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Dasha Atkins

2 years ago

This place was awesome !Not only was the staff very nice and professional . Dr. Haridy was so amazing with my dog .I will always bring my dog here from now on !

Victor Correa

2 years ago

Absolutely amazing service and care, my Australian shepherd got bit one nite by another dog in her neck area, worried I searched for the nearest available animal hospital that was still open. Thankfully this hospital is open late and were more than accommodating to taking care of my dog. The staff themselves are friendly and along with the doctor did a great job reassuring me my dog will be ok. The following afternoon I retrieved my dog and she had stitches but was back to normal and healthy. Afterward the doctor and staff were extremely helpful in answering questions along with explaining the instructions for the medication I give my dog. Overall an outstanding staff and quality of care for my luna. Definitely coming here if my dog needs help.

Monique Gutierrez

2 years ago

Great vet the Dr. and the staff are very friendly I called the hospital that my dog was bleeding out and they took care of him right away with no hesitation!!! Thank you for your great service!! Saved my dog!

Belen Contreras

2 years ago

Honestly this is the best Animal Hospital I have gone to. The staff and doctor were nice and caring. I cannot put it into words of how thankful I am to the doctor and staff that worked with my dog. If it wasn't for the doctors quick actions, my dog would have been gone. Since the moment I got to the hospital the doctor and staff assisted my dog. The doctor was amazing. He knew how worried I was for her and was trying his hardest to make sure she lived. He was so understanding and treaded my dog like his own. Even after surgery, he told me to not hesitate to bring her in at any given time, nor to call if I have any concerns. I highly recommend taking your pets.


2 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE This place is awful. My dog was having a pretty bad seizure and we just needed her to get a dose of medication for it. The doctor walked into the room, looked at my dog for maybe 10 seconds, and then said “she needs to be hospitalized” which would cost almost 3k. When I explained that that didn’t make sense he looked me dead in the eyes, “or we can put her down”. I know there is medication that prevents seizures. I believe this vet is a scam artist. I think he uses people fears and panic about their beloved pets to make them spends thousands of dollars on treatments that they might not even need. EDIT: went to a vet a family member trusted. He just put her on anti-seizure pills I give her 2x a day. Hasn’t had a seizure since. To think this vet told me I had to pay up or put her down when all she needed were meds, disgusting.

Shanna Ghale

2 years ago

Warning! Complete scam artists. Took my dog for an emergency and was told I had 2 options. A month long hospital stay and $5k treatment or put her down. Was treated very cold and they did not even do any tests or examine her. Took her to another vet who did a blood test and gave us a prescription. Total cost for everything was $269. Including 2 months worth of medicine.

Zeyda Newman

2 years ago

This place overcharges for unnecessary treatments for your pets and still they have the nerve to be rude. Go anywhere else but here unless you dont mind being their personal ATM machine...

maria colon

2 years ago

Do not go to this place I trusted this vet and I took my dog for a simple tooth extraction vet told me she would need 4 teeth removed I payed 2000 and then when he called after surgery he had removed 12 teeth at once I took my dog home on meds a week after my dog started getting sick I took back payed another 2000 for overnight care next day he said my dog had a obstruction that I needed pay 2000 more I was already at 6000 then when the moment came to removed the supposably obstruction he calls me to tell me my dog did not make it till these day I cry blame myself how can my dog pass from what I thought was a tooth extraction I really want to get a lawyer so they can close this place please don’t bring dog here

Linka Rosas

2 years ago

Very rude people! I had call 3 times and get angry before a rude receptionist finally answered . She would not give her name & did not care a bit about the dog. This place are happy to see money & to take money! I DON'T RECOMMEND CARE FOR YOUR PETS!

carmen barerra

2 years ago

Bad bad vet and staff money hungry....Almos perform surgery on my dog ... My dog almos die he was going to kill my dog and wanted 6000.00 so i took my dog to another place they saif it fid not need surgery my dog is better now ... Dont take your dog at bellwood

Ashley Gutierrez

2 years ago

Horrible money hungry careless staff

Ashly Slaughter

2 years ago

Love the staff and doctor

claira oneal

2 years ago

this place is only good if you want to put your animal down. if u take ur pet here guaranteed your pet will not survive in the hands of dr.haridy.

Marty Rodriguez

2 years ago

Avoid this animal “hospital” at all costs. My dog needed emergent attention secondary to intestinal issues and unfortunately this “hospital” was my only option. My dog presented in obvious distress - rectal bleeding, constipation and probable intestinal obstruction. Rather then taking my dog back to examine her upon arrival this “hospital” demanded payment beforehand, nearly $500. I’ve been an animal owner for several years and have never experienced such disregard for the well being of an animal. Upon receiving their money, documenting chief complaints, they took my dog back for imaging. The vet on duty , Dr. K. Haridy approached me in the exam room to discuss the diagnosis. Keep in mind I explained that my dog had lack of appetite, no bowel movement and rectal bleeding. The vet came in and stated the reason for my dogs “inability to urinate is because she has several stones and she would require surgery”. The concerning part of this interaction is that she did not have any difficulty with urination. His initial Surgical quote was $3,000 and change. I questioned if my dog undergoing surgery was the appropriate treatment. He then suggested over night hydration/observation which would cost another $1200 although she would need surgery at the end of observation and then quoted an additional $6-7k. As I stood in that exam room clearly emotional, he was empathetic towards me and my dog. He even suggested that if I didn’t agree with his fee schedule to take my dog somewhere else. Which I would have done had it not been near midnight and COVID delays didn’t not limit animal hospital capacity. Clearly a cold hearted human being. I encourage pet owners to seek medical attention for your pets elsewhere. The health and well being of your pet is the least priority for this vet. His focus and that of this practice is monetary gain. ZERO stars!!!

Jennifer Ocampo

2 years ago

Saved my dogs life! My poor dog got very ill in a matter of hours we rushed her to Bellwood Animal Hospital and she was diagnosed with Pyometra. She under went emergency surgery and was able to go home after 2 days. This happened so unexpectedly and all the hospitals near my house were either closed or super busy and weren’t able to help. I’m so grateful Bellwood was open and able to take me in an soon as I arrived. Dr. Haridy gave his full attention and helped my dog right away.

Victoria Seewaldt

2 years ago

They were amazing. Totally amazing. No one would help me with my injured hen. She was attacked by a bobcat and got a bite on the neck. I am a human doctor and I know when I am over my head. The owner and head vet trained in chicken surgery. US vets have no training in chickens- my sister in law is a vet at Cornell University and has no training in chickens. Bellflower took us in when no one else would. They were really fast and hugely experienced. My hen Gloria would have died - but now she has a good chance to live. These guys are also amazing at dog wounds and injuries I hugely recommend them. They are professional, fast, reasonably priced, and above all compassionate

rat child

2 years ago

very kind staff who helped my bird and gave me a full refund due to how easy the operation was


2 years ago

About the worse place you can go they didn’t really check my dog ..that’s why the place has a 2.8 star wow should’ve known better don’t recommend coming

Gilbert Romero

2 years ago

Amazing staff and doctors here. Came in without an appointment to get a quick procedure done on my boy. They took care of him and made sure he was well. Great for emergencies and much more affordable compared to other hospitals that take in emergency.

Ana Gutierrez

2 years ago

-10/10 this so called doctor is just money hungry! Just left the office they didn't even give me an invoice for the full amount I paid. I could hear him screaming at his staff through the thin walls saying "I didn't care about my dog" because after paying over 600 dollars I was called back in to be asked for an additional $334. Staff was nice I'm so sorry you have to work for such a horrible person. Ended up paying over 900 for fungus treatment. Only did it because it was an emergency my and my husband only day off is Sunday and most other vets are closed. I'd 1000% say go anywhere else!


2 years ago

i love this animal clinic. They took very good care of my cat killu during his long stay. The veterinarian is very skilled and the staff at the front desk are amazing. My cat was very sick and had to get surgery but it all went really well and hes doing much better now

Amy Brown

2 years ago

They saved my baby turtle's life! He came in with a bad Respiratory infection they seen us right away gave him amazing care and even told me the gender I have no idea lol they even called and followed up with me afterwards now he's healthy happy and thriving thanks to Bellwood I would definitely recommend taking your pet here especially because they are open 7 days a week trust this place I'm glad I did!

William Oswald

2 years ago

I was taken advantage of both times I went there. I can't believe I let them get over on me a second time, but he (the doctor) did in what I later found out was double-talk. Steer clear, a ripoff.

Jocelyn Vee

2 years ago

I don’t know why there’s so much negative reviews i was so skeptical coming in because of them but no other clinic will take my Puppy but them so I took my chances and came in 6/13/21 with my very sick puppy milo who unfortunately didn’t make it. Not because of the clinic but because I didn’t do my research before buying him he was already very sick, to far gone when I got him. I loved how caring and HONEST the doctor was he didn’t try to take my money or charge me for unnecessary thing. the complete opposite of these reviews. He really wanted to save my puppy. I Didn’t end up with an expensive bill. Give them a shot. Staff is very friendly as well.

Christopher Borrayo

2 years ago

Went for small check up and the dr and vets extorted me for a lot of cash on a relatively simple operations. If you liked to be haggled and robbed this is the spot

sabrina purvis

2 years ago

Staff is rude seems like they only care about money their prices are high.

Lori Mayes

2 years ago

Staff was very kind and Courteous they tool care of my pup immediately but it was a bit expensive. I would go again

Juan Abarca

2 years ago

On March 20 2021 was at Bellwood Animal Hospital my dog have a broken leg. Recommend surgery $5000. Doesn’t care about pets, but money! The Veterinarian don’t follow COVID-19 safety. Worst clinic ever! We trust to care for our pets but they failed. If you love your fur babies don’t go here. My dog got bad infection and veterinarian was not helping made in to big deal and out control my dog almost lost leg. Good thing we step out and found new hospital.

Rosa Pimentel

2 years ago

Please don’t take your baby here.

Precious Eve

3 years ago

This place is honestly the worst place to take your pet. They killed my sister’s puppy by over medicating him to death. They told her he needed a lot of injections for him to survive. They even guaranteed that he was going to live but they killed him little by little. If you really want your pet to survive please don’t bring it here. It would be the worst mistake and you will honestly regret it. This place doesn’t even deserve one star, it deserves 0 stars. They are also really rude and heartless. They don’t care about your pet they only care about the money they will make by lying and manipulating you. Please don’t dare to bring your pet here, he/she won’t make it out alive.

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