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2 years ago

Blue Pearl was wonderful from start to finish. The staff was friendly, Dr. Berdette was knowledgeable discussed all options and very caring. I knew there would be a lengthy wait in advance so no surprises. It’s great to know qualified people are out there when you can’t get into your own vet in an emergency. Thank you!

Esther Yeoh

2 years ago

My dog is naughty and was not feeling well. I called so many places to get him in for care. Ivory from their team was the most helpful person I encountered after calling more than 10 different vet clinic. She walked me through my dog symptoms, offered me a symptatic ears, and provided very useful advice. I’m so thankful!

Jocelyn Rodriguez

2 years ago

This place is useless!! I come in at 5:30pm and they tell me they don’t have any doctors at the moment. So why are there workers there if there aren’t even any doctors? My dog needs serious help and this place gave me no guidance. It’s supposed to be 24hour emergency and they can’t even help me at this time! This is ridiculous! Why even be open? Don’t come here!


2 years ago

Sign and website says they should be open. Drove fur baby for emergency visit and they are NOT open as advertised (arrived ~9 am, Sunday oct 3rd). The place is shutdown with no updates on their website or phone line.

Raina Kim

2 years ago

Website says you're open Mon-Wed 24 hours. We bring our ill cat around 4:45pm to find that you guys are CLOSED and to tell us to come back at 6pm. HOW IS THAT 24 hours!? Update your information or you're going to get a lot of upset pet owners, if not already, for lying.

Neon Xebra

2 years ago

This was better than a human ER, I wish I could go there when I need emergency care for myself! The night we brought our cat in was incredibly busy at BluePearl, but the staff were very prompt given the high amount of incoming patients & were very good about communicating as they assessed the situation. Details on our appt: They asked us before shaving our cat's fur to look for wounds, they asked us before doing xrays, they told us up front what the estimated costs would be, but most importantly, they were kind & attentive in caring for our cat. Veterinarian Emily Wiehl was exceptional & we're so thankful that our kitty is healing up well with their recommended after care. They gave us a referral to talk to a surgeon in case we wanted to get a CT scan for our cat, but also were clear about their own assessment vs the opinions of the off-site radiologist, we felt we were able to make an educated decision without being swayed one way or the other. Emergency vet care is always understandably costly, but BluePearl was more affordable than we anticipated & the quality care was worth the price. Thank you so much. <3

JaySun&Sand “Sun & sand” NORCAL

2 years ago

Very expensive for ER. 5 min Consult with Covid so outside: $165. Pay for a diagnostic BEFORE emergency care if at all possible. ER for pets is very bad with no insurance. Especially in elderly pets.

Jeremy Hitchcock

2 years ago

Took my cat here because of a mass on his nose that had started bleeding. I had an appointment with their veterinary oncologist that spent maybe 5 minutes with my pet (not that I was allowed back to be part of the visit). The outcome: $234 dollar bill for a "consult", a recommendation for $3000-$4000 in imaging for a 20 year old cat, and if cancer had spread, knowledge that there's nothing that can be done. Not that any of that covered actually removing the bleeding lump from my cat. The only thing I did get out it was a referral to a surgeon (who again needs to do a consult). Save yourself the money and time and just call Lenity if your pet has a concerning lump.

Bonnie Amiot

2 years ago

They said you have to make an appointment after 4pm. I though this was an EMERGENCY hospital!!!

Olivia Edward

2 years ago

Worst service I have ever seen. I brought my cat here because he looked under the weather. All they did to him was bloodwork and charged me over 3,000 dollars when the original estimate was 2100 which is also ridiculous and it was a issue to even bring him home when they already kept him over night not to mention the customer service was terrible.

Samantha Pioli

2 years ago

I have been here on a few occasions now and have been really happy with the service at BluePearl. From a possible foreign body scare to a real food scare to an emergency euthanasia, BluePearl has been there for us but mostly importantly for our pets over the years. Of course, as an emergency clinic the prices are higher than your regular vets office, but when you cant see your regular vet and there is an emergency, BluePearl is there to step up and step in to help. It is my go to emergency clinic!

Karen Eshabarr

2 years ago

Our pup was up all night vomiting and it continued into the morning. I called my vet. Receptionist checked with her and then let me know she was too busy to see our puppy and apparently too busy to even speak to me. Receptionist relayed the message that I should take him to an emergency hospital. Best advise my vet has ever offered me. I chose Blue Pearl. They were beyond amazing. When I called they asked that I fill out the online form and that they would keep an eye out for it. Then once I completed it to come to the hospital. I did just that. The form took less than 5 minutes to complete and we were on our way. Once there the tech came to get our pup within 10 minutes. She came out spoke to me in person to get the necessary information for our visit. She brought our pup inside for the vet to examine. Within 15 minutes the vet was outside himself speaking directly to us. This might not sound impressive but I have yet to meet my vet even though we have already paid for a year of college for her first born. We have an older cat and my pup. She communicates solely through her techs and if I am lucky a rushed phone call. The vet took his time, explained clearly what he thought was going on and what he had planned to do. He even told us the cost. So we left our pup there for around 3 hours so they could do X-rays and complete the exam. The vet called me and gave me an update and told me what time to return and our pup would be ready to go. I am happy to report that after one scary sleepless night our pup will be fine. Since I do have another vet that I have been actively seeing, I certainly appreciated the professionalism and bed side manner that Blue Pearl offered. They were fantastic. From the receptionist who answers the phone to the tech who came out to get our pup to the wonderful vet who treated him. These guys are fantastic. I wish my vet would take a few tips from them. I am so glad I have seen what caring animal professionals should be. Highly recommend!!!

Jericho Cain

3 years ago

We noticed a cyst on my dog's ear a few months back and were passing through LA - we stopped at a Pet Hospital and they quoted us $1400 to remove it but couldn't schedule us for a month. By that time we would be gone. We got back to SF and our regular vet said that we she go to blue pearl and have a specialist remove it because there might not be enough skin left to get a good closure. So we go to blue pearl, pay $211 for a consultation visit and then they tell us it will be $4,200. Today we went to the VCA Mueller Pet Medical Center in Sacramento off of Freeport Blvd. The consultation fee was $65 and they quoted us $2000 which included all of the same stuff (meds, bloodwork, biopsy, etc...). They overcharge at blue pearl. Skip the outrageous consultation fee and take a drive to Sacramento and save thousands.

May Mosquera

3 years ago

Sorry late review (2/15/2020) Five Stars for this!! I had to put my dog to sleep last Saturday. Dr. Laura Schwartz and the staff made the whole experience bearable. I can’t say thank you enough to Dr. Schwartz for her compassion, professionalism and empathy towards me . I had my dog for 7 yrs she was family. The staff treated me with such compassion and knowing that I had to make the difficult decision in my life to put my dog to sleep. Thank you again Dr. Schwartz and two staff ( sorry forgot your names) . Your are the best and keep up the wonderful work you all do !!! Zero Stars: Update Now: Just called to bring my new rescue dog, who was vomiting and coughing . Spoke with the receptionist who is so rude and was not really listening to what i had to say. She said I guess you can bring your dog in. I have been going to this ER for so long when it was Norcal and now its downhill from here. I will not bring my dog at Blue Pearl anymore. they had great customer service and now its the pits , so sad!!!

Marilyn M. Laidlaw

3 years ago

I have received exceptional care for my older cat. She was diagnosed with lymphoma by our regular vet and referred to Blue Pearl because my vet didn't have an oncologist. The oncologist at Blue Pearl ran only the most necessary couple of tests and offered me the option of having my regular vet continue to do the basic blood tests during treatment. She then offered me the additional service of sending the instructions for chemotherapy to my vet if my vet wanted to treat my cat for the lymphoma. He elected not to try something he was not familiar with and I am just as happy to let Blue Pearl continue her treatment. Communication was excellent: the doctor explained everything that needed to happen in great detail, she laid out all of the options for treatment and imaging and the approximate costs so I could make an informed decision and she did not place any pressure on me to utilize extraordinary tests/treatments by shaming me regarding the costs for such. I have rarely been so well treated by a medical professional. In previous circumstances with other vets in years past I was subjected to veiled shaming if I felt I could not afford the most costly treatment available. Thank you, Blue Pearl for treating your clients with such empathy and kindness.

M Marion

3 years ago

**Long. But, read** I was referred to this pet hospital from my vet. The right side of my cats cheek randomly started swelling & over the length of 2-3 days, grew to the size of a big marble. After a biopsy from my vet, BluePearl was referred for surgery. This place couldn't fit me in until about a week after my referral. Of course, with covid going on, I wasn't able to go in & see or speak with the staff working on her. The surgeon was nice on the phone & explained everything. He said she must've damaged her salivary gland & it was just backing up into this pocket now. He said it would *never* heal on its own & surgery was a must in order to create a draining pathway. He drained the swollen cheek & scheduled her surgery for a few days out... when the swelling was back & bad enough to make a cut under her tongue (where the saliva would drain out). He suggested an echo before the surgery since she'd be under anesthesia; but, gave other options (that were much cheaper) incase I wanted to save money. I opted for scans as it was much cheaper & the surgery he wanted to perform was over $4k alone! The cardiologist (some woman) called me to ask why I didn't wanna go with the echo. When I explained what the surgeon said & how he gave me different, cheaper, options... She became super rude & disrespectful... Telling me that's why she was the cardiologist & not him. They clearly weren't on the same page. She had me in tears. Not bc I'm a sensitive person but bc I was so scared for my cat, everything was adding up to be so expensive at this place & they weren't on the same page... Which made it even more difficult bc I couldn't go into the building & talk to them face to face. I ended up going w the echo, which was SO EXPENSIVE. Short story... The surgery never happened bc her swelling never got back to the point where they could make a cut. Then, after 2 weeks... it just never came back. She hasn't had this issue now for over 4 months. Hasn't been swollen at all. She's completely fine. The fact that I could've spent over $4,000 for this invasive surgery... When it clearly wasn't needed. Wow. & I still paid almost $2,000 for them to drain it & do an echo... Super angry about all of this. Super angry that the unprofessional cardiologist feels she can talk to clients the way she does. Not ok.

Olga Sukhenko

3 years ago

Really good emergency vet care! My dog got bit by another dog and had a wound on his belly. We came here on the advice of our vet who did not have time to sedate, clean and place a drain. The vet here was able to take care of it. It's an emergency hospital and is on first come first serve basis so the wait time can be long. The staff really try to work with you though and the communication is very good. Definitely recommend for your emergency vet needs!

Jessi P

3 years ago

THEY LEFT THE STINGER IN MY DOG’s LEG. My dog was stung by a bee, and his leg started swelling so I rushed him over. Fast service, a couple shots, and a $300 bill. 12 hours later, the swelling is gone but he’s still limping, so I take a closer look - the stinger is still in!!! I just pulled it out myself with tweezers. I’m at a loss for words. REGARDING THE RESPONSE BELOW: It was visible, as you can see in the photo, and I pointed it out explicitly to the front desk person who triaged (and who insisted he saw it without even looking closely). REGARDING TWO FOLLOW UP PHONE CALLS: The check-in technician informed me that it isn't actually his job to communicate specific concerns to the veterinary team - only a general sense of the complaint, since the vet performs an evaluation (i.e. it's the vet's job to catch it). A client service member later followed up with me to say that, since it was so small, we can't expect the vet to have found it (i.e. I would have had to point it out. Which I did, to a person who says it wasn't his job to communicate it). To be entirely clear: all I have requested is an acknowledge that something went wrong in the communication (likely because of the new protocols in place for the pandemic) and information about what they are doing to fix that problem. On 12/17/20, a client liaison wrote to me: "Any action taken by our hospital team to coach associates or improve our client intake protocols are internal to BluePearl". So maybe they've made a change. Maybe not. I won't be risking it, especially with anything more serious than a bee sting.

Richard Lee

3 years ago

Referred here by my vet to get a blood transfusion so they could perform a different operation next day. The vet ensured that we could get it the same day (he called and scheduled with BluePearl) but when we got there they said they had no recollection of talking with our vet. Turned away despite having all the paperwork/ documentation needed...... Is this a hospital or a scam? IDK read all the 1 star reviews first.

Shelby Hartsell

3 years ago

I went here due to witnessing my cat, attempting to eat a hair tie. It took over 2 hours to be seen, then multiple hours to get any type of response. I got basically no information, just that he needed an ultrasound, which costed about 1k to do. I of course had no choice, but expressed some financial stress. That got ignored, of course, and the ultrasound continued. And when I tried again to get financial resources, I got laughed at by one of the vet techs and told "It would be much more than that" when I told them how much money I was able to scrounge up with Care Credit. They truly made me feel worthless. After hours later, they give me no result, or information, just telling me that there is "hair tie material" in his intestine that he needs to pass. I tried to drill for answers about what they saw, what I could do, how big was it..etc. And they refused to answer. I just got a bunch of "I'm not sures" from the "professionals" So after 1k, 6 hours in the parking lot with no updates and not even a paper w/ the lab results, we are sent home with nothing. Days past and he gets no better, so I end up taking him to another vet (AIMSS). That vet was WAY better. Kept me in the loop and genuinely cared for Atlas. Come to find out, there was a DIME in his intestine and it had almost no chance of passing.

Theresa Lang

3 years ago

I understands it's an emergency hospital and the wait time can be tremendous. But when you tell me its first come first serve and I see three to four cars come and leave and no one came to talk to me not even to give me an update or to recognize I was there, it can be a little disheartening and frustrating.

Rachael Dickson

3 years ago

Their customer service is awful. Their receptionist was incredibly rude. When we saw a vet she said she'd check to see if they had the needed medication in stock. We never saw her again and were immediately given a bill. We had to follow up to even get a written prescription.

G Gardner

3 years ago

Update: took my dog to blue pearl today. Was not happy at all with the care My dog received. This review was for Nor Cal Vet Hospital. Not the same. Blue pearl is corporate and only cares about money. They didn’t care to hear anything I had to say. They just said do massive surgery or put my dog down. Now he is doing just fine. This place is not nor cal vet hospital. Will not be back. Update 2: My dog is alive and doing great. I almost put him down on their advice. So happy I didn’t.

Erica Johnston

3 years ago

Took our cat in at 9:45pm and had answers by 10:15pm. They were so quick and accommodating. Rob West was the vet and talked us through every option and his recommendations. We felt so informed and taken care of. I hope we never have to go back but if we need to, this will be the place!

Divya Brindha

3 years ago

Quick service and the Dr was really friendly and explained the problem in detail. Felt comfortable with them.

Deanne Tiernan

3 years ago

Ridiculous prices. Lack of knowledge. Zero diagnosis and just a bunch of “what if” diagnosis that even I could have guessed myself.... the reason I went in was to rule out or get some information beyond what I told them. Blamed all issues purely on breed, insinuating only genetic problems. Pet was clearly in pain/discomfort and issued pain meds but wouldn’t even offer to administer when there...seriously? Why make the pet wait any longer?! Would NEVER trust or go back.

Corrie Williams

3 years ago

If I could give more than 5 stars I would! My dog had a tumor removed from a sensitive area earlier in the day. It was expected he would be uncomfortable and in pain once I brought him home- ok no problem; he was sent home with pain meds so we gave him some when we got home. He still seemed to be in pain and hour or so after giving him the dose but by hour 3, he still seemed to be in pain. We were also told he may experience discomfort and even coughing due to a breathing tube they put in from the surgery but still was giving long, drawn out whimpers. Is this normal or is he really in distress?!? Gave him a bit more pain medication after the 4th hour hit- waited about 30 mins- same thing. I’m freaking out!! I literally called 3 different emergency pet hospitals- 2 in SF- needing advice to tell if he was just stressed and trying to adjust from the anesthesia or if he was in serious distress. I was rushed off the phone after all 3 calls and told they couldn’t give advice over the phone; he’d need to be seen. I call Blue Pearl and the receptionist/tech was kind and Sat on the phone with me while we walked through his symptoms, weighing all possibilities. The call was 20 mins or so and she was so patient and honestly made me feel at ease. Honestly, me and the dog both cannot he stressing right now! Lol I didn’t get a chance to write down the name of who I spoke with but whichever lady who was answering calls at 11pm Tuesday 6/30/2020- you deserve employee of the year and a raise! Truly!

Ariel White

3 years ago

They don’t see birds ): Of course they say they do, as they are to generalize to the public as best as possible. I had to take my bird in ASAP as it was bleeding from a horrid accident. Birds of course cannot take much blood loss and it was such a pain to have been turned away. The lady at the front desk was kind enough to give me phone numbers to places she was sure had avian vets (hence I owe her a star for the “as helpful as they could possibly get” staff).

Anna Contreras

3 years ago

I have been waiting since a little after 1:00 to have my small 5lb Yorkie seen by a doctor. They told me the wait would be about 3 hours. so I figured ok, she had a 103 temperature. they called me back at 5:00 pm and asked for me to bring Rosie back at 6:30 to be seen by the night vet. This hospital is pathetic and totally unsympathetic to the paying people who are waiting in their cars in a parking lot waiting to hear what is wrong with their beloved pet. If they couldn't see her they should have said so from the beginning so we could take her to another emergency facility! Do not come here they do not provide good communication or service!

Tyler Wilson

3 years ago

Very impressed by their approach to caring for my pet. I arrived and was told to wait 2-3 hours before a vet would be available to see my pet, which can be a typical wait time. A technician came out to the waiting area to perform preliminary exams (heart rate, breathing, weight) for pets that were waiting to be seen by the vet. That was a great use of wait time and it showed me they are proactive. Everyone was professional and friendly. The entire staff was was mindful of how scared my dog was, minimizing the stress of the situation.

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