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Diana Zandate

a year ago

Really caring staff and very knowledgeable and accommodating

Tiffany B R

a year ago

Fantastic doctor and office. I was skeptical about all the 5 star reviews but I understand now. They always pick up the phone quickly and answer calls. Everyone that I interacted with was great. I can see why their office is so busy. We were blessed to get an emergency appointment and Dr Esson was such a huge help. You can tell he knows his stuff and cares about his patients. My dog finally got the help he needed. He had surgery earlier today and already seems to be in less pain despite his stitches. My only regret is that I didn't find this doctor sooner. We will be lifelong patients and supporters for this wonderful office. Update: It's been about 2 weeks since surgery and my dog got his stitches out. He is doing fantastic. My dog is an entirely new dog since his surgery. He is playful, energetic and active again. He seems much happier. The medication Dr. Esson provided is also helping to save his other eye and relieve his discomfort. During his checkup today, they reported that his eye pressure has gone back down normal in only 2 weeks! Thank you so much, Dr. Esson and staff!! My family bought my dog an adorable pirate costume for Christmas, so please enjoy a pic of our happy pirate boy.

Carrie Rosario

a year ago

Dr. Esson and his staff are simply A-mazing! Do NOT take your fur baby anywhere else-VOC is THE best! Dr. Esson and his staff truly care about each one of their patients-and their parents! They are incredibly busy because they are the best and don't turn anyone away, so be prepared to wait. But trust me, they are worth the wait! We are so beyond grateful for all Dr. Esson was able to do for my Husky!

Fabio Foti

a year ago

Dr. Esson is the top veterinary ophthalmologist. People come from out of state to seek his services, so we are blessed to have him here. The new location is great, however, please note that it is in Anaheim, not Santa Ana; there is another 1295 N. Tustin address in Santa Ana that comes up on the navigation, which is NOT the correct address, but rather, Dr. Esson is located at 1295 N. Tustin, Anaheim, CA.


a year ago

Takes months to get an appointment. Appreciated their honesty in why they still do only curbside appointments which is to see more patients rather then clogging up rooms in the facility. Pros are more pets get seen but also get rushed as it is money driven to see more patients. Appreciated the doctor coming out to discuss his evaluation at the vehicle to me but overall felt it was rushed and he did not look at any of the medical records I had emailed them as he admitted there were too many to read. Without seeing the entire patient history I feel he did not evaluate my pet properly. I think if he spent more time reviewing the history and talking to me before seeing my pet he could have given a better evaluation of his condition. I prefer a sit down face to face in the room with the pet and vet together to explain what has been going on if the vet does not have time to read the medical history I could have explained it. Disappointed.

Rick LaVasseur

2 years ago

Professional, experienced and very knowledgeable. Dr. Essen is very experienced with a great bedside manner. Highly recommend him.

judy wilson

2 years ago

They take excellent care of our precious pet. Very gentle, and compassionate. We know our pup is getting the best care possible.

Heidi Fleiss

2 years ago

This is the first veterinarian who did not restrain macaw by immobilizing him with his neck. The staff was sensitive to his feelings and handled him with tenderness and care. George is the Scarlet Macaw in the background. His 80 plus years on this earth was terror and pain. He has no vision in his right eye and little vision in his left eye. I modified my Toyota FJ cruiser so he would not have to sit in a carrier. Would you wanna ride in the trunk of a car or a coffin? Macaws typically associate the car with a horrible experiences so I brought the hybred so he would feel calm.

Serena Moore

2 years ago

VOC is wonderful! They take wonderful care of my little man and explain his care with great detail and patience. They are so very helpful. My little doggie Derek loves the staff!

Koral Preiss

2 years ago

I would give this veterinary ophthalmologist 100000 stars if I could. Highly recommend Dr. Esson and his entire team!

Ebenezer Fagundes

2 years ago

We took our 11 years old Lhasa Apso to Dr. Douglas Edson and he and his team took care of her eye ????. Thanks, Doctor ????‍⚕️!

Olivia Ellman

2 years ago

How lucky were we to of found Dr. Esson and his incredible team?? Bailee had several eye surgeries at this office because she had RELENTLESS inverted eye lashes. Each and every time we came in, we felt that she was truly in the best of hands and care.. having had a traumatic experience with previous vet offices, we were in total peace with Dr. Essons guidance. This team is truly the BEST and they are AMAZING at what they do. This is a long over-due THANK YOU to the Dr. and his well renowned team. We are grateful for each and everyone of you. <3

Brian Thompson

2 years ago

Very professional and responsive Veterinary ophthalmic team. Was able to get my mini Aussi(Jack) in for a consultation the same week I called (though was on an "emergency" basis). Dr. Esson and his team were great in explaining things and caring towards me and my furry dude. After the consultation was able to schedule his procedure for early the next week. Jack is doing great and would recommend VOC to any and everyone.

Lisa Stuhley

2 years ago

From my very first phone call to inquire about services, to the check in process, my conversation with the doctor and my check out process, everything was handled with a positive, kind, understanding and cheery manner. I am very grateful for this private practice seeing my boy because I no longer wish to support my corporate options. With the overall service we have received, I can refer them with ease.

shorty rocket

2 years ago

Best vet/optometry (eye vet) I've ever had... I was beyond worried for my pup the assistants are nice and kind my dogs instantly trusted and they broke down the news and meds perfectly and we're very time sufficient during these waiting in the car covid times.

Mabe H.M.

3 years ago

Great doctor, so much experience with animals, very professional, will keep you very informed on your pet & all staff very nice.

vivian villarreal

3 years ago

My 14 y/o Yorkie had a very bad corneal ulcer that wasn't getting better and was told by the regular Vet that he should be seen by an "Eye Specialist" for dogs. I called about 5 different specialists, explaining how his eye was not well and needed to be seen soon but was told by each office that they were booked for 3 weeks and that I should try other offices to see if they had a sooner appointment available. The only office that offered an Emergency visit told me they would see him but couldn't guarantee the Ophthalmologist would see him! I then called VOC-Irvine where I was treated very pleasantly on the phone and they seemed to genuinely care. Their office schedule was booked but after hearing what was going on with his eye they offered me an Emergency appointment and saw him within 2 days. The whole office staff and Doctor were all so professional, caring and so nice. I would definitely recommend Dr. Esson!!

Sharon Cody

3 years ago

The first of the year the Mission Viejo Animal Shelter received in 4 adult cats. Two of them were not able to open their eyes. It was apparent that Walsh and Fletcher, needed to be seen by an eye specialist. They were taken to Eye Care for Animals. Entropion surgery to remove skin and roll back lids that caused eyelashes to constantly rub up on their corneas was performed by Dr. Fritz. The surgery was not only unsuccessful; it was so poorly done their eye lids were badly scarred making another surgery more challenging. Dr. Esson at Veterinary Ophthalmic Consulting, in Irvine did an amazing job correcting the scarred lids and properly rolling back and removing excess skin around the eyes. Their recovery from this second surgery was profoundly improved. They experienced very little swelling, no infections, and no ulcers on the corneas’ and very little discomfort. After the first surgery with a poor outcome, Eye Care for Animals offered a free second surgery but there was no interest in causing our feline friends even more discomfort. The manager of the hospital was enormously rude and reported back to me that even though our group was a 501c3, no part of the $4,600 for the botched surgery would be returned. I helped get the shelter built in 1993 and have volunteered there and raised money through the non-profit ever since. The shelter has a great relationship with over 25 veterinary facilities and has never experienced such poor service. It has been devastating to volunteers and to staff to watch these fabulous felines go through this. This week, fully healed now, they have been adopted and are in their fantastic forever homes. If you need specialty eye care for your rescue or your own pet, we highly recommend the highly skilled Dr. Esson at Veterinary Ophthalmic Consulting in Irvine. The photos are of 30 days after the first unsuccessful surgery, infection, irregular and uneven lower lid & lower lid turned in so that fur is still brushing up on the inside of the eye. The second one is only 21 days after surgery, clean lines on the lid, no fur brushing up on the eye. There are a couple scars inside the eye but that is from the unsuccessful first surgery.

Mumukisses Griswold

3 years ago

The staff is very nice, friendly, helpful, and informative. The doctor is very caring, gentle, knowledgeable, and personable. Check in and check out was seemless. Well run clinic. Nice and comfortable waiting area. Very accommodating regarding appointments. Gave me a printout of medications and how and when to adminster RX, very helpful. Gave me money saving refill suggestions. Overall a great experience. Buster loves them too, no shots!!

Melanie Bigelow

3 years ago

Everyone here is efficient and friendly

Alexis Hay

3 years ago

Case: My 5 year old Boston Terrier had punctured his eye in two places and then was extremely infected from being in the ocean. He went in for emergency surgery one day later and was on a long road to recovery, with many changes in his medications, eye drops and follow up care, but finally made a full recovery after 9 weeks. Note: If your animal has any form of an eye issue it is worth every penny taking them in to see Dr, Esson over vet as this is his specialty and trust me when I say time is of the essence if your animal has an eye issue. Do not mess around. I CANNOT begin to say enough amazing things about Dr. Esson and every single person on his team. I look back and think about how thankful I am he was referred to me by my friend and other Boston Terrier Owner. From the ladies at the front desk to his assistants and every person that handled my dog during this extremely difficult eye procedure I am FOREVER grateful. I am fairly certain if it weren't for Dr. Esson and his will, strength and persistence with my dogs eye, my dog Tommy would have lost his right eye from a terrible accident. I know this was a risky procedure where my dog could have easily had the surgery and then lost his eye but Dr Esson and his team were unreal at keeping an eye on my dogs progress, the first few weeks I drove down from LA every 2 days. My dog had an incident even where he hit his eye with his paw and Dr. Esson just continued to monitor his progress carefully. He is beyond talented, kind, caring and treats your animal (every single animal that comes in) as if it is his own. He makes strategic decisions based on the dogs health and progress, ,monitors each and treats each dog and their specific case on an individual basis. He doesn't just operate based on what worked on another animal.

Anamaria Fusu 'student'

3 years ago

Few times in life have we been so impressed with a vet, or a doctor for that matter as we've been with Dr. Esson. In a country like ours, where everything can be bought and sold, Dr. Esson's professionalism is priceless. We brought in our old (6 lbs) dog Chi Matilda, with her only functioning eye sadly entirely engulfed in cataract. It was a risky surgery because of her age and history too. I should mention here that Matilda has almost lost the vision in both her eyes two years ago, when her retina started failing in both eyes. We were able to save vision in only one eye. But cataract advanced quickly and within two years Matilda was completely blind. She was depressed. She couldn't do anything except sit around. She was refusing to go for her favorite walks, and was not playing with her daughters like she used to. We decided to give her another chance at a great life.We researched and found Dr. Esson. Upon examining Matilda he was upfront with his concerns, advice and prices. He did not only do a beautiful job on removing the cataract from Matilda's eye. There were no surprises, no hidden costs, no mishaps no misunderstandings. The staff was incredibly professional and accommodating too both prior and post surgery. We wish that there were more doctors as talented as Dr. Esson, and we also hope that other ophthalmology clinics take a leaf out of Dr. Esson's book on professionalism and love for animals.

Marcy Chant

3 years ago

Highly recommend. I recently adopted a senior dog who was blind due to cataracts. Dr. Esson and his team did a fantastic job of making sure he was a good candidate for surgery. They explained everything well, so I was prepared for all possible outcomes. The surgery was successful, and it has been so rewarding to watch Buddy realize he can see again. He loves looking at his own reflection now! Thank you to Dr. Esson and the staff at VOC.

Jenny Mota

3 years ago

I took my little one in for an eye check up just last week. He unfortunately has to get his eye removed. The staff was amazing and the doctor came all the way out to my car window to let me know next steps after the exam. I had read reviews saying the initial exam fee was counted toward the procedure costs, but when I asked about that, I was told they didn’t do that. I give 4/5 stars because I’m a bit bummed about it.:


3 years ago

The doctor is very knowledgeable and has been doing a great job of managing my diabetic dog's eye ulcer and cataracts. He's friendly, straight forward, and professional. Other doctors told me nucleation was the only option, and he saw a reasonable opportunity to save the eye to reduce surgery complications for an elderly diabetic dog. So far, so good. I will be asking to get medication from an online pharmacy moving forward due to some items being 4x the price of Chewys and other online retailers.

Ledzep lingo

3 years ago

Be careful of this place. Over charges for the most minor things. Iv fluids you pets are charged ridiculously. Charges that are unnecessary. Glad I double checked with my primary vet or I would have spent thousands of dollars that would have been unnecessary. Made the decision to keep my pet comfortable with me doing Ivs at home per my primary vet, and had my pet pass at home being loved. Not tortured!! I would never recommend this place never!

Carol DeMarti

3 years ago

Great care, and the Dr. comes out to speak with you since you have to stay in the car while your dog goes in due to Covid-19.

Christina Coggins

3 years ago

The best veterinary opthamoligst in all of OC. Dr. Esson is extremely thorough, caring and professional. He and his staff go above and beyond to make sure your loveable pet is well taken care of. Can't thank him and his team enough.

Christina Heffern

3 years ago

Expensive, but the doctors know their stuff for sure.

Danny Jones

3 years ago

I would highly recommend this office for your pet's eye care. Quick, friendly and thorough. The Dr. is incredibly knowledgeable.

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