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Kimberly Zinda

a year ago

Companion's crew is amazing and I appreciate the care, kindness and wisdom that they bring to care for people's fur babies. ❤️

Cheryle Martin

a year ago

Super nice staff. I have been going to them for years.


a year ago

Great staff, they take the time to get to know both you and your pet.

Kim Brady

a year ago

Amazing people work here! I was kinda tough to work with, was having serious anxiety over my cats amputation. They were very sympathetic and did great ????

Laura Saylor

a year ago

Thanks for help with my Bearded Dragon, I can't thank this hospital enough. Lacey was so helpful ( both visits ). We'll be back.

Presley Carte

a year ago

Judgemental and rude. Very unprofessional. My puppy is a breed that gets an unjustified bad reputation. They treated me horribly and my puppy was happy and licking them, mouthing a little but gentle. Very normal puppy behavior, but they acted as if he was a hyena mauling them. I just grabbed my puppy and said I was leaving. The vet followed me out and tried to continue verbally attacking me. I will never return to this place.

Stacey Soulful

a year ago

I've had the most frustrating and disappointing Veterinary experience I've ever had here at companion veterinary clinic in Auburn. It started off well enough. I was very happy with my first visit with my new cat. She adopted me as a stray a couple of months ago. She was starving and close to death. I wasn't sure if I was going to keep her but I wanted to see what she needed. She was in pretty bad shape and needed a lot of dental work. She was in extreme pain every time she ate something even if it was watered down Pate style food. After they did the initial exam and blood test she was cleared to have some dental work done. I'm a single mom with not a lot of extra for things like sick pets but I wanted to do what I could for her. This is where the communication started to go awry. They told me that of course they couldn't see exactly what needed to be done in her mouth until after they took x-rays. I understood that. They did give me an initial estimate for what they did know for sure needed to be done. What they told me was the estimate was for two teeth to be extracted. They also told me that one of those teeth was one of her upper canines which every time they mentioned said that it had been cracked. They didn't mention that it was broken clear off to the pulp until she was already under anesthesia. Poor communication #1. The next thing was they had mentioned after I received the estimate,  that maybe I could wait until October when they have a special discount that they do for dental work. So when she said that, I assumed the estimate I have been given was without the discount, because she mentioned it after it was sent. That was misinformation #2. I decided to bring her in and have her go ahead and receive care for the two teeth they had mentioned. After she was already there and under anesthesia I received a phone call they said they would do to confirm what else might have needed to be done. But in that phone call it was clarified that the initial estimate I have been given was for only one tooth and the discount had already been applied. That didn't match up. Then she told me that the canine was broken to the pulp. She also told me two additional teeth needed to be removed. That would bring the total to over $300 more than the estimate. Too much for me. I asked if any of the teeth they were recommending to be pulled we're not really causing her pain. She said the canine and that there was a small tooth in the back that would only cost an additional $50 or so but that it was loose enough and small enough it would probably fall out in its own and if it didn't she would just take it out and not charge me. Crappy, incorrect communication # three. That is not what ended up happening. They left that third small-tooth in. And it was the last straw for me. Because I knew our kitty was still going to be in extreme pain while eating. I was very very upset. I didn't understand why she didn't remove it after she said all of that. Or why  she didnt say much more clearly about the small additional cost for that third tooth if she's really an advocate for pets. If it was only going to be another 25 or $50 I would have approved it.  Because she said that she was going to remove it and not charge me I did not approve any additional cost. That was completely messed up. I felt like they had no compassion for the kitty and no clear sense or understanding of the communication that they had with me over this work that needed to be done. Now it turns out that there are possible signs of deeper illness or cancer based on the initial blood work Companion Vet did that I had a new vet look at. If they had thought there was a possibility that she might have cancer, as much as I love this cat, I would not have even spent the more than $1,000 I did there at that clinic in the first place. It all feels so completely wrong. If I was in business to help pets, I would not make choices to string them along if the outcome is likely to be very poor or short life in the end anyway. That's very unethical and poor service!

Susan Burg Woolley

a year ago

Very nice and professional staff!

Alex K

a year ago

By far the best clinic we've ever taken our dogs to. We've been to a few different clinics that are doing parking lot/car service and Companion has been the fastest and kindest of all of them. Quick to answer the phone, quick to come out and get our dogs, and quickest to process payments. In the hot summer weather, keeping the process moving is a big deal for us. What really made Companion better than all the other clinics we've been to was their super knowledgable staff and the endlessly patient, gentle care they showed with our little friends. Everyone we spoke to was able to answer any of our questions about medication (allergy meds, Lyme vaccine, boosters, heartworm, flea, & tick, etc). Anytime we brought them in for grooming (nail trimming, gland expression, etc.), the staff were quick and our dogs came out with their big, doofy dog-grins on.

Carolyn Cooley

a year ago

Thank you Dr. La Rue for saving our little Looey's life and taking the time to explain everything to us. We appreciate you sending us to the right overnight care facility. Thank you Laura for your kindness, understanding, and taking care of Looey.

Lisa Beckman

a year ago

The staff at Companion are very professional and caring. I have been there twice now and am so pleased. I do not have any concerns when my pet is taken in. It helps that the costs are comparable to other clinics in the area, too. I highly recommend this establishment.

Mahala A

a year ago

Dr. LaRue and the staff were so friendly and informative. My puppy immediately was drawn to them.

Jessica Figone-Jackson

2 years ago

Great experience! Very sweet sweet staff and doctors. My dog was anxious when she first came in but they took the time to feed her treats and win her over!


2 years ago

My dog used to like coming to the vet before this one. I couldn’t be there for the appointments because of the pandemic, so I don’t know what was happening in there, but he generally loves people but did not trust the person who ‘helped’ him. I wouldn’t recommend this place if your dog needs a little extra patience when it comes to procedures that hurt. None of the staff ever spoke to me about him being problematic until our last visit, when I saw his reaction to simply seeing one of the staff. I could have given info on how to work with him but because of the lack of communication his trust is already broken and we won’t be back.

Kirstie Miller

2 years ago

I've been hearing from my best friend how wonderful this Veterinary Clinic is and that Dr. Sanchez and her staff are so amazing. Took my dog in last week and couldn't be more pleased with the entire experience! Even received a call the next day from the doctor herself with test results. Definitely will be recommending Companion Veterinary Clinic to friends. Cheddar loved it!!

Jill Wagner

2 years ago

We love Companion Vet and Dr. Karen.

Danny Ford

2 years ago

We drive from Sacramento to Auburn just to be seen at Companion Vet Clinic!

Christine Della Rocco

2 years ago

The staff are very sweet!

Tim Kinstler

2 years ago

At Companion Veterinary Care, your furry family members will receive top of the mark care by extremely knowledgeable vets and their super friendly and supportive staff. Great, easy access location too. Can't recommend this practice too highly!! They are the best!

Nure Kassas

2 years ago

Extremely helpful staff. Absolutely love them. Highly recommend for your small furry friend,.especially if you have a bunny

nina bak

2 years ago

From phone calls to visit, very professional and kind. Marissa, assistant, is super nice and caring. Highly recommend.


2 years ago

Appreciate that Dr. Klentos gives detailed explanations in her calls. Also, Gabriela is fabulous. She thinks outside the box!!! Thank you.

william lambert

2 years ago

Have been going here for several years and the staff is wonderful. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Alex Vedder

2 years ago

You were very thorough and helpful. Easy to reach and communicate with. We will be back!

Michael Kelly

2 years ago

Our 2 cats have been patients of the clinic for years. They're a little expensive but we'll worth it.

Meadow Vista Pool Service

2 years ago

I switched to Companion on the recommendation of a friend after my previous vet was bought out by a doctor from down the hill. The doctors at Companion are awesome and are more interested in caring for my pets than selling me a procedure. I am very happy indeed.

Katie Burdick

2 years ago

Compassionate, deeply professional, good communicators (even of the most complex condition), friendly, excellent with the animals... my clinic for over 20 years and not going to change!

K Turner

2 years ago

Amazing staff, they always take care of us.

Alethea Atrocity

2 years ago

Companion is simply the best veterinary clinic I've ever used, I'll never go anywhere else. Friendly, thorough and not insanely expensive.

Panda Goddess

2 years ago

Very welcoming environment even with covid restrictions

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