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Daniel Jaramillo

2 years ago

Went in today. My dog is very energetic and likes to greet other dogs. For the most part he was calm but he is vocal. Other dogs would come in and he was fine. Finally this guy with his dog came in and we mutually decided to let them say hi. However his dog barked at mine in an angry matter. Safe to say they won’t be friends. After that he decides it’s a smart idea to sit next to me. Both our dogs continue to bark at each other and I WAS ASKED TO WAIT OUTSIDE bc they can’t deal with problems right now. Thought it was pretty unfair that I was asked to leave when the other dog started the aggressive behavior

Cynthia Sutton

2 years ago

They were the Best Dr.Stevens and Nurse Robin We're so awesome with me and my old Kitty's .

LaDonna Olson

2 years ago

Love the doctors there great place

Ruth Flores

2 years ago

Went with someone to get her dogs to rabie shots

Vickie Bagby

2 years ago

Great vet. Everyone is so nice.????

siena woods

2 years ago

Was recommended by a friend and I will never go anywhere else! They are reasonably priced and all of the staff is very helpful and nice!

M C.

2 years ago

Love this place... only complaint is the wait. It's a little excessive.

Linda Kaiser

2 years ago

Really like Dr Bock & the vet tech we had

Adrian Amrel

2 years ago

Always a pleasure with Dr. Mike here!! Thank you for always being there for our cats and dogs! 1 new litter examined, vaccinated, dewormed and ready to go!

Dustin Staggs (Big D)

2 years ago

The girls that "work" here up front are not at all concerned when someone walks out because they are too busy talking about their boyfriend problems to help a customer. They take their sweet ol time doing anything. And then they act upset and offended when a customer who has missed an appointment because of them tells them what they really think of their "customer service". If there was another place close by to take my pet i would not use this place. EVER...

Gene Nonenmacher

2 years ago

Best people great service ???? ???? ????

Mary Mills

2 years ago

I visited there today and the Dr was very compassionate with my Chihuahua. I'm sure that I will be returning.

Shawn Cap

2 years ago

Hello everybody I just wanted to let you all know anybody that is wondering about this particular veterinarian clinic if it’s good if it’s great if they love animals if they do quality work? If the doctors are awesome?? I just want to answer all your questions yes to everything!!! YES I just said… I’ve been coming here for seven years with Dr. Robinson he is now retired and I just met Dr. Mike and he is amazing… You will love him and his staff and everybody at Canyon Lake animal clinic… So if you’re looking for exceptional care with people that really do care about your animals because their voices do matter, they will do anything and everything to make sure that they are healthy and stay healthy… So if you’re looking for a wonderful amazing place that is just filled with so much love go see Dr. Mike today… Stay blessed everybody and stay safe…And I just want to say thank you to everybody here that takes care of my little baby… You are greatly appreciated all of you… You all are amazing!!!

Aaron Brown

2 years ago

Top notch service and best price I came across to have my Chihuahua's teeth cleaned. I received a low end quote of $1,500 to have my dog's teeth cleaned at a different vet in Murrieta and I had it done for less than HALF at this vet. I wouldn't hesitate to take my dog back here for any other needs.

Alicia Iosbaker

2 years ago

Friendly staff and short wait times

Bill Clune

2 years ago

Dr. Michael and Trisha took their time at the end of a busy day to give our standard poodle "Tango" first rate care.

Eva Swinnie

2 years ago

Love this clinic We been with them for several years

Shawn Hunter Robertson

2 years ago

Just wanted to wish Dr. Shell Robertson a happy retirement after 25 years of service! Thank you and your amazing team for providing such care and expertise over the years. Best wishes

Susie Love

2 years ago

I've been taking my animals here for 25 years! I've even moved an hour away and still take my animals there!

Shannon Bernier

2 years ago

I have held off for 3 years on posting a review, but enough is enough. I took my dog here 3 years ago because he was coughing a lot and had difficulty breathing. The vet told me he had COPD, we tried treatments for a year and nothing got better. I kept pushing asking for more tests but was reassured they weren't necessary and they were expensive....after months I found out the test was $100. not expensive! it eliminated another possible theory of what was making him sick. I asked for more tests, but the Dr. said to try different medicine, which we did and it did nothing so I kept pushing for more tests, months later I got told that they don't do those tests and that I would have to go to a specialist...over a year later my dog suffered unable to breath! So I took him to California Vet Specialist where he was diagnosed with a heart murmur and put on proper medication. They said they could refer the prescription back over to Canyon Lake Animal who could call in the refills, so we did that. Since then, I have had multiple issues getting prescriptions refilled with both of my dogs...but I still gave them a pass. Today was the final straw though. I placed my refill request with Walmart Ped Meds over two weeks ago, they do a great job of communicating. They notify via email when they reach out the vet to get approval for the refill. I saw when they first attempted, then when they made the second attempt with no response from the vet, then yesterday got notification that the refill was declined. I called and left a voicemail on the vets line that says you will get a response the next day. Still no response, so I called in. They tell me that because my dog hasn't had his annual exam they won't refill it..... I asked if they thought that if any time in the past 2 weeks and 3 attempts made to refill this prescription it occurred to them to call me and tell me that he had to come in? No, it never occurred to them. So, now my dog has no medicine. I am picking up my charts today and going to a new Vet. BTW, another friend of mine just had a very similar issue with them. They are a mess and a disappointment to say the least.

Lana Owens

2 years ago

I brought a rescued kitten in for her first shots. The prices are very reasonable. A very short wait time even for walk-ins. They treated my kitten with care.

Tanya Young

2 years ago

This place is very cost effective. It’s super low cost but boy do you get treated that way also. Most appointment takes about a week to schedule. Calling the Office is a hassle, you are greeted with her please hold. The Receptionist have no idea what customer service is. I’ve visited On more than one occasion with two of my dogs. All they did was load my dogs up with Medication and Health issues were not resolved. The Times I’ve been there I’ve never met or seen a veterinary doctor. All the corresponding is done by Young Women in training. It’s just so sad that this Business that supposed to look after our pet health, Behave in such a manner. It’s just so hard to find a good trustworthy vet in this area.


2 years ago

Great if you need immediate immunizations for your pup! I was able to walk in (no appt necessary) signed in, paid, sat outside with my pup, then met out front as my pup was given his injection all under 10min! Super quick & convenient in & out process!

Melissa Woods

2 years ago

Preventive maintenance for my girls ????❤ Always a good time with the staff at CLAC. Thank you!

L Craig

2 years ago

Nice clean organized place. They really take good care of your needs.

Anne Hakooz

2 years ago

I would have given 5 stars, but the lady running the front desk, has 0 I mean ZERO customer service skills. Everyone else there is amazing, but several customers commented on her attitude and couldn't believe she was speaking to the people who pay her paycheck the way she was. She is not who I'd want running the office.

Angelique Norton

2 years ago

Wow! I called a minute before 9am and was to hold. Being that they don’t open before 9am I thought well, they are opening up. I was left on hold for over 10 minutes. Regardless, I hung up & called back. This time I told the person I had been on hold for 10+ minute she put me on a brief hold and came back. Flustered, upset or whatever I told her my dog was sick and before I could finish she interrupted “we don’t have any appointments till the 20th” I responded my dog is sick “That’s the first appt we have, sorry about that.” end of conversation. That is rude and insensitive! Pets are family members. They cannot speak to tells you what’s wrong. We look to the veterinarians to guide us, so when someone calls YOU, the least you can do is be compassionate.

Vance King

2 years ago

Very friendly and fast service.

Denise Kennedy

2 years ago

Showed up without an appointment and was told they don’t do walk-ins. I said okay and was going to make an appointment - the time they offered was three weeks out. I would’ve been a new client and I understand the concept of “establishing care”. I have an 18 year old Maltese that has some issues here and there nothing too major; eye infections and maybe some skin issues, so I asked the gal at the front desk if once we are established patients would they work us in if the need arises. Her answer was no if you have an emergency they’d refer you to an emergency care facility. I said that I wasn’t talking about an urgent situation like my dog bleeding out, but maybe an eye infection that couldn’t wait three weeks - her answer was no they don’t accommodate anything outside of an appointment and that I would need to take my dog to emergency. Still shaking my head as I’m new to the area and I guess I’ve been spoiled all these years by having a vet that would work us in should we have a need - don’t get me wrong we’d have a wait, but they’d definitely see us....the sentiment at this office felt cold and unaccommodating...I sorry I guess I’m just used to having a relationship with our family vet.

Keith Roberts

2 years ago

Had a job lowering the existing counter to bring it handicap accessible codes thanks Jeff

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