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Caca Cece

2 years ago

Not good.I took my pet here because she had a lot swollen areas.I left her there for they can treat it then a little after I received a call saying she had parvo.I decided to take her out of there and took her to the VCA pet hospital and they examined her again for parvo and it came out negative . They are very over priced do not recommend...

Justin Robins

2 years ago

Good place but they are VERY expensive

Megan Perez

2 years ago

I took my bearded dragon in and they are a very good vet. And they make sure you understand what's going on

Sierra Wilson

2 years ago

I love their service and compassion for the pets and their owners

Mikayla Crofton

2 years ago

the staff is nice but it’s way too overpriced, almost had to pay $900 for my pet rat and they made is seem like she was literally dying and then after discussing pricing they ended up bringing it down to around $500 when all she really needed was a tooth trim and anti biotics , she was completely fine the next day but of course this is the only place that cares for rats in bakersfield so i don’t really have a choice lol

Austin Bathrick

2 years ago

We took our dog there with a terrible cough. They charged us $900 for the visit and medication to help with this cough. We came back 2 days later with a worse cough and they diagnosed him incorrectly after we went to another vet to find the correct diagnosis. When my girlfriend asked if he was on his final breath or if he could make it, the vet literally said "oh boy" and walked out as she was tearing up. Do not come here. Take your business elsewhere if you love your animal. And we found out he had congestive heart failure rather than just a cough. We ended up going to VCA Bakersfield on Harris. Much better service

Katie Reed

2 years ago

We took our syrian hamster in after he began stumbling and refusing food. Everyone was friendly and the vet was patient, soft spoken and thorough. My only complaint would be that the fees seem high. However, they were the only place that would take in a hamster, and I have no doubt they are experienced and will help our little furball to the best of their ability!

Natalie Esteves

2 years ago

This place is money hungry and the doctor is horrible, if we can even call him that. They made my dogs condition seem less than it is. Not only that it’s super overpriced and they basically start charging you as soon as you enter the lot. If your thinking of coming here don’t.

Roberto Fuentes

2 years ago

I took there my bird and they give you a bad service. When I when to get my bird back after they check on here she was on the floor costumer care really bad and I mean costumer care from the doctor he's not professional really bad experiences . ????

Chris Garcia

2 years ago

If you have reptiles, look elsewhere. Extremely overpriced for their services. Brought in a ball python for RI treatment and they tried charging me $700. This was just for 2.5ml of baytril and a few syringes. You can buy an entire 20ml vile online for $45. In addition, I also had to wait 2 hours past my initial appointment time to be seen. Definitely won’t be coming back.

Randy Classen

2 years ago

The staff was considerate and took care of my little dog. I recommend this vet hospital.

Mustangbob M1

2 years ago

If not accepting any new pets and the place was a mess dirty and smelt terrible

Kelsey Hodge

2 years ago

They are very professional and very good with my animals they always treat them so kind

Joe Martin

2 years ago

So far so good and getting my pup back to normal, but we are not out of the woods just yet..

Madison McBroom

2 years ago

Took my pet here for a wellness check. He had no prior problems and was healthy. As soon as I got him back from the vet he was unable to move, eat, or drink. He then passed away shortly after. Do not take your pet here.

Heike Duran

2 years ago

Absolutely caring and courtious employees. The Veterinarian was caring and patient. I am truly impressed.

Camille Emblem

3 years ago

The doctor is good but his help, the Asian and Mexican ones have very poor manners and that office had us waiting for two hours with no apology, notice or explanation for such a ridiculous amount of time to wait for a beautiful puppy! We’ve moved to Banfield for a better experience but this doctor needs to hire quality, non prejudice help!

Blind D00m

3 years ago

Don't bother with this vet, I've been here twice and both times were terrible. The staff is very friendly but unprofessional. My first visit here was with my rat who came in with a respitory infection, they tried to upsell me on stuff like x-rays and the staff kept referring to my rat as a dog and even went over comen dog illnesses to justify the extra charges which I opted out of. I got her antibiotics because that's all I needed and even those didn't work, they wanted me to pay for another check up to see how she's doing but they're just trying to get money, keeping your pets sick so you have to keep coming back. Next visit I bring my 3 chinchilla for a heath certificate so they can fly, the airline only need one with all of them listed. They gave me one certificate for each animal and charged me for each, not even listing specific information that I asked them to list on the certificates that the airline needs. She kept asking me chich chinchilla was zazel (my rat) and was asking about zazel so much I had to remind her twice that zazel wasn't here thats my rat. Called them about the issues on the heath certificates and they just said "oh thats just how we do it" when on the certificate it says multipul animals can be listed but they refuse because they want you to pay them more money, they will squeeze as much money as possible out of you any way they can and still not do a reliable job. I'm very frustrated because my airline won't even accept these and it cost me $415 to get them

Jessica Miranda

3 years ago

Got my dogs ears cropped there about two weeks ago I asked them what I was paying for exactly and they said everything the bandaging, and the care until his ears are standing what they did not say was that I was going to have to keep paying for them to re wrap my dogs ears every visit until they're standing. When asked if I wrap them myself would they still care for his ears to make sure nothing is wrong with them they simply said no. A lot of miscommunication happened and now my dog and I have to pay for their awful service.

Diana Eastridge

3 years ago

Porky had his first nail trim. It took less than 30 mins and they were very nicely done. Price is right and he will go again next month.

Catrina Benavidez

3 years ago

I had a sick pet chicken for 2 weeks . It first started out with her legs being paralyzed all of a sudden . I check on my 4 chickens daily and it happened from 1 day to the next so I put her indoors where I can take care of her. She was eating and drinking fine . I would take her out to get some sun in the day. Then after 2 weeks her comb was welting over and she was breathing heavily. I knew it was time to let her go but I wanted to put her down humanely as possible. I had an amazing experience from beginning to the end with All Critters. Their name says it there. They were the only vet that would see Alaska. Thank you so much . I would recommend this vet highly .

Aiylece Roberson

3 years ago

Its the only vet that sees reptiles. My turtles shell was gummy and icky looking... Unfortunately after a $55 dollar office visit (for which i sat in the hot car) i got a $350.00 estimate and left. Went to petsmart and spent $50 to do home after stopping at walgreens for Betadine and one more stop at the dollar store for soft toothbrushes...two toothbrush strokes later the gummy stuff fell off revealing a very healthy turtle shell! I bought a computer and a hard drive off Amazon with the $350.

ana sanchez

3 years ago

Been here twice, once with my two parakeets and this time with my new kitten. Both times they've been really good with communication, not too long of a wait considering how many pets they see a day, friendly overall and their pricing is affordable. Got meds for my new fur baby and even set up a follow up check up without feeling like i got my pockets raided.

Carl Bowman (DBTwiddler)

3 years ago

The staff are very nice and handled our new puppy very kindly. Even though he received multiple shots and his microchip, he still was happy. To me that's a good indicator. I recommend this vet.


3 years ago

Months away for an appointment to be spayed


3 years ago

I love the staff there, they are all very kind, and the Dr. is very knowledgeable and trustworthy, I will keep them as my vet for sure.

Lord Elliott

3 years ago

I was impressed by their efficiency with as many animals they take in. Staff was friendly and great with customer service. I appreciate the services offered.

Zard Life

3 years ago

Wasting my time and money returned my bird still sick when It needed longer care gave zero options and no help

morgan-rochelle Reyes

4 years ago

I love this place. My breaded dragon is treated so well ❤️ I’m very appreciative of theses people!!!

Pam Oneil

4 years ago

Always kind to my African Grey. Very gentle and they do not over stress my bird. I will always keep coming for my bird needs.

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