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Tracie Bratcher

2 years ago

Had our appointment at Scrubby puppy in upland they do a fantastic job

Lee Long

2 years ago

Made appointments for my 3 dogs. Confirmed the night before and showed up to find out that 2 appointments were canceled for someone else and was told to come back later. We were supposed to be at the airport that night.... I was told that she's the boss when I asked to speak to a manager.

Jonathan Wang

2 years ago

After taking our dog the first time, we scheduled a follow up for routine services. Even though we confirmed our appointment, Katie from Qualified Pet Dental, asked if we can come in earlier in the morning or take an appointment that was 40 minutes due to cancellations. We couldn't due to commitments in our schedule at work and what ensued after was absolutely disgusting. She mentioned that we risked our appointment being cancelled because they didn't want to pay their employees to wait for us due to all of the new gaps in their schedule. Because they pay their vets hourly, they wouldn't have made the same amount of money if they waited 40 minutes to honor our original appointment vs us coming in early to protect their profit margins. Instead of being so greedy, you could've broke even with this engagement and at least had another positive experience with guaranteed ongoing revenue + referrals. Instead, you get this review.

Denise Bubonic

2 years ago

Outstanding customer service, I must say. They come to an area near you!

Emma G

2 years ago

My pooches teeth are beautiful, and no anesthesia! Also, $620 less than my vet charges. I am sooooo happy! My pup seemed happy too and that's a serious plus!

Aaron Mliner

2 years ago

Took my pup Jax to the mobile truck at Tailwaggers on Fairfax in Hollywood for his first cleaning and they were very professional and affordable. They were timely and treated Jax with great care. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone not wanting to spend upwards of $1000 for a cleaning and have to put your dog under in the process.

Bill Patterson

2 years ago

This is the 3rd or 4th time we have taken Sacchi to have his teeth cleaned with Qualified Pet Dental at Ushampooch in Redondo Beach. the Girls are always very professional and nice, always keeping us updated and reminding us of future appointments via txt. We know our little Sacchi is well taken care of because his pearly whites always look fantastic after a he sees the vet. Another real plus for us is they do not use Anesthesia. I highly recommend them to keep your 4 legged healthy and happy.

Matt Hobbie

2 years ago

Professional staff that treat each and every dog with care. Your dog's dental hygiene is important! Please get them checked up.


3 years ago

True experts. I was anxious to have her first dental cleaning be non anesthetic and she had a lot of tartar built up that my vet had quoted me between $400 for a dental cleaning w/anesthesia and up to $1000 if she needed extractions. I was very worried but my little girl was in and out in 30 minutes with pearly whites and a wagging tail. Not traumatized at all. You can tell she is happy to have a clean mouth. I paid a fraction of the cost and my girl didn’t have to go under. Super friendly staff checked us in. We visited their Carlsbad location.


3 years ago

They do such a great job! Clean, safe, knowledgeable and friendly. Add year to your dogs life and get them the much needed deep teeth cleaning without anesthesia ????????????????????

D Cart

3 years ago

I was hesitant to try but so happy I did for my cat Apollo. They did an amazing job cleaning his teeth and his oral exam. His breath been amazing since the cleaning! What a difference. He did not seem traumatized at all and he is my most scared and shy cat I have. I trust them completely.


3 years ago

Over the last three years, I have been taking my four large older dogs to get their teeth cleaned in the mobile unit that comes to the Chino location. It was comforting to know they offer anesthesia-free dental cleaning. As my pets began to age, I was concerned about having them put under anesthesia each time to clean their teeth. My dogs like the mobile veterinary dentist and the technicians and happily enjoy the whole process with no problems. The price is also very reasonable. I receive paperwork on each dog showing what was done and if any gum or tooth problems could be developing. The entire staff has always been courteous and professional.

Marge Cunningham

3 years ago

Great! Used their service for years! Owners are the best. They are great with my cats too. Thanks Katie & Rebecca

Maxwell Daffron

4 years ago

This business completely misrepresents the services they offer. I scheduled an appointment for my healthy 5 year old dog that had never had problems with his teeth although he had not had his teeth cleaned with anesthesia since he was a puppy. I relayed my concerns with his teeth prior to my appointment and was told he would be fine. After driving 30 minutes to the closest clinic in my area they told me they would be unable to clean his teeth and that I would have to see a regular vet dentist. After this, I was still charged a $25 penalty for showing up. A rip off at best, a complete scam at worst.

Newport Tails

4 years ago

Qualified Pet Dental is the best! The clean my dogs teeth every few months and their breath smells great. My dogs even like the staff! It's a great service they provide and I'm so happy I don't have to put my dogs under while their teeth our cleaned at the vet.

Patti Smith

4 years ago

I have taken my dog to this company before and she was fine. The service was done in a room in side a pet store. This time there was a big van with this loud knocking sound from a AC compressor running. We had parked near the van and my dog immediately got anxious from the loud noises. but I checked her in and they took her away into the van. I talked to them about this and they said it is quieter inside the van. But 30 minutes later they came out and said that she was too anxious to have her teeth cleaned. Im dissappinted that they are now a "mobile" service. Being in that confined space with other dogs increased my dog's anxiety level more than it would have been with just her in a room with the tech person. I was charged $25 for an exam which indicated she needed a teeth cleaning and two teeth were loose - which I already knew about. there are other pet dental companies that do not charge anything if the animal can't be calmed. I was advised to take my dog to the vet for teeth cleaning. That will be FAR more expensive and risky. Now I am looking to try another pet dental service that doesn't do business out of a van.

Steven N

4 years ago

FLEAS!!! DO NOT go to this cheap "CLINIC". My dog received fleas from this clinic, as I found fleas on my indoor dog immediately after picked him up from this clinic re routine teeth cleaning. In speaking to the owner of the company, Rebecca immediately said it was impossible to get fleas at her clinic, though she was not physically there, because she claims to be medical expert in fleas (she actually said she was a medical expert, though she admits to not being a veterinarian). She indicated over and over that my dog could have gotten fleas anywhere, but she refused to admit that that included her clinic! After simply asking for some aide in treating my dog, since her clinic was literally the last place my indoor dog went to before having fleas, or a refund for the teeth cleaning so I could purchase flea treatment she was not going to give, she literally told me to take whatever action I needed and to never contact her again. Terrible customer service from the owner of the small company and zero empathy for my poor dog now with fleas.


4 years ago

So I took my 6 year old chihuahua in today for a dental cleaning.......and omg the staff was so friendly and they did AMAZING work......my baby’s teeth are so white and of course the process doesn’t include anesthesia....will be taking in my 1 year old pug next month

Krishan Nagin

4 years ago

This team does an amazing job. They have quality customer service, they are very gentle with all dogs and the price is affordable. My dog only get his teeth cleaned at QPD and i scheduled every few months to ensure that they are in the best health possible

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