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Brian Barsamian

2 years ago

Excellent patient (pet) care. Great follow up, professionalism and support during our cats care. Dr. Vaid is tremendous and all office/practice staff was caring and kind.

Saujan Sivaram

2 years ago

We really like how thorough Dr. Dimov and the team are. We feel confident that our dog is in excellent care and appreciate the detailed explanations after the appointments.


2 years ago

I highly recommend Dr.Dimov and Redwood Animal Hospital! The doctor is very knowledgeable, caring and helpful. He takes care of my dog since he was a puppy now it’s 4 years old. Every time I go there I get outstanding service and all my questions answered.

Yesenia Luna

2 years ago

I brought my reactive dog to this place a couple months ago due to a rash. Staff is very poorly trained to deal with dogs like mine, I am pretty sure I’m not the only person with a reactive dog. I thank and appreciate the vet assistant that dealt with me, she was very nice, I do not know if this is their protocol but she went back and forth getting information from me and delivering it to the vet, until I asked her if I was going to be able to speak to the vet directly. Quite a few minutes later the vet appeared. While I understand her being cautious and not wanting to get too close to my dog, I didn’t like that the vet never enter the room and stood by the door way all the time, she asked me to face my dog the opposite direction from her, even though my dog was sedated and had TWO muzzles on him. He got his vaccinations, and we were sent home with some meds. Almost 3 weeks ago my dog needed to be seen kind of urgently, when I called for an appointment the receptionist told me they had some availability, I asked if they wanted me to give him the sedatives prior to the appointment like the previous time, she asked for my dogs name and then she putted me on hold, when she got back to me I was told they didn’t have any openings, interesting how they got fully booked within 2-3 minutes. Sounds for me they pick and choose which animals they treat. Definitely not going back here. Luckily at Castro Valley Animal hospital they are very understanding and made accommodations to see my dog, the Dr entered the room, spoke to me, explained my dogs problem and treatment, all of this while my dog was in the room sitting and facing the Dr and his assistant Luis who is AMAZING with reactive dogs.

Seles Lam

2 years ago

Great service! Techs are always sweet and understanding (even with my problem child) and are super patient with all my questions. Doctors are great and really listen to my pet's issues. They offer multiple solutions and are understanding when owners are cost-conscious. I haven't had a bad encounter at all here, everyone is so nice. I don't dread visits here and I don't ever doubt that my pet is getting the best care possible. Also, love the cat that roams around the place!!!

Heather Brown

2 years ago

Called to inquire about urgent availability because the ER in San Leandro has a 8-10hr wait. Receptionist was rude and unhelpful.

Bridgette Ohms

2 years ago

I wouldn't take my tape worm to them.

Isabel Val

2 years ago

The vet tech who helped us was an angel! Despite Miffy biting her (because he's aggressive at the vet) she maintained a positive and patient attitude. Doctor is always great as well! Always super informative.


2 years ago

Good customer service. Good communication from the Vet about the recommendations and expectations. Friendly. Easy to talk to. Empathetic.

John Williams Jr.

2 years ago

Friendly and caring veterinarian and staff. I'm torn about docking stars, but I've only been here during the pandemic + summer time. Their procedure is for you to wait in your car in the alley outside. After only a few minutes I'm baking in my car, not to mention my kittens who are literally panting. Of course I could leave the car idling with A/C running, but it is impractical after waiting a half hour or so. I'm not sure what they can do about that, but I wish there was *some* sort of sun relief while waiting.

Linda Campos

2 years ago

We brought our cat in to be euthanized. The staff were absolutely wonder & caring, handling the whole procedure with much empathy.

Liz Garcia

2 years ago

Very friendly staff. Appointments made are quick and easy.

Shelley G

2 years ago

Great hospitality, efficient and friendly and informative and staff and knowledgeable doctor ! So happy they are very accommodating as well scheduling appointments that are within a reasonable time so I could get care for beloved pet without having to go to another emergency vet any paying big $. I am on a limited income to I really value this. Also appreciated a free exam in exchange for the vet having to reschedule my appointment for the next day!! Responsive , careing, friendliness , attentive, reasonably priced. I feel so much more informed now and less fearful about my cats chronic issue, Thank you Dr D!

Martin Quinn

2 years ago

Love this place, they treat my pets right and don't try to kill my wallet on meds and don't try to over sell me on others meds.

Sierra Wilson

2 years ago

Friendly caring staff Feeling welcome and comfortable

Janet Palma

2 years ago

Great service. Better service from Dr. Dimov. The other Vet wanted to pull my cat's teeth for no reason. I don't like mercenary doctors of any kind. Shelly is getting good care now. And Izzy gets his regular Cytopoint injections here.

jeanette driscoll

2 years ago

I have been very impressed with the service we (my little Desi)have recieved at this facility. Dr. georgi has explained very clearly the problelms Desi has and what needs to be done to clear up these problems. And keeps the charges as low as possible.

jennifer chang

2 years ago

My dog has seizures and Dr. Georgi asked me to video when my dog's seisured. Then, he prescribed medication for my dog!!! My dog went to 2 vets but none of them can come up any ways to help!!

kj page

2 years ago

Well explained recommendations. Personable staff. Even my shy cat was purring.

Kristi Dude

2 years ago

The staff are always pleasant and concerned when situations arise with our puppies. We have followed Dr Dimov since he was at a practice in Concord. Yes we travel from Concord to see Dr Dimov. He is very informative and compassionate on the procedure that will be taking place. Highly recommend!!

Mycel Orillaneda

2 years ago

Took the kitty in to be spayed. Received a call the day before, answered all my questions before and after the procedure. Did microchipping at the same time. Overall easy and great! Staff answered questions and called after the procedure for a check-in before picking up the kitty.

Anthony Vargas

2 years ago

Great service, great pricing. Not overselling on what the issue was

Jasmin Zhang

2 years ago

Friendly staff! Quick and efficient visit. They also gave really helpful advice.

SM Chung

2 years ago

MY CAT DIED HERE. IF YOU WANT A VET THAT WILL SUPPORT YOU THROUGH TOUGH TIMES, DO NOT COME HERE. ISSUE #1: THE MISDIAGNOSIS My 12 year old cat (who I had since she was a kitten) was dying of an untreatable neurological issue (later diagnosed by Iron Horse), but Dr. Dimov/team misdiagnosed in its early stages and just said it was a UTI. They took a MONTH to diagnose it, and prescribing medication for my dying cat. ISSUE #2: RELIEF DOCTOR - DR SOOD: We spent the last two months of my cat's life with Redwood's relief doctor, Dr. Sood. If you want a vet that is supportive and understanding and helps make your decision to put down your pet, this vet is DEFINITELY NOT IT. She was unsympathetic that we had to make the decision to put down our cat, and was unsupportive in helping us understand exactly how badly our cat was suffering. When I asked questions for her to clarify her medical state, she just said in annoyed tone, "it doesn't matter. She is way past the point of putting her down." We were already in a terrible emotional state and her saying this now puts the guilt & blame on us as owners, even though we were CONSISTENTLY going to Redwood for her veterinarian care. If they couldn't tell us and help guide us through, who would?? When we had a brief silence of maybe 10 seconds on the phone call because we were sobbing at the realization that we had to put our cat down, she said in a rude tone "hello?? Are you still there?". And when we responded in tears, it was only then that she apologized for how hard this decision is and for the bad news. I get that there's medical expertise and that there's definitely more weight to her opinion on deciding to put down my pet, but as a client, I would expect to be walked through WHAT medical points are making her think my cat's quality of life is at that point. I already knew that we had to say bye to her soon, but it would've been nice to have a patient, kind vet tell us how my cat was looking (other than "she doesn't look good" - like, I'm sure you as a vet have more to say about that, and I shouldn't need to pull it out of you to help me understand WHAT doesn't look good). Dr. Sood ended up being the vet that put my cat down, and SHE DOES NOT GIVE YOU ANY TIME TO SAY BYE. The technicians all told me that "you'd have a few final moments with her" or "take your time to say bye". She came in, didn't let us hold her, and then injected the killing dose to my cat, without giving us a moment to say bye. Even that day, she was unsympathetic to us, and the only question she asked was "is this your first time putting down a pet?" DOES IT MATTER? Can't you tell from our sobbing faces, that regardless of whether she was our first or not, that we love our cat very much, and that this is an incredibly difficult decision? Dr. Sue seemed to be prioritizing her time table. To us, we were having possibly one of the worst days of our lives, to her we were just another patient that she needed to check off the list. ISSUE #3: STAFF Their staff members are nice, but seem to have their own answers, and they don't align with each other. Examples include: - how long it'd take to get results on tests (they said a test would take a day, which turned into 4 days) - what we should do treatment-wise for our cat (e.g. using a syringe to feed her, when it can increase the chances of pneumonia. IRON HORSE was the one who had to tell us that it was not good to use a syringe) - any type of process (even with PUTTING HER DOWN, 3 different staff members had 3 conflicting stories of what process would be like) - after we put our cat down with them, they completely neglected communicating with the memorial service (we called the memorial service and got their side), delaying the return of her ashes. This was 100% on Redwood's side and lack of communication. We were clients with Redwood for at least 3 years. They might be good when you don't have any big issues, but the moment your pet's health takes a turn for the worst, don't expect them to be reliable.

Kathy Ridenour

2 years ago

I visited Redwood Animal Hospital for the first time after my vet was booked for a couple weeks. I called on Thursday and got an appointment for Saturday. I was very happy with the staff who came out to my car and to get all the info on my pet's problem. After examining my pet, Dr. Georgi Dimov came out to my car personally to explain his findings and what I needed to do for the best care for my pet. I was thoroughly happy with the service they provided and I would highly recommend anyone looking for a good Veterinarian with a staff who cares about your pet as if it was their own, to give Redwood Animal Hospital a call. #1 Staff was extremely helpful and nice; #2 Dr. Georgi came out personally to talk to me on how to treat my pet.

Mike Miller

2 years ago

Great hospital. Thy even see exotic pets

Constance in Berkeley, CA (SparkelStar)

2 years ago

Very Impressed!!! Vet came out to my car & explained Dental Services available for my dog. Less expensive than another vet I had been going to & I feel like I can trust this vet more!!! Friendly staff & FAB Website!!!

Ashley Stone

2 years ago

My first visit to Dr. Dimov was yesterday for my sister’s cat and I’m still thinking about what a nice experience it was. The staff was excellent and Denise is super sweet and patient. The big difference was talking to Dr. Dimov. He is great to talk to! I don’t have a lot of experience interacting with a vet. I can only compare to where I take my dog on Jackson and this was by far better. Dr. Dimov took his time to talk with me and explain what could be going on with our geriatric cat. He was thorough and gave me options to make her feel better. I didn’t feel like he was trying to sell me on anything. I didn’t feel pressured or judged. He gave me the information I needed to make an informed decision. The things I’m looking for with a good vet is reasonable pricing and conversation skills. This vet fit the bill. I’m going to transfer my dog to this vet.

Randy Smith

2 years ago

We have been using Redwood Animal Hospital for almost 10 years now through several owners. The newest and present owner, Dr. Dimov, is very customer focused and he treats our 3 dogs wonderfully. He's never tried to up-sell us things that we don't really need. Yes, he offers choices in care but displays no pressure while doing so. Redwood always posts great to know information for pet owners and they run specials quite often. The staff is very professional, caring, and respectful. They are our go to veterinary care facility and get our highest recommendation.

Lubov May

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable doctors and staff. We were very pleased with the experience. Great communication, great staff, great service, and we loved how they treat our dog.

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