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Traci Evans

2 years ago

Savannah has been really wonderful helping us. We come a long way to get our boys their food but it's so worth it.

Molly Dotson

2 years ago

My Min Pin has multiple health issues, including Enlarged Liver. My Vet wrote a prescription for Just For Dogs Liver Diet. And my dog will not eat it, the only thing that I can tell is cooked is the rice. It had raw sweet potatoes in it she loves sweet potatoes but will not eat this food. The Price is $8.00 plus tax a pound, and is only good for three days thawed. I give this product less than one star.

Robert Dier

2 years ago

I had fed my dog's dry food forever. I switched after seeing there facility in Costa Mesa, watching there processing, and reading the ingredients of their food. Started feeding our dog their food and am completely satisfied ( so is my dog).

Bryan Mermilliod

2 years ago

Specialized hepatic food for my dog is hardly ever in stock. I call and call to check the stock but nobody ever answers the phone. Great food when you can get it but I’m going to have to find an alternative now because my dog needs to eat. I wonder how much the staff would like it if they were hungry and went to the store to buy food and there was none.

Hiba Moss

2 years ago

I was blown away by how professionally and efficiently their team performed the task. For fun, I got the food for my cat and the toys.

Steve Larson

2 years ago

Friendly service. At this "kitchen" store, I was finally able to obtain the chicken and rice recipe which was unavailable at ALL the other branches of Just Food For Dogs

Tracy Morales

2 years ago

I love the food my dog gets when they have food. I don’t love that it is so hard to get someone on the phone to place or pick up an order. I also hate that they are ALWAYS out of food. I’ve overheard other customers get frustrated as well because they don’t have an answer as to why they are out, when they will get food or how they can find the food elsewhere. I didn’t know that they don’t cook everything in house. I talked to my vet and told her to stop sending people to them b/c if a dog is placed on one of their foods for allergies or something and we can’t get the food then what is the point?

Gary Dylewski

2 years ago

Savannah was incredible and she should be employee of the month for her friendly customer service!

Kimber Nold

2 years ago

This place is amazing. Their food is so healthy for our fur balls. I could not imagine feeding her anything else. If your bagged dry food can last years, would we eat it? It’s worth it. I love the Costa Mesa staff.

Nicole Brant-Zawadzki

2 years ago

Unbelievable service and support for your pup!! My dog had a funny tummy and was acting very odd. She’d been to the vet, but nothing was wrong. I walked in here, and Rob walked right up to me and started helping my problem solve what might be happening. Next time I came in Rob remembered me and helped me find food to add some healthy variety. Now my dog couldn’t be more excited when it’s time to eat, she’s running around and super happy. I couldn’t be more impressed by Just Food For Dogs and I’m a subscriber. Thanks for the fabulous food and customer service!!

Christine Feher

2 years ago

My little 12lb Jack Russell Chihuahua mix is so picky about food it's crazy! And he loves this food! They have boxed food for people who need to store it without refridgerating it! Very cool! And the treats made of dried meats are awesome! My little buddy loves the venison!!! Give this place a try!! Your fur baby will thank you!

Danielle Lambert

2 years ago

The staff here is amazing. I get the bulk food and they are find enough to being it to the car for me

Anthony Madison

2 years ago

Great experience love going to this establishment the associate there her name is Savannah she is great very knowledgeable definitely management person she takes her time and explains everything to you which is great not just some associate who wants to make a sale and get rid of you she is definitely a keeper

Daniel Garcia

3 years ago

The food is fantastic. If your dog is experiencing health problems it is a no brainer to invest in this food. High quality and great consistency. However before you decide to get your food make sure you have at least 2 hours to possibly navigate a non responsive phone line, a slow cumbersome online ordering system. The people who work there are great however the interface between ordering and picking up is poorly organized to put it nicely. Great product from a company that makes it difficult for a custom you to order and pick up this great food. Manager who is checking these. Please make adaptations to the current system.

Aubrey Feriante

3 years ago

Ok.....definitely not cheap!!! However my dog with horrible skin issue had only made the switch to this dog food only for about two weeks when magically...her skin and coat were transformed. She always had a couple sores in her back from constant biting and itching and all of the sores completely healed up and her coat had an amazing shine....2 years of dealing with skin problems and 2 weeks of this diet and its been transformed... completely amazing and worth the money.


3 years ago

Barley loves you! And not just for all the free treats...

Julie Shepard

3 years ago

Love Just Food for Dogs as it's the only food my dog can eat, along with their pumpkin treats! A special shout out of gratitude to Scott at the Costa Mesa location where I order her food monthly for free home delivery. Scott is so helpful and considerate and a big thank you to him and a big thank you to everyone at the Costa Mesa location!!!! Wonderful foods and wonderful staff!!

J Nguyen

3 years ago

Food is great for dogs.

Grecia Esparza

3 years ago

Nothing but great things to say about this place. The food is the absolute best you can get for your fur babies and the customer service is always impeccable, they really make you feel welcomed and taken care of.

Eva Almeshal

3 years ago

I am traveling out of the country at the moment, and have been ordering my pup's food from JFFD to make sure he's getting healthy, nutritious food while I'm gone (I usually cook his meals). Last week, my order said it had been delivered, but my partner didn't receive it. We've been having many cases of stolen packages lately, so I assumed that's what had happened. I reached out to JFFD's customer support line, and Alyssa helped me tremendously. She placed another order for me (free of charge) and expedited it so that the next day the local delivery team could deliver it to my home! JFFD not only has amazing customer service and an incredibly friendly / helpful staff -- their food is made with high-quality, nutritious ingredients that my dog absolutely loves!!! Thank you so much for keeping my mind at ease while I'm away.

Diane McCrimmon

3 years ago

Always very helpful plenty of people there to help answer your questions. They also have a corporate office that will help you customize or look to see if your dog needs some customization of their food due to allergies or illness. However, they didn't feel that my dog needed a custom program so I didn't have to pay $250, which I would have done if she needed a more fine-tuned food. The retail store is small but roomie to get around and they have the distancing down to a t. Very nice people work there as well

Alexandra Sanchez

3 years ago

Friendly and helpful staff. Free treats and samples for our pup. AAAND my dog loves all their meals!

Crystal Catalan

3 years ago

I was always curious about this place, until one day i decided to see what was it all about.. And let me tell you im happy i actually went in the food is fantastic my puppy loves it, and we can't wait to go back for some more doggie food. Every day its made fresh, and not only that they provide you vitamin/allergy med. With the food in case they have an allergic reaction since they're puppies you never know, every doggie is different ????????????

Jeff Konstanzer

4 years ago

Great staff that is really helpful and caring, my Great Dane Makena loved it as much as I did

Donna Mann

4 years ago

Very knowledgeable and helpful staff. They have everything you need to feed your dog a healthy diet

Eduardo Roman

4 years ago

Excellent services. Good food for dog

James Sandoval

4 years ago

My Dog loved all the treats

Jax Luger

4 years ago

If you are looking for a replacement to your dogs wet/canned food this place is great. Now it's not cheap food but your dog will love it. Also you will never hear of this places food killing dogs with pentobarbital because they use human grade food in their ingredients. My dogs look forward to their meals and I have seen a huge difference in my dogs due to changing their diet to this food. If you buy the larger bags and then repackage them into smaller portions, it will save you money. I usually buy 3 months worth and keep it in my freezer.

Kim McCulley

4 years ago

Great people, wonderful service and our dog loves them too.

Marcy Rivera

4 years ago

Best. Food for your dog ,I usually. Make. My dog food if I don't have time. I rush over and pick up fresh dog food ,I wish I would of thought. Of this idea

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