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Chris Weisker

a year ago

Started a policy with Nationwide when my dog started showing unusual symptoms. Received a policy from them outlining several pre-existing conditions which would not be covered. Three months into the policy I received a letter from them changing the list of pre-existing conditions from what they originally committed to so that they could deny every claim I made. Do not waste your money here. They don't care about you.

Julie Johns

a year ago

This by far was the worst company ever. The lady was rude explaining why they were not covering my vet bills over talking me. My one dog is 4 yrs old. When she was 8 weeks old weighed 3 lbs the vet over vaccine her she had a reaction so …

VanNess R

a year ago

I saw Google had good reviews of Nationwide Pet Insurance so I ended up buying this insurance for my pet. I got the whole pet with wellness plan. Turns out they deny or pay you only for certain things. They end up saying it’s a pre-existing condition which it really isn’t. Now I am waiting for another claim for 2 months and haven’t heard anything yet. I reached out to Social Media and now they say they will get back to me in 2 days. I also had to get medical records. They will not get the records like other pet insurance companies do. I saw Yelp reviews and they were horrible. And now I am seeing bad reviews here on Google. I wish I would have know how bad this insurance is. I will go back to my previous pet insurance as they are way better then Nationwide. I don’t have car or home insurance through Nationwide but with them being not responsive and not paying back, I will definitely never have any kind of policy through them. UPDATE- They got better. Takes up to 2 weeks now to review. All my claims have been paid.

Cynthia C.

2 years ago

I have Nationwide thru my job and have submitted 2 claims for one of my dogs. One was 2 yrs ago and the other was just last month. Both claims were processed very fast . This last claim I submitted on 6/28/21 & on 7/5/21 received notification that my claim was approved and my reimbursement should come shortly. I've had no issues with them needing additional time or taking long to reimburse me.

Jason Smith

2 years ago

I paid for this insurance for months. Scam. Took my dog in for an urgent visit, thinking she had a fox tail. Turns out she had an allergic reaction. After a couple months of trying to file my claim, they kept asking for non existent records. They kept stating that they need to make sure it wasn't a pre-existing condition. An allergic reaction is NOT a pre-existing condition. So not only have I been paying them every month, but they have been unwilling to cover the cost of this visit. Basically, they take money from you every month, and provide no service. These people are complete frauds and are a waste of time, and money.


2 years ago

Worst pet insurance ever! Submitted a reimbursement last August and received the refund this April. Just before our policy expired! Such a coincidence! I guess we got the refund because Nationwide staff realized that they forgot our claim when they reviewed our insurance policy and wanted a renewal. Additionally, like other reviews, before we finally got our money back, Nationwide also sent us a letter to inform us they needed additional 30 days to make the decision on our claim each month.

Yesenia Pineda

2 years ago

If you’re looking for pet insurance i don’t recommend nationwide pet insurance. I’ve submitted claims since November 2020 and now we are here in April 2021 they keep saying they still need more time to process records. I’m drowning in pet expenses. I am not satisfied with their services. I recommend to look somewhere else

Ilya Trushchenko

2 years ago

03/15/2021 Update: Could be 4 stars but recently they "forgot" my online account and I had to go through a rather cumbersome process of creating a new one. Other then that - at some point they started paying most of my claims, so despite a very rough start - I can say it's a reasonable option Original 1-star review: Fraud! they will never pay! I submitted my first claim 5 month ago and since then i'm fighting with Nationwide Pet Insurance and NEVER got a cent from them. They will keep asking more documents from you and vets you have visited and they will keep reviewing your claims (now there are 4 of them pending) forever, each time finding a new reason for a delay

Dan Lenders

2 years ago

My claims were under review for several months but they finally completed the review and paid me once I contacted them via twitter. Unfortunate that you cannot rely on normal customer service to get things resolved quickly.

Dmitry Lukonin

2 years ago

Terrible. Payed only 30% of our emergency hospital bills. I got a puppy from a breeder. When he was 14 weeks old, he got problems immediately after his planned vaccination: he went lethargic and was not able to sit or drink. We spent 3 days in urgent care and hospital and puppy was treated against muscular weakness. Thank God, the puppy fully recovered after 2 weeks. Nationwide agreed to pay 30% of our bills after deductible, because they somehow decided that puppy had a “Systemic Allergic Reaction”, however he was never treated against any allergy. Also, Allergic Reaction does not have muscular weakness (or myopathy) as a symptom. We have a Major Medical plan with pet wellness, but Nationwide told us that it does not cover hospital stay for allergy reaction sickness. And again, puppy was never treated against allergy because (we asked doctors!) hospital and urgent care did not see a reason for that. Also, the Nationwide website gives a misleading information. Site states, that they cover injures, hospitalization, exams, lab tests, but in the end, they did not cover even a doctor expertise in the hospital.

Elizabeth English

2 years ago

I was extremely dissatisfied with this company. My pet is only 4 months old and they claim she had a preexisting condition. Waste of money.

Jill Missal

2 years ago

Absolute horrible company. I insured five of my animals with them and asked for a full underwriting review of each one before buying a policy. I was told the underwriting review was done and was informed of all of the possible pre-existing conditions that might be excluded. I was satisfied with that outcome so I purchased the policies. I purchased the top-level policies that covered literally everything. They are not cheap. Of course almost immediately Nationwide started refusing to honor claims, stating that they needed to review medical history. They got claims mixed up and attributed claims to the wrong dog. They said the underwriting review had never actually been done and that had just been lip-service on the part of the sales team. I told them that was absolutely unacceptable and was basically fraud, and they said "even if you were misled, that doesn't change the fact that we need to review records." WOW. I am absolutely livid and I can't believe they think they are going to get away with this kind of fraudulent sales tactic.

Julie Burokas

2 years ago

Nationwide has made it very difficult to process claims. Documents submitted are not reviewed in a timely manner leaving unprocessed claims opened and subject to more medical record review. I have waited 6 months for previous claims to be closed. Not worth the money. I would not recommend Nationwide, look into Paws Insurance- I've heard better reviews about them.


2 years ago

I waited a long time to write this review. When I first enrolled in this plan through my employer I was very scared due to all of the terrible reviews I’ve read. I’m almost two years into my plan and here is the deal: The insurance pays all of the claims my pets are eligible for. (I have 4 insured dogs). They don’t cover preexisting conditions that’s why you should get insurance as soon as you get your dog. Even if that dog has a problem, you are not aware of it meaning you will be covered. It used to take 4 weeks to receive a response on my claims now I get the funds within 5 business days. What’s not to like? I have two elderly dogs and one of them undergoing a lot of testing costing $1000s. After we met our deductible of $250, Nationwide is paying 90% or everything. I am happy customer.

Sherise Sage

2 years ago

Buyer beware! This company determined that an emergency c-section was a pre existing condition. Which makes zero sense. Thus refused to pay/reimburse any of my vet bills. The claim and reimbursement process is a nightmare, took them 8 months to deny my claim. They also tripled my premium without notifying me because one vet accidentally put my dog was a pure breed and not a mix breed. Overall a huge waste of $700+ and an absolute headache. Don’t use Nationwide pet insurance, they will rip you off.

Rob Jarrett

2 years ago

25% premium increase in one year. I started my policy in 2014 when the company was VPI Pet Insurance. Nationwide bought them out a few years ago, and their price increases have been outragious. This year's premium increased by 25% over last year. If this continues, I won't be able to afford the policy when my dogs get older and really need it. Also, they will not prequalify claims. You have to pay upfront, and then they will decide if they are going to reimbuse you after you have already taken on the risk. While they have been good at paying, it is a risk I have to take with every pet bill I authorize. My suggestion: Find another company.


2 years ago

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE. I would give 0 stars if I could. This is the worst company for pet insurance. I regret ever giving ONE PENNY to this company. Long story short, they don't even recognize my cat's breed (Scottish Straight) and they're constantly changing his breed to Scottish Fold. HE'S NOT A FOLD. They change it without my permission and I constantly have to call them to have it changed to Domestic Short Hair. Folds tend to have more health problems, that's why Nationwide keeps filing him as one. They find any and every excuse to exclude EVERYTHING from your policy. And when you fight to have stuff removed they find another thing to tack on. Part of that issue was I was going to a vet who didn't even know what a Scottish Fold/Straight was, so they were reporting FALSE information to Nationwide. But as a PET INSURANCE COMPANY they should KNOW THE BREEDS AND KNOW WHEN THEY'RE BEING GIVEN FALSE INFORMATION. Since then, I switched to a vet who KNOWS MY CAT'S BREED and gave him a COMPLETE BILL OF "PERFECT" HEALTH. Well my Nationwide policy was up for renewal, and I called to upgrade (because you can only upgrade at the time of renewal) because I want to get regular dental cleanings done on my cat to PREVENT DISEASE, and they denied my request because my cat his LIVER ISSUES?! No vet has EVER told me my cat has liver issues. I immediately called my vet's office to ask why they said that and they said A) they have NO RECORD OF EVER EVEN SPEAKING TO NATIONWIDE PET INSURANCE and B) have NO RECORD OF MY CAT EVER HAVING ANY LIVER ISSUES. Nationwide Pet Insurance is a fraudulent/scam of a company. My cat's breeder has also switched all of her pets off of Nationwide Pet Insurance to Trupanion, and she hasn't had ONE issue. I will be following her lead and switching as well. Nationwide Pet Insurance also has HORRIBLE customer services response times. I can't tell you how many time I've emailed and it takes 3-5 business days to get a response. Also, when I called to renew/upgrade, the guy I spoke with asked me a series of questions, and said they would have to submit a request for the upgrade. My cat has NONE OF THE ISSUES THAT WERE ASKED. The guy told me he would call me back when he heard about my request. He NEVER CALLED BACK. I called today (a week later) and the woman tells me "a voicemail was left" which is a lie because I don't have a VM from them at all. They didn't bother sending me any correspondence either concerning the supposed "liver issues." DO NOT USE NATIONWIDE PET INSURANCE. DO NOT USE NATIONWIDE PET INSURANCE. DO NOT USE NATIONWIDE PET INSURANCE. DO NOT USE NATIONWIDE PET INSURANCE. DO NOT USE NATIONWIDE PET INSURANCE. I CAN'T SAY IT ENOUGH.

Marilyn Palacol

2 years ago

My 7-pound maltipoo Daisy has been insured by VPI-Nationwide since she was rescued in 2006. She's approximately 15 years old and has had medical problems for the last 4 years... enlarged heart, gastrointestinal disease, hypertension and glaucoma. Her Major Medical Plan with $100 annual deducible has worked effortlessly with direct deposits and no questions asked. Nationwide should really be thankful that Daisy has been fairly healthy most of her life and very few claims. Her premium however is skyrocketing and kind of wished I self-insured after the 10 year mark.... would've had thousands saved for the rest of her life.

LucaS Migliori

2 years ago

I bought insurance for my cat. They told me all claims would take up to two weeks for processing. When I actually send a claim they told me I would be between 60-90 days. what a scam, if you are looking for pet insurance look else where. Very unhappy customer

karen burns

2 years ago

We have an 8 year old mixed lab that we rescued as a three month old puppy with hip dysplasia. As the dog got older, the price continued to rise ( now up to $75+ monthly and it seems that less and less is covered). It has certainly proved disappointing. I think it would be okay if something catastrophic happens, but not a good purchase for normal maintenance.

Joe Ingram

2 years ago

After taking to social media, the company reached out and settled the claim. I dont think it should have to come to this for them to do the right thing, but in the end they made it right. We went through the horrific event of having our 4-year-old pup lose his ability to walk on his hind legs. he went from happy to partially paralyzed within a matter of hours. We have only had our pup for 8 months, both he and his sister were rescues from the shelter. We got them in January 2020 on a Sunday and took them Monday for their health check-up. Both passed with flying colors. They have regular check-ups and all their shots. So when "Buddy" fell ill, we immediately drove him to the animal hospital and got him in to see a physician. We knew it wouldn't be cheap, he was paralyzed, and we knew that we also had Nationwide Insurance. We sent him under the knife and prayed that he would recover. The good news is that he is recovery marvelously. The Bad news is that we have been getting nothing but a runaround from Nationwide. The first thing they asked us "if you only had the dog 8 months why would you spend so much to fix him?" of course I was astonished that someone could be so heartless. My answer is if it were a person would you ask why they bought health insurance for their adopted child and why would their family put them in the hospital for a needed operation within 8 months of adopting them? We sent over everything in an itemized document from both our local vet and the hospital that did the surgery. They have asked us repeatedly for the same information that was sent originally. We sent over an email with 8 attachments and we have received 6 requests for information that are in the original email. Now they have waited over 1 month with no contact while they review the claim. That is after the immediate denial of the claim, to which we called and asked why and they said they don't have all the information. which began the constant resending of the first email until now with everything they need in hand - they have gone silent.

Christian Hernandez

3 years ago

Horrible!!! Mistake on my part to stay with Nationwide. The original company vpi was great. Nationwide not only raise my premium and decided to Payless for my claims. But now say that I have benefit caps. In few words Nationwide wants to denied any claim possible. But they want that monthly payment. Please as a long time pet owner don't waste your money with them . Look for other insurance that might be better. Not sure how Payton Manning can endorsed a greedy company. ALSO many of the reviews are done by their employees. Really !!! Great company to work for and great employees. That's what some reviews stated.

Florence Guerra

3 years ago

Pet insurance...? Who would have known that this would be such a great investment for my dog. I actually signed up for Nationwides pet insurance because my shitzu got really sick and I had to pay over$600 out of pocket. Now I just pay my monthly premium and if my dog ever needs surgery or anything, I pay my deductible and Nationwide covers up to $10,000! (Most definitely worth it.) Their customer service is always excellent and their prices are competitive.

Sean Moraffah

3 years ago

Have had no issues with VPI thus far, so they get a 5 star rating from me! Granted, my dog only qualified for the basic insurance because of his pre-existing health conditions. But so far so good...

Ramiro Pariente

3 years ago

Better off opening an account for your pet and make automatic payments because I paid these criminals for 10 years and didn’t get a penny back after several claims !!!!!YOU ARE WARNED !!!!

michelle grote

3 years ago

This pet insurance is one giant scam. You pay all the money for not only the emergency plan but also the health and wellness plan and they take two months to evaluate a routine health and wellness teeth cleaning and then deny it because it's "a pre-existing condition" yes having teeth that need cleaning is a pre-existing condition that is not covered under the health and wellness plan. Then when your pet has an emergency you take them to the ER and they STILL don't reimburse your claim because the two separate ER visits were less than the deductible even though together they almost double the deductible. This company will string you along for MONTHS if you let them just taking your monthly payment no problem when they have no intention on giving you what you're paying for. TERRIBLE.

Lizethe Molina

3 years ago

So nice that the company does this for their employees. A small break from the phones is a good way to refresh! My girls loved seeing Santa!

john reis

3 years ago

I sent in all the stuff I was told to. They keep asking for more stuff. They want medical records for my do prior to me adoptimgnthe dog. This company is a joke. Just like their auto insurance is a joke. Fruads!!!!

Julie Marinko

3 years ago

They really don't pay for much!!! Nationwide is NOT on my side!!!!! I pay over $100.00 a month for 2 dogs!!!

Johanes Hermanto

3 years ago

America's most untrusted pet insurer* This should be the new slogan. I am new to this insurance and yet I have tasted all the unlimited time for processing our new claim. And the result is decline or incomplete. Like I am getting subsidized Medicare or Obamacare insurance. I am paying the most expensive premium they offer and yet they treated me like I am getting a welfare or food stamps for my dog. I will canceled this as soon as I am done with putting the review on the yelp.

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