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Rosalia Madrigal

2 years ago

No BS, prices are fair. Love this place!! I keep taking my pup here. ❤️

Leny Vidal

2 years ago

We needed a urgent check up for my dog because she was limping after jumping from the couch but then her regular Vet wasn’t accepting walk-ins that time so the lady recommended us to bring my dog to a different clinic that accepts walk-ins. She gave us 2 lists. I called Pet headquarters since it’s the closest. So I went to drop her off and left her there for few hours to run some tests. The Vet called informing us about what was the plan. They charged us $543 (after military discount) for x-ray, examination emergency, chem panel pre op, sedation, Rymadyl, Pen g, carprofen. According to the Doctor the result was normal, that there was no fracture. I brought my dog the following day to another Vet to get her certification for travel. I mentioned him about what happened. He then checked my dog’s injured leg and he found out that my dog has a fracture. He diagnosed her with “Fully awake severe positive drawer sign and Tibial Thrust ruptured ACL.”

Melissa Ziegler

2 years ago

This place is good for vaccines and flea medicine only other then that ... run. They misdiagnosed my dogs cough which was a warning sign for a heart condition and my dog had a heart attack spending 2 days in the er. almost lost her.

Emalani Speaks

2 years ago

Loved this place. They are fair priced and truly great.

Mitchell Crespi

2 years ago

When is your Vet not your Vet. When you need them most. My dog is sick. I drove him to his vet that I have been going to for the more than the last 10 years. I walk in and they ask if the dog has an appointment. I said no, but he has a cough. They said we can not take him today. I said this is his Veterinarian do tor. Sorry but we can not see him. Im blown away, now I am sitting at another Veterinarian office that will take him.

Teri Bott

2 years ago

My dog was needing medical attention and her own vet was swamped. I called several veterinarian offices and no luck. I finally called Pet Headquarters and they listened to my description of her symptoms; the doctor determined that she needed to be seen urgently and they took me straight away! So grateful for their immediate, careful attention, and the doctor's thorough investigation. My pet needed overnight hospitalization and treatment. I highly recommend this office!

Gail Goldman

2 years ago

This is the worst that I’ve ever been to they double charged me they almost killed my dog and they don’t know what they’re doing please stay away from them look at how many criminal charges they have against him how many dogs they’ve killed and Better Business Bureau is going to put him down I hope the worst veterinarians in the world

Brian Batelaan

2 years ago

Took 2 1/2 days to get a written prescription that my dog needed. I miss the original owners. Prices keep going up. With all the added help you would think things would run more efficiently. I wish they operated like it was before.


2 years ago

VERY UNHAPPY with the "care" provided for my pets here. the staff is very friendly, but i'm sorry they do not know what the hell they're doing. i took in my two completely healthy cats ONLY to get updated vaccines and they come out with this huge bill saying they need all of this stuff and treatments, and that one of my cats has an ear infection, when both of them were COMPLETELY FINE before i brought them in with no symptoms of anything. the vet had to do an "ear flush" which no one told me what the procedure was or what to expect after or anything, i was left clueless. NOT TO MENTION THEY GAVE A SHOT TO THE WRONG CAT, which caused her blood sugar to skyrocket. after i took my cat home she was completely disoriented, cant walk straight, complete hearing loss and struggled to eat or drink anything for a week. its been almost 3 weeks and she still cant walk straight, or do anything she is depressed and it is so sad to see her like this. and she has developed eye conjunctivitis too. both of my cats were healthy before i took them to this place. I don't know how unsanitary the back rooms of that vet is but it must be horrendous. i also dont know how much they're struggling to be able to jeopardize the pets of many people just so they can get more money but its disgusting. i had to take my cat to another vet because of the condition she's in and spend more money i do not have because of this. P.S. they also charged 80$ per package of anti flea, which are about 50$ in any other store and beside my cats dont need cause are indoor cats and never had any kind of parasites.

Nancy Binder

2 years ago

They saved my dog's life. Very good. The doctor was fantastic in communication. The office staff were kind and considerate. Their hours are excellent. Blood work and Exrays done there.


2 years ago

I have been taking my dogs here since they were puppies, and since this place was owned by Dr. Thomas and it was great. The first change I've realized once Dr. Singh took over is the price gouging. Prices on flea medicine was over 2 times as much. The doctor is very quick to want to run blood tests and x-rays all at once, coming to $500. The vet I go to now did a blood test for $140, and if those tests don't show what's wrong then he said we would do an x-ray for the same price, HALF the price of this ripoff vet. This vet wants to take advantage of people who care about their pets. Also, I understand Covid precautions, but the doctor wouldn't come out to speak to me. He only called me, then said to speak to the assistant on what option I'd like to go with. When I had questions I would have to tell the assistant, then wait for 10 minutes for a phone call, and if another question came up I'd have to do the same, all while my dog is in the examination room alone with a potentially fatal condition. That being said I do think Dr. Singh is knowledgeable, but he cares about your money more than your pet. Edit: I also should mention once he tried to overcharge us so much we haggled him way down from the original price. From the recent horrible review I just read, an examination fee was $65, they charged me $42. The review also mentioned how the staff are unfriendly and I think that's true, there are two assistants and one of them is mean, the other is nice and tries her best.

Megs Karr

2 years ago

Stay away from Pet Headquarters! It is not the same since Dr. Thomas retired and the new vet and his staff took over. Our cat suffered a most horrific death at the hands of these incompetents. We took our old dying cat in for euthanasia, expecting a quiet, dignified, peaceful end to our beloved cat's life but instead witnessed our cat suffer through a most-horrific end. After charging us close to $400 including a $65 "exam fee" for a non-existent exam, they insisted in taking our dying cat, unaccompanied, to the back to be placed with a catheter, a completely unnecessary process for an experienced vet, and to our horror, returned with our cat gasping for air, in agony and completely distressed, wet from urine - a most horrific sight and the worst possible ending for our beloved cat, which has left us traumatized and unable to sleep since the horrific event. If you love your pet, avoid Pet Headquarters at all cost.

Steve Sullivan

3 years ago

We had an emergency with our dog. He was very sick and we received quick and kind service by the staff, on a Saturday. The doctor was very thorough in his examination and explained various options and outcomes of the treatments available for our pet. Would come back again and will refer them to all.

Vet_84 livelife

3 years ago

I had been here few times after Dr Thomas left. The new vet seems very thorough and was helpful in diagnosing my pet with Cushing disease. My ruffin is doing amazing since last three weeks after starting medication for the same. Thanks. All the best for your endeavor.

Vanessa Dammeier

3 years ago

We have taken our pets to Pet Headquarters for years and years Dr Thomas was amazing and priced fairly . This new Dr . is ridiculous! I took my dog in for a 1 month allergy shot which I told them when I made the appointment. They have him a 3 month because that was what he last time . They did not consult with me 1 bit and charged me $67 .00 plus $ 3.75 for sharps disposal . Are you kidding me ? He makes the clients cover the costs of his sharps disposal which at this price in no out of pocket for him . Then he argued with me when I said I was not paying for the 3 month . This dude is all about the $ . I would not recommend him and I am never taking my dog there again !

Undeniable Jedi

3 years ago

It 1st started when we Brought our litter of show dog dalmatians to get a simple dew claw removal, and they messed up one of the puppies and had to return. When we brought him back it was a nightmare , Would not let us make an official appointment told us to bring him in for an exam said they would not charge us then we had to leave him there (330pm), Came back at 7:45 from the time they told us to come back and he wasn't ready And said hes almost done just need another 30 minutes, 920 pm finally got h back after hearing him screaming for the last hour , came out in a cast and overly Sedated. Our puppy has a scar looks like a horse shoe looking thing now on that leg that needed to be redone. Van after all that extra suffering the puppy had to go through the doctor charge my wife after telling me that there was going to be no charged and then when I called back to ask them about that they said O sorry about that and they were quit it our account.

Tanya Gomez

3 years ago

I took my 2 babies a week ago. Nothing like Dr. Thomas was awesome he saved one of my babies lives. I took them in for Allergy Shots they did not get it whatever they got did not work. I drove from Bakersfield was not worth the drive. Their prices have gone up a lot. They want me to take my babies back, why to get more money out of my son. I think he paid enough and it didn’t even help waste of time, money.

Art Bykov

3 years ago

Two small older dogs. Dental cleaning was both excellent, fast, and very reasonably priced.

Brenda Somdahl

3 years ago

Thursday my dog had neck pain. We took him to a pet ER, the staff put a dog leash on him, I mentioned the dog had neck pain, but them didn’t listen, dragged him into the office. Our dog did not show any approves next day. So I called Pet headquarters, they squeezed a time at 5:45pm the same day. People here are very kind, they handle my dog very gentle, carrying dogs in and out. They care about the animals from the heart.

Cheryl Halloran

3 years ago

I went to Dr Thomas for 25 years. He was amazing. Never overcharged and had integrity, just an all around great Vet. I have used the new vet 5 times and unfortunately referred a couple of people. The prices are outrageous ????, he is in it for the money. I was double charged because 2 vets saw my dog on the same day. I was also charged for a procedure not performed. This is so disappointing. I had the same experience with the somis vet. It's sickening really.

Steven Smith

3 years ago

Our cat suffered from gi problems and we initially took him to a vet ER. After not being able to treat our cat they suggested an expensive ultrasound to check for a blockage. We instead came to Pet HQ for a second opinion and we were very satisfied. The doctor and staff were very informative and polite. They promptly helped our cat and provided him with treatment that helped our cat improve. He was tested for pancreatitis and was luckily negative, but the doctor helped us identify possible toxins that our cat may have been exposed to. They asked lots of questions and answered ours. They did great work and I'm kicking myself for not going here first instead of the ER to get expensive diagnostics without any treatment. Thanks Pet HQ for taking care of our furbaby!


3 years ago

I really loved Dr Thomas. Under new ownership and they are struggling. They really need an office manager. Tje new vet is very nice.

Robert Thompson

3 years ago

Poor communication! I was told 2 times that approval (Via fax) was given to refill a Carprofen prescription for my dog. Contacted supplier twice who told me requests were denied? My third call I was told that I needed to bring in my dog for blood tests and a checkup for approval. For a 20 year old dog, he's doing amazing and i'm not putting him through that. Now that. Dr Thomas is gone, changes are being made. Time to look at other options.

Rene Paz

3 years ago

This place is not what it used to be with the new Vet. People working in the front are extremely rude. Took my dog to get two shots but only came out with one because they didn’t have the second I scheduled. Vet only gave him his one shot and did nothing else but still charged me for a wellness check he did not perform. I’d go somewhere else until they get a new Veterinarian.

Ramil San Jose

3 years ago

Everyone there is kind, caring, & professional.

Matthew Orosco

3 years ago

Pet Headquarters is the best a pet care. The staff is always kind and courteous to me and my doggy. Plus I feel comfortable with the veterinarian looking after my little buddy.

Cheramie Trethaway

3 years ago

We have been going there since 1997. We loved Dr. Thomas, but since he has retired we have decided to keeping going there and seeing the new doctors.

David Fuller

3 years ago

Incompetent nurse who handled my pets surgery was not only uneducated, but lacked the care to understand the procedure at hand, and in turn misinterpreted it to the doctor. Staff did not care to discuss any after care procedures, but was more than willing to charge me for a doctors consultation call, despite the fact they never offered me that option due to covid. This ‘hospital’ does not genuinely care about your pet. When a complication and potential infection from the procedure came up, the staff promised to call me back, however they did not. When I called THE SAME LADY back she was completely baffled and had no recollection of my conversation with her earlier until about 10 minutes into my call. I would trust someone on Craigslist who does surgery in their garage assisted by YouTube before I bring my pet here again. PET HQs license needs to be examined, if they even have a license. My recent interaction with them instilled little faith that they are educated in their practice.

Ivan Prieto

3 years ago

We have been seing de thomson for the last five years and now that he has retired and under new management they claim new pricong has gone up. Lastr5 $ fkr vaccinh now190 unbelievable. We we will no lo geer take our pets to this facility pricing and pricing has gobe up drastically

Patricia Tom

3 years ago

Miss Dr.Thomas but these folks try to help you, take care of your pet and its health. It's a little disorganized and you're not sure who to finalize the bill with but as long as my fur baby is cared for at reasonably prices we are happy. Grateful too for prescriptions and suggestions for online treatment that is affordable. Thank you.

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