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Jennifer O'Shea

2 years ago

Donated on behalf of Betty White

Christi Hill

2 years ago

Thank you to the wonderful people at the animal shelter for the perfect addition to our home. We love George (Cosmo) and as you can see our dog Otis is madly in love as well. The new adoption system you have worked perfectly and I appreciate all you do ❤️

Jennifer Rodriguez

2 years ago

I heard a man believe his dog went missing and ask if he can check to see his doggo but the staff rudely said " WE OPEN UNTIL 1 " You can see the man clearly cared about his dog so deeply much, this upsets me. I have a big heart and i can get pretty emotional those around me. I notice a dog name Rocky suddenly get very aggressive and scared all of the sudden when i gently kick his treat a little closer to him. I'm very concern about this poor Alaskan dog and wonder what happened to this poor rockey ????

Melisa Campbell

2 years ago

Went to renew my dog's tag. Very pleasant staff. Helpful and even gave me a senior discount and discount for 3 years. Thank you!

Isaac A.

2 years ago

The man I spoke with regarding payments for licensing hung up on me for asking a tough question when he brought up the matter of population control. Very unhelpful and very unprofessional. Since we as tax payers are forced to pay into this system I think we deserve better explanations and service.

Andrew Tiyal

2 years ago

Absolutely rude people. They can't get their information straight. The front desk emplyees are so incompetent and can't find crucial information on their own. They need their managers to hold their hand through the process of looking at an animal's file. I just needed to be told who the animal can be released to and, somehow, that was the biggest problem for them. The front desk lady tells me the name of someone who has no connection to this dog. All while the manager gives me attitude. I thought this was an animal shelter, they treated me like i was at the impound lot. I've picked up this dog from this shelter many times with no problems. Today I guess they wanted to give me a problem.

Jeff price

2 years ago

The staff was so helpful to us and caring for the cat we adopted.

Pete Vigliotta

2 years ago

Thank you for a great day with my granddaughter and helping her get a cat!!! Very busy but very helpful and hard working people who you can tell really love their jobs and the animals. Thank you again!!!

Brooks Landscape

2 years ago

Definitely the epitome of our government agencies.???? we wanted to adopt a kitten but they make it insanely complicated. We jumped through all they're nonefficient hoops of getting on a list and then coming back At their set time to wait and see if they call your name. If they do not call your name then you're out of luck. After that we wanted to look at the other kittens but we would have to wait for several hours to view them and jump through more hoops. It became such a unpleasant experience I decided it would be best to go to a pet shop and just buy a kitten from them. I think I would have preferred to spend 3 days at the DMV.

Linda Medici

2 years ago

We adopted a senior Chihuahua today. What a delightful little girl! Everyone was so helpful and friendly. Please consider an older dog to give them happy twilight years????

Melissa Kibrick

2 years ago

Fed the dogs treats and visited with the bunnies. Wish we could take one home, but at least these animals get some socialization.

Patricia Tom

2 years ago

Always helpful, informative and came home with another kitty foster. :)

Sandra Paden

2 years ago

While paying for my dog's license I asked for information about dog trainers. The man who was helping me couldn't find the info right then, but he called me later at home with the info. I call that going above and beyond. I'm sorry I don't remember his name because it was a while ago.

Fly By

2 years ago

I went there in an attempt to adopt a particular dog but was beat by a family who was higher on the list. Still, my experience was nothing short of outstanding as to how they organized and processed the application. The worker today was very patient and courteous in answering all the customers' queries. I will make an attempt again adopting a puppy but will definitely feel more confident with their process. I hope I get to be helped again by the same worker.

Maria Cruz Caldera Hernandez

2 years ago

Excellent staff and customer service

Daniella Weston

2 years ago

Staff has the worst attitudes and every time you ask any of them a question it’s like you’re the biggest inconvenience. Also the adoption process gets progressively harder, you have to schedule multiple appointments just to see a dog you’re interested in adopting but there are no available days to even schedule on the website . AND the fact the facility is only open to the public on the weekend ... if they want the animals to find loving homes DONT MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO ADOPT ONE !

Deva Hymen

2 years ago

Wonderful facility! Welcoming, friendly very professional staff. And we got the best dog in the world!!

mitchell Webb

2 years ago

Horrible service, Horrible county laws and charge way to much for everything. Makes me not want to be in this county


2 years ago

Celebrating 1 year together ❤

Oscar Omar Borjon

2 years ago

There were really helpful ????

Dudemomdude Clary

2 years ago

The cat adoption process was safe, respectful, well organized, and everyone was super nice! Best of all, we get to give this gorgeous old lady a new loving forever home! We are over the moon with happy ???????? Thank you!

Matthew Higgins

2 years ago

Great experience. The very professional and personable staff helped me adopt the perfect dog. Thank you Ventura County Animal Services keep up the great work!!

Robert Cruz

3 years ago

It was OK, had to leave a stray dog there. Had him for 2 nights in my home with my 4 other little dogs and he was just too big to have. I listed him on and Facebook but no one called so I left him at the Camarillo Animal Shelter. Definitely very emotionally difficult for me. He grew on me. He is a loving Alaskan Husky.

linda hauss

3 years ago

I was going to adopt a specific cat and the staff was great in giving me information and even a video as I live out of town. way above and beyond my expections. I am making a donation

Martina Anastacia Perez (Martini)

3 years ago

Due to COVID-19, a lot of services have to be done online or drop box in the front office. Donations are minimal for pantry, but grateful enough to appreciate anything for my lil kits. My gratitude goes out to everyone working here to make do with what they can! Please donate animal necessities to this shelter or your church/local food pantry! Everything helps and counts towards a better world for all of us living in it! #alonetogether #805strong #animallivesmatter #votecalifornia

Nancy Felton

3 years ago

The animals appear to be well cared for. BUT their site is not updated in a timely manner. I got a response from them yesterday showing the animal was still available and again this morning they thanked me (electronically) for my interest in the pet. I drove 250 miles to adopt the pet and found it had been adopted 4 days ago! They don't list a phone number and failed to respond to electronic inquiries. I don't recommend dealing with them over the internet. I'm very disappointed.


3 years ago

Without any contact and cancel your appointment! I think they really don’t prefer people adopt animals

Patrick Grigorian

3 years ago

So kind and caring when we brought a stray in. They were very helpful and conscientious of the situation. Thanks for helping a pup in need!

Santha Geschke

3 years ago

When I adopted my little black panther Precie. The lady at the counter was so happy. Seems Precie had been adopted and brought back because of allergies. That wasn’t true. Precie is a social butterfly who loves to roam around the neighborhood. I found a cat whisper who helped me tame my fur baby a little. A FINDSTER gps tracker helps me every day to know exactly where he is! I want to thank the VCAS for saving my beloved Precie! He is a wonderful loving fur baby!

Yareli Hernandez

3 years ago

Just adopted a dog yesterday the dogs name is lucky he turned out to be one of the sweetest, adorable and lovable dog i had ever met There staff is very kind and very respectful and really fast at the service and you can get an appointment as fast a that same day or even the next day If you ever want a dog i really recommend to to come here

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