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Jennifer Ruttenberg

a year ago

Our cat is always well cared for and the people working there are so nice.

Lori Nicolopulos

a year ago

The staff is so nice and accommodating. They really care about your cat. My cat has not been traumatized either time he's been there. ????


a year ago

There was no room at the Inn ???? over Christmas, but it was understandable - late inquiry on my part. I, however, did have them care for my cat, Sonny, last summer. Unfortunately, I only had pictures to go by and their word - I was unable to take Sonny in to see where he'd be staying but, Covid, again, understandable. The staff was very friendly and professional. I brought his food, blanket and a small stuffed "friend". I called to check how he was each day and the staff was very accommodating and patient. I'm fairly sure I was more concerned/curious to know about him than he was with my whereabouts. Lol All in all, I would recommend them as a safe place, and I'd have Sonny stay with them again.

Leah S

a year ago

Clipped my cars nails in less than 5 minutes for only $15.

Riley Muse

a year ago

Really fun cat place. The lobby looks like an old cat lady's living room. Really friendly staff.

Ruby Jacques

a year ago

Car grooming at it's best.

Susan Kraft-Yorke

a year ago

Very caring people who adore and really get cats. Best place for cat care there is.

Mehul Mittal

a year ago

My cat came home sick and dehydrated. Not sure what they did over there. Had to take her to the vet after 2 days for fluids.

michael murphy

2 years ago

My cat really enjoys it here when we go on Vacation. She is well taken care of here.

Francesco Nerieri

2 years ago

nice place for when you need to have your cat watched for a few days

Scott Denny

2 years ago

needed a last minute cat sitter and they were immediately helpful

Ashlan Cooper

2 years ago

Booked kitty limo + bath for our furbaby. Driver was patient as we got our cat into his carrier. He game back smelling of honey + oats and seemed quite content :)

Rosina Su

2 years ago

Very nice SPA place for cats. They are so nice and friendly. Not many places do the cat grooming. They only make the service for cats and have done a great job.

Carmen Hughes

2 years ago

I brought in our cute little long-haired furry to get a hair cut because for some reason her hair kept matting, even though she isn't a Persian cat. The place is adorable. Think of a zen-spa for cats. The staff was very professional and treated the cat great. She got a 'lion cut' and they did a terrific job in carefully shaving her fur. I'd definitely recommend the place for these types of treatments. The Cat's Inn also kennels cats but we don't use them for this service as we have a sitter if/when we go out of town.

Catharine Eastman

2 years ago

The Cats' Inn was willing to take our two cats on same-day notice when we evacuated to the Bay Area during the CZU wildfire. They were very understanding of our situation, flexible with boarding extensions, and did everything they could to make our babies more comfortable (letting them have a playroom to themselves, trying multiple foods to increase their lowered appetite, etc). The staff was masked and followed social distancing protocols to the extent possible (during the Covid pandemic). Highly recommended in all respects!

Gloria Martinez

2 years ago

I received quality service. I will definitely call again in the future.

Kathryn Isabel King

2 years ago

Super cute place, my cats came back in one piece so that's always nice. They sent me pictures with hour me asking which I thought was sweet. Super cute atmosphere and they smelled nice when I got them back.

Lisa Del Fante

2 years ago

The best place for a kitty to stay when the owner is away for a few days. They do nail trims and apply flea stuff and are very nice .

Victor Emmanuel Villagomez

2 years ago

Staff really loves cats and the facilities are great. Ask for a tour if first time. My cats are always happy and playful when I pick them up.

Rob Chan

2 years ago

The Cat’s Inn has been looking after my beloved 3-generation family of kitties when we’ve been away from home for around 3 years. Usually long weekends or a week to two during vacations. They’ve always been super. This year was something quite different though, and our fur babies had an extremely long stay at The Cat’s Inn. For 8 months this year; Maggy, Victoria, Sati, and all the fabulous team at The Cat’s Inn have taken care of our 5 kitties as if they were their own pets. My family and I are utterly grateful and impressed by their dedication and commitment to what they do. They truly love cats! If you are reading this far, I humbly ask you to support this local business and take your cat/s here. Thank you.

Taylor Hall

3 years ago

My cats have stayed here a few times now and I've had a great experience. Few places allow cats with medical needs besides the vet, which isn't always the best environment. The staff got to know my cats and their personality while I was away, and sent me photos of them settling in. I feel confident dropping them off that they're well taken care of and loved. I also appreciate the free dry and wet food! I can leave mine at home.

Susan Kraft Art

3 years ago

They have it down when it comes to knowing cats. The spaces. Cleanliness. Cute art designs for us - don't know if cats truly appreciate that part, as much as they do the cat climbs and rooms.

Sarah Murphy

3 years ago

Friendly. Cat comes back happy and healthy. My kitty has been there at least 5 times. Great place.

Ranjani Singh

3 years ago

They did a great job on both my cats.

Patricia Casas

3 years ago

Felt comfortable leaving my cat here. They take care of food and litter which puts my mind at ease. And live the fact that they send an email as if my cat sent it, with an update on how their time is going.

Nadja Volkmer

3 years ago

I adopted my cat and no one at the shelter ever said, my cat is shy. He usually runs towards you, loves getting rubs and be cuddled. It is one thing that I have a completely different expectation of communication if I leave my cat with strangers (like maybe telling me you move your whole operation to another building in advance). But the moment I read, that they said my cat was shy, showed me that the miscommunication wasn’t only with me, but also with my cat. Two stars as the location looks nice from the outside and the front desk is ok, too. I wasn’t offered to look at the cat area.

Mike Harms

3 years ago

Cat's Inn is our go-to cat groomer for a kinky Summer hairdo. Our kitties got the lion cut! It's so cute. No complaints.

Levi Peterson

3 years ago

Awesome place. Real pet lovers and great price on getting your cat's nails trimmed.

Kimberly Stefanac

3 years ago

Smells of cat litter, trimmed claws missed one, an ok place.

Ken Burke

3 years ago

We take our cat here all the time and they have been nothing but accommodating and respectful!

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