best place to get your pet spade

Laura Elliott

2 years ago

They spayed my kitten within 4 hours. Lady was very kind and informative. Taking my other kitten there in a week. Very affordable compared to normal vet clinics.

Spencer Munoz

2 years ago

To start the rooms were dirty and painting chipping off the walls,, there was even a box of an office chair that wasn't built yet for the room that I was in.. If you are expecting to have your animal seen and done the physical check in front of you, that DOES NOT happen here they take your animal from you and do it in the back. Than the doctor just goes off of what you said the reason why you are there. Nothing was explained to me on what was discovered. The have no MRI just a x-ray. If you need to get anything major done you will have to go somewhere else. I suggest just going to a 24 emergency vet.

Laura Miller

2 years ago

Easy access, good signage, and clear instructions

earth belowskyabove

2 years ago

Great...I was a little late, they were finished with his shots and brought back to me before I was even finished paying. I paid and was on my way home in under 10 minutes. That was super. I never had gone anywhere that took care of business so efficiently. This time frame also included them giving me information on what to look for if he has any negative response to his shots, vets name and numbers I can call if he does and prices on having him neutered, microchipped and licensed. Plus parking was great too. High five you guys!!!

Vanessa Finney

2 years ago

Great Ladies at the Vet for my Doberman's spay procedure.. They were nice and caring and addressed my concerns. As well as the surgery went well with no issues and I was able to pick up my fur-kid about 4 hours later.. Thank you

Christopher Beauchamp

2 years ago

They are not organized at all! They won't tell you the add on prices until you're standing there....horrible


2 years ago

Their service is great and they treat the animals very well thanks to them i neutered my puppy at very low cost


2 years ago

Great prices and very caring and timely! Kittens recovered quickly and stuff was kind and accommodating

Jacek Brzeszcz

2 years ago

It was great nice and very well organized service thank you so much guys!

Antonia Fisher

2 years ago

We had purchased puppy spayed last year and she did great. They have the best prices you'll find and they did a great job!

Jamie Katz

2 years ago

I brought my cat here to get spayed in an attempt to save some money. She caught giardia at this place and ended up costing me an extra $200 to get it taken care of. This means they are not properly cleaning their equipment or their kennels or something. I would highly recommend going to a "normal vet" and just pay more money. It will be cheaper in the long run. I also had to leave my cat here for 9 hours to get her spayed which is longer than it says on their website.

Mark M

2 years ago

We have 3 cats who are up to date on all shots and microchipped. When we got our last cat, we took him here for shots and a microchip we had 2 issues with them, 1 of which leads me to never trust them. 1st: They didnt have one of the shots in stock and didnt tell us till after we picked him up and paid so we had to make plans to come back to get that shot. 2nd: we got him Microchipped. Or we paid for it... we took all 3 of our cats to our normal place and had their chips scanned to make sure they were working and showing our new address. Our first two which we had the chips placed at our normal vet worked fine amd showed our updated address. Our boy that we had chipped at the affordable spay and neuter location had no chip found leading me to believe they dont chip their cats that are paid for. Unfortunately we have moved states and no longer have the opportunity to return and fix this. I do not have trust for this place. If you are short on funds then yea this is a good place to come bit I question them after this.

Annie Ding

2 years ago

This clinic's vaccine services are poorly managed and extremely unreliable. They do not take appointments or reservations, it's first come first serve so you show up and hope for the best. There is insufficient parking so a long line of cars forms, wrapping around the block. The vaccine clinic was supposed to be open 1pm - 2pm. I arrived at 1:05pm and I (and 20+ other cars/patients) waited in our cars for over 1 hour 45 minutes in 90 degree weather for our pets to be seen. The staff was extremely unresponsive, did not give us any updates as to why the line had not moved, and after almost two hours waiting in hot cars with our pets, they came out and said they were understaffed and sent us all home. If you value your time and care about your pets, don't come here.

Emily LaBlond

2 years ago

I foster cats and kittens and have been to the location in Escondido and North Park a few times each. Let me tell you- I would never take my animals anywhere else to get fixed. The vets know what they’re doing. I attached a photo of my foster kitten who was spayed yesterday - look at how small the insision was. And all female cats that are spayed there have a small insision like that- about half an inch long. I have taken like 16 cats maybe to both locations and every one of them has come out glued perfectly with tiny scars and has healed great. These vets do this every day, and are incredibly skilled at it. 10/10.

Rosie V

2 years ago

Spay and Neuter, pay and then pick up your pet .Nothing else ,its a low cost clinic so dont expect much.


2 years ago

IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR DOG, DO NOT TAKE THEM HERE!!! I took my puppy to get spayed here and it was a terrible experience. I opted to get her nails clipped under anesthesia for convenience. We just got home so I can’t even speak for the spay part of the procedure, but if it’s anything similar to the quality of work she got on her nails, it’s god awful. She came home bleeding from MULTIPLE nails on nearly all of her paws. Not only that, but the actual cuts on her nails look like it was done with a handsaw because it looks nothing more than sloppy. It’s uneven, jagged, and clearly cut WAY TOO SHORT! Yes this place is cheap, but I’ve never seen a place that is made to take care of animals treat their pet patients so terrible. I am so angry at not only this establishment, but at myself for not going to a reputable vet. I wouldn’t come back here if even if I was paid to do so, and I recommend you do the same. Disgusting.

Katie B

2 years ago

They took GREAT care of our 10 month old kitten when she was brought in to get spayed. The lady at the payment table was very cheerful and brightened my day. We were asked the kitten's name and when we said Ohana, she went; "OHANA BABY!!" which was hilarious. We were told detailed instructions and given good updates on our furbaby. When we picked her up, she had the cutest pink bow on her which was greatly appreciated and sweet of the vets. Loved this clinic, very good prices, very kind workers. It was an overall great experience and I couldn't of picked a better place to get Ohana spayed.

David Monjo

2 years ago

Good care at a fair price, imo.

Sarah Baumgart

2 years ago

Quick exceptional service for check in, clear information given, would recommend to everyone.

Jorge Zannatta

2 years ago

If you did not find an appointment try to check on Mondays.

Yesenia Herrera

2 years ago

Very friendly staff, nice experience with my dog Sonny. Thank you!

Laurence Walters

2 years ago

Quick and convenient shot clinic.

Lucas Caton

2 years ago

Great prices and friendly helpful staff

Richard Tanner

3 years ago

Took great care of my kitties

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