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Pete Ski

2 years ago

We have been going to akaal for about 10 yrs now.. 5 star operation the best vet in Sacramento by far..

Stacey Brown-Villagomez

2 years ago

My experience was STELLAR! It could not have been better. I owe my puppy Luna’s life & well-being to Marco & Dr. Bhullar! Marco got Luna seen as an urgent ER follow up, and Dr. Bhullar diagnosed her major heart defect. I am indebted to Akaal Pet Hospital, Marco, Dr. Bhullar & your entire staff. Thank you ALL for what you do daily to take care of our furry family members. You are so cherished, valued, appreciated & truly loved. I can’t thank you enough.

Katrina Setzer

2 years ago

Brought my dog here for the first time. They said Vet was in surgery and they would look at him in a few hours. Which I didn't love. Vet suggested blood work and X rays. No problem. They have my dog for 3.5 hours. Call and say he's ready I ask what the blood work said, they have to send it out. Okay what about the x rays? Oh you declined those. No, please do those. 1 minute later vet calls and says they don't have the equipment needed for two people to hold my dog to x ray him for the 3rd angle. He continues to say contradictory statistics about what the x ray will catch then says well I'm not working tomorrow. Then said he needs an ultrasound because the x ray won't help. What? So what it sounds like to me is it was 3:30 and he didn't want to do my dogs x rays because someone in his office made a mistake and they didn't have time but my suffering dog didn't make the mistake why does he have to be in pain? Go to Friends and Family vet or MarQueen not here.

Diana Davis

2 years ago

Just called wants over 400.00 to neuter my cat What happened to low cost this is ridiculous to neuter a one year old cat for over 400.00 dollars they lost my business

Amanda scorpio life

2 years ago

The vet is such a sweet kind man! I love that he's not afraid of my pitbulls and he goes above and beyond to help when they have issues. I have taken them to many other vets and my dogs were never cared for as well as they are at this vet❤????

Anika Lynch

2 years ago

I have been taking my GSD here since he was a baby. I wouldn't go anywhere else. They take the best care of my baby boy!

Valarie Oldham

2 years ago

Love this place. Vet gives all information and options and let's you choose the course of treatment for your pet. No pressure just information. Affordable too.

Sherry Ankeny

2 years ago

I had an appointment for Prince, he has a bad tooth. I arrived on time. Waited for about half hour to 45 min. They were to busy to see him

Lillian Jaimez

2 years ago

My doggie Dewey was in desperate need of immediate life or death surgery due to a huge mass on his leg that wouldn't stop bleeding. Dr. Bhullar advised me to take him to an emergency Veterinary to have immediate surgery. I informed him that I did, but when I arrived, the technician said I had to call their surgery department and make an appointment. . Dr. Bhullar replied, "Your doggie cant go another day without surgery. He won't make it". He quickly went and spoke to his staff, came back and said, "My technicians said they will cancel their lunch breaks to assist in surgery. I also made some calls and rearranged my schedule. I'll do Dewey's surgery TODAY." I was in disbelief. Tears began to pour from my eyes. Long story short, my doggies surgery was a success! He is currently home resting comfortably, Dr. Bhullar and his wonderful, caring staff saved my Dewey's life. If that isn't going ABOVE AND BEYOND, I don't know what is. I will be forever greatful for Akaal animal hospital. I will be recommending this hospital to anyone and everyone that asks if I know of a great animal hospital. Thank you Dr. Bhullar and staff for saving my doggies life.

kathryn puga

2 years ago

While I ultimately decided to go with a different Veterinarian after my dogs initial exam, in the end I was very satisfied with the customer service and responsiveness from the Drs and staff here. There was an issue for me and my dog, but it was quickly, professionally and fairly resolved.

Sara Sepkowski

2 years ago

I rescued my pet Zoey (Shih Tzu Mix, she 6) about 18 months ago. Not even a week into having her, I noticed her ears were bothering her, and we’ve been in and out of vets and specialists since. She has allergies (dust/ environment) and has chronic ear infections. We are from Chicago, and we’d see a vet follow the directions, and she’d still have the infection. So, we’d try the new treatment, it was exhausting. We tried other vets at the clinic, no results. So, we tried hydrolyzed protein, she has custom shots for her allergies, the list goes on. So, we’re in Sacramento, traveling around, zoeys ears start acting up, and I was able to get an appointment at Akaal. He was very informative and came up w a treatment plan for her that actually worked. He also gave us helpful pamphlets that showed how to properly wash her ears. Now, it’s been about 4-5 weeks, and, I took Zoey to different vet (we’re traveling) and her ears are still clear (I took her to the vet because they will be conducting a tooth cleaning). This was a BIG deal because that just hasn’t happened. I am very grateful to Akaal for seeing Zoey, providing good care, education, and for being patient with me (I’m a wreck w anything involving Zoey because it has been an unsolvable problem). And, now, her ears have been good for over a month, so it’s giving me hope :) and she is much more comfortable. Thank you!

Sun Jun

2 years ago

Excellent Veterinarian and staff.Affordable,compassionate,and genuinely concerned.Never tries to add services that are not needed and fills prescriptions also.My dogs are never upset when they go there,either before or after.

Soul Washed Not Brain Washed

2 years ago

Professional and courteous. Masked and social distancing in place if you're worried about that kind of thing... But overall very communicative and friendly. Drop off only at this time 10/21!!!

rick stevens

2 years ago

they are starting to become a victim of their own success...they either need to move to a new location, hire more staff, or both. phone wait times for me have consistently exceeded 20 minutes, and they are not very prompt with helping waiting customers outside of their business...something needs to change. It is also worth noting that they are responsive to all the positive reviews...while ignoring mostly all the negative reviews.

Regan Davis

2 years ago

Dr. Bhular is a wise and compassionate veterinarian who, despite being extremely busy, always takes time to meet personally and explain all concerns and alternatives. His advice has kept our senior-cat healthy and happy well past her due. xoxo

Melissa Skillsky

2 years ago

Love the owner. Dr. is the best in town. The staff is friendly. They love our dogs (5) as much as we do. Worth the price we pay.

Chris Hooser

2 years ago

My husband and I have taken all of our pets to AAKAL Vets ever since they opened. They have always taken excellent and compassionate care of each furry and hairy child of our family. I have and continue to recommend them to friends and family for the care of their pets.


2 years ago

Terrible pet hospital. Doctors barely speak English and lie straight to your face, zero sympathy for your pets. Don't come alone, very scary characters come to this lot and you do not want to get mugged being here alone. Tons of lot lizards going though trash and garbage all over the lot. Our 13 year old dog Katie took a heavy decline in health the last several weeks, we took her back her multiple times for labs and physicals to determine what the best course of action for her was. The several doctors we spoke to stated that if we wanted to euthanize our pet that we could have 2-3 people in the room. The day we decided to the doctor lied and said he didn't say that and that only 1 person was allowed in the room while euthanization. The manager or receptionist had zero sympathy for our family members, insisted that they had to follow covid guidelines despite the euthanization would only take 2 minute in a room alone. I urge anybody to never come to this pet hospital, not only will they waste your time and lie to you, but their employees have zero sympathy and will follow whatever guidelines despite them being morally wrong. We went down the road to the Loomis hospital and not only we're they cheaper with after hours care, we could actually walk in with all the whole family to be with our pet.

Bee M

2 years ago

Doctor and staff are very knowledgeable and helpful to your needs. Took my cat (Daddy) here and we are very pleased. Prices are reasonable and Daddy was very happy with his treatment. Thank you!

Colleen Gallagher

2 years ago

Dr. Bhullar is by far the best vet we have been blessed to meet. He took care of our fur babies and us humans with all the emotional issues. We are most certainly in a better place due to Dr. Bhullar, Akaal Pet Hospital, staff, and mascots being in our lives. Best ever quick help when our four legged kid was having breathing issues! He is recovering really well. We are so glad we found Akaal Pet Hospital. We believe that our Aristotle is so much better for having him come visit you. The entire facility goes above and beyond the call of duty. We know they all say that it is there job. We just believe in our heart that the care they share is so much more. Thanks again for your help. All our fur babies are gone now. We just want to support our statement that this group of wonderful people go above and beyond the call of duty. They are truly our heroes for all the love they put into their services to our community. We love you with all our hearts. There will always be a deep connection to you and yours.

Jason B

2 years ago

Several issues over the few visits I've had. 1: Akaal said my previous vet did not have records for my pet so I would have to restart all of his completed puppy vaccines because my own personal records are not valid. (BS Because I called my vet hospital and they did in fact have my pets info.). 2: I stated repeatedly that no I am not declining vaccines, my pet already has them. This didn't stop then from pushing for them with every visit ending in "declined initial vaccine" on every pet receipt. 3: My pet received an initial leptospirosis vaccine with a follow-up in some weeks. I must have missed it but they ended up giving my pet a combination vaccine with leptospirosis and "restarted" my pets dapp-L series. When inquiring over the phone it was received with "oh the vaccine is okay to take if he's already had it and it's the same price". No it's not the same price. It's slightly more expensive. Receipt from last leptospirosis shows it cheaper than the current combination that was given. 4: My pet needed heartworm prevention and they charged me out and gave me a combination heartworm that would take care of fleas, ticks, etc. It was already asked and listed that my pet is currently on a seresto collar. I asked if he even needed the collar anymore they told me no you can get rid of it. Why would I get rid of a $70 collar when it has at least 4 months left of usage. I quickly took the combination heartworm medication back and traded it in for strictly heartworm which was MUCH cheaper. I shouldn't have to tell them my pet's life story with every single visit. Clearly they don't have any communication between visits. I'm currently looking for a new vet!

Rhyan Schmidt

2 years ago

After my first visit, I've already recommended this vet to several of my friends. Their prices and quality of service cannot be beat! In all my years as a pet owner, I've never been so happy with a vet. They present you with all the information and options and don't try to upsell you or shame you about anything. Simply wonderful people who clearly care about your pets!

Robert Lindey

2 years ago

I was impressed by the courteousness and punctuality by the staff at this facility. Keep up the good work!

Anthony Gallagher

2 years ago

Place is easy cheap they take care of your animal with care and love definitely be back

Genevieve Burdette

2 years ago

I love everything and everyone here! Thank you for friendly reliable professional service. I’m glad I found you! Highly recommend! I appreciate you!

Michael Packard

2 years ago

I've been using this vet for the last 15 years, highly recommend! If I had to choose would choose him as my own PCP thats how much I trust him with my doggies

Rana Sabeh

2 years ago

My cat was fit into a last minute appointment and came home at the end of the day with the results of her x-rays. I am forever thankful to the staff at Akaal for seeing her so quickly and giving me peace of mind knowing what was ailing her. I will definitely bring my other cat!

Gilbert Kelley

2 years ago

We were very pleased with the Dr and staff he explained everything in detail. We will be bringing back our other dog as well

Curt Feutz

2 years ago

My cat got real sick real fast and unfortunately had to put him down. On a Friday afternoon the poor little guy got real bad and I had a Monday appointment for him and I called their office and they were so understanding and got him in to be looked at right away. Unfortunately nothing could be done for him and we put him down on Saturday morning. The doctor was very very compassionate and kind.

Erin Barbante

2 years ago

Very friendly staff who give you options about the care your pet receives. Because of the friendliness and good service booking an appointment can become difficult. Pretty reasonable prices as far as veterinarians go.

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