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Chloe Keedy

a year ago

Not the place for us. We sent our beloved dog for boarding over New Year's weekend based on the glowing reviews and ended up coming home a day early to get him since we were worried sick. This is our first time boarding so we didn't ask the right questions in advance. A few things we were unhappy with: 1. Phones are only answered during posted business hours. The website says the dogs get 24/7 care but the phone was not answered and no one responded to our check-in calls or email over the holiday. No status updates were provided other than the two times we were able to get them on the phone (Friday at 8am and Sunday at 8am) This is what ultimately prompted us to return early since it didn't seem like our dog was doing well after the first call (not necessarily PRI's fault--he just didn't seem to like it) and we were not able to reach them for 2 days. On the Sunday 8am call we were informed that last pickup is 3:30pm so we raced to make it on time driving from San Francisco. 2. We were expecting a report card. We were informed at pickup that these are by request only despite being advertised as part of the service. 3. Small dogs are not allowed in the outdoor playspace and the dogs are not walked. So our nature-loving boy was stuck inside for 3 days. The webcam also only shows the outdoor area so we were not able to check on him. 4. Our dog was returned to us reeking of urine. They do have a grooming service that we had originally booked but it is not available on Sundays. Again, this was our first time boarding so now we know what to ask for in advance. The staff is friendly so I think the issue here was expectation setting and communication.

Omar R. Canales

a year ago

Fire sky staff and a great place to leave your dog.

Rebecca Bradley

a year ago

Great staff and welcoming when I bring my husky in for boarding. It's so nice to have peace of mind knowing that my dog is well taken care of while I'm away. Thank you staff members of Pet Rush Inn!

Dawn Muskatell

a year ago

I have been bringing my dogs here for over three years, its a great place!


a year ago

They did an amazing job on my babygirl layla! Ty! Great grooming services!

Chris Shaul

2 years ago

Clean facility with helpful and caring staff

Maria U

2 years ago

Staff is friendly and always recognize my puppy by name when I bring him in.

Aylin Eivazi

2 years ago

It's an amazing place for your pets. Employees are very welcoming and friendly. They really care for your pets. Thank you for your care.


2 years ago

Pet Rush in is awesome! They always treat my little guy right and take the utmost care when styling him. If you love your fur baby and want them in the best of hands, I highly suggest taking them to here.

Liz Alper

2 years ago

I've used Pet Rush Inn's boarding services (for my cat) and daycare services (for my dog) and they are the best! My dog, who suffers from separation anxiety, was terrified to go to daycare. After one week, she perks up when she sees Pet Rush because she's so excited to see the workers, who are her new best friend. Highly recommend!

Jeff Dengrove

2 years ago

Kirby gets his bath here every 5 weeks and he likes it!

Victor Ruano

2 years ago

Great place for dogs. We left our puppy Zues here and he was looked after very well.

Nazeli Kerkorian

2 years ago

Truffle LOVES going to daycare and he’s actually made dog friends. It’s helped with the release of his incredibly high amounts of energy and has helped with his social skills. He literally drags me out of the car and in through the door the second he sees the building. He used to have slight separation anxiety, but now it’s “mommy who” when he’s there. I work long hours so it’s perfect in a sense he’s not home alone sleeping all day - he gets to be around the most awesome staff and his new doggy best friends.

Elisabeth Bergman

2 years ago

Rikki was the absolute best! (Spelling of name may not be correct). I just picked up my dog, Rosie, after seven days of boarding from Pet Rush and I am ecstatic. I’ve had not so good experiences with Petsmart and I’ve been despairing every time I board because it makes me and her miserable. Pet Rush was such a relief. I could see her on the webcam to verify with my own eyes that she was ok and the kennels they use are huge compared to most boarding places. Rosie is not a sociable dog and I was worried that she would be scared the whole time. Rikki sat with Rosie until she was comfortable and at the end of the week she was letting Rikki scratch her belly. This was a huge accomplishment with my grouchy pup!

Daniel Diaz

2 years ago

Friendly, caring staff!! And Kevin is amazing.

Emma Weston

3 years ago

Great staff, they actually care about your dogs! We use the day care only so far.

Ben Wm. Lawrence

3 years ago

My go to kennel for consistent quality care. They recently helped me when I needed some extra time. I can't thank them enough!

Zachary Yarian

4 years ago

Great boarding daycare and pet grooming

Shaun Royer

4 years ago

My dog jumps out of the car and runs straight to the door. He loves it so much. The receptionist GiGi is friendly and my dog loves her.

Marla Zack

5 years ago

Rene and the team over at Pet Rush Inn are simply the BEST!!!!

Julles Adams

5 years ago

I've been going there for almost 6 yrs, and I have to say that the job they do grooming them, along with the way they treat our pets is just amazing. I wish I could give them 10 stars????

Fred Hambarsomian

5 years ago

I take my dog here for bath and grooming. She's a big dog - a border collie, and the rates here are very affordable. I also pick up the dog food here since my dog has allergies to most other types. Great service, professional grooming, nice staff. Highly recommend!

Andrey Dagbashyan

6 years ago

Rene is the best groomer in town hands down. He has a way with animals. I bring him my two English Cocker Spaniels and they get the works at Pet Rush Inn. The grooming includes everything: bath, hair cut, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and lots more. My babies come out looking like show dogs :)

Anna Ter-Yegishyan

6 years ago

I discovered Pet Rush Inn on Yelp and based on the reviews, I decided to give their grooming service a try. I have a Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier - yeah, go figure! They are a handful and I've been looking for a reasonably-price groomer. OMG, this place is awesome. Rene, the owner and groomer does amazing work. And my babies are really calm around him which is great. I also take them there for regular teeth cleaning. Read up on the dangers of letting plaque build-up on your dog's teeth - it can be devastating. So regular doggy dental cleanings are a must with my babies. They do the grooming and the teeth cleaning there, so it's convenient.

Benjamin Oldenburg

6 years ago

I love when there are a lot of dogs here

Kathleen Miner

6 years ago

We LOVE Rene and the Pet Rush crew!! We've only used their grooming, but I wouldn't hesitate to use the daycare or boarding if needed. Our dogs come out looking clean and fluffy, not stressed! I've found that they're flexible

Victor J Garza

6 years ago

As of now, I've left my pet here twice. Both times I get her back in one piece and she seems as happy as usual. Prices are reasonable and staff is friendly. This is my go to when it comes to boarding my little lady when im skipping town.

Elvina A

7 years ago

I came across Pet Rush Inn when I was in need of a doggy overnight daycare while I was going to be on vacation with my friends and was looking for places to take Bella. After reading reviews of different dog hotels, the place that I chose was Pet Rush Inn because of the overwhelmingly positive reviews I read. This place is super friendly – they warmly greeted Bella and me, it was obvious the staff loves pets, and Bella came home happy. I highly recommend this place.

Jennifer Nguyen

7 years ago

I've been going to Pet Rush for years now. I actually adopted my boarder collie mix from Rene 5 years ago! I'm so happy to see the business has expanded into a full-service pet hotel in Burbank. I live in Glendale, so it's really convenient to drop my dog, Leah, off to day care and get her groomed. More recently, I did the overnight boarding service for Leah because I was on vacation for 4 days. Pet Rush's facility is awesome - it's air conditioned, supervised, and each dog gets their own stall - which is like a cute hotel room! I know she was in good hands! When I came to pick her up, she didn't even want to leave :) And, I know she got lots of playtime in while at day care because she was so calm and relaxed for days after her stay at Pet Rush. Rene is the best - super attentive, and he really understands animals. I have peace of mind knowing that Rene is running the place and oversees everything from playtime to feeding, to check-in and check-out. In summary: Highly recommend this local pet daycare and boarding service. TIP: Call ahead of time and fill your forms out online. Bring your dog's favorite toy, treats, etc...if staying overnight. Pick-up before cut-off time.

albert bandari

8 years ago

I will never take my dog here again for the following few reasons. I called and received pricing for washing my dog and overall trimming, nails etc. When I went to pick up my dog after his wash and trimming, the young lady at the register tried to overcharge me by as much as $25! When I mentioned the pricing that I received over the phone, she responded with "Oh I see, I guess I thought you received some other services as well but the computer is giving me this price". In addition, they didn't even bother to clean my dog's ears which I noticed after I picked him up. I also noticed that they claim to be very pet friendly and care about the welfare and health of the pets. Here is a direct quote from the website: "Because of my passion for animals and involvement for their welfare,..." having said that, they sell & advertise Cesar dog food right next to the register window in their Burbank store. Cesar Dog food is a grocery brand low quality dog food, my pet loving friends; which tells me you did not do your homework on products that you use and sell in your store. Here are some facts why you should not sell Cesar if you really try to be a pet loving & caring pet store: Cesar includes sodium nitrite, a controversial color preservative. Sodium nitrite has been linked to the production of cancer-causing substances (known as nitrosamines) when meats are exposed to high cooking temperatures. You will find artificial coloring in almost any dog food. Coloring is used to make the product more appealing to you, not your dog. After all, do you really think your dog cares what color his food is? In addition, carrageenan is a gelatin-like thickening agent extracted from seaweed that has caused lots of recent controversy regarding its long term biological safety. There is many other brands that are all natural and healthy for dogs that you should probably look into and offer instead. Hope you find my review a constructive criticism so you understand why certain customers don't return to your business. Best of Luck!

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