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Corona Jr

2 years ago

I had a great experience with hilltop farms. Service was top notch. Birds are in great shape, happy, and healthy. 100% Recommended.

Olivia Rivera

2 years ago

Very pleasant people to work with and provided me with my lovely little girls in EXCELLENT shape! They started so small but are growing quickly into big beautiful ladies. I'm so pleased and would certainly recommend this business to friends and family interested in starting a brood!

Ariana Longley

2 years ago

Patrick was very helpful as we were buying our very first chicks from him. He helped answer some of our questions via text before we drove an hour from our home to pick up our chicks. They are super sweet and sometimes cuddle as pictured :) They are beautiful hens now! If we get more we’ll definitely go back to Hilltop Farms!

Danielle W

2 years ago

We are absolutely in love with all the hens we've purchased from Hilltop. They are very kind people who truly care about providing healthy, quality birds. Our hens came to us as chicks, healthy and without any issues, they have grown into great layers with the sweetest personalities and we adore them so much. When I was searching the country for a rare breed hen, Hilltop was the only place that had them and they communicated well to make sure I got them. As someone who is highly critical of most things, there isn't a negative thing I could say about my experiences with Hilltop.

Regina Linton

2 years ago

Hilltop farms is a great place to get the breeds of chickens you want to add to your flock. I was pleased by the wonderful selection of breeds. I will be buying new chicks every year to build my flock. Love this place!

amanda roy

2 years ago

First time chicken owner. Had a great experience with our chicks from hilltop farms!

September Vaudrey

2 years ago

Hilltop Farms is a class act. They prioritize the health of their birds and are super informative and kind. Patrick and his wife are a delight. They offer a wide range of breeds and can tell you about each type. I will definitely be back when I need to replenish my flock. We bought four chicks in April and they are all healthy and laying.

Rebecca Stevens

2 years ago

I first ordered chicks from Patrick in June 2020 and again in March of this year. I purchased a variety of different breeds and they are all doing well and laying eggs. Very happy with them.

Nathan Rench

2 years ago

Hilltop Farms has some of the greatest selection of chickens and the people who own and work there are always very helpful and willing to answer questions. We’ve purchased some wonderful hens and roosters from them a few different times. Some were day olds and others about 9 weeks old but each time we’ve gotten some great birds. There’s always a chance you’ll get a rooster in the mix but we were happy to keep them. Bruce and Harry are great roos that are so fun to interact with.

Madeline Bailey

2 years ago

Picked up Hilary Fluff and Chickira as day old chicks and they have grown to be healthy, friendly chickens. Thankful Hilltop farms also have a rooster rehoming program. I started with 4 chicks in an area zoned for no roosters. 2/4 ended up as roosters that I was able to rehome through the program. Communication was easy via text. Overall pleasant experience ????

Lynn Richards

2 years ago

Wonderful service! Our chickens are so happy and healthy. We got 2 Barred Rock and 2 Buff Orpingtons. They were handed off to us with great care. I wouldn’t buy anywhere else.

Katherine Lovell

2 years ago

I have bought so many chickens from this family I can't count. Always helpful and friendly. Very knowledgeable and can tell they truly care about the well being and health of their stock.

Julie Williams

2 years ago

Great place to buy chicks! The chicks were beautiful and healthy! Patrick is kind and knowledgeable. I recommend!!


2 years ago

Simply the BRST! I can’t recommend Hilltop Farms high enough! Best quality, selection, and premium customer service. Will definitely purchase chicks again.

Andrew Bautista

2 years ago

Worked with me and assisted me when I had follow up questions. Responded in a timely manner as well.

Kriss Knapp

2 years ago

I purchased 3 chicks from patrick. All 3 were incredibly small (his reasoning for this was that they might be from pullet eggs) and one was on the brink of death when he gave it to me and it passed in less than 24 hrs. He refused to give me a refund as their policy is replacement only. He is now unresponsive after several emails and will not cooperate in helping me get a replacement. My experience was that the birds were expensive for the condition and this is an irresponsibly run business.

Sarah Shapiro

2 years ago

Have 5 lovely hens from Patrick’s chicks. A beautiful Lavendar Orpington, Buff Laced Polish and more. Highly recommend d.

Yami Perez

2 years ago

I am very pleased to recommend hilltop farms, I recently was referred to them by a friend of mine. Who also had a great experience with them. They have a great line of different breeds and they are such a great quality ! Aside from such great birds, they are such a great family! I met Patrick’s sister and mom, and they are the nicest people ever! Also, they care very much about the customer and their birds. I emailed Patrick with obviously new chicken mom questions and he took the time to email me back and advise! I am heading back to them to get a few more birds so that by next spring I have full grown birds! My kids and I are excited to grow them as part of our family!

Joanna Shinn

2 years ago

Great customer service and Patrick is very informative. In less than a week I had 5 well mannered clean hens delivered to my barn and within 2 days of their arrival I have my first egg. He also fallowed up with me after to make sure everything was ok. I highly recommend Hilltop.

Jake Tree

2 years ago

Waited 2 mths for chicks, said I still might not get them, had to contact them multiple times each response, then they come back and charge your more because they only ship 2 weeks old chicks. I wanted to cancel because they didn't have the chicks I waited 2 mths for, which was the only reason I ordered from them. They only gave me half my money back, which is probably how they make most there money. They don't know how to run a business, don't waste your time with them.

Beth Albrecht

2 years ago

I ordered 10 chicks and was well aware that they filled orders in the order they received them. I did get an update which was very much appreciated. I'm so glad they shipped 2 week old chicks! The PO. didn't get them on the truck and they would have been in transit way to long had i not checked. I'm so happy I got 10 healthy, happy chicks! I would definitely order from them again!

Cesar Lopez

2 years ago

Very disappointed with this place, never notified me that my order was ready to pick up I tried calling them, left voice message, didn't get a reply, finally got a hold of them by fb messenger and told me they didn't have my birds in stock, finally when I asked for a refund, they tell me that they had my order ready since like 2 weeks, I go to pick up my birds and they try to charge me extra because the birds where past 2 weeks old, so I told him I was not going to pay more since they never contacted me, but the owner argued that send me emails notifying me about my order been ready, and that he even tried calling me but it was all a lie so at the end I didn't even get the birds I payed for and I also got two sick birds one died and all this took placet in 4 months, placed my order on line on March and barely got my birds on June 3rd

Patricia Pena

3 years ago

Absolutely wonderful experience today visiting Hilltop Farms and meeting Denise. She was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable to guide us as new backyard chicken hobbyist. I was so excited to learn about different breeds and they had simple & very helpful notebooks for us to review. Went for 2 chicks and came home with 5!!! :)

Pam Harris

3 years ago

I love watching my chicks, I received 4 happy and healthy chicks just 3 days ago and they are so cute and growing so fast.

Jen Hong

3 years ago

Such a lovely experience! Patrick and his family are absolutely adorable and so helpful! I order 6 french black copper marans and 3 Isbar eggs and I received 11! They were super helpful every step of the way! I ran into issues because there was a delay in my incubator shipping but Patrick was happy to accommodate! I have never incubated eggs before and he was so helpful, and I had so many questions. He even helped me organize where to place the eggs. Would definitely recommend and order from again.

Google Reviewer

3 years ago

So much to say... Hilltop Farms has great reviews and carry the special breeds we've been looking for. (Croad Langshans are not easy to come by in our town and even their hatching eggs aren't easy to find.) They were very accomodating when I placed an order and didnt see that they only ship within CA. (We live out of state.) It was well worth the 8 hour round trip. They have such an amazing breed selection amd all the chicks we got are healthy so far. Yes, communication is slow but this is a family business at the peak of chick season. It's unreasonable to expect corporate level customer service from people who are running every aspect of their operation themselves. Thanks for everything Patrick and family!

Ilse Ackermann

3 years ago

Patrick hooked a client of mine up with a beautiful healthy flock. My favorite chicken breeder!

Jamie Lewis

3 years ago

Patrick and Hilltop Farms are outstanding! I highly recommend and would definitely get any other chicks I am looking for in the future from him. I got 4 Lavender Americauna chicks. I ordered ahead since they are in demand and popular right now. I was able to get them about 2 weeks ahead of schedule when he had a big hatch. All 4 were healthy and active and ADORABLE. He was great about making sure we knew what we needed (we were already set up but I really appreciated he made himself available for questions and to make sure people knew that their chicks needed heat etc - just shows he cares about the animals). Our chicks are now a couple weeks old and doing really well. They are inquisitive and sweet and do great with my 5 year old. PLUS they have to be the cutest chicks I have ever seen. Thanks again Patrick!

French Food Camp

3 years ago

A friend and I have bought 20 chicks from Pat in the last few months and we could not be happier! We bought some more common breeds as well as rare breeds and they are all very healthy and excellent, calm temperament. Pat is very knowledgeable and has a wonderful array of breeds in his program; unlike many other hatcheries you can purchase chicks basically most of the year. How lucky are we to have this excellent breeder here in SoCal! I have bought from many hatcheries in the past but now I recommend only Hilltop!

Edward Soza

3 years ago

I purchased eggs From hill top farms to hatch in my new incubator, I couldn’t have been more pleased ! They are getting so big , I got 5 roosters and the rest hens , I would recommend them to anyone wanting to hatch their own eggs !

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