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Maribel Marquez

2 years ago

As a freshwater fish enthusiast, this is by far my favorite Petco I have ever been to!! They have an amazing selection of fish, live plants, accessories, and most importantly awesome associates!!! I will definitely be returning here in the future even though I live an hour away ???? Justin was the wonderful, and very fish knowledgeable ssociate to help me and my daughter out today and I just had to give my public and personal thank you to him. Thank you!!! ???? see ya soon

Juana Mays

2 years ago

I came into the store looking for several items. I was greeted by an employee who help me find everything I needed for my new pet. He suggest things I needed to get for my dog and I bought them, The store was very clean and you could feel the friendly sprits in the store. The people were very nice.


2 years ago

Good staff each visit. No complaints from me

Sergio Diaz

2 years ago

Friendly and professional assistance. All of my inquiries were answered promptly. Also loved the wide selection of supplies, pets, etc. Would shop here again!

Earl D

2 years ago

Excellent service and products, can't beat the prices either. Overall EXCELLENT!

Judith Sanchez

2 years ago

Great service, for my pets

Glenn Light

2 years ago

Was able to get everything I needed

Amir Ghadiri

2 years ago

Shame on Petco for selling lasers as dog toys. It seems like harmless fun to new dog owners, and unfortunately that is exactly what we thought. After using a laser to play with our dog only once, he’s been suffering the long term effects for 2 weeks now. We should have known better but didn’t. Petco undeniably knows better but still sells them. Reading online now, we understand how detrimental it is for them. He runs around in circles all day and gets fixated on the smallest things (lights, shadows, ceiling fans). He has no sense of his surroundings anymore and literally runs straight into walls, furniture, and other objects because he’s focused on the light reflections around him. There is no question it has diminished his quality of life, all for $5 or however much you guys sell those lasers for. You are trusted as a resource for new pet owners. You should know better than to put them on your shelves. Shame on you

Alex Galvan

2 years ago

Lot of stuff for our dog.


2 years ago

Overall it is a good place but needs more items for pet mice like houses and hamster houses .

Arthur Cardenas

2 years ago

Great place for you pet


2 years ago

I came in with a list of dog food I was looking for. I asked a sales associate for help and he was very well informed, talked about various products that I asked about and spent a good deal of time helping me. I have a hard time getting around so I walk a cane. The associate offered and carried the dog food to my vehicle. Very positive experience

Allison Muro

2 years ago

An item I was looking for was not on the shelf. Asked an employee, if possible have item, but not able to put out yet. For years now, I always know, to ask more than one employee, because one may not know, or won't check. Walked out with item I needed, only after 2 employees, sometimes I'll ask 3. They were both friendly employees.

Jp Yuen

2 years ago

Store is clean & organized. The employees all very helpful ????

Liam Hobbie

2 years ago

Easily one of the most impressive aquatics sections that I’ve ever seen in a petco. The bettas all looked healthy and all their water looked clean. Would happily buy fish here

Kai Gallardo

2 years ago

I am really liking the selections and atmosphere of the stores. Its clean, sleek and the variety in pet products makes it appear like a Nordstroms for pets! I really enjoy walking around and browsing the items while I shop. Plus the store always takes care of my pets when we arrive. This is why I chose to shop in store than subscribe to a pet delivery service.

Robert Lopees

2 years ago

Petco is so nice to walk In with your dog and roam the store.

Nichole Walker

2 years ago

Best curbside service! Natalie was awesome and remember us :) Keep up the amazing work!

Kay Vee

2 years ago

Always clean and well stocked floor

Maria Diaz

2 years ago

Although is a small place it still a great place, good customer service, fast and clean. Lots of animal pets to pick from too.

Lori Little

2 years ago

Wide variety of items and helpful, knowledgeable staff.


2 years ago

Well supplied store. We easily found what we were looking for.


2 years ago

Employees were rude to me when I asked to purchase a pet. Many of the cages were in poor conditions, with the water bottles being way too low to the ground for guinea pigs to even drink, as well as the water bottles being way too high and big for the mice/rats. Horrible service overall!

Desiree Mendoza

2 years ago

They didn't have what we need. I called before I went and asked before I had to make the drive over but when I got there they said they didn't carry the brand of tick chewys

baked_ potato

2 years ago

They didn't have the bird i wanted

Shia Komatsu

2 years ago

I was looking for a new dog bed and it was probably fate because a $99 bed was on sale for $72 ????

Alexandria Fletcher

2 years ago

Has always been an easy experience

Sharon Mitchael

2 years ago

Easy to find items and a helpful staff

Belinda Bentley

2 years ago

The trainer was wonderful and the store is fully stocked.

Hanahnanahana Anahahanhana

2 years ago

Do not buy reptiles here. They don't know what they're doing. I bought two bearded dragons that both had separate cages but the same exact living conditions and one got sick and died. Because it wasn't in their 30 day period they told me oopsies sorry but would've been cool if they didnt give me a dragon that never ever grew.

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