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Cara Mosley

2 years ago

Dr. Sara and Craig were very compassionate and gave us the time we needed with our 13 year old dog. As sad as it was I was happy to see him pass peacefully and not have anymore pain. What better way to go than under a tree, with lots of treats in your own yard. Thank you both.

Jeff Pulvino

2 years ago

ANGELS in our TIME OF NEED!!! ------- Our 11 year old pitbull Sierra stopped eating and was acting really sluggish on Thursday, and by Friday evening she was getting worse. So first thing Saturday morning we took her to the vet, we were there right when it opened. Unfortunately we found out she had a bladder tumor the size of an avocado that was making her extremely uncomfortable. My wife and I had her since she was a puppy, and in fact she was largely responsible for bringing us together. We were obviously distraught and very upset, and there was not much we could do for her at her age. We needed some time to process all of this and make a decision. By Sunday morning she had gotten even worse and we did not want her to be uncomfortable or in pain. I started researching options, and came across Passing With Dignity online and decided to give them a call, and left a message. Craig called me back within minutes. They were booked until Thursday BUT he said let me see what we can do, and said he call me back. In less than 10 minutes Craig called me back and said they were able to move some things around and would be here at 1pm. Now putting your dog, let me correct myself, your baby to sleep is obviously very emotional. Dr Sara and Craig were amazing!!! We decided to put her to sleep while she was laying by the pool, her absolute favorite place to hang out. They gave her some pain medicine to relax her, and at that point she looked so relieved. We were able to spend her last moments here with us, just loving on her, and saying goodbye. It was very peaceful, and as perfect as a situation like this could of been. Dr Sara and Craig were the ANGELS we needed, and dropped everything that had planned for that day to fit us in, and that meant to world to us. You will not find anyone more compassionate and understanding for you and your pet! What they did for us was truly PRICELESS!

Joanne Kirwan

2 years ago

Dr. Sara was awesome when we had to say good bye to our Rio, he was a 9 year old yellow lab and had bone cancer, this was one of the most difficult decisions and very hard for us and our other lab Rosie truly missed Rio. I would highly recommend Passing Dignity!!

L. Bilotta

2 years ago

Dr. Sara and Craig were amazing! They made an absolute horrible experience tolerable. They showed extreme compassion and kindness not only to our French Bulldog, Ava, but me as well. The decision is never an easy one to make. They assured me throughout I was doing the right thing and making the best decision for both Ava and me. It was very peaceful, very fast and Ava didn't suffer any undo stress. I highly recommend Dr. Sara and Craig for this end of life service. They are truly very special people for providing this type of service for our much loved fur babies.

Christy Espenshade

2 years ago

I am forever grateful to Dr Sara and her assistants Craig and Anika for their amazingly quick response to my call for help with my 140# Great Pyrenees mix. Due to his size, age, mobility issues and my physical limitations Duke’s health had really declined. They were so kind, compassionate, nonjudgmental, and extremely competent in their care of us both during Duke’s final moments. Thank you for providing this valuable service and making one of our hardest days more bearable.

Ellie Gallagher

2 years ago

Dr. Sara and Craig provide the best experience possible during such a difficult time in a pet owner's life. Craig was very kind and compassionate over the phone with setting up the appointment for our declining 14 1/2 year old dog, and Dr. …

Matthew Silveira

2 years ago

Dr. Sara and Craig are some of the most compassionate, helpful people you will ever find to help your pet pass peacefully in the quiet of comfort of their surroundings and home. Our cat, Katie was 17 years old and let us know she was not …

Beth Lardie

2 years ago

Dr. Sara & Craig are kind, compassionate and professional to both patient and family. We were so thankful for their help during such a sad time. Cooper passed peacefully and stress free. Highly recommend!

Kaaren Poole

2 years ago

Thank you to Sara and Craig for making a tremendously difficult experience calm, caring, and compassionate. I am so grateful for their providing at-home euthansia services. It meant a lot to me and my family, and they handled my pet with the utmost care.

Valorie Farris

2 years ago

Dr. Sara and Craig were very compassionate and helpful. They helped make a very sad situation a little easier. We wholeheartedly recommend them.

Katharine Michell

2 years ago

Dr Sara and Craig were the most compassionate people I could ever have hoped for in such a sad, sad time!

Robert Elliott

2 years ago

Thank you to Dr. Sara and Craig!!! Our old pup (14 1/2+) went downhill fast last night and I called Dr. Sara early this morning (their weekend). Craig got back to me right away and they were able to come out to our house and help us put our pup to rest. They were so compassionate and felt like family with the way they helped us get through this tough time. Thank you again so very much!

Jill Cordover

3 years ago

Doctor Sara helped two of our senior dogs onto their next journey when life was no longer comfortable. She provided a loving and peaceful passing. Her compassion is palpable. What a wonderful woman to provide this to our best friends who deserve no less but seldom get it.

Craig Schmidt

3 years ago

I want to sincerely "thank" Dr. Sara for her kind and compassionate care of our beloved Bailey and her peaceful passing. While we were heart broken, her passing could not have been more peaceful. Thank you!

Debbie Bjorklund

3 years ago

I have absolute confidence in Dr Sara...I will never have to put a dying pet thru the trauma of an office visit. My 19 yr old went with dignity, peace and love. I'm grateful.

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