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Katherine Karpesky

2 years ago

Dr. B was very nice and the staff were all friendly. Spoke at length with me about my dog's skin issue and came up with a good plan of attack for his treatment.

R. Lake

2 years ago

Great staff..amazing vet!! Very comfortable and calm atmosphere. Doc is top notch and cares deeply for every animal. Small or large. I completely endorse this facility. Great job!!

Martha Hunter

2 years ago

They were very nice and caring

Al Joseph

3 years ago

Dr. B is one of a kind in this world of greed. He is extremely conscientious that you understand what's going on. Never makes you feel as though he's in a rush to get to his next client. So if that is a concern of yours and you want your pet in the care of one of the Great ones then your next Vet visit should be with Dr B. I had my first fabulous visit with him 40yrs ago.????

Gavin Reed

3 years ago

This vet misdiagnosed my dog and over prescribed her multiple medications she didn't need. Had to pay three grand in Intensive care unit bills all because this vet was miles off on his diagnosis and prescribed her meds that pushed her hours from death. Took her to a new vet and they stated the medications he prescribed should never be mixed.

Alisa Ashby

4 years ago

Love Dr. B and his staff!

David Billingsley

4 years ago

Dr. B and staff are simply the best.

J.S. McBride

4 years ago

Dover shores is where I can count on the best care for my pets. Doctor B. is a wonderful veterinarian and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Awesome!!!

Jon Howard

4 years ago

They treat your pets like family.

Daniel Pablos

5 years ago

Dr B is a great vet and such a nice guy, my dogs love him. Great, kind and helpful staff. A bit expensive, but staff, pet care and overall service make it worth the price. I would highly recommend this place.

Michael Arquilla

5 years ago

complete and comprehensive care with great compassion for both the pet and the owner. you cannot find a more competent and kind place to know your animal is in the best of hands.this will bring PEACE OF MIND that all is being done.

Nicholle Blettel

5 years ago

Excellent customer service and great handling of the animals that are brought in.... Highly recommend this vet....

Heather Dooley

6 years ago

I brought my cat here first thing on a Friday morning to be spayed. I thought I'd be able to be present with her, to meet the doctor, until they brought her in to surgery. But it wasn't that way, I just handed her over the counter and they just said they'd call me later. I didn't think much of it at the time and that, that was just procedure. I thought I'd receive a phone call once the surgery was done to let me know my cat was doing fine and when I could pick her up. Finally, at about 4:00pm, I called them and they said I could come pick her up in an hour. When I go to pick up my cat, I figured the doctor would come out and tell me how she did in surgery, but that wasn't the case. I didn't receive an after care sheet or instructions, no pain medication prescription for her, they basically told me nothing. She had staples that would need to be removed and they didn't even schedule a follow-up appointment to do that. So, I get my cat home and I don't really know what I'm supposed to do. She just had major surgery and had external staples on her belly, so I was afraid to even touch her. I didn't even know what she was allowed to do and not do. About 5 days after surgery, I notice that one of the staples looks like it's raised more than the others, like it might come out, but I don't really know. Then the next day, I notice that staple is gone and I know there's no way she's healed yet. So, I call the doctor and tell the girl who answered what happened and she asks me if I want to schedule an appointment. I told her I want her to tell ME if that's what I should do. She told me just to keep an eye on it and if it doesn't get better to schedule an appointment. I asked her about the rest of the staples and when they're supposed to be removed. She said 10-15 days. I asked her if I could just drop in for that and she said no, to make an appointment. We got off the phone with still no appointment made. This took place on a Friday, so as I observed her wound over the weekend, I thought it just didn't look right, so I made an appointment on Tuesday to have the staples removed. I figured I'd be able to go in the room with her this time and I'll tell the doctor what had happened. When I brought her in that Tuesday, I specifically asked to go in with my cat and to speak with the doctor. She said they normally just take the animals back, so again she took my cat without me. I sat down in the lobby and was prepared to wait. She came back and said my cat does have a little infection, so instead of waiting, because the doctor "has other appointments," I could leave and they'll call me to pick her up. So, reluctantly I left my cat there and went home. I live literally five minutes from this hospital and I wasn't home five minutes before they called me to come pick her up. They made such a big deal about me not waiting for her at the hospital and it was no longer than 15 minutes. While waiting there for them to bring me out my cat, I saw two different owners come out from the back with their dogs. These people were allowed to accompany their dogs in the exam room and speak with the doctor, but I was not allowed to. To this day I never got to speak with the doctor directly. I'm convinced they wanted me to completely leave the office and not wait for my cat in the lobby while they removed her staples, because they didn't want me to hear my cat screaming. I purchased a cone from them for $14 to put on my cat's head and the least they could've done was put it on my cat for me. I haven't used it once, because my cat won't let me near her with it and I'm afraid to hurt her if I try and force it. If you're looking for a personable veterinarian who treats your pet like one of it's own, I'd recommend going ELSEWHERE, based on my experience.


7 years ago

Dr. B is really amazing. When he enters the room he immediately gets down on the ground and starts to pet and comfort the dog. He has a really great touch with the animals he works with, listens to everything you have to say and never makes you feel rushed, which is the best part. i'm really happy with Dover, plus I can walk the dog here! Prices are a tad high in my opinion, but I guess you get what you pay for. I'd just like to walk out paying a little less.

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